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Somewhere Forgotten.


1) Anyone is able to contribute to the growth and developing of this storyline.
2) You do not have to use your own character for this event: it is highly suggested you use one generated, created, for this event rather than your own. There will be a lot of death, madness, along the way. Of those in the town, in the agreed upon story conclusion, there will be only a few amount of survivors: My own character and Regina's included.
3) After my second post, it is Regina's turn to post. There will be no posting order, if there is less than 4 people present to participate, but any more than that and one will be established. You will have 3 days to reply to the last post and if you do not you forfeit your turn in the rotation.
4) To create a more connected world for this event we highly encourage the use of NPC's, with given names, and at the end of the post Include a list of NPC names used. This is suppose to be a rather large town, but it's a town all the same, so character's may know one another or perhaps used by another writer at another time.
5) Keep super powers to a minimum; if you're making a character for the event, you're more along the lines with perhaps basic paranormal abilities or smaller ones. If you use and interject your own character to this world treat it as you're an alien species hoping to avoid detection or unwanted attention. Better yet, just don't use your powers if at all possible unless pressed into a corner. That's what we're striving for.
6) If you decide to interact with another writer, for example, please add another OOC segment with who it is you're addressing. So that those who wish to engage with few people or particular individuals are not obliged to read everything posted: however, it's encouraged we all do so as to add more substance and flavor to this story.
7) No Meta-gaming, this is going to be a growing horror/suspense story with any luck so do not take away from it. Please use logic when referring to events that transpired or provide a reasonable amount of evidence as to why or how you've come to conclusions.
8) Only NPC's may be controlled by other players, those established or future made, but by no means are any of us allowed to control the actions of another author's actual


The first of the streetlights illuminated the darkened streets and sidewalks of the city. Most of the people had scurried along in anticipation of meeting the government issued curfew by local law enforcement. In recent weeks acts of random violence had escalated to such highs that the once proud "sweet heart" capital of the country had became infamous in only a short nights. People in neighboring cities often times on various forms of propaganda changing tune about how beautiful the town was at night, sakura petals descending, and how the ever so subtle breeze gave a sweet relief from the summer sticky air. Now, on the contrary, you had testimony about how "those people aren't quite right," and several less than pleasant words to say of their fellow citizens adjacent to their own towns.

"More of our beloved Titan's victory over the Xeno at state. However, right now we have a pressing and rather urgent news. City wide curfew for all ages. Woman in particular are urged to use the buddy system, walk in groups, and of course stay clear of any suspicious individuals." A woman dressed in a rather blue suede jacket, her hair tied in a bun, spoke before a camera that broadcasted on the local news station. She instinctively brushed a few strands of her auburn hair behind her ear, a few stray strands that playfully popped out, and then aligned several sheets of white paper on the desk. Her attention switched to that of her fellow broadcaster.

"Thank you for that segment Yuki. Yes, this is Mizuyaza to report on the recent incline of violent attacks. We understand that panic is among our viewers, as we've reported on these instances daily, but we have breaking news that the Federal Government has begun it's own investigations in the sudden, rather, grotesque murders committed in the area. As some of our dedicated followers know, we reported that the weapon of choice appeared to be that of a large weapon like a cleaver. Last week a local residence, as some of you may recall us reporting on, was broken into and the family completely massacred. Of the residence, there was but a sole survivor; a young woman with injuries on her abdomen, several stab wounds, but she is suspected to make a full recovery. In addition to this crime it seems that sexual assault cases have been at an alarming rise, and why it is woman of all ages are encouraged to take shelter before established curfew. Back to you Yuki..." The man closed off his segment to his partner who nodded back with a gesture to report on rather less grim events as of late. After the segment the cameras turned off and the news anchors sipped at the water at their desk.


The room was completely white other than the blue bed liners of each of the patients resting area. Silver trays, polished, and as clean as humanly possible; it was quite fascinating how beautifully sterile the area was despite being a hospital. Sure even in the best of civilizations these places, hospitals, are sure to be used. However, here it was usually for the routine check up for the elderly or when a small child may break or fracture a bone while playing sports or other club activities. The equipment such as life support, surgical kits, and the like were among their supplies but they never thought they'd have to use them all in a few weeks time.

What once was a haven for a few sickly here and there had become littered with the sounds of coughs, the beeping of life support as vitals declined, and continuous on the clock duty for surgeons stitching up stab wounds. Perhaps it was those in the morgue that were the most busy; the only benefit of a close-nit town was that john-does were near nonexistent, unless the damage so severe to the face that it wasn't recognizable. Of those that inhabited the basement, morgue, was that of the family members of a recent vandalism and mass murder.

Two of the cities finest officers stood outside the doors of the most massive hospital in the immediate area. Towkaka Medical General, it was still a rather newer facility that the country had invested in renovating, furnishing, and building from the ground up less than five years ago. These officers had been stationed at this building for the sole reasoning of protecting the only survivor of the incident a week prior where an entire family had been slaughtered but the youngest daughter; a student of Ryoko High, home of the Titan's. She had no surviving family so her only visitors were detectives, hoping for vitals to stabilized, and those other patients that had been victim of sexual assault in the recent string of rapes.

The first officer Sunohara took from his breast pocket a cigarette and proceeded to use a lighter to blaze the tip of it. He had been a lifetime veteran of the local PD so needless to say his nonchalant demeanor was from years of inexperience of anything truly horrific or outrageous in this once stable and peaceful town. His accomplice for the night, Officer Yono, was more serious in his attitude as the recent events had obviously paid a toll on his mental psyche; he had known the deceased family from the gruesome assault, most of the city did, and even had went to school with the late father and family man Taka. Imagine seeing someone just weeks prior filling their tank up with gas, shooting the sh*t at the rest stop, and catching up on the game and then the crushing realization such small talk would never again be exchanged? 

From the front gate of the facility an imported automobile, some foreign model, pulled up casually along the fire lane. Stepping from the car was the ever so smug, self absorbed, and entitled detective Tsumiki. He had done well enough in his deduction skills to be both well renown and infamous in these parts; Some thought less of him than the lawyers or even the current political landscape of the country that saw to change their very way of life, something along the lines the fanatical and isolationist muttered on the television. Officer Yono went to shake the approaching man, who had a complete disregard for the law and at the very least in front of proud law enforcement, but instead was returned the gesture of the detective tilting his hat and then brushing between the two.

"What an a**hole," The more blunt and brash of the two guards, Sunohara, muttered between puffs of his smoke. Hell at this age you might as well just say what's on the mind especially when everything in town is going to sh*t. Despite the desperate attempt to remain professional the impressionable Officer Yono couldn't help but smile at the remark.

The motion sensors of the hospital's automated doors triggered to make it go ajar. With his ebony hat back on his head, his grey coat, he waltzed into the facility with the ego to match his rather over-expensive taste. Approaching the check in clipboard at the front desk, flipping the pages checking names and sign in dates, before the nurse slammed it down within his hands so it hit hard against the marble desk.

"Can, we help you?" With the one hand still on the clipboard, firmly beneath her grasp, and the other on her hip showing just the right amount of sass to insult the detective's pride. Some woman may swoon over this type, but she'd just as quickly jump a bridge or slit her own wrist. Of course her complete disinterest only made him that much more intrigued as he pressed a finger under her chin hoping to bring her in close. Instinctively she slapped his hand away, rolled her eyes, and walked away from the desk to calm herself before she was terminated for assaulting this buffoon.

He was quite done with the list anyway having acquired the room number for Taka Yoshino's youngest daughter, only survivor, Tsukio. Of course he had no prior obligation to show, it hadn't even been his case, but with a story this juicy and an ego so proud he couldn't pass up on the opportunity. As the dollar signs visualized in his thoughts the roar of a male patient strapped to a stretcher roared.

"NO STOP! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! Water! NO!" His arms had been strapped down in an attempt to protect himself well from just that. Upon his throat were several scratches where the man had attempted to self inflict harm upon himself. No doubt the doctors here realized after his medical treatment he needed more "guidance" and assistance than they could provide. Fix the body, yes, but fix the mind? That was far from their expertise.

"F***ing freak," the detective muttered under his breath as he took a sip of water from one of those paper cones by a cooler. Obviously the nature and art of compassion was lost on him. To be fair it wasn't his problem and as far as he was concerned only one thing could help those people. He had six lined up in his revolver. Although, this was probably the sh*ttiest water he had ever had. Crushing the cup, tossing it over his shoulder so it laid on the ground for some sanitation or janitor to clean, he approached the elevators to press the upright diagonal button.

When the door opened it revealed a nurse that was extremely uncomfortable, a doctor behind her, and she scurried along the moment the door opened. She couldn't wait to talk to Nurse Sana at the desk about the doctor's forward, improper behavior, if only because the two woman confided in each other quite frequently as this was the norm. Of course the man in the ivory lab coat, Doctor Nobara, chased after his frequent "plaything" Nurse Buri. If the detective had cared enough he probably could have testified on behalf of the nurse for sexual harassment, but that just wasn't really his problem to be honest. Stepping inside he waited to reach the ninth floor where room 99 was located, each floor equipped with ten rooms, with the exception of the morgue and where infants were located; the sixth floor, the nursery, was one massive room broken into ten sections.

When the elevator door opened the detective bumped into a rather oblivious girl in an ivory white dress. She nearly fell back from having his weight brushing into her unannounced, but she managed to shift her weight ever so quickly so she could retain her balance. Where some might get angry from this carelessness the girl instead tilted her head to the side and smiled. She bowed in an apology taking sole blame for the encounter. Within her hands was a rather massive wicker basket that twined at the top to form a handle; she held onto it with both as if it held more weight than it might appear or she was that delicate or fragile that even for a moment she might drop it and the contents within.

"Watch where you're going Kid, by the way why are you on this floor to begin with? What's your name?" The detective roared expecting an explanation rather than an apology. The girl shrieked, her eyes avoided eye contact, the basket in her hands no longer held high, and she was visibly shaken by his outburst and loud voice. It had been quiet all night, people resting, other than the sound of fluctuating vitals on a computer screen she didn't entirely know how to decipher or read.

"I-I-I'm Nemu, sir. I'm a friend of Tsukio, we go to school together. I've been visiting her, hoping she gets better. The nurse downstairs said it was okay....," Tears formed in the corner of her eyes as she tried to explain the situation as calmly as she could. The detective on the other hand wasn't one to care if a woman bled, cried, or whatever; that wasn't a good enough reason to him as far as he was concerned.

"Listen here, Nemu-chan. As of now, you're no longer allowed up on this floor. GOT IT?!" He said this with a roar as he brushed past the girl nearly causing her to fall over again. No one here would get any sympathy as far as he was concerned; Anyone and everyone was a suspect until he cleared them. That damn Nurse Sana at the desk not only rejected his advances but was doing something as unethical as letting unsupervised visits of a surviving victim of a family massacre? Did anyone in this place have the slightest bit of competence?

"B-b-but, Nurse Sana said it was okay....." She mumbled completely afraid to interject or fuel any future confrontation. However, her sentiments did not move the man as he turned around with an annoyed look to see she was still there and gestured her away with a shoo hand movement. She did not like this man, not at all. Still the girl reluctantly got in the elevator as the door closed leaving the detective and the patients of the ninth floor.

[Not to be confused, the girl Nemu is my character.]
List of NPC Mentioned.
  1. Yuki, Female Newscaster.
  2. Mizuyaka, Male Newscaster.
  3. Veteran officer, Sunohara
  4. Officer Yono
  5. Detective Tsumiki
  6. Nurse Sana
  7. Taka Yoshino, Deceased.
  8. Tsukio Yoshino, Victim of family murder
  9. Nurse Buri
  10. Doctor Nobara
  11. Mentally Ill Patient [No name given]

Places and things of notable interest
  • "Titan's Sport Team"
  • Neighboring city sport Team "Xeno"
  • A news station [No name given yet]
  • Towkaka Medical General, largest hospital in the city.
  • A mental Asylum somewhere [No name given yet.]

If interested in partaking in this let me know. Regina and myself are looking to hold it in a particular group, but if we aren't allowed we might do in blogs or a different group.

01/10/2019 10:44 PM 

An afternoon confession

How loathsome it was to peel back the first tear of the skin of an orange. Her nail dug into the flesh, it resisted, and despite the precision of her solid dash along the top it still fought with some life. Her wide eyes narrowed, keen like a predator eyeing prey, as she pressed along her insertion with her other hand prying off the first layer of the fruit; she had grown tired of this game, it was no longer enjoyable or fun. On the contrary she found no pleasure in having to quench such human delicacies like sating hunger.

With the flick of her wrist the peel of the succulent fruit fell and landed abruptly on the tile floor. Juice fell from her palm, drizzle from wrist, until it dripped onto the desk in which she currently sat upon; no longer a diligent student like one that sits in seat, but like troubled outcasts upon the wooden desk as if a complete social failure. What use did social norms hold to her? Using her tongue she obscenely traced along her arm and palm where the juice had descended on her white flesh. The taste was strong, fulfilling, and full of nutrients that supplied this frame with life and color.

The sky was beautiful this time of evening with colors of orange, purple, and many other hue that made dusk such the sight to behold. All other students had since returned to their dorms, homes, as after curricular activities ceased and came to an end. Such trivial courses had never appealed to her despite how often a shy reclusive boy, the insistent mentioning from a masculine athlete, a proud class representative, or even the bland looking girls seeking friendship or companionship approached and frequently asked. Although, she found her passion in studies such as biology where one particular session stirred a rather unorthodox curiosity.

With the lid of the fruit now ajar she circled the succulent insides with her finger teasingly. Her nail would puncture with just the right amount of force into it, yet she had no desire yet to consume her meal as if to savor in her victory a moment longer. Instead she admired the size of her catch as it seemed the size of a melon of sorts; logically the naive girl should have known that it's size was unusual, yet the madness or hunger that dwell within her was overwhelming it flooded all senses. She found herself salivating, unbecoming of a young lady, but curiosity demanded that she learned more. Taking a pen, the point retracted as to not contaminate the food, and her nail she plucked a small portion of the orange's interior before bringing it to her lips.

Surprisingly it tasted little of juice or of any fruit she had ever happened to have before. No it was rich with a metallic taste, was this iron? However, despite the shocking and unsuspecting results of her efforts she was not turned off from this fruit. On the contrary, like the remnants of it that had fallen on her hand, she quite enjoyed the taste of it and the heat and stickiness of it that momentarily lingered on her arm. If only she had someone to share this magnificent meal with she pondered for a moment before realizing she hadn't been alone.

"Oh, that's right. Sem-pai ♥ taste this, it's delicious I swear." The girl muttered softly as to not wake them from a daze or trance. She leaned forward, shifting the melon shaped fruit resting in her lap, as she offered her snack to them. The pink flesh of it between her nail and the pen as she softly brushed it against their lips like a lover may do for another. They had no right to refuse the gesture as that wouldn't be quite polite to deny a pretty girl; no, it was best to submit and do as they ask. The boy whose head rested in her lap allowed the substance of her admiration onto his lips and then began to chew.

"Good, isn't it? Care for more, Sem-pai ♥?" It would seem her guest quite enjoyed the host's appetizer; he answered her response with a simple nod. So compliant if only the dish the meal was served in could be so well behaved as it moved about in her lap. She helped herself to seconds, placing it in her lips, yet she did not chew on it; instead she allowed her taste buds to savor the taste and texture. Oh, she knew what to do. It was time to take their relationship to the next step. With new found confidence she raised herself up, allowing the bowl to rest easily upon the desk.

Standing now before her dinner guest she flicked the fruit in her mouth about with her tongue, allowing it to brush up against her cheeks, as she kneel down to press her lips against the boys. Then while turning her face to the side she allowed entry from her meal to be savored by the two of them. Once it left her lips, a trail of mixed saliva, was left as she blushed turning around shyly. Then her embarrassment skyrocketed when she realized at this angle he could see more as she frantically brushed her skirt and held it down.

"You saw, didn't you......" She pouted. Meanwhile the boy's chewing slowed as his body gradually swayed in one direction until his body could no longer support it on the desk. His head hit hard on the floor as the contents of the bowl scattered about the floor. She nearly burst into tears until a passerby from outside of the classroom came to investigate the sudden noise. A scream escaped from another schoolgirl who witnessed a horrific scene: a comatose boy whose head had been surgically cut into, whose brains laid on the floor, and another girl covered in blood talking to a corpse.

"Look what you did! It's RUINED NOW!"" Anger rose into her, eyes narrowing, as she pressed down on the ballpoint pen then threw it across the classroom with a great amount of force.

The object pierced through the unannounced dinner guest; although, death was imminent they did not experience a quick death. Her body convulsed, shacking, trying to piece together what just had transpired and why it was her vision blurry. She tried to shriek again, but the words just would not come from her own throat; upon her instinctive curiosity she found something within it. The index finger brushed against the button of the writing tool before the realization and then succumbing to death.

"Oh, sempai I'm so sorry...." the girl muttered trying to scoop up the contents of the boy's mind hoping to fix them. Then in her frantic moment of weakness the wheels of her own thoughts began to turn to fuel delusions; a coping mechanism as to otherwise justify what it is that just commenced. The event played entirely different where the boy was being intimate with her latest victim; she had given her heart to her dearest sempai and he had betrayed her love. Having caught them in the act she had no choice but to retaliate as she had, right?

"That'll teach you sempai!" She stood up dropping the brain matter and flicked her hands as to let the blood on them soar about. Her entire composure had changed, demeanor and all, and she stood up and stormed out of the classroom even to the extent of slamming the door shut. With one hand she pulled out a phone, staining her skirt and school attire with scarlet paint, and she licked the liquid off of her other hand like a cat may groom themselves.

"Nee-san, can you come pick me up from school? No, Sempai wont be coming. Please hurry, I really need someone to talk too...." Her anger subsided and now guilt, sadness, crept in as she fled the scene. Actual tears near fell from her eyes, she wiped the traces of them aside, genuinely believing things to have transpired as they had moments before. Things would be better when her nee-san showed; one of the only people to truly understand her.

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