惡魔: S O K A I M E

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Vigilante's Abilities

Species: Human 

Alignment: Neutral

A notorious fighter from the depths of the ' Inside ', Ghost is capable of enduring and dishing out abnormal amounts of power. Currently at his physical pique the man renown as ' Unlikely Hero ' is still learning many martial arts to better combat those who wish to hurt him. At present he is an expert kick-boxer & master of the Niko-Style, passed onto him by his late master Niko. ( It should be noted the term master is tossed loosely, he knows the basics however had been left to hone in on the skills himself for a majority of his training. It's safe to say he's a self-proclaimed master. )

The Niko Style is divided into four katas: the Adamantine Kata, the Flame Kata, the Redirection Kata and the Water Kata. Each kata has an 'ultimate technique' which are not necessarily the most powerful techniques, but are rather "aces in the hole" that can be used no matter what condition the user is in. 

  • The Adamantine Kata (金剛の型, Kong'ō no Kata) involves the tightening of the muscles (thus hardening one's body) for both defensive and offensive purposes. This kata is more suited towards striking. 
  • The Flame Kata (火天の型, Katen no Kata) is largely centred on footwork, giving the user incredible speed and agility. 
  • The Redirection Kata (操流の型, Sōryū no Kata): involves seeing and manipulating the "flow of power", using minimal motions to turn the opponent's attacks against them. As a result, this kata requires incredible kinetic vision and delicate physical control. 
  • The Water Kata (水天の型, Suiten no Kata) mainly consists of grappling techniques, and places emphasis on flexibility and fluidity of motion.

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The Unlikely Hero ( Backstory )

It was an abomination. It was a mistake. Born out of wedlock to a crack addict mother & abusive father it knew only the life it had lived since birth, a slave to his parents whom the abomination deemed nothing more than a gateway onto this earth. His ‘ parents ‘ seemed to agree with said testament as they often bicker over how the ‘ whore ‘ got pregnant when the ‘ devil ‘ was infertile, the woman often exclaiming her resentment toward his lack of memory that placed him at the scene of a gangrape that he provoke. “ Oh.. “ He typically retort as the memories burst through the mental dam crafted through alcohol.  The vision of how he used his back than prostitute, now girlfriend as a party favor to his guests & her cries to stop becoming all too vivid as sweaty palms curled into fists. “ You think I want to remember that you stupid bitch?! “ Roar the beast who began his onslaught with a vicious left hook, then a right in a rinse and repeat motion.

A normal child would scream, cry, hell even try to stop the beating but not IT. It would only watch in awe as his mother remained conscious through sheer willpower, a smile forming at the lips of the child who found satisfaction in the whores beating.. That is until the father turned his attention to a more able bodied victim. “ And then there's you, the goddamn mute of the household. If it wasn’t for the fact that you eat up half my sh*t I’d have thought you a Ghost! “ A common epithet when used to describe the adolescent, at the very least better than ‘ sh*t ‘. “ Only good thing about you is you remind me of a younger version of the whore.. I know, wanna play? “ It hated playtime. In fact it couldn’t fathom how any other child could endure playtime either & yet it’s father assured him that ‘ playing’ was a common occurrence in the outside world.

Crimson orbs fixate upon the fattened digits that fumble with the belts buckle as the darkened rings under the child’s eyes were emphasized by the lighting of the one bedroom apartment. “ Now go on into the room so we don’t bother your mother, she’s sleeping. “ One last glance toward the now unconscious woman & he could confirm this statement as blood trickle down her nose onto her busted lip. Her true visage was as such after all the child couldn’t recall a time when she didn’t have bruises on her face.. Alas, he was biding time, discouraged by what was to come as tiny feet dragged along the carpet floor. “ Now that’s a good boy. “ Once inside the room his father would follow suit, intrigued by the thought of releasing all the pent up aggression that once more built up as the last image that etched into Ghost’s mind was the door slamming.. A metaphor perhaps for his inability to escape.

  • Two Years later

Two years had passed since then & the boy had grown accustomed to it all. The beatings, malnourishment & even the ‘ playtimes ‘ which he came to understand was a form of rape, if not rape itself. Still, they sheltered him, gave him ( some )  food & a place to bathe which had to account for something.. Right? He tend to delusion himself with scenarios that depict his parents as law abiding citizens, yearning to make their child a better person through the trials & tribulations they put him through. Sadly even the voices in his head couldn’t conjure up an excuse as to why they did the things they did & it wasn’t until his mother grew sick of one to many beatings that the day came when he was freed. “ You stupid f***, I ruined my life for you! “ The anorexic looking woman yell, a gun cocked in her hand as she waved it in the devils face. “ Now what’s a dumb bitch like you going to do with that? Bet you don’t even know how to take that sh*t off safety. “ A foolish remark which he would pay for as a bullet collide with his leg, sending him crashing to the floor, arms reaching for anything to soften the fall as he took a chair down with him.

“ Oh yes just like that! Scream like the bitch you’re! “

The father snarled through grit teeth as saliva seep down his lips, blood being held back by the palms of his hands as he apply pressure to the wound. All the while the boy dubbed Ghost sat in front of the teli, completely absorbed in an episode of Sesame Street, as if something like this was normal to him or even bound to happen someday. “ Look here you dumb bitch.. “ Bang! Another shot, this time to his shoulder as the woman roared. “ Call me a bitch one more time! “ .. The father cried in pain, clutching his arm as he leaned against the wall, aquatic hues gleaming as tears strut down flushed cheeks. “ Bitch. “ She was baffled by his determination yet met it with her own as one bullet to the chest ended the onslaught that was the devil. “ It’s over.. It's all over Ghost.. “ Only now did she address the boy who had still focused his attention to the tv, unbeknownst to him that his father had just been murdered.

“ Now sweetie I know your thinking the cops might come, save you even but I think you’re old enough to realize where we are.. I know we never let you go outside but surely you’ve heard the term outcasts? Something abandoned by society? Regardless that’s what we are and honestly I don’t see how you’ll survive out their on your own.. So as a mother’s responsibility I’ll relinquish you of the burden that is life. “

With eyes still glued to the television the child’s mother would place the barrel of the gun against the back of its head, a large gust of air being sucked into her chapped lips as she placed a fidgeting finger alongside the trigger. “ I never loved you.. “ What a peculiar set of last words he thought as the sound of gun shot off, blood splattering against the television as the boy sat in awe. “ … “ Still choosing not to speak as he finally turned to face the unlikely scenario before him. “ Wha…what? “ A single bullet hole had festered its way into his mother’s chest as a result of his father who made his last stand. A smirk plastered across the devil’s face as it seemed to be the last action he would take.. “ Well f***. “ Just like that his mother collapsed, leaving the fifteen year old to stand over her husk with a smile on his face. “ Two birds with one stone.. I get it now. “ Laughter erupt from the boys core as tears stream down his face & snot down his nose.. What was this mixture of feelings he felt? Happiness? Sadness? Anger? He couldn’t place a finger on it. He just knew he wanted to cry and laugh at the same time.

  • 12 Years later

Lot’s of things had changed since then, for starters he no longer was the same boy hellbent on standing idly by as time progress. In fact after being succumbed to the ‘ kindness ‘ that was his parents love he was more than ready to be welcomed with open arms by the world of the inside. A region with no rules and full to the brim with all kinds of vices including, but not limited to, drugs, violence and prostitution. After effectively abandoning the area in 19XX, the American government refer to it exclusively as the "Illegally Occupied Territories", and put out propaganda saying that it is filled with a noxious gas where no-one can survive, in order to disguise the truth and avoid mass panic.

It is known for being a harsh kill-or-be-killed environment, full of dilapidated buildings, brothels, and drug dealers, and even the Mafia shy away from it. The people who were unfortunate enough to live there have to fight on a daily basis just to survive, and often have no education, no papers, and sometimes not even a name. This made it very hard for people from the Inside to leave and integrate into normal lawful society which is exactly why he would go against the odds, and do just that. After all without papers he could technically be anyone he want. Thing is it just so happened to be the quickest way to gain a title as annoying as ‘ Vigilante ‘ down in these parts.. See during the time it took him to become legal he worked for an association that paid his means as long as he fought in the arena. Of course that's what it was referred to but in actuality he knew it was something more, still, all that mattered to his boss was that he kept winning fights. Ghost’s innate talent for combat manifested itself around the time his parents died, his true potential to live in a world with no law becoming quickly apparent as with each fight for survival he grew stronger & before he knew it had become a force to be reckoned with. A boogeyman no less.

Didn’t take long for unofficial heads of the Inside to coax him into working for them in the arena, training him officially with mentors from around the world in order to create the perfect monster. If only they knew this ‘ chips all in ‘ investment would bite the hand that feeds him in order to live his own life. The newest page of his book starting the same time he witnessed a rape occurring, something normal in this place and honestly he felt if someone didn’t want to be raped they’d stop it. Of course his bias toward this stemmed from his childhood of playtimes and his inability to protect himself as a child, something he wouldn't admit nor acknowledge just yet. “ None of my business.. “ He recall thinking as he walked on by, stopped by the fact the rapist was accompanied by friends & chose to get greedy. “ Hey, you their! Give us your money! “ Money? If he learned anything here it was that no one ever had any money so this meant they really just wanted his clothes. “ Look fellas I could care less about what your doing but just don’t get me involved, seriously. “ Ghost sighed once he realized the men encircle him & before he knew it, attacked. Unrestrained with their barrage of punches as the boogeyman simply maneuvered his way around them, ending the fight in one punch that left each unconscious. “ Oh f***! “ The one who persisted with the rape had finally unhinge his member from the woman’s genitals as Ghost covered the distance in seconds, hitting him with his own barrage of combos before a swift kick in the d*ck. “ Well that’s that.. “ Only now did he notice his coat being tugged by the woman he just so happened to save. “ Thank you.. “ She mumbled. If only she knew how much he couldn’t care less.

Needless to say the title ‘ Unlikely Hero ‘ wasn’t amassed in one day, hell it took months to acquire that many unexpected situations under his belt. It wasn’t like it was ever his intention to stay in the inside to help let alone fight for those who couldn’t, after all the weak didn’t have a right to ask for help & yet for some reason he found solace in the fact he could be more then the embodiment of sh*t his parents made him out to be. For now he would simply be the man with no name, wandering the streets for a way out of the hellhole. Until then he suppose it couldn’t hurt to help those in need like he was.. Right?

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" Sh*thole. " Mature/Action/Crime based themes.

Location: Earth Two, Year; 2083

In a distorted world where light never seemed to come their exist a select few who thrived in this disturbed utopia for the mischievous. Those destined to originally be nothing more then blemishes on the history of humanity yet became overnight sensations worthy of the front page the moment all sh*t hit the fan, " Devil people " many tend to refer to them as. These sadistic f***s leach onto the newly created land of villainy & maniacal clichés like it was no tomorrow, yearning for any way, shape or form to stamp their crest into societies ass. See in this uncanny story of evil the wicked prosper where the wholesome died, feasting on the notion of anything good.. To the point where not even the savage lands seemed so savage, after all everyone was a killer. This inevitable fact seemed to leave quite a disgusting taste in the mouths of many who deem themselves special in a pot of all white marshmallows, color being in the eyes of the beholder of course but the point still remain. No one was truly unique anymore, everyone had an agenda & everyone wanted to be the next big ' bad ', A real life citizen Kane in the flesh! Except without a sh*tty cliffhanger catchphrase that leaves the audience guessing even after the movie rolls credits.

Suppose they all knew the day when the last innocent life left earth would come.. & I guess in retrospect it wasn't always like this. Dastardly I mean. Their was actually a point in time where civilization flourish and people waltzed around gaily as if nothing bad could ever happen & even on the off chance that it did technology would stop it. Guess that's really where it started, tech. If memory doesn't escape me the exact date where things took a turn was October first, 2071. A time of incredible advancement for evolution as flying cars became not only a thing of the past but obsolete in the wake of things far more suited to peoples current needs. Tubes were used as transportation, cutting the cost of conveyance completely in the process. The use of certain gases no longer allowed prompting those who fought for the environment to finally get their wish, ( bunch of tree hugging f***s ).. Anywho it wasn't long before ' it ' came to fruition. A device so evil that it could only be made by the worst criminal organization in the world.. The government.

Now before you go thinking about how the guy behind the screen is another quack hellbent on the notion of illuminati, let's stop & think for a second.. This is just a story, so for the sake of progression let us delve further into why the government made the world an incredibly sh*tt(ier) place. For starters crime had rose considerably as a result of the technological advancement, see although things became cheap in some departments the cost of living as a whole skyrocketed. Homeless? Gone, moved into concentration camps or as the government called it ' Affordable zones. ' However if history knew anything it was that people always found a way, and where the rich congregate criminals lurk. Killing, raping & stealing anything they yearn for until finally the government band together to create the ' probability factor '. A machine capable of not only predicting when a crime would be done a day prior to it's existence but who did it too. Now it couldn't give too many specifics besides a general location & date but it was more then enough to crackdown on crime, rearing in yet another safe expansion for humanity.. Score one to the big guys!.. Right?

Wrong. This only prompt people into believing that it's existence wasn't only made to pry on the wrongdoers but peoples personal lives as well which incite riots all around the world. The machine couldn't possibly keep up with all the violence & tomfoolery so when worse came to worst, humanity fell. The machine giving the government the location of every crime warranting the first ever government V the people war, street riots, murders & lynching's all bore fruit right in the middle of the streets. Anyone who was deemed too ' good ' for their own good had to die, after all if they act decent then they couldn't confuse the machine & the world only need those who provoke it.. Or so the rioters insist. Needless to say the government was toppled in only seven days. Seven days was all it took to send the world on it's ass. Crazy just what the common man could do when given enough motivation right? Regardless with that context out of the way we now venture to the antagonist of this horrid tale, a man who had always been living a wild life long before it became the norm.

( Present. )

" Pass the blunt already Stavinsky. "

Urge one fat f*** whose stomach engorge his medium sized t-shirt, " Aight, aight f***. " Finally a skinny fellow passed the bloke the blunt, not really keen on following the unspoken rules of a rotation as aquatic orbs fixate on the other two in the room who would undoubtedly take more pulls then they were supposed too. " Look we're gonna need to find more bud and soon, we can't be sharing the supply like this. Not only is Ghost gonna find out but I won't get high enough not to care! " Bellow a woman on the adjacent side of the fattie whose eyes rolled in response, " F*** Ghost" He retort, clearly high enough not to remember what happened to the last guy who said that as the other three gasp in shock. " Now hold on Jatonny the last thing we need is to be saying his name in vein, let alone cursing it in the same sentence! " Jatonny snarled, unaffected by his skinny mates words as the woman and hooded figure left shook their heads in disbelief. " By the way Jhonny why you always wearing that damned hood? It's creepy as sh*t. " On cue the blunt met Jhonny's lips as he chuckled in response, " I think I wear it just for that ya f***.. " Jatonny chuckled before jabbing once more. " Well take that sh*t off in my house! " Jatonny was quite the provoker that night yet since he insist Jhonny did just that, his face reveal enough to cause the woman to silently soil herself.

" G..g.. Ghost!? "

" Like Casper bitch, but don't wear it out. "

The man revealed as ' Ghost ' stood up from the couch, cracking his neck in the process as the skinny man before him stood up, at a height of 6'2 not really ever finding someone to be taller then him yet here he was, in the shadow of a man who stood at a height of 6'6. " I.. I eh, had nuffin to do with this boss! I swear we were only smoking alil and then on our way to deliver the product! " Lies fell upon deaf ears as the kingpin renown as Ghost fiddle with a pocket knife, it's hilt drenched in a red liquid as he spoke. " You guys ain't wondering where Jhonny is really at yet? " At that moment the body of a naked man fell through the ceiling, multiple contusions & lacerations decorating his flesh as his right eye protrude from it's socket. This prompt the woman to prepare to scream yet stopped immediately due to a blade being shoved into her throat, albeit tall for his size he was surprisingly limber as the skinny man was the next to fall. This one killed by a spare knife as Ghost plunge it into his gut, stabbing at least fourteen times before feeling satisfied by the guts that seep onto the floor. " Well that'll do it. " Spat Ghost who relished in the steamy scene before him as Jatonny shat his pants.

" Lo.. look boss man I can make it up to ya! " This sad display of pussiness was enough to make Ghost cringe as he ended it simply with a bullet between the eyes. " Yeah I didn't want to actually touch ya fatass. " He spat as he now examined the damage, smiling at the fact he could spot his parcels in the distance in the kitchen. Within no doubt the drugs he had promised the Latinos on the other side of the city, " I'll be sure to compensate them with something for the wait.. " Outside the sounds of gunshots continue to echo throughout the night, the city blocks filled with the result of the insanity the technology brought. Now people had guns that shot out lasers for f***s sake, ain't that some sh*t? " Anywhore I better call the clean up crew for this one.. " With hesitance Ghost would plop himself onto the fat lards stomach, clicking away at the transparent phone that float within his palm. " Hello? Yeah I need Moshi & the gang in sector 8, just outside the inner city walls in the badlands. I need a cleanup and a crew to finish the distribution, make it quick. " Click. His word was law and if he knew his men well they would be their in minutes, seconds if the tubes still worked..

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Fantasy-based RP ( Action/Adventure/Gore)

* Prologue *

" Is.. Is it over? "

Hollow words echo throughout the concealed cavern as the lips that part seep with the blood of his own wrongdoing. For now the trespasser found solace in the fact his death came at the hands of an entity beyond time, or at the very least so he was led to believe. After all what else could the living embodiment of death be? If not the manifestation of evil than what? A god? Regardless there was one thing he knew for sure & that was his demise.. It had come. To say the least he was disappointed in the fact he couldn't injure the creature at all & even now it flutter those wings of his vigorously in the distance, mocking him before taking a bite at more than his pride. " Come at me already you twisted f***! I've lost the will to fight!! Kill me.. " Bellow the high-elf whose words fell upon deaf ears as the beast in question persist with its lurking, allowing its poisonous gaze to fall upon its prey momentarily behind the veil of darkness before finally swooping down in one elegant motion.

Meanwhile a black pixie dust emanate from its vibrant wings, coating the victim in a ebony blanket that forcefully induced a powerful hallucinogen that in most cases involuntarily provoke the infected to recount there worst nightmares. This was the power of a monster capable of toying with ones emotions, pulling the strings behind the marionette in order to achieve the ultimate verdict. Death. However like any good serial killer it relished in the foreplay of a kill, toying with its doll for hours on end until finally granting it the sweet release it so desperately yearned.. Suppose in the eyes of a creature with the power to destroy civilizations everything was beneath it, which is perchance the reason it lack the ability to feel sorrow.

Crimson orbs now gleam at the sight of the elf whose eyes slowly drift off into another world, most likely the one he wish to forget & as the memories began to flood the elf would make a last minute decision.. Uttering the final words. " You.. lose. " Intriguing last words to say the least as the fae arch it's brow with curiosity; Only than the realization that his prey bit his own tongue struck as the elf's body began to convulse violently before finally submitting to the death he wished for.. Pints of blood now exude from the lifeless husks mouth which result in the fairy to throw something of a fit as its wings collide with the rocks of the cave, the aura it had managed to keep restrained until now emit from its core which inevitably cause everything within it's radius to turn to dust underneath the pressure of his mana.

" Oura nak tami! "

It roar in its native tongue as the hive mind within insist on pestering the beast.. " You fail us yet again champion.. Now what will you do to quench our thirst? " The beast said nothing in response, it's slender physique finding the cave to be too cluttered for its tastes. " Rai nak tut. " Without further ado the fae would snap its digits, causing a rift in the air to be formed as it respond by diving head first into it, quickly being welcomed by the embrace of the suns light as the exit just so happened to be the rifts destination. Now outside once more the light would reveal the fairy for what it was, an archaic beast past its time as its demonic demeanor certainly didn't help it assimilate into modern society. After all in this day & age everything that didn't evolve to walk on its own two feet was considered taboo or simply a supernatural blunder that needed to be killed via a bounty.. Times were hard on creatures of the past.

Still that didn't cease it from existing which is why the hardheaded Sidhe managed to prosper during these times of peace since the people had grown naïve in there new world.. Ignoring the creatures that lie in wait within the darkness, thus leaving him to pick at them whenever it saw fit. Sadly this method was slow since most of the livestock tend to reside within the safety of the kingdom walls which claimed to be under the providence of god himself.. Though when taking into account the numerous species within those walls the fae couldn't help but ponder if whether or not all those ' gods ' were one in the same. Hell at one point in time even he was referred to as a celestial, among one of the many pagan gods with his ordeal aligning itself with death. Hence the nickname ' King Of Death ", a presumptuous title I know but over the years not many had been born capable of denying said birthright.

" Enough banter we must find another source of food.. And I think I see something! "

* Prologue End *

Within the distance an orc could be seen grasping the hilt of a large pickaxe he used to mine ore with, his glistened with sweat chest gleaming in the reflection of the suns gentle embrace as an exasperated sigh slip past thick tusks; " He's late. Again. " Not like he was particularly surprised, I mean in this day & age not many were keen on keeping up with schedule what with how fast things progress.. Anyway as time ticked his notoriously tardy assistant ' Driftel ' would make an appearance. At first conflicted with whether or not to make an excuse for his absence yet finding the whole thing pointless once taking into account just who his boss was.. After all in spite of the numerous advancements in both mining & technology itself this relic of a man found it imperative to stick to the historic ways of the orc, finding any use of futuristic assistance to be disrespectful to his ancestors. " Late again are we young cub? That'll be a dozen coins docked off your next pay, now grab an axe & chop some wood for the fire. " The boy let loose a sigh knowing full well that throughout the empire of Svarko people thrived and relished in the prosperity and fortune brought about by the improvement of mankind yet here he stood hacking away..

" Ya know everyone else I know has certain tools to help things get done allot quicker you know? "

The orc merely scoff, unmoved by the elves words. All things considered it must've looked odd for a dark elf to be under the wing of an orc, after all just a few years ago everyone had been at war. The nations split apart by racist bigots incapable of using there brain over brawn.. Who knew all it took was a human and a promise for a better future for the fighting to stop; That promise you ask? Evolution. Or in simplest terms the information provided by the inner deepest ruins of the elder dwarves, an advanced race in itself that had long since gone extinct due to there own greed that had entrapped them within most of there caves. Destined to never be seen again until there tales prompt the exploration of a five-nation hand picked group to delve into the crevices of the world, there finding that day paving the way to the future that now exist.

" I don't care what those imperialist own! We do things my way or no way! Besides you look famished a little muscle wouldn't hurt that elf body of yours. God forbid a spell need arm strength.. "

Back in the day that would've been a totally acceptable thing to say but now that was the equivalent of someone spewing a racist slur and almost instantly the bossman knew he was in the wrong.. Still it didn't explain why Driftel stood in utter silence, seemingly in awe of something past the horizon as his aquatic hues fixate upon the silhouette of a winged figure. It's elegance drawing closer with each passing second as the two blacksmith's stood perplexed by the sight of a monster such as this, historic in appearance and demonic in aura. Needless to say the pixel dust it's wings emanate left them feeling at ease as it's charcoal coating left there bodies weighing lighter than ever, whatever anguish they had toward one another now dissipating as the mythical being drew forth. It's elongated horns providing solace where they once thought safety could not be derived from as the blank expression from its face imply neutrality.. How wrong that assumption was indeed.

" Orak Na mune, oo nagi. "

Ancient rhetoric fell upon deaf ears as the two buffoons persist with there glaring gratification until finally with a flick of its wrist the fae would activate the dust that lather the two moments before. An odd reaction bestowing them as both began to fall under the effects of an hallucinogen which first show them there fondest memories all the way to the things they crave to keep locked away. Finally when the performance had rear its ugly end the creature would maneuver its ' strings ', hoisting the two marionettes up to the stage for there final act.. " Ma nuk ubtune. " And just like that the expression of horror plaster upon there faces as each of there bodies began to convulse, foam now beginning to form at the mouth as pulsating veins burst from outside the fabric that was there flesh. " Delicious.. " For the first time the entity spoke in the universal tongue, seemingly intrigued enough to do so as its mind raced with how tasteful the two would be now that they had experienced true fear as there limp bodies lay sprawl against the cement.

" Shall we partake in the feast? "

Echo the hive mind whose sole purpose was to remain a constant reminder of his Sluagh Sidhe heritage, hell if not for them he wager he'd be a normal guy working a normal wage just like these helpless mounds of flesh. Oh well, not like he was one for formalities let alone the sentimental things in life which is perhaps why he persist with the dissection of flesh, stripping away the unnecessary excess skin with such precision you'd think him a medic. Afterwards with haste he'd make an incision along the abdomen, seemingly prepared to take a bite before something unusual happen.. When pressed up against his blackened claws a large array of light flash vividly before his eyes, manifesting itself into an orb-like shape as the other body followed suit. " Oh how I love souls.. " It's mouth now exposed itself to be filled with rows of hundreds if not thousands of miniature teeth that welcomed the taste of the freshly stripped souls..

" Sour. "

Yet another lackluster meal that would be incapable of lasting them the day let alone hours.. What would it do now? Almost on cue the lights from the inner kingdom flash before its crimson orbs, the sounds of life fill the creatures ears as he estimate it'd only take about half a day to get to the city.. In which case it would need to go along the route of espionage if it wished to maintain vigilance. Abandoning his true visage in trade of a somewhat normal one that grant him the ability to assimilate into modern society . This ' human ' mold consist of newly dyed snow-white hair that scratch at the nape of his neck alongside crimson hues that were symbolic of his supernatural origins; Pair that with a stature of 6'5 and chiseled chest & you got yourself a porcelain god in the flesh. Suppose being as conceited as he was became a blessing overtime due to the numerous amount of woman he'd managed to lead to there doom with this façade.. Oh the sweet nectar that was a bitch in heat never cease to amaze him!

" Focus. "

Ah yes, many to kill, many mouths to feed.. Time was ticking and the growling sensation of hunger had already begun to sing its wicked tune. " I think I should've waited abit before trading in my wings for these godforsaken legs.. " The time it would take to get the kingdom doubled now that he had this ' baggage ' yet just as his venture began the plunders of fortune shine down upon him in the form of a horse, presumably the dead orcs. " Well I guess you'll be needing a new master, yes? Lovely. " And thus his journey began.

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King's Abilities.

Being a fairy composed of over a thousand spirits grants him many abilities, most notably his skill to manifest the evil he emanates in the form of a black smoke. 

Groggy: The term he utilizes when discharging the black smoke from his pores, in simplest terms this smoke is quite literally the embodiment of evil & cannot be grasped via conventional methods due to it being both a solid & gas (When it's convenient). For example when going on the offense the smoke will be a solid, whereas when taking attacks it's physical body will be incorporeal. This smoke tends to act as both a defense & offense for Ghost when in his host form due to it being when he is at his weakest. 

Psycho Warping - Masterful at warping reality via his psionics on a metaphysical level. For example, he can cause illusions that are actually real, whilst also creating his own personal reality known as the Sokaiverse.
  • Personal Reality - Again, Tamashi has in the past created his own reality within his mind known as the Sokaiverse, but if left unchecked it can spill into the real world.
  • True Illusion Manipulation - As mentioned before, Tamashi can create true illusions in order to cause dread in most of his opponents/victims.

Spirit Bomb: I know, the creators of Dragon Ball Z are somewhere filing a copyright claim as we speak. Regardless this ability sacrifices a portion of his spirits to release a blast of power that is capable of leveling two, three or even ten story buildings depending on both the charge time and how many souls go into charging it's blast. ( Power varies. One soul amounts to a golf sized ball capable of leaving a dent in metal, so you do the math when applying an even larger amount of essence. ) 

Flight: In his true form wings protrude from his back & ribcage granting him the ability of flight. Increasing mobility substantially. (Although it should be noted he is capable of hovering in his host form for a prolonged amount of time.)

Fairy Dust: A technique he tends to keep his mouth closed about due to many considering the dust a fairy emits ' lucky '. Although for a Sluaghe the dust that excretes from his wings can be considered detrimental to ones health IF they allow said dust to coat a portion of there body. It starts with a tingly sensation before eventually disabling the use of a limb, depending on what else is covered the body begins to shut down until finally leaving one open to attack. In a sense it is a contact-poison capable of rendering ones body parts useless if left undeterred.

Summon Nightmares - Tamashi can summon these fragile but malevolent creatures, usually in large swarms, from the depths of his mind on the target, both in hallucinations and in reality. 

Telepathy - Alma can cause hallucinations in others' minds seemingly at will, and speak directly to them without needing to be physically present as well as control others' minds. 

Misc.: Teleportation, clairvoyance, regeneration, necromancy, fear manipulation.

Within Host:


True form:



The difference between his true form and host body is substantial, for instance a Sluagh is incapable of calling upon it's true power in the body of the husk it uses due to it placing a strain on the body. However in it's true form it can draw it's full potential which in Ghost's case resides in the speed from his slender physique/wings and magic derived from his Fairy heritage. 

02/18/2018 06:26 PM 

Sluagh Sidhe:

" Where.. Am I? "

A tedious thought that seemed popular among the spirits that drift this far into the abyss, the only thought they seemed to care about instead of the more important questions such as, ' who ' am I? Or what for that matter? Truth was they were nothing more than unrested souls tempted by the desire to live which prompted them to seek out salvation in the depths of hells or so they were tricked to believe. Unbeknownst to them that they in-fact reside in the cave of Cruachan, an ancient site used in harmony with the Wild Hunt; Nonetheless the souls unlucky enough to wander into the darkness were forced to remain within the shadows clutches, rummaging for ages until finally met by a single being who refer to himself as there savior.. A fairy known as D'omanti whose wicked demeanor left them with the impression that he was abnormal even among there crowd, leading them to question his motives temporarily before finally playing along due to having little choice. D'omanti never did say it would be pretty but none could've imagined the method in which the spirits resort too to survive..

* Three centuries later. *

 Heaps of flesh the size of a boulder mounted upon one another in instinctive ecstasy, intertwining each leg & arm that poked from within its crevice until finally becoming one. Consisting of both elves, fairies & humans alike with the magically adept leading the mound that had long since relinquished there torment by succumbing to there innate desire to survive. Oddly enough this solution didn't exactly seem fitting for those in question but without any to guide them they flocked to one another like flies, chewing upon dead tissue whilst suckling upon the vile nectar they secrete as if it were there mothers tit until eventually the unimaginable occur. A single light shine vibrantly from within the depths of the convulsing sac of muscle before finally the meat that had so desperately yearn for a single body began to form into something greater; Most likely a result of each of the bastard souls recognizing the necessity for life & no longer feeling entitled to the notion that they NEED a body.. Instead finding solace in the fact they could garner there numbers and compact into one being of immense talent.

Tamashi. He was one of the mounds of flesh that had coincide with the rest for years and had only recently cracked the surface of the oozing tissue before being abruptly inducted as the man who would lead them past the gates of nirvana, the chosen to seek out there retribution via any means necessary.. Didn't take long for each mind to settle on this before the masses created there vision of perfection. A man no less.. Or at least what they depict man to look like in this day & age, for they had not witness the evolution of humanity in quite sometime and only withheld a minor knowledge to derive from. Needless to say the man's true visage was that of a handsome fellow, pale in pigment but strong in stature standing at about 6'4 whilst retaining attributes from his elven cousins, most notably the pointed ears & tail that sway alongside the ground. " What is this? " The voices spoke in unison to Tamashi whose body continue to configure until ultimately his form took a turn for the worse by becoming almost fairy like in appearance.

Large wings now span over a 7 foot radius whilst minor wings trickle alongside his ribcage, meanwhile two horns protrude from the edges of his forehead matched with a luxurious patch of black hair that sprout from his head acting as a fur everywhere else it saw fit. His tail now more pronounced than ever as that height the spirits so desperately urge to gain shrivel down to 4'3 with a sleek physique that left room for question on whether or not HE was really a she. " What is the meaning of this? " The spirits inquire as there grasps on reality began to distort, a single spirit now materializing before them as an apparition. " The name is D'iomanti, the fairy who bestowed upon you a new way to live.. I don't have the strength to rid this Tamashi of the body however I do have the power to whip every soul here into shape as my soldier. See in spite of not being the head of this host body I will command you from within Tamashi.. That being said you can keep that pitiful human form but only alongside this embodiment of perfection. Agreed? "

Voices from every direction echo within Tamashi's head before finally after immense thought the man would nod, fluttering his newfound wings with enough force to break the veil that kept them entrapped for so many years. " Freedom! " He bellow as the lines that trickle alongside his body finally settled into place upon being met with the smell of fresh air & light from the sun. Despite having a face that seemed content with coming off as condescending the entity was fueled by joy; " People! " Crimson orbs fixate upon a nearby civilization as the fairy propel itself with enough force to break the speed of sound, an unexpected attribute yet welcomed by the voices who thanked D'iomanti in advance. " H.. H... " A child stammered at the sight of the beautiful monster her people spoke ill about, it's physique so graceful in nature that she deem it almost too perfect to be evil. Tamashi who too was happy to see the child felt saddened by the fact he could not form the proper words to partake in conversation. Instead opting out of communicating through conventional means altogether as Tamashi relay a message to the child's mind,

" Hello! " 

It was at the moment that he comprehend just how powerful he became as the child's aquatic hues seep with the red liquid that was her blood, her ears following the same path as the mere use of his voice fractured her psych alongside her ear-drums. " Demon! Stay away from Mar... Oh god, Mary! " The roars of a father struck Tamashi who compulsively hover outside the reach of the human whose eyes filled with rage as he clutched his daughters lifeless body to his chest; Tears trickling down flushed cheeks as the man cursed the gods for having ever punishing his child. " You beast are you not satisfied with the crops you've destroyed? But now you taketh my child!? " Crops? Just what did this mortal refer too? Whatever it was no longer pertain to Tamashi who cut his losses by flying once more into the skies, curious of just how far his abilities ranged. " Peculiar. " " Odd. " " We are.. Strong? " ..

" We are one. "

* Four centuries later *

It wasn't till many years later that Tamashi understood what he was and that he wasn't the first of his kind. A Sluagh Sidhe was the category of fairy he apparently fell into & after much thought it made sense. The lore of Sluagh aligning perfectly with his power that derive from chaos and prompted his newfound desire to create havoc at every corner. Perhaps it was almost imperative to do so? If not destroy than protect? The notion left the spirits giggling like schoolgirls since the only thing his power manifest was death and if we're being honest he was damn good at it. With an unrivaled knack for magic alongside a logic defying speed he was practically the ultimate killer, stopped only by his inability to make crucial decisions without first conversing with D'omanti.. This link something Tamashi so desperately wished to destroy, a goal so to speak that he would one day act upon however until than the bodies he'd amass would grow. The tale of the creature who crept into the homes of the unknowing and stripped them of there spirit spreading throughout the times..

The lore of the Sluagh renown as Tamashi the Eater finding it's place in supernatural history. 


12/17/2017 10:23 PM 

Post-Apocalyptic Starter ( Warning: NSFW 18+)

The smell of sulfur fill the vast land fueled by the hatred of the accumulated entities rage as the few mortals who still breath frolic gaily to cover, seemingly accustomed to these outbursts of unadulterated power as there knapsacks & attire insinuate they'd been on the run for quite sometime prior. The monsters in question seem to garner inspiration from those too slow to find safety as they took the form of each eaten victim, implying that with each ' kill ' the beasts were evolving, morphing to be precise into what they yearn to be the most.. Human. See the ' monsters ' had no physical form at all instead being made up of mostly vapors & assorted gases as there frame could only be described by sheer imagination, everyone having a distinct description of there encounters with one never quite being the same. Luckily the smell of sulfur was a clear indicator of there presence which meant seeing was only half the battle..

I suppose abit of exposition is needed before delving into the true stem of the problem.. See it wasn't always like this, many even still remembered the days before the skies turned black & the air became thick with the stench of rotting flesh.. Summer was it? Yes, they could recall the times of humility all too well since they had taken it for granted all there lives. I mean who knew the day would come where they'd be stripped of what made them human? Scientist's say it happened almost instantly, like spontaneous combustion as the first reported human to change was some poor lad in Boston who had just finished his shift unbeknownst to him his life was about to change for the worse. Witnesses describe the ' change ' as bizarre only thinking back to one detail that seem to be consistent throughout all interviews.. " He.. He just exploded into dust. " They weren't wrong nor right in said statement, hell half of them reckon they were under the effects of some psychedelic, what with all the terrorist acts in the world it wouldn't be too farfetched.

From then it was only a matter of time before more cases began to arise, quickly becoming a worldwide epidemic as many labeled the beasts " Dust's " in relation to the implosion that gave off the impression of a big ball of filth. With said context in mind fast forward a month and you had yourself a safe haven for all things wicked, with many supernatural creatures finding this moment in history the best opportunity to free themselves from the shackles of the night & whether it was simply bad luck the ' Dusts ' didn't seem to discriminate when it came to lunch as many entities were quick to find out as the revelation of monsters left the humans who remain scattering for means to fend off both dusts and the supernatural. The beasts finding solace in the fact that there only competition would be dusts, unsuspecting of the humans ability to figure out a means to defend themselves within the timeframe it would take to wipe them from the earth.. How foolish they were to underestimate a humans natural desire to survive as the few who had an innate capacity for leadership took to arms, forming fractions and chains of command whilst developing a system of combat to fend off the dusts. 

Sadly defending was all they could do against dusts, not yet finding a way to permanently put them down however in regards to the supernatural that consist of wolves & vampires the lore was endless and it didn't take long for witches and warlocks alike to join the forces of humans. Funny how all this happened in a single month isn't it? One second your skullf***ing your wife in the confines of your home & the next she's being stripped naked by some unnatural force before succumbing to the will of the damned.. If I were a religious man I'd say God certainly had a peculiar sense of a humor. " If god exists anyway.. " Vivid interpretation of past events was broken by the imagery of a man covered in blood, his attire consisting of a gas mask & combat boots alongside military grade armor as snow-white hair spiked up in a rebellious fashion through the straps of the masks. " That's three.. " Red optics peer from behind the distorted frame of the mask as slender digits clutch the bones of what appear to be a child. " Another lost to the beasts.. " His soft tone pair well with his seemingly calm demeanor as he descend into the lower half of the city, half the residents long since evacuating with those remain consisting of those far too stubborn to leave the place they called ' home '.

Such frivolous notions were beneath him and the only reason he still reside within the city was because of his desire to acquire stray subjects. I mean you'd figure a place where humans were constantly disappearing due to the supernatural would lead to a sighting, right? False. Unlike a majority of people who would at least see a dust or wolf twice a day he had yet to see even one since the beginning of the ' purge ' and consider himself to be a walking omen at this point. " I mean why even bother with this get-up? " Tis true, after all he wasn't exactly capable of getting sick.. Not through any mundane means anyway after all despite being a human he wasn't exactly what you'd call ' normal '. For example not many humans lived for over three hundred years did they? Before you spit out ' blasphemous! ' bear with me here.. See Tamashi was a doctor who at his time of birth was already expected of greatness and by the time he was a teen he excelled in all forms of science yet took an interest in mortality, finding it impossible for him to complete his goal with a humans natural life span.

That being said he formulated a plan to create a formula capable of strengthening ones soul and by doing so extending his life exponentially. He didn't expect to succeed to say the least yet when he did a new problem arise.. His body. The body was a fragile thing that not even he could fix as it aged with time leading him to constantly replace his parts until finally physically augmenting his body to the point he could be considered the pinnacle of human evolution. " A.. Achoo! " Guess all that self fellatio of his own success left him sneezing as a brow arch in the direction of a sudden bang in the distance, a flare now shooting up into the sky as the man of 6'4 stature clapped his heels all giddy like. " We got ourselves a live one! " Be it human or not he didn't care, at this point any sign of life was welcome as he scurry to the edge of the city, would he finally get some luck?

12/13/2017 07:50 PM 

" Perfection. " Starter ( Dark Themes Applied )

" How much longer do I have to stand like this..? "

Moaned the model who insist on blabbering during the most crucial moments of his drawing. " Like I said a minute ago, JUST a little more Vanessa. " The emphasis on 'just' insinuate the artist was growing impatient as the nude body of the model remain void of movement, her slender frame the total opposite of what was typically accepted by the norm of society which he view as indecent. Sure there were certain perks to having a woman with child bearing hips but beyond that he saw a curvaceous frame as nothing more than a constant reminder of ones abnormality; Than again the norm for him was rather peculiar & even this anorexic women before him showed signs of being imperfect which is what prompted him into detailing her body that night. See in his eyes everyone was flawed & only by accepting that fact could they truly begin to transcend there human limits.

" I'm tired.. Can we take a break? "

Snap! The sound of his pencil breaking under the pressure of his thumb was heard as the women gulped in response, her natural flight or fight response practically screaming at the top of their lungs as she reluctantly denied them entry.. A terrible mistake as she would soon find out. " Did I not just say be quiet? " The tone of the previously compliant man would convert to that of malice as his demeanor distort into something much more wicked than he had previously display. " I.. I know but it's been hours and usually people are done after one. This was a special case cause your cute and all but I really gotta go home.. " Her tender voice was followed by her aquatic gaze that now befell the oddly pigmented artist who she initially found handsome despite the scar going across his nose. " It added character! " She remembered thinking as she accept the job, hell if she knew he'd be so insistent on her staying she'd have brought a pillow & urge for a more optimal position. Still it wasn't as if she told him there'd be a time limit, she just thought it'd be implied, after all who stays still for over five hours?

" Get out. "

His words cut through the air like a knife & as a result she stumbled abit with her words, muttering briefly before regaining composure. " I.. Alright. " With hesitance the women would begin to gather her clothes yet as she began to put on her bra a sudden feeling in her neck yanked her back to reality as the man quickly closed the distance between them. " Did I say get dressed? " The blonde attempt to break his grasp yet the man was too strong, an obvious deduction considering his muscular physique & stature as the difference in height between the two was astounding. He probably stood at around 6'4 whilst she stood comfortably at 5'3; " Please stop! " She yell yet was shut down as he slammed the women against a large glass window that depict the outside world, displaying the cities beauty for all to see as her flushed cheeks could be seen gaining color whilst the deviant slammed a fist into her back, a ringing pain now being sent up her spine as her naked figure stumbled aback before clutching the balcony doors handle for balance.

" A whore like you doesn't deserve to be art.. In fact I reckon in death you will truly blossom into the butterfly your bodies yearn to be! "

A look of horror plastered upon the women's face as the man before her gave off the impression of Death himself as her last method of escape consist of her slamming the balcony door open and shutting it quickly behind her. " Why are you doing thiffs!? " Her lip was busted, hence the lisp that follow as her hues stare awkwardly into the distance. Vanessa grew nauseous at the steep drop & honestly wasn't confident in her ability to scale this building with the current pain she felt in her back. " Hm.. " Was all her assailant managed to muster before walking out of frame toward somewhere in the back & she had to admit if this was a trap it was tempting.. The model could practically taste freedom as she stared at the front-door & imaged herself making beeline for it, sadly all scenarios end in death and she preferred the temporary solace of the balcony despite being utterly trapped.

" He.. Hello? "

Another women had suddenly enter the scene from where the artist reside, her attire consisting of tattered clothing as scars decorate her voluptuous figure. " Oh my god are you ok?! " This other women was the definition of societies ' thicc ' & quite frankly had they met anywhere else Vanessa would be jealous.. " Wh.. Who are you? " It was clear the insanity of that night was catching up to her as Vanessa stumbled with her words, clearly no longer in her right mental state as this pink haired women etched closer to her. " I'm Moira.. I.. There's no time to explain we have to get out of here! Open the door! " And just like that Vanessa had embodied all the stereotypical ' blonde moments ' as she swung the door open with little hesitance. " Alright lead the wa~ " Her words were abruptly cut off due to the fact Moira had plunge a blade into her face, her left eye to be precise & if her strength was efficient she was certain it pierced skull as Vanessa flop to the floor lifelessly as her body convulsed briefly before finally going limp.

" Bravo, bravo! "

Laughter erupt from the shadows as the white-haired artist return to the fold, his hands now clapping as he looked toward the body that lay bloodied on his balcony. " You've gotten so much better Moira! I have to admit for a moment there I thought you'd actually help her escape! Bravo.. " Moira who had now been revealed to be his protege would simply scoff in response, her abnormally purple colored hues glistening in the reflection of the moonlit night as she stomped on the head of Vanessa. " Puuh~lease, as if I'd let this fine piece of ass out of my sight! You did say any kill of mine I get to keep, meaning no parts for you Tamashi! " Only now did the artist revealed as ‘ Tamashi ‘ let loose a groan as he remembered that part of there deal. " Sh*t.. Fine. Whatever. " A hint of annoyance could be seen as the large man sat on his couch, slender digits now clamping down on his house phone as he ponder over a thought.

" Calling a whore for the night? "

Even better! See despite being held up with Vanessa Tamashi had plans to indulge himself in the local nightlife. For starters he'd gotten hold of information regarding a runway show occurring in just about an hour from now, a perfect opportunity to acquire a specimen he figure.  " What time is it Moira? " The women who was now occupied with prodding her new toy simply groaned before pointing at the large clock above Tamashi's head that read " 7:30 ". At this the playboy would nod as he waltzed toward his bedroom, a surge of excitement now coursing through his veins as he enter his room. The large king-size bed the first to greet him as his pet parrot spoke " Kill, Kill them all! " It's tune like a sweet melody to his ears as he toss his trench coat on and button up his vest. With a quick once over  the man would ruffle up his snow-white hair to give it the impression of messy before placing his shades on, " You look like a d*ck wearing those at night. " Moira spat as she walked passed his room, the head of Vanessa making a thud sound as it bounced off his door due to being dragged. " F*** off. " He retort before finally tightening his laces & walking to the front door.

" Aww sh*t Moira call me a cab, make sure it's there by the time I reach the lobby and hun, clean that f***ing mess on the balcony. " And just like that he was gone, his night only just starting despite already having a murder under his belt.

11/11/2017 08:05 PM 

The Professor. [ Thriller/Horror ]

" Did you hear about the new transfer teacher? Apparently he's some hunk.. Kind'a sucks we don't take his class until next year huh Claire? "

A female student gossiped to a friend, clearly referring to the new anatomy teacher that had recently transferred to there school in the middle of the year. Such a thing was unorthodox, especially what led to the job opening in the first place.. See the previous teacher had supposedly taken it upon herself to use all her vacation days and leave without notice, yet rumors around the school quickly circulate that the professor went missing against her will, obviously. Nonetheless that didn't stop the students from bickering over how hot or ugly the new replacement was, what with his uncanny snow-white hair that quite frankly was unprofessional if you asked the principal. Luckily for him he assured the staff that his hair color and oddly pigmented skin was all due to a low blood cell count. 

To his delight the staff ate that sh*t up like chocolate allowing him to set up shop in his new office. To his dismay most of the female students had taken it upon themselves to plaster there flushed cheeks against his window every hour or so to pry; Obviously to keep up appearances he'd flash a smile and waver them off to class yet deep down inside he wanted nothing more than to pick out each of there pretty little teeth.. " Tamashi? " Horrid thoughts were broken by the untimely sight of his neighbor, the math teacher ' Robert '. " You know the whole school's going crazy about you dude.. Kind'a makes me jealous. I mean seriously I do some kick-ass lectures, math raps, the whole nine yards. " Tamashi's crimson orbs simply followed the mans lips as he replied with a nervous chuckle and a nod, a voice in his head crying out ' Cringe '. Still he'd feel out of place if he didn't respond which is why Robert was caught off guard by how soothing Tama's tone was. 

" Yeah? I keep getting students at the door. I really don't see what all the fuss is about.. "

Humble. That's how'ya get them. Over the years he realized being a pompous smart-ass could only get him so far within the social constructs of society. To climb the tier of trust one must be ' popular ' which is why he cut off his old face & replaced it with a more appealing to the eyes structure. His muscular physique also helped along with a stature of 6'3 which made him the ideal candidate for most woman or men he encounter, he didn't judge. Of course not many welcome the pale skin with open arms but that was something even all his scientific expertise could not fix. Void thoughts were once again snapped by the unwelcome voice of Robert who insist on barging in on another man's precious time.. " Yeah? Well I'll tell ya one thing don't get close to the girls man. Crazy little bitches these days will claim rape for just about anything. " Tama simply chuckle in response as the bell rang indicating his first class was about to start. Saved by the bell he suppose as he wave Robert off. " Wish me luck. " And with that his first day had begun. 

11/08/2017 07:18 PM 

* Saw Inspired * Starter. ( Not for the feint of heart.)

What is the definition of god? Is it fair to say the term originate from fantasy? As with the notorious butt f***ing duo Adam & Eve? Or would that be too presumptuous? Suppose in the words of an atheist that line wouldn't be overstepping the boundaries at all, simply stating the truth.. Ah but his very existence defy all forms of atheism didn't it? After all he was the living, breathing incarnation of time; Or in short, a god. Guess in his own little way he too was against the beliefs of religion which only bound man with pointless rules.. For starters who started that no pork bullsh*t? He loved that sh*t! Well f*** it, if he wasn't getting the 72 virgins in heaven he'll settle for the 42 cumbuckets of hell. Wait, was it 72 virgins or 40? The number always did seem to vary now didn't it? Figure the terrorists needed ample motivation to strap a bomb to there chest.. So f*** it let's say 100 tight lipped pussies waiting beyond those pearly gates!

Though why on earth he chose now to dissect these thoughts was beyond him, suppose having nothing better to do was a sufficient enough answer. Did he really have to be the only living deity? Surely the others were sick of Olympus & wished to enact revenge? Probably best he didn't rile his hopes up considering it'd been over a millennia since he'd last made contact with his brothers.. To live a life of constant hunger was his own to live, no room for friendship the voices insist on saying. // We're your only friends, remember that! // They'd yell repeatedly as they jacked off there transparent d*cks like the animals they were. Was almost a shame he agreed.. Without the voices he'd have gone crazy, well more so than he already was anyway. Then there were days even he ponder the thought of suicide yet whenever he attempt to enact it he'd always awaken with no recollection of the last twenty-four hours.

Regardless nowadays he found himself wandering the land of the roaches, or so he called the humans anyway. Not one to shy away from breaking a few eggs along the way it seem since the deity manage to capture a livid specimen whom snapped him back to reality with her constant screams. " YOU F***ING FAGGOT LET ME GO! " Now that's odd, if he recall correctly this woman was a mother of two and a frequent church goer yet here she was swearing like the devil.. The things people resort to when thrown into the arms of death never cease to amaze him. Probably why he used this particular method of ' testing ' this victim which consist of locking her up in a square room with no food nor water whilst being given a specific task. Throw in a bear trap strapped to the head and fear was sure to ensue.

The Reverse Beartrap was one of the more notorious traps in the saw series which implemented the use of a mechanical contraption that stay attached to its victims' head whilst being secured by a padlock. The timer was attached to the back of it. Usually the victim had 60 seconds to find the key however in Tamashi's version the victim had 30; Had to throw in his own recipe ya'know! If the victim failed to do so the trap would burst open and rip the victim's jaws apart as the frontal part of the trap was hooked into the upper and the lower jaw.. Just the thought of it made his manhood bulge with passion, just imagine being dowsed in the blood of another.. It was almost orgasmic! Still she had 25 seconds left and if she was smart she'd simply look in her pocket.

" Oh lord.. What's that ticking! Oh god.. Jeremy.. Adrien Momma loves you so much babies.. Oh god. "

The woman proceed to recite some form of prayer which only amplify his anger as his clenched fists bang onto the small window which allow him to peer inside. // Foolish mortal there are no gods but he! No mere prayer can save your pitiful life! // Pointless. " Ten, nine, eight, seven.. " The timer had finally reached it's final moments before Tama spoke through the loudspeaker which connect to the cube. " Oh by the way the key to that thing on your head is in ya pocket.. Oh and as an extra bit of info your sons are dead. " And just like that her jaw was torn in two as blood decorate the previously void of color room; Meanwhile her tongue spew red wine whilst wiggling back & forth instinctively, almost as if to scream for help one last time.

" Well that was damn near worth the wait! " He'd scream as he enter the blood bath, his first course of action being to remove all clothes but his boxers as he toss himself onto the floor like it was some sort of slip & slide. His pale frame soon covered in crimson as snow white hair turned a darkish tint of red.

" WEEEE! "

He'd yell as he play, the sounds of cars outside his lovely home beeping at oncoming traffic as he did so. Luckily for him he'd recently applied soundproof walls eh? Otherwise this little city would have quite the midnight show.


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