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Club White Rabbit.

Club White Rabbit,
Open from dusk til dawn.


The worlds gone to sh*t. As if that has ever stopped the masses from indulging in sins of flesh, drugs, or alcohol. On the contrary, there will always be an increase in the most questionable of business practices in times of Tyranny, oppression, and great strife. So dive down the rabbit hole. Lose track of the clock, take the elixir, drink with the hatter and have a mad time. Just be weary, heed the warning, the Red Queen lives.

The lights go dim as the strobe lights dull leaving darkness whose only acquaintance was the bulbs of illumination; two rows parallel that highlighted the walkway of the catwalk. Needless to say all eyes fluctuate from the bottom of the bottle, the wandering eyes of "faithful" men, the rolling of papyrus, or snow lines on the mirror. After all the real show was about to begin.

"Next up is our own little "Alice"," The alias was in poor taste, yet these type of establishments weren't exactly known for their uniqueness. From the curtains the modest curves of a woman revealed beyond the scarlet; her shadowy figure revealed from the abrupt radiance that shined on the drapes. Fingers coiled around them as she nudged her shoulder into them to make it go ajar.

"The hell is this?" One of the many concerned patrons had grown quite uncertain that his own anticipation had been unrewarded. This highlighted feature hadn't been in skimpy clothes like the Cheshire cat, Tweedledee and Tweedledum sisters, or the crowd favorite the White Rabbit. Rather this woman should have been called the mummy as it was a more appropriate name in the white bandages that folded around each curve. Men are quite often shallow, jumping to conclusions, certainly she must be concealing her face if only because her body was the only notable detail.

Truly inpatient creatures were these "men", yet a girl's got to pay the bills, you know? Static hits the surround sound of the club allowing the vocals to echo in the confined area. Her gaze shifted to one of the club enforcers who casually advanced to the only entrance, exit. Taking a step forward the ends of the bandages waiver with every motion. Playfully, teasingly, her fingers snapped one of the bandages over her bosom revealing the first glimpse of her ivory flesh and plump flesh. All complaints altered to that of intrigue as Alice shed away her burdens and sins before them.

She allowed herself to swing about while wrapping her leg around the steel support structure of center stage. Her grip lessened as she let her body fall back, rotating, and kicking off on her other foot. Gauze fell from her frame like the serpent's extra skin. Long silky legs emerged from her striped bandages while her hand firmly struck the pole to regain balance. This allowed her to pull forward so that her bosom slammed against the steel; using the muscles in her lower back to really grind into it. She found her prey enticed, entranced, watching as if hypnotized by each of her movements. 

Releasing her grip she used a fingernail to dig into her attire with surgical precision down the chest, between the breast, to give a taste of what they all wished to see. With her back against the stripping pole she used her legs to lower herself before falling to both knees. Her palms pressed against the catwalk as she crawled towards the end of the stage; making sure to let her admirers see each and every sway of her ass and her nearly exposed bosom.

A first time visitor, most of which were, yet the shy out of place adolescent waited at the end of the walk with a group of friends. As she approached one of those among the party attempted to flaunt his material worth, throwing dollars, yet the woman had eyes only for one while completely ignoring the typical boastful type. Her hand extended over the edge to grab the young man's arm while dancing her fingers along it before seizing his hand. Their digits interlocked a moment before she pulled apart his caress, separating one of his fingers, bringing it to her face.

She used his finger to pull down the ivory mask revealing her devious, sinister, smirk and smile. Her rose lips pressed against the finger before teasingly giving it a suck; the male's face was flushed red, embarrassed, as his mind went crazy. Then beneath the sound of the music roaring a deadlock turned on the front door sealing all of their fates. This had been quite the flavor, indeed, she was dying to have more of it. A little nibble wouldn't hurt, surely?

With a click of her teeth she separated the digit from the boy's hand whose trance ceased immediately after. A fountain of scarlet splashed about giving a bloody facial to all of his friends. While frantically screaming, trying to stop the bleeding, the entire club had gone hysterical in madness. More of the bandages on her face descended revealing the second eye, scarlet in hue, unlike that of the right which was teal. The most common sign of being inflicted with the Virus; other than blatant cannibalism that was of course.

One of the young man's party went to assault the woman on the stage. He was immediately intercepted by one of the club's bouncers who held on to the assailant's shoulder; that was before using all their might to separate the attacker's arm from the socket. More chaos ensued as the masses fled to the door to find it locked. With all their might they attempted to make the door open but it was completely futile seeing as it wouldn't budge; there was no clear lock on it, so simply undoing it wasn't as easy as just turning it.

Dinner was served. All those of this establishment had been cursed with the notorious "madness virus" that forced those with the disease to consume and eat the flesh of other human beings; regular food had become vile. Similar to zombies, yet they were cognitive and still capable of thought and emotions. Identifying those infected was an easy enough task. If they had two different eye hue with one being scarlet they were carriers. However, with contacts being easily accessible they could go unnoticed to the general public.

The chef and bartender had enjoyed fattening up their game hen's, drowning them in whisky or providing fatty foods, as they took to sample out those at the bar. Those lost in the high were about to experience a pretty bad one, assuming they were conscious enough to comprehend what was going on, and the perverts that acted as predators were devoured like prey. As the one bouncer made quick work of the small bachelor party one of them was left unharmed; he had been marked, claimed, and no one would dare interfere.

She had finished scraping what meat had clung to the bone that she now danced around her mouth with her tongue. He had seemingly lost his mind in it all, using his shirt to stop the bleeding as best as he could, but his eyes widened as the woman leaned forward to him. Before he could hope to scream she had pressed her lips against his own to silence him; allowing his own joint to touch his taste-buds, a horrifying and terrifying experience for sure. Her hands pressed against his cheeks and her nails rested at the back of his neck.

The music had stopped now. Only the screams of the other men roared, the sound of shoes soaked in water squeaking about, yet her victim had gone into shock. A trail of tears falling down from her face as she continued the kiss if only to ease the pain. The dullness of his eyes was the final sign of his near departure as she broke their intimacy. She spoke so low, how had he heard her in all the confusion about?

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." In this world there are such instances of being in the right place at the wrong time. They had vowed to only devour the delinquents, the deviants, and the sinners of this world; it had been her wish to never kill an innocent, yet she found herself breaking that vow made when this curse first began. However, she wasn't just some girl who could leave this place to live with her beliefs elsewhere.

She was the Red Queen. There came responsibilities, burdens, for the peace and the survival of those who had come to trust and depend on her. Rations were low, they killed so that the less capable of their kind mustn't, so that their depravity and sins hadn't mirrored that in which was on full display. Of all the instances she had never once wept, justifying it as cleansing the ugliness of the world, yet before her had been someone that had been genuine and good. The taste always differed, it was the final verdict, tortured or tainted meat wasn't as appetizing; however, the guilt of denying the world of something promising as this stranger's future was devastating. 

As the corpse rested its head in her bosom as she stroked their hair while a man approached the girl on stage. He hadn't need to speak a word or ask what troubled the girl. No, they had all known the type of woman she had been. It was for that reason they had followed, respected, her despite the crimes they commit. Her pain was their own.

"What should we do with them?" He muttered while pointing in the direction of a few of the men they hadn't killed quite yet; leaving them alive allowed for the game meat to taste better in the days to come without risk of advanced decomposition. Even preserving the flesh in freezers and the like altered the taste drastically.

"Off with their heads." She looked up at the man with a gaze of absolute resolve. Her emotional state had rarely ever resulted in shortsightedness, but she masqueraded strength when she was so clearly torn. The man nodded, placing his hand on her shoulder, and then looked at the boy in her arms.

"Do we bury him?" An absurd thing to say one might think for those who cannibalize others. These other men, vile and filthy, in the club's eyes were expendable and easily forgotten; however, there was nothing more evil than to not bury someone who was loved. A place for other's to visit, to grieve, and pay respects. The killing of an innocent had happened on this journey from time to time, never by her own hands though, yet the lived by a code of ethics.

", meat is too limited. We have children and families to think of, we can't .... let it go to waste." The tears nearly returned, she had nearly choked, as she betrayed her own fundamental ideology. She was a hypocrite, a killer, and a monster through and through; for the sake of other's it sometimes means becoming the villain. It's not always a matter of good or evil being subjective, but it's relative to what circumstances have brought them to viewing it as such.


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Spread your wings, Explore the Cosmos

The naked silhouette of a young woman stood before a wall mirror. Her fingers caressed against her cheeks, jaw line, and then to her chin before retreating it all together. As if to admire her own figure she altered the angle of her positioning as to fully appreciate the image reflected; although, she wasn't the vain type nor was she fully aware of her own beauty. What she eyed instead was the wound that felt fresh, yet the scar of pink pigmented flesh on her right hip made it evidently clear this particular injury had come and go. Still it stung, trauma surfaced in the mind, as she resisted the urge to pick, pluck, and dig into the contrasting skin of her normal white and often time porcelain skin.

It was a body she didn't quite recognize or rather hadn't fully accepted as her own. Having lost strength in her knees she lunged forward, but her own intuition and reflexes allowed her hand to press against the mirror. Her breathing was heavy, the senses dulled, and the lingering heat of her shower no doubt contributed to her new found fatigue. Brushing her fingers along the glass to wipe away fog it allowed for closer observation. Her eyes had changed, her hair color, and even her physique as she had known to accept it on earth. Alien scarlet hue gawked back at her like a stranger may witness another with judging gaze. As if to validate the authenticity of what she observed her hand ran through her short auburn hair; it was a subtle change, if you could call it one, but it felt foreign all the same.

"Rana, Activate protocol X010. Debrief on file 30010, subject Nemu."

The woman muttered what would appear to be gibberish, and surprisingly more so to even herself as she had no recollection of how she knew to mutter these particular phrases or keywords. Only that it had been intuitive, instinctive, upon her awakening. Even more so she was baffled whom it was she hoped to speak too; the name had been familiar, it had been an artificial intelligence that accompanied Regina Hatzis. Still she went with the course of the actions as they unfolded while stepping forth out of the large bathroom and into a small one bedroom studio. How it was she knew it was safe to walk out without robe or towel she again wasn't quite certain; never before had she been so bold, rash, nor particularly brash when it came to exposing herself.

"This is AI Program, Nana; sister program to Rana. I was constructed based off of the same components, memory analyzes, and applications used by Regina herself; Some of my features are strictly confidential, locked, and may only be accessed by her, Regina, or my superior and mother unit Rana. It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Nemu."

The robotic though feminine voice muttered throughout the room. It had no one location that originated from a corner of the room or likewise, but rather like surround sound it seemed to engulf the entirety of this studio apartment. While listening to the rather unorthodox greeting of sorts the woman seemed to investigate the drawers, closet, and other space for clothes of any sort; however, she found no such equipment nor of suitable clothing. Was she expected to wander about as an exhibitionist or was this a ploy all together to keep her in?

"I sense some animosity, Ma'am. Have I offended you in some way?"

The AI spoke once more as if baffled by her counterparts complete ignoring of what was stated before. Furthermore this particular subject had been known to be hostile, violent, and deadly while easy to provoke if triggered under the correct sequence of events. Having just been born anew herself, Nana, would rather not resort to any behavior that may end up with being decommissioned or discontinued to her now owner. The particular file they requested was not simply as easy as opening, reciting, and being done with it: it had been safely secured, on a remote frequency, that could only be decrypted and analyzed once having both the correct code and time to break down the large attachment.

"Clothes," The woman muttered as she looked up to the back corner of the room. Just above her bed, that acted second as a cyro-chamber, was a barely visible spherical object that recorded the events in the room. Now the woman just keenly looked at the camera with a narrow gaze; one infamous in her dossier for facial recognition for potential blood-lust, carnage, and destruction. What an interesting thing to be so furious about; never would Nana imagined a subject to be self conscious of their own physical appearance and or the gaze of bystanders. Such things as nudity was not as taboo in this world as it may have been in more primitive, modest, civilizations. Still, it was hardly not a probable outcome from Nana's own calculations. It was her job, as it had been Rana's, to be aware and predict all possible routes and alternatives.

"Interesting, I had believed that upon your awakening you would have had a full account, recollection, of the courses and information made possible. Allow me to elaborate, in further detail, while you slept in Cyro-slumber, CS, data and information had been downloaded, in a sense, directly to your cerebral network. Although, it would seem as where the information has been retained, accessible, the files are damaged and or the proper applications of your own mental capacity could not decipher or open them. I will make mention of this in my notes. " It spoke in a matter of fact tone not taking into account the full gravity of what was revealed meant little sense to her companion.

While she hoped to fully understand the situation she was in Nemu didn't wish to reiterate what she spoke of before. Bringing her thumb to her mouth she bit into the skin until it bled. Energy slowly accelerated, growing, and escalated causing alarm to the AI unit. This was of course for two reasons that were hardwired into her fundamental functions and core responsibilities. To see no harm directed to Project Nemu, and of course to keep itself, the AI Nana, functioning to assist the former in any situation.

"I meant no disrespect, please calm down Nemu. What I was attempting to say before was that you must have failed to recognize how to utilize or call forth the Nanites. They have been incorporated in your blood stream, your body even, to allow for various tools including toggling on and off the following processes: Wardrobe, a temperamental limiter, weapons, Communication devices, an analyze feature like maps of known locations, and others that I would be happy to once more assist you in accessing and understanding."

"Once more?" The woman spoke a little thrown back from that remark. That would have insinuated that the two had met prior. To her own recollection this had been the first meeting she had with this Nana character; although, her own memories were jaded, fragmented, and why she hadn't fully known herself. Where had they met before?

"Yes, Nemu. While you were in deep stasis, or Cyro-Slumber, it was I who was sent to patch, organize, and make files accessible to you. Before it was a relatively quick process, in fact the fastest on record on a patient incorporating the data and fully understanding it; however, it seems once CS ended some of the applications or knowledge went missing. There's been few instances of errors of these degrees."

In fact of those instances they were in patients that had suffered from mental trauma and or diseases. Could Nemu be afflicted with such a biological uncertainty? Normally, such candidates would be ignored entirely. Although, this was not the time to dwell on such things as the woman before the AI seemed to be growing frustrated once more; This too was a rare feat, to some extent, because the temperamental limiter would monitor and cease aggravation. Those of this project were to be weapons, utilized and wielded, and a tool that forgot it's place could compromise an operation all together. Still, it was time to get to the point as to avoid further upsets.

"Simply close your eyes, Nemu. Envision being engulfed in a warmth, slowly, like a blanket being placed upon you. Then imagine it being tucked in, wrapped around, until all that remains is the warmth. The Nanites will do the rest."

Imagining the structure integrity; Durable, flexible, and strong enough to withstand damage.
Conjuring the blueprints; the visage of skin tight clothing like leather, black in hue, with the desired properties of substance.
Forging second skin; Nanites originating from her wound began to assemble, accumulate, and rapidly multiply at an amazing rate to produce attire.
Smoldering metal; Additional protection towards shoulders, chest plate, legs, and arms constructed from seemingly nothingness acting as a dual layer for attire.
Personal touches; the durable leather remained ebony, yet the armor was repurposed to display a median between lavender and azure.
Additional touch-ups; gauntlet like gloves, light weighted to remain flexibility, but durable.

"Congratulations, Nemu. Those specs were decided on previously while in your comatose state as well as some additional functions requested by Regina herself. Although, the celebrations must be cut short I am afraid. You have been requested, your attendance is not optional. I will be waiting for you in the parking garage; your downloaded, uploaded, memories of the layout of this facility I do believe is still in tact. So please arrive with haste."

The surveillance camera in the room shut off, dead and lifeless, leaving the woman alone once more. Within her mind she accessed information. She had no explanation as to how she knew the answers; never in her life had she been in this facility, yet she knew the entirety of how many floors there had been or whose room belonged to who. Instinctively she took the first step out the door listening to the instructions and commands without thought or resistance. Her own body felt foreign to her, even more so in this moment. Approaching an elevator she his the button labeled G, for garage no doubt; she didn't need forced intel to deduct that much.

Then the elevator's door opened to a completely abyssal floor. She was not overcome with fear or curiosity, but only the natural response was to take a step into the unknown. Neon stripes illuminated on the ground, triggered from her arrival, that propelled into the corner of the room radiating the entirety of it as it traversed. A spotlight, originating from the ceiling, shined upon a silver machine in the center of the room. This had belonged to her, she was expected to ride it, that much the girl knew. Moving forward she obtained her first real glance of it, the vehicle; what was commonly referred to as a Motorcycle of her own world.

However, instead of plastic body work or add-on's this had a rare and alien substance; still light weight, durable and strong, and immediately within her subconscious was the realization that it was the same as what now she wore on her hands. The gloves themselves acted as the key, to spark the ignition, so that no other could access her personal ride. Although, one glance at the front of it no one ever would dare touch it. A face, of some sort, was embedded into it while having a glossy glass like cover to shield it. Her fingers rested upon the glass ball of the vehicle which triggered a response; the eyes of the face on the Motorcycle opened, completely cognitive, and was aware of the woman before it.

"It is a pleasure to meet you face to face, Nemu. Please get onboard, we must reach our destination with haste."

The familiar AI, Nana, had revealed her true physical form. Perhaps if the girl's senses and mind hadn't been altered, while in her slumber, this may have been a horrifying experience; although, it was as natural to her as an animal making sound, yet she still knew it incredibly odd from her own personal past life. The two worlds, what was normal of there and here, had mesh until neither was more than the other in terms of what was unusual and what was common. Without another thought she swung her right leg over the bike.

Her gauntlets pulsated jade lights of neon into the handle bars that consequently roared the engine with life. Kicking back on her right foot the stand retracted into the machine while the woman perfectly balanced herself onboard, to her own surprise. Never before had she any prior experience, but it felt as natural as breathing to the young woman. A gentle press on the accelerator allowed for movement as she progressed towards a now rising wall that was the supposed exit. Nana's eyes closed once more so that it could instead focusing on the vehicular interface and touch pad within her passenger's reach. An avatar of a young woman, Nana, was seen in the bottom right corner of the logistics screen.

X: 163 West
Y: -309 South.
All Systems operational.

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Somewhere Forgotten.


1) Anyone is able to contribute to the growth and developing of this storyline.
2) You do not have to use your own character for this event: it is highly suggested you use one generated, created, for this event rather than your own. There will be a lot of death, madness, along the way. Of those in the town, in the agreed upon story conclusion, there will be only a few amount of survivors: My own character and Regina's included.
3) After my second post, it is Regina's turn to post. There will be no posting order, if there is less than 4 people present to participate, but any more than that and one will be established. You will have 3 days to reply to the last post and if you do not you forfeit your turn in the rotation.
4) To create a more connected world for this event we highly encourage the use of NPC's, with given names, and at the end of the post Include a list of NPC names used. This is suppose to be a rather large town, but it's a town all the same, so character's may know one another or perhaps used by another writer at another time.
5) Keep super powers to a minimum; if you're making a character for the event, you're more along the lines with perhaps basic paranormal abilities or smaller ones. If you use and interject your own character to this world treat it as you're an alien species hoping to avoid detection or unwanted attention. Better yet, just don't use your powers if at all possible unless pressed into a corner. That's what we're striving for.
6) If you decide to interact with another writer, for example, please add another OOC segment with who it is you're addressing. So that those who wish to engage with few people or particular individuals are not obliged to read everything posted: however, it's encouraged we all do so as to add more substance and flavor to this story.
7) No Meta-gaming, this is going to be a growing horror/suspense story with any luck so do not take away from it. Please use logic when referring to events that transpired or provide a reasonable amount of evidence as to why or how you've come to conclusions.
8) Only NPC's may be controlled by other players, those established or future made, but by no means are any of us allowed to control the actions of another author's actual


The first of the streetlights illuminated the darkened streets and sidewalks of the city. Most of the people had scurried along in anticipation of meeting the government issued curfew by local law enforcement. In recent weeks acts of random violence had escalated to such highs that the once proud "sweet heart" capital of the country had became infamous in only a short nights. People in neighboring cities often times on various forms of propaganda changing tune about how beautiful the town was at night, sakura petals descending, and how the ever so subtle breeze gave a sweet relief from the summer sticky air. Now, on the contrary, you had testimony about how "those people aren't quite right," and several less than pleasant words to say of their fellow citizens adjacent to their own towns.

"More of our beloved Titan's victory over the Xeno at state. However, right now we have a pressing and rather urgent news. City wide curfew for all ages. Woman in particular are urged to use the buddy system, walk in groups, and of course stay clear of any suspicious individuals." A woman dressed in a rather blue suede jacket, her hair tied in a bun, spoke before a camera that broadcasted on the local news station. She instinctively brushed a few strands of her auburn hair behind her ear, a few stray strands that playfully popped out, and then aligned several sheets of white paper on the desk. Her attention switched to that of her fellow broadcaster.

"Thank you for that segment Yuki. Yes, this is Mizuyaza to report on the recent incline of violent attacks. We understand that panic is among our viewers, as we've reported on these instances daily, but we have breaking news that the Federal Government has begun it's own investigations in the sudden, rather, grotesque murders committed in the area. As some of our dedicated followers know, we reported that the weapon of choice appeared to be that of a large weapon like a cleaver. Last week a local residence, as some of you may recall us reporting on, was broken into and the family completely massacred. Of the residence, there was but a sole survivor; a young woman with injuries on her abdomen, several stab wounds, but she is suspected to make a full recovery. In addition to this crime it seems that sexual assault cases have been at an alarming rise, and why it is woman of all ages are encouraged to take shelter before established curfew. Back to you Yuki..." The man closed off his segment to his partner who nodded back with a gesture to report on rather less grim events as of late. After the segment the cameras turned off and the news anchors sipped at the water at their desk.


The room was completely white other than the blue bed liners of each of the patients resting area. Silver trays, polished, and as clean as humanly possible; it was quite fascinating how beautifully sterile the area was despite being a hospital. Sure even in the best of civilizations these places, hospitals, are sure to be used. However, here it was usually for the routine check up for the elderly or when a small child may break or fracture a bone while playing sports or other club activities. The equipment such as life support, surgical kits, and the like were among their supplies but they never thought they'd have to use them all in a few weeks time.

What once was a haven for a few sickly here and there had become littered with the sounds of coughs, the beeping of life support as vitals declined, and continuous on the clock duty for surgeons stitching up stab wounds. Perhaps it was those in the morgue that were the most busy; the only benefit of a close-nit town was that john-does were near nonexistent, unless the damage so severe to the face that it wasn't recognizable. Of those that inhabited the basement, morgue, was that of the family members of a recent vandalism and mass murder.

Two of the cities finest officers stood outside the doors of the most massive hospital in the immediate area. Towkaka Medical General, it was still a rather newer facility that the country had invested in renovating, furnishing, and building from the ground up less than five years ago. These officers had been stationed at this building for the sole reasoning of protecting the only survivor of the incident a week prior where an entire family had been slaughtered but the youngest daughter; a student of Ryoko High, home of the Titan's. She had no surviving family so her only visitors were detectives, hoping for vitals to stabilized, and those other patients that had been victim of sexual assault in the recent string of rapes.

The first officer Sunohara took from his breast pocket a cigarette and proceeded to use a lighter to blaze the tip of it. He had been a lifetime veteran of the local PD so needless to say his nonchalant demeanor was from years of inexperience of anything truly horrific or outrageous in this once stable and peaceful town. His accomplice for the night, Officer Yono, was more serious in his attitude as the recent events had obviously paid a toll on his mental psyche; he had known the deceased family from the gruesome assault, most of the city did, and even had went to school with the late father and family man Taka. Imagine seeing someone just weeks prior filling their tank up with gas, shooting the sh*t at the rest stop, and catching up on the game and then the crushing realization such small talk would never again be exchanged? 

From the front gate of the facility an imported automobile, some foreign model, pulled up casually along the fire lane. Stepping from the car was the ever so smug, self absorbed, and entitled detective Tsumiki. He had done well enough in his deduction skills to be both well renown and infamous in these parts; Some thought less of him than the lawyers or even the current political landscape of the country that saw to change their very way of life, something along the lines the fanatical and isolationist muttered on the television. Officer Yono went to shake the approaching man, who had a complete disregard for the law and at the very least in front of proud law enforcement, but instead was returned the gesture of the detective tilting his hat and then brushing between the two.

"What an a**hole," The more blunt and brash of the two guards, Sunohara, muttered between puffs of his smoke. Hell at this age you might as well just say what's on the mind especially when everything in town is going to sh*t. Despite the desperate attempt to remain professional the impressionable Officer Yono couldn't help but smile at the remark.

The motion sensors of the hospital's automated doors triggered to make it go ajar. With his ebony hat back on his head, his grey coat, he waltzed into the facility with the ego to match his rather over-expensive taste. Approaching the check in clipboard at the front desk, flipping the pages checking names and sign in dates, before the nurse slammed it down within his hands so it hit hard against the marble desk.

"Can, we help you?" With the one hand still on the clipboard, firmly beneath her grasp, and the other on her hip showing just the right amount of sass to insult the detective's pride. Some woman may swoon over this type, but she'd just as quickly jump a bridge or slit her own wrist. Of course her complete disinterest only made him that much more intrigued as he pressed a finger under her chin hoping to bring her in close. Instinctively she slapped his hand away, rolled her eyes, and walked away from the desk to calm herself before she was terminated for assaulting this buffoon.

He was quite done with the list anyway having acquired the room number for Taka Yoshino's youngest daughter, only survivor, Tsukio. Of course he had no prior obligation to show, it hadn't even been his case, but with a story this juicy and an ego so proud he couldn't pass up on the opportunity. As the dollar signs visualized in his thoughts the roar of a male patient strapped to a stretcher roared.

"NO STOP! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! Water! NO!" His arms had been strapped down in an attempt to protect himself well from just that. Upon his throat were several scratches where the man had attempted to self inflict harm upon himself. No doubt the doctors here realized after his medical treatment he needed more "guidance" and assistance than they could provide. Fix the body, yes, but fix the mind? That was far from their expertise.

"F***ing freak," the detective muttered under his breath as he took a sip of water from one of those paper cones by a cooler. Obviously the nature and art of compassion was lost on him. To be fair it wasn't his problem and as far as he was concerned only one thing could help those people. He had six lined up in his revolver. Although, this was probably the sh*ttiest water he had ever had. Crushing the cup, tossing it over his shoulder so it laid on the ground for some sanitation or janitor to clean, he approached the elevators to press the upright diagonal button.

When the door opened it revealed a nurse that was extremely uncomfortable, a doctor behind her, and she scurried along the moment the door opened. She couldn't wait to talk to Nurse Sana at the desk about the doctor's forward, improper behavior, if only because the two woman confided in each other quite frequently as this was the norm. Of course the man in the ivory lab coat, Doctor Nobara, chased after his frequent "plaything" Nurse Buri. If the detective had cared enough he probably could have testified on behalf of the nurse for sexual harassment, but that just wasn't really his problem to be honest. Stepping inside he waited to reach the ninth floor where room 99 was located, each floor equipped with ten rooms, with the exception of the morgue and where infants were located; the sixth floor, the nursery, was one massive room broken into ten sections.

When the elevator door opened the detective bumped into a rather oblivious girl in an ivory white dress. She nearly fell back from having his weight brushing into her unannounced, but she managed to shift her weight ever so quickly so she could retain her balance. Where some might get angry from this carelessness the girl instead tilted her head to the side and smiled. She bowed in an apology taking sole blame for the encounter. Within her hands was a rather massive wicker basket that twined at the top to form a handle; she held onto it with both as if it held more weight than it might appear or she was that delicate or fragile that even for a moment she might drop it and the contents within.

"Watch where you're going Kid, by the way why are you on this floor to begin with? What's your name?" The detective roared expecting an explanation rather than an apology. The girl shrieked, her eyes avoided eye contact, the basket in her hands no longer held high, and she was visibly shaken by his outburst and loud voice. It had been quiet all night, people resting, other than the sound of fluctuating vitals on a computer screen she didn't entirely know how to decipher or read.

"I-I-I'm Nemu, sir. I'm a friend of Tsukio, we go to school together. I've been visiting her, hoping she gets better. The nurse downstairs said it was okay....," Tears formed in the corner of her eyes as she tried to explain the situation as calmly as she could. The detective on the other hand wasn't one to care if a woman bled, cried, or whatever; that wasn't a good enough reason to him as far as he was concerned.

"Listen here, Nemu-chan. As of now, you're no longer allowed up on this floor. GOT IT?!" He said this with a roar as he brushed past the girl nearly causing her to fall over again. No one here would get any sympathy as far as he was concerned; Anyone and everyone was a suspect until he cleared them. That damn Nurse Sana at the desk not only rejected his advances but was doing something as unethical as letting unsupervised visits of a surviving victim of a family massacre? Did anyone in this place have the slightest bit of competence?

"B-b-but, Nurse Sana said it was okay....." She mumbled completely afraid to interject or fuel any future confrontation. However, her sentiments did not move the man as he turned around with an annoyed look to see she was still there and gestured her away with a shoo hand movement. She did not like this man, not at all. Still the girl reluctantly got in the elevator as the door closed leaving the detective and the patients of the ninth floor.

[Not to be confused, the girl Nemu is my character.]
List of NPC Mentioned.
  1. Yuki, Female Newscaster.
  2. Mizuyaka, Male Newscaster.
  3. Veteran officer, Sunohara
  4. Officer Yono
  5. Detective Tsumiki
  6. Nurse Sana
  7. Taka Yoshino, Deceased.
  8. Tsukio Yoshino, Victim of family murder
  9. Nurse Buri
  10. Doctor Nobara
  11. Mentally Ill Patient [No name given]

Places and things of notable interest
  • "Titan's Sport Team"
  • Neighboring city sport Team "Xeno"
  • A news station [No name given yet]
  • Towkaka Medical General, largest hospital in the city.
  • A mental Asylum somewhere [No name given yet.]

If interested in partaking in this let me know. Regina and myself are looking to hold it in a particular group, but if we aren't allowed we might do in blogs or a different group.


It had been ten years on the day since the good doctor started up his practice; before he was bought out by the hospital and began working there. He was a much older man now, mid to late fifties, but back then he was a young vibrant and ambitious intern. Of all the years he had been there never before were instance of such frequent and horrific crimes in succession; although, all that had changed a few weeks ago. His old wrinkled fingers had turned the pages of the newspaper. Unlike these youngsters he rather enjoyed the feeling of something real, once living, in his grasp unlike these kids wrapped up in mobile phones and the like. There was nothing else like the satisfaction of the smell of fresh paper or better yet balling it up and throwing it away. Of all his efforts to repair, create, and improve things his greatest satisfaction oddly enough was the tearing of things down.

"Doctor Uske, I am about to make my runs. Would you prefer I keep the coffee burner on?" Nurse Ai Mizuhana said to her mentor whom was completely lost in a trance of the stories of the week. She had seen the look in his eyes only once or twice before; burning ambition, ember's of passion, that had long since faded and died out in the last year or two. Of course the last time the Doctor had any color to his face was when the students, interns, started when Towkaka Medical General was first operational. He had high hopes for the facility, of his students, yet even then the nurse knew something was missing.

"Leave it, miss Mizuhana." Completely professional as he turned the next page of the newspaper. Unlike his colleagues he had not been so easily coaxed or infatuated with her charms. In fact there was something about her that he respected, beyond her beauty, but more so fear if nothing else. She acted coy, throwing fiendish smiles, and her demeanor to most was genuine; although, the two knew it was a masquerade and for that they understood each other perfectly. Only he saw her for what she was, an angel of death.

"Good night, doctor Uske." The nurse spoke, brushing one of her long strands of hair behind the ear, before walking out the door. She stood there for a moment longer, her head tilted to look behind her back, just waiting to see if he'd take a peek beyond his silly papers. This was not her own interests, but her attempts to better comprehend and understand the doctor's intentions or motives. If lust didn't drive him, what did? No, what intrigued her the most was that she didn't grasp what was in his head. Mystery, it always did make a girl wonder. A smile, a chuckle as if humored, and she continued on her way.

A few minutes after her departure the doctor folded his paper and left it on the break-room's table. This was a frequent habit of his of leaving it there for other's to take a glance; although, few ever did other than the cleaning crew who would throw it out at the end of the night or the following morning. Standing up the doctor took to his personal coffee mug he had received years ago. It had the words "Thank you for your continued service, guidance, and help throughout the years. Five years, with many more to go." Those were simpler times before the corporate world got their hands into the medical field, turning it into a business rather than a calling. Then again he wouldn't have to dwell or contemplate those matters much longer.

It had been just a few days ago he had been instructed by HR to attend a meeting. The nature of it he hadn't been given, but only that it was of the utmost importance and attendance was not optional. When he arrived his immediate HR representative, the director of Towkaka Medical General, and some Mr.Towzaki awaited him; the later was in an all brown suit, oozing of self importance, and luxury. They immediately started the conversation about how funds were tight and how budget demanded that they cut loose ends. Where the government had approved, funded, Towkaka Medical General it hadn't immediately realized how much of a deficit it would bring the national revenue. In a town where nothing goes wrong, a hospital of this size? It had been ludicrous, some law maker had the bold notion of bringing relevance to his hometown.

"Doctor Uske, I'll be straight with you. We have given you ample time to retire, collect your pension, and save yourself the embarrassment of what comes next. As of today you have the remainder of the week to put in your resignation or one will be put in for you." Mr.Towzaki, a lawyer representing the hospital spoke out loud to break the ice. Just like a weasel he had a grin, conniving, just like the one Ai had shown him moments ago.

His memories of the event played in his head over and over again. At first he was in disbelief that they'd do this to himself, let alone anyone, who had dedicated so much of their life and time into the growth and development of this place. What they intended to bust him on was bogus allegations, made by an anonymous nurse, who claimed that sexual harassment was rampant at the hospital; Of course these were true, doctor Nobara unknowingly was infamous for it, but he himself had been completely innocent.

Because no name was given, of the accused nor of the victim, they could not corroborate who the guilty actually was but that worked both ways. Doctor Uske had worked for several years now, his pay and salary quite impressive, and had been well compensated over the years for his continued performance and exceptional job. With a strained budget, also a need to cut payroll and other expenses, it hadn't matter to the corporate types of how a job was performed but how much the person doing it was being paid. They could get a newer, inexperienced, doctor with near half the pay to fulfill the same procedures, and it mattered little to them if his success rate was a fraction of the former; So long as enough mistakes weren't made to make them held accountable for negligence or malpractice. Rather than brush the allegations of sexual harassment or make an internal investigation, wouldn't it just be easier to solve both of the problems? Remove the well paid doctor, saving them money, and in the public eye having solved the issue of potential assault in their facility? It was a win-win situation. Except, it was unethical and immoral. Welcome to business, 101.

Imagine investing ten years in a place. Then to be blatantly accused of a false crime and being forced to quit or be terminated? Needless to say it would be infuriating to most; although, the doctor had calmed since the initial meeting. No, this was not acceptance nor of grief. They would pay for their treachery. Something nefarious had sparked, the seed they planted, in his mind as a new found desire emerged. Was this just a vendetta to be had? No, what they fueled and started was the beginning of a war. He looked to his watch, a smile of his own, with only twenty minutes to spare. Then the fireworks began.


Officer Yono had been the first to circle around the perimeter of the building. Of course it would be so much easier to do that if the entire power grid hadn't went offline. The street lamps outside of the hospital hadn't been operational; all power was reserved to the facility and the equipment as to ensure the well being of patients in critical condition. Then again, Officer Yono had been adamant of getting the job done all the same; that's what flashlights were for! His flashlight illuminated left to right, as he patrolled the area, with nothing of particular interest. Then he heard the sound of steel scraping against asphalt; although, he couldn't put his finger on just what this odd noise had been. He shined the light in the direction of the noise. His eyes widened in horror. Having been trained in this situation, well as much as one could be, he immediately drew his weapon from the holster.

The light of the officer's flashlight had revealed the image of the school girl in her red poke-dotted dress; although, perhaps it was best to say it was a tie-dye with patches of scarlet, botches of crimson, from when massive amounts of blood had splattered all over her once ivory dress. She said nothing, her eyes narrowed, as she instinctively raised the handle of the cleaver. Her knees bent before she lunged towards officer Yono. Pulling back on the hammer of the gun the officer readied to shoot; however, the girl had been so quick. His finger pressed against the trigger of the firearm then the noise of gunpowder exploding echoed in the night.

Lifting up the cleaver just right the crazed assailant predicted the trajectory of the bullet; it directly collided and impacted the steel of the weapon successfully dodging the first round. Had he not been in complete awe, in horror and from disbelief, perhaps he may have pulled the trigger a second time. The cleaver swung diagonally from his left shoulder, both hands wrapped around the handle of it, so that it cut cleanly through the abdomen. A fountain of blood sprayed when half of officer Yono stood and the other descended towards the ground. Lifting up the weapon she was ready to bash the corpse into mince meat.


Nemu looked up while dropping the cleaver from her hands causing it to fall on the ground next to the deceased. What, just...happened? From inside the hospital a large collision and explosion occurred. This seemed to snap the girl out of her crazed persona making the innocent girl return to her senses. She woke with the last thing she remembered was being assaulted by a stranger. Her face and body now drenched in blood and she screamed at the top of her lungs with a shriek. Loosing her balance she fell to the ground, wrapping her arms around her torso, as she panicked and backed into the shrubs that surrounded the hospital. Her murderous intent gone completely. Trying her best she attempted to keep her cries to the minimum unless whoever killed the officer came back. This was just too scary!


Two people waited for their expected stop in the elevator. One of which was Nurse Sana who was visiting the nursery to do her own errands. Because the hospital was so desperate to save on the budget they had tasked the Nurse at the desk to make routine stops in this department; this effectively cut back on payroll and saved them more with thinning threw the staff. Sure some might think it important to have routine observation over something as fragile, new, like newborns; however, ethics was not something that profited.

The other in attendance was none other than doctor Nobara. In the past he had made attempts to grope, harass, the woman; however, she had made a habit of defending herself, meaning despite her many assets she wasn't worth the trouble. Still, she had quite the ass he often thought to himself. What he wouldn't do to get a piece of that. Dr.Nobara was by all means, by definition, scum. The nurse could only count down the time until they reached the floor she waited on and be on her way. Sadly, that was cut short. Literally.

An explosive went off on the upper levels of the hospital. It shook the building violently, flames erupted, debris went soaring about. An entire corner of the medical facility had been destroyed on the upper levels. They had targeted the foundation, beams, that supported the entire building; consequently, it also caused the cables of the elevator to snap. With a sudden descent the nurse and doctor inside the elevator went flying downwards. Then with a jerk it stopped, the final tether of the coils, a final safety measure in just these instances. Both of those inside hit the floor of the elevator hard.


Detective Tsumiki just wasn't appearing to make any progress with his questioning. This was gonna be a dull and long night, so he thought. Then the roar, the destruction, and the explosion on the other end of the hospital. Could this be a ploy to kill the girl, the last witness? No, it didn't fit the motif; her assailant used weaponry not explosions. Still despite his often times brash and rude personality, he was still a public servant at the end of the day; no matter how many times he was reminded of this. Without further delay he proceeded to see if he could be of some use elsewhere. It was obvious he was getting nowhere with Tsukio Yoshino.

Upon his investigations he quickly pieced that the elevator was a no go. With haste he rushed towards the stairs, opened the door, and hurried down them. On his descent he passed quite a beautiful nurse with a mole under her left eye. His keen eye pieced together her last name, Mizuhana. How had he missed her he pondered? This wasn't the time for that.

In all the confusion Ai Mizuhana stumbled on the ninth floor without regard of her own safety. In fact she had been completely calm despite the chaos about. She had been that dedicated to her responsibilities and job as a nurse. Quietly she sneaked into the room 99 where a panicking Tsukio Yoshino continued to rock back and forth. Pulling out a syringe the nurse approached the girl with a large smile on her face. A reassuring smile, caring eyes, that seemed to calm the young girl in a panic. The substance in the needle was injected directly into the IV numbing Tsukio's senses, sedating her, and all her worries ceased.

"Tsukio-chan, are you feeling better now?" Nurse Mizuhana stated while sitting on the edge of the bed. She pressed her hand against the girl's head checking for fever and pulled out a flashlight to examine each of the girl's pupil. Tsukio wanted to respond but she couldn't. In fact she couldn't feel her body at all and all the pain was gone. Only her eyes were responsive as she swayed them to carefully eye the nurse.

"You see, Tsukio-chan I know who did this to you." From her pockets she pulled out a new vial, a substance, that she filled the syringe with. She leaned over the paralyzed girl, her large bosom in the girl's face, as she injected the second substance into Tsukio's IV.  All the while she continued to smile to the girl to reassure them everything was fine; although, they most certainly were not.

"Poor Nemu-chan, you see I know it was her. I took once glance at her and knew. I have a gift, Yoshino-chan. Nemu hides it well, in fact she might be purer than any of us; however, inside there is something much more beautiful than you or even I." Mizuhana spoke as a tear fell from her latest victim's eye. Gently the nurse wiped the tear away, caressing her cheek, and then pulling away. Despite the many of times she had sabotaged, rigged, the progress and recovery of patients she never did so out of malice. Just curiosity is all.

"I always suspected, but it wasn't until I was in the elevator up-close with her I realized my suspicions were correct. You see, I saw IT. The handle of it, in her basket. I don't think she was being careless, but I don't think she knows herself. I'm sorry Tsukio-chan, but I can't let you ruin Nemu-chan's image. I wish to witness her transformation, that moment, when she realized it was her. When she comes to realize that she and I are one in the same." With that being said the nurse got up and walked out the room. In the next few minutes the last remaining survivor was dead, presumed to have died from the shock from the explosions or from an extreme panic attack.


Detective Tsumiki went floor to floor to check up on nurses stationed. Eventually he came across a small huddle of nurses that stood by the elevator. His own curiosity made him approach the crowd as the sound of banging could be heard on the other end of it. Two of the nurses on the floor attempted to open the doors manually with little success. With the detective's assistance they managed to pry open the doors revealing the elevator stuck in between this floor and the one above. Inside of it Doctor Nobara attempted to open the door on his end; however, because of the damage of the elevator one of the doors was severely damaged. Struggling he managed to open one of them slightly revealing himself and the injured Nurse Sana on the ground.

"Are you two okay in there, is she awake?" The Detective muttered while leaning forward also attempting to assist the doctor with opening the second door of the elevator.  Nurse Sana didn't appear to be in the best of conditions with a large laceration on her head from when she hit the floor prior. There was a good chance if she didn't seek medical attention she could go into a comatose state from suffering from a concussion. If the detective had a heart he may have felt a bit of guilt from previously acting like an ass before to the nurse, but he was certain if he saved her all would be forgiven.

"She'll be alright, get up. I'm coming through, I'll just squeeze through." The inpatient doctor muttered as he tried to push his body through the one side of the door that was ajar. He started by going through with his right arm, face, and then left through while attempting to use his upper body strength to get out entirely. His complete disregard of trying to help the injured Nurse Sana truly complimented and reflected on the type of individual that he was. The detective thought the same honestly, was this how people portrayed him? All the same he held onto the doctor's shoulders and arms trying to help pull him through.


A second explosion within the facility roared that targeted yet another steel beam of the foundation of the facility. Because of the jerking motion and the swaying of the building, in addition to an even larger hole in the side of Towkaka Medical general, the last cable snapped and the Elevator once more descended. The other half of Doctor Nobara was left inside with a screaming Nurse Sana who came too; that would be the very last thing she witnessed before her ride crashed and collapsed at the ground level of the building. Her death had been instantaneous but the same couldn't be said for the Doctor. Like a freak in one of those horror zombie games he tried to crawl towards the detective and the nurses for assistance and help. Each of the woman screamed, kicking him away like a filthy rodent, before his last dying breath. The detective stood there, in blood, having backed off from the torso of the doctor in horror.

"Just what in the actual f*** was going on in this town? "

List of NPC Mentioned
  • Doctor Uske
  • Nurse Ai Mizuhana
  • Mr.Towsaki [Hospital Lawyer]
  • Director of the Towkaka Hospital [No name given]
  • Officer Yono [Deceased]
  • Tsukio Yoshino [Deceased]
  • Detective Tsumiki
  • Dr.Nobara [Deceased]
  • Nurse Sana [Deceased]
  • Three or Four nurses [Unnamed but witnessed Nobara's death]

01/10/2019 10:44 PM 

An afternoon confession

How loathsome it was to peel back the first tear of the skin of an orange. Her nail dug into the flesh, it resisted, and despite the precision of her solid dash along the top it still fought with some life. Her wide eyes narrowed, keen like a predator eyeing prey, as she pressed along her insertion with her other hand prying off the first layer of the fruit; she had grown tired of this game, it was no longer enjoyable or fun. On the contrary she found no pleasure in having to quench such human delicacies like sating hunger.

With the flick of her wrist the peel of the succulent fruit fell and landed abruptly on the tile floor. Juice fell from her palm, drizzle from wrist, until it dripped onto the desk in which she currently sat upon; no longer a diligent student like one that sits in seat, but like troubled outcasts upon the wooden desk as if a complete social failure. What use did social norms hold to her? Using her tongue she obscenely traced along her arm and palm where the juice had descended on her white flesh. The taste was strong, fulfilling, and full of nutrients that supplied this frame with life and color.

The sky was beautiful this time of evening with colors of orange, purple, and many other hue that made dusk such the sight to behold. All other students had since returned to their dorms, homes, as after curricular activities ceased and came to an end. Such trivial courses had never appealed to her despite how often a shy reclusive boy, the insistent mentioning from a masculine athlete, a proud class representative, or even the bland looking girls seeking friendship or companionship approached and frequently asked. Although, she found her passion in studies such as biology where one particular session stirred a rather unorthodox curiosity.

With the lid of the fruit now ajar she circled the succulent insides with her finger teasingly. Her nail would puncture with just the right amount of force into it, yet she had no desire yet to consume her meal as if to savor in her victory a moment longer. Instead she admired the size of her catch as it seemed the size of a melon of sorts; logically the naive girl should have known that it's size was unusual, yet the madness or hunger that dwell within her was overwhelming it flooded all senses. She found herself salivating, unbecoming of a young lady, but curiosity demanded that she learned more. Taking a pen, the point retracted as to not contaminate the food, and her nail she plucked a small portion of the orange's interior before bringing it to her lips.

Surprisingly it tasted little of juice or of any fruit she had ever happened to have before. No it was rich with a metallic taste, was this iron? However, despite the shocking and unsuspecting results of her efforts she was not turned off from this fruit. On the contrary, like the remnants of it that had fallen on her hand, she quite enjoyed the taste of it and the heat and stickiness of it that momentarily lingered on her arm. If only she had someone to share this magnificent meal with she pondered for a moment before realizing she hadn't been alone.

"Oh, that's right. Sem-pai ♥ taste this, it's delicious I swear." The girl muttered softly as to not wake them from a daze or trance. She leaned forward, shifting the melon shaped fruit resting in her lap, as she offered her snack to them. The pink flesh of it between her nail and the pen as she softly brushed it against their lips like a lover may do for another. They had no right to refuse the gesture as that wouldn't be quite polite to deny a pretty girl; no, it was best to submit and do as they ask. The boy whose head rested in her lap allowed the substance of her admiration onto his lips and then began to chew.

"Good, isn't it? Care for more, Sem-pai ♥?" It would seem her guest quite enjoyed the host's appetizer; he answered her response with a simple nod. So compliant if only the dish the meal was served in could be so well behaved as it moved about in her lap. She helped herself to seconds, placing it in her lips, yet she did not chew on it; instead she allowed her taste buds to savor the taste and texture. Oh, she knew what to do. It was time to take their relationship to the next step. With new found confidence she raised herself up, allowing the bowl to rest easily upon the desk.

Standing now before her dinner guest she flicked the fruit in her mouth about with her tongue, allowing it to brush up against her cheeks, as she kneel down to press her lips against the boys. Then while turning her face to the side she allowed entry from her meal to be savored by the two of them. Once it left her lips, a trail of mixed saliva, was left as she blushed turning around shyly. Then her embarrassment skyrocketed when she realized at this angle he could see more as she frantically brushed her skirt and held it down.

"You saw, didn't you......" She pouted. Meanwhile the boy's chewing slowed as his body gradually swayed in one direction until his body could no longer support it on the desk. His head hit hard on the floor as the contents of the bowl scattered about the floor. She nearly burst into tears until a passerby from outside of the classroom came to investigate the sudden noise. A scream escaped from another schoolgirl who witnessed a horrific scene: a comatose boy whose head had been surgically cut into, whose brains laid on the floor, and another girl covered in blood talking to a corpse.

"Look what you did! It's RUINED NOW!"" Anger rose into her, eyes narrowing, as she pressed down on the ballpoint pen then threw it across the classroom with a great amount of force.

The object pierced through the unannounced dinner guest; although, death was imminent they did not experience a quick death. Her body convulsed, shacking, trying to piece together what just had transpired and why it was her vision blurry. She tried to shriek again, but the words just would not come from her own throat; upon her instinctive curiosity she found something within it. The index finger brushed against the button of the writing tool before the realization and then succumbing to death.

"Oh, sempai I'm so sorry...." the girl muttered trying to scoop up the contents of the boy's mind hoping to fix them. Then in her frantic moment of weakness the wheels of her own thoughts began to turn to fuel delusions; a coping mechanism as to otherwise justify what it is that just commenced. The event played entirely different where the boy was being intimate with her latest victim; she had given her heart to her dearest sempai and he had betrayed her love. Having caught them in the act she had no choice but to retaliate as she had, right?

"That'll teach you sempai!" She stood up dropping the brain matter and flicked her hands as to let the blood on them soar about. Her entire composure had changed, demeanor and all, and she stood up and stormed out of the classroom even to the extent of slamming the door shut. With one hand she pulled out a phone, staining her skirt and school attire with scarlet paint, and she licked the liquid off of her other hand like a cat may groom themselves.

"Nee-san, can you come pick me up from school? No, Sempai wont be coming. Please hurry, I really need someone to talk too...." Her anger subsided and now guilt, sadness, crept in as she fled the scene. Actual tears near fell from her eyes, she wiped the traces of them aside, genuinely believing things to have transpired as they had moments before. Things would be better when her nee-san showed; one of the only people to truly understand her.

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