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99 probs but ur tears ain't 1 of 'em. #facts👏 [ writing sample. ]

( this is a dialogue post Chapter 1 that goes a different direction than the canonical portrayal. I wanted to explore a more outward adaptation of Noctis rather than his usual, stoic self. the contention between himself and Cor is further explained in their dialogue. Noctis is undoubtedly immature when it comes to understanding the way things work, so I've decided to emphasize that among the few characters included. it's not particularly long, as it's a sample. rest assured, it's consistent to what I put out. )

The drive back to Hammerhead was a quiet one since the blow-up. It's been a while since Noctis bled in a verbal tirade towards someone, so much so that Ignis and Gladiolus were forced to cut the phone call with Cor short. There's no mistaking that his words were misplaced; gestating a maelstrom of emotions that stemmed from a facade his father put up before departure. Cor couldn't convey the true reasoning behind it, but perhaps there was more in-store between the two. He wasn't exactly the type to have his statements cut short and preferred to have the last word in everything—it's childish to say the least, but the others never questioned it. It wasn't their place to.

"When we arrive, I want to speak with Cor alone. I don't care about the outstanding problems right now—there are answers I want that he chose not to divulge. I can't f***ing believe it!"

Ignis sighed before gripping the wheel. Noctis' misplaced contention was getting the better of him, as it were the others. "Well Noct, if you gave the Marshal the chance to explain the situation, things might not have ended in the way that it did. While I come prepared, even I don't have all the answers, and I'm assuming your father arranged for things to play out as best he could..."

"That's beside the god damn point, Ignis! How am I supposed to assume this role of 'king' if I'm not being informed of the truth!? It's my dad—he should of been honest about it, about everything. I never liked the idea of keeping things hidden if we're meant to prepare for the worst! That's stupid!" Gritting his teeth, he sat back into the seat. Arms crossed with a tense expression, he looked off through the glass. Rain befell, a rarity 'round the arid land. It was almost ironic, but the rain provided a fair masquerade to express weakness. He wanted to punch the car door out of frustration—petty, in a way. Ignis' words didn't exactly chime reasonable results, or perhaps he never liked the idea of being talked down to by a peer. "Adults" were perceived differently, after all, but it could easily be chocked up to being a royal brat.

The others didn't have much to say, and while small breaths muttered unsavory comments, Prompto was quick to shut up. He never liked the group at unease, even if much of it was Noctis' fault. He's a pacifist at heart who tried to console the others, if only for a moment. Gladio, on the other hand expressed a body language akin to throwing hands. No one denied his insurmountable strength, and if the two really got into it, his physical prowess alone could hospitalize the prince. Personal feelings aside, he did his best to keep the peace, but another slip-up could shatter that sentiment.

( hammerhead / dusk )

Contrary to his questionable slouch and groggy pace, he walked with a purpose this time. His footsteps broke the water's surface rudely, as tinged droplets dirtied his pants more than necessary. Excess kicked off, but he didn't care; he was a fair pace ahead of the rest as eyes set themselves upon a familiar figure. It was at that point the rest of the group converged towards Cindy and Cid in the garage—they weren't about to be apart of that mess. Even Cid, someone who's had ties to the family for decades on end, who fought alongside the best of 'em knew it wasn't his place to speak. Then again, he had faith Cor knew what to say. It wasn't as if they didn't expect his wayward attitude, after all.

Between Noctis' assertions and awkward stares, Cor pulled him aside by the arm. Royal heir or not, the occasional manhandling was necessary. It silenced him at least.

"So you want the truth? Regis wasn't just a king; he's your father as well. I can't imagine what it's like nurturing a son while maintaining order over an entire kingdom, and in the days leading up to your departure from the Crown City, he made sure it was under the perception as a father, rather than a king. You're his blood, his family... That's why."

Hands tightened into fists and teeth gritted once again. It's not that he didn't get it; he didn't like the answer. It's a pain that swelled with self-depreciation for the moments he acted up, storming off in disagreement to leave his father behind. It certainly wasn't the first time, but to be at the realization all things unspoken would never be passed before death is... well, rough. Couple that with the notion of why the f*** is Cor here when he could of been helping Regis? is confusing.

"No... that can't be the only reason... And if that's the case, why the hell weren't you there to help him!? I CAN UNDERSTAND CID; HE ABDICATED DIDN'T HE!? YOU'RE M-MORE... more than capable of handling an enemy, but you're h-here... Heh... It's... it's "orders" you're following? Knowing damn well the Nifs don't intend to stop, but you ch-choose to turn a blind eye to the situation because you were told to be elsewhere... This is b-bullsh*t!" He punched the concrete wall with his gloved fist, leaning against it almost as if the impact sapped the strength right 'outta him. The lack of mournful expression ate at him between everyone he thought would have shown more than mere get over it attitudes. There's good reason for that however.

Stroking his head with a followed sigh, Cor stood silent for a moment. "Trust me, I wanted to be there, but the Crownsguard were instructed to be elsewhere. That is a direct order from the Regis, and I am to abide. You're 'gonna be in situations where the right thing to do leaves a bad taste in your mouth, I'm no stranger to that so don't tell me it's bullsh*t. Gladiolus is right in saying you need to be better able to understand the feelings of those around you—no one wanted this, and as much as it's bad, it ain't over. I'm sorry I couldn't protect him, but he's entrusted the role of protector onto you, your Majesty."

From the slight sulking, Noctis wiped away the tears and excess droplets. He had to find it within himself to continue, even if it left him a little bitter. He'd get over it much like everyone else would to proceed. It's what Regis would have wanted; it's what the rest of 'em would prefer. I don't like it, but I guess I have no f***in' choice. His expression remained stern, and a glare was shot Cor's way. Bits of resolve seeped through, from his stride to disposition. There wasn't anything more to be said, for the two understood—he, understood. Internalizing the pain was part of the game royalty played to the cadence of battle, and he'll be damned if the Nifs gain further traction.

"You know I don't like this, right."

""Of course, but you'll come to understand in due time. Save your animosity for the battlefield."


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01/11/2017 05:50 PM 

'rules' / things2note.

Everyone listed on my profile are people I trust and have proven to be capable writers in some manner. It's not an invitation to ascertain priority over others, especially for the role-players who feel put off after seeing a mirror. I treat everyone who is proactive and engaging about writing equally. Their accounts aren't linked due to issues in the past of being stalked. That being said, you'll see them in passing.

• If I feel like you're becoming obnoxious or melodramatic to the degree that it disrupts the role-playing environment, I don't have qualms in silently removing you from my list. I'm not telling anyone to stop being a primadonna drama queen; I'm choosing not to entertain that facet of Role-play. If you agitate my top or attempt to slight me, we'll have an interesting dialogue. That's a promise.

• I'm comfortable with establishing an A.U. for the unfinished Versus XIII setting for those interested in what Tenebrae could have been.

• I treat sporadic interactions and discussions with neutrality. I don't mind either, but I expect a discussion if you intend to fabricate a tentative plot. I'm a firm believer that minor interactions help bridge the gap between establishing plausible connections.

• I'm not interested in 'shipping. There may be times I'll throw a remark (or two) out there, but that's mainly in reference to friends. There's a mutual understanding that the banter which propagates is a joke and shouldn't be taken to heart. Besides, it's Noctis — not Prompto, or Gladiolus for that matter. Additionally, I tend to see role-players who don't understand the distinction between the character and the writer.

• I'm not looking for 'mains / connections', which sort of goes in-tandem with my first point. It creates too much drama to proactively search for such-and-such roles, and personally, I never held much stock in that sort of thing. If we manage to maintain some level of camaraderie that goes beyond the verse, or I respect you enough as a writer, you'll likely be listed. The rest is explained prior.

• Contrary to the memes, rustling, and general sh*tposting, I do write. The impression may be different on stream compared to speaking separately via comments, but rest assured that writing takes precedence over crude entertainment.


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