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11/08/2017 07:16 PM 

Futuristic Rp ( Explicit content 18+ for Gore)

" Harder, harder! "

Moaned a woman as the glistened with sweat back of a man maneuver over her delicate frame, his muscular hips thrusting into her with rhythm as she plea for more.. It was without a doubt her desire to be f***ed like some sort of whore on the corner, hell, she might as well have been just that based on how they met. If he could recall she was wandering aimlessly in his side of town urging someone to give her enough money to go home, to him she seemed like yet another prostitute ready to hit a lick on a john. However the voices within urge him to investigate & well, the rest was history.. Not only did she willingly enter a strangers home she sucked him off with little to no remorse, not even a condom was necessary with this broad. Come to think of it the deviant could only ponder why he'd chosen her for his meal.. Perhaps it was her succulent bottom or ample breasts that call to him. // Nah, we both know better than that Ghostie poo! // Ah they had finally come out to play.. They being the voices whom reside within the depths of Tamashi's mind. // Let's eat her already! I ain't talking p**sy! //

Heeding the words of the spirits came as second nature as canine teeth sunk into the flesh of his prey, at first confusing his bite with a form of rough foreplay until blood began to flow. A sea of red cascade down her tender neck before finally she began to resist, her arms flailing in all directions before slender digits coil around her wrists, restraining her to the bed. // My favorite part is when they struggle! // " No.. " She moan as her strength dwindle, it was inevitable, she'd lost far too much blood to be of any concern. Besides her 5'4 body couldn't have possible overwhelm a man of his stature, being 6'5 with a godlike physique to boot may have partially been the reason she'd been so eager to jump into this homicidal maniac's bed in the first place.. // Reckon she's regretting that decision now eh? // Aqua hues glared into the darkness that was his crimson orbs, seeking some form of light to call upon in her time of need.. Had she really thrown all her hope into the possibility of him having even a spec of humanity within?

Wasted efforts went as implied, wasted, as snow white hair dangle before her face, tickling her nostrils briefly before pearly white teeth attached onto her cheek. At first a gentle tug was given before finally a massive amount of flesh was torn apart from her face; In one swoop he'd disfigured the beauties face into that of a beast that only a fellow monster could love.. // She's so much more beautiful with her true face revealed!.. I love it. I love her. // The woman didn't see it this way as the physical shock disabled her speech, hell he gave her a minimum of five minutes before she bled to death. For the remainder of her time he'd allow her to go over her life, where she went wrong, what could've been, ya'know that sort of stuff. // Sentimental now are we Ghost? // Hush.

Pale legs dangle over the bloody mess that was his water bed as the shift in weight cause the limp body opposite of him to tumble, resulting in a large groan from the man. " God dammit.. Reberta won't be able to clean this one. " Almost on cue a humanoid bot enter the room, her hourglass frame coming to a halt at the sight of the body.

" Mr. Tamashi I know I am to comply with our agreements to never speak of what I see but good heavens how am I supposed to scrub that out? You realize even I can only do so much.. I mean really.. "

Her voice was surprisingly soft despite her fidgety demeanor which imply she'd grown sick of his bullsh*t. // What's this been.. The seventh or eight body here? We really should give the ole girl a break. // A smirk curved at plump lips as he beckoned for her to toss him a towel, to which she promptly responded with one. Once in hand he'd wrap it around his naked bottom as he look back at his artwork, the last bit of life escaping his victim as the shift in weight once more tossed her to her original position.

" Reberta darling for such a smart woman you sure say stupid things.. Do as I've told you to & don't bother me with such nonsense again. "

The bots nose scrunched up as if she were about to sneeze, which now that he thought about it was physically impossible. Regardless her facial expression revert to that of a smile as she did as told, pushing the dead body into a peculiar suction bag capable of holding the woman's weight. Ghost on the other hand had now fixated his attention on his window which one of those flying contraptions zoom by, // A car Ghost. Jesus we're not that old.. // Ah yes a car. He was really out of tune with todays technology which didn't really appeal to him beside the bots & all. Which he did at one point try to stick his d*ck in.. Turns out manufacturing a functioning vagina cost extra. // Ow.. I remember that day. // Trivial thoughts were broken by the sounds of cars beeping & people conversing with one another outside his apartment building. They all look like ants from this high up.. So many ants indeed! Oh how he love Central City! A place thriving with life, yearning to be snatched up by the reaper himself! // What does today have in store for us? Let's let fate decide. //

( it's vague for a reason, this rp is to be worked upon with both minds adding to their own version of the ' future '. Feel free to add to this concept upon responding~ )

11/08/2017 07:15 PM 

The Red Room * 18+ For Gore. Multi-para. *

Neon green lights flash repetitively across the void of color cube which was approximately four corners of absolute nothingness and consist of only a fragile woman who remain seated smack in the middle. Obviously not by choice as her wrists fidget with the metal straps that imprint on her flesh as aquatic hues held back tears, hell that insinuate that she hadn't already dried out her tear ducts .. How long had she been there? Amidst the stench of what she hoped wasn't feces and the only thing in sight being a glass window that only reflect her own image, like some sort of interrogation room in those Law & Order shows. Regardless she deduced quickly that wherever she reside was soundproof considering how hoarse her voice was from screaming for so long, luckily she managed to unhinge one of the straps from her ankles.. To no avail it seem since beyond that she was relatively useless.

The vibrant light must've insist on giving the woman her first epileptic seizure as it persist with its violent flashing, leaving her pupils dilated as slender digits extend and retract, cracking in the process as a sudden noise rang throughout the room. The first sound she'd heard in hours apparently as her orbs ricochet off every corner of the snow white room, her upper lip stiffening as she attempt to pinpoint the location of this screeching sound before finally her eyes met with a speaker that lay perched a few feet across from her.. " How on earth did I miss that? " The young woman's tone was soft despite her situation as the speaker made a few more electrical noises as it adjusted to a certain frequency. Finally after sometime a voice came through, a gentle one at that which for some odd reason reassured her albeit briefly before snapping back into reality.

" My name is Mr. Tamashi Sokaime.. Whether or not I should be relaying such crucial information to you doesn't matter. I reckon by now you understand why.. Ms. Hill you will be dying today. Sadly I cannot guarantee a death that is swift or quick.. See your in a red room. Most consider such things to be myths and as much as I hate pointless exposition I deem everyone in that chair worthy of an explanation. It's the least I can offer, ya'know? " Was this the mans own way of attaining redemption? A futile effort at repenting? How cute. So anyway a red room was in simplest terms a gateway into the dark web, consisting of multiple camera's, blades & assorted weaponry for the delight of the client. For Tamashi it was a place for him to enact his inner darkest desires & participate in the fun method of interactive torture.. Kind've like a video game.

Nonetheless as the man finished with his explanation of the room the camera would pan over to his location, being directly outside of the soundproofed cube as crimson orbs fixate upon the interface of his laptop. Staring back at him was a large pot-bellied fellow who insist on showing his face despite Tamashi clarifying that such a thing was a direct violation of the RR's rules.. Still he was the client which meant his word overruled restrictions. " Now you got her right? The right woman? That cunt who rejected me in front of everyone! " The fat bastard spat at the camera with such intensity Ghost felt the need to wipe away invisible spit from his oddly pigmented skin. " Yes I don't make such amateur mistakes.. Now tell me how do I continue? " With a sly grin the triple chinned client would clap his hands like some fatkid about to get candy as he ponder over the endless possibilities.. Finally settling on something. " Well I dunno. I'm no killer.. Any suggestions? Actually do whatever you like just make sure you make her scream! "

It always end like this, with the client being a normal sh*tbag who knew nothing of the skill involved in torture.. When taking into account the many aspects of it one would have a field day; For starters mentally he could threaten her loved ones and get her to believe the notion that he'd pursue them after her death. Physically there was virtually nothing off limits since his wares consist of all forms of the most up to date tools/weaponry.. Sigh, guess it didn't matter now did it? Reluctantly the 6'7 behemoth would rise from his comfortable position as digits gracefully trickle over the many tools that lay across the table; His attention being captured by the transparent window before him. Beyond it his prey for the night as he clutch his favorite crowbar, a blunt weapon which was uncommon among killers since most tend to utilize weapons that made precise incisions.. Oh but not he! The sounds of bones cracking against metal entice him so! Besides the time for blades would come.. For now he had to make sure the client got his money's worth.

Hesitantly the man would enter the cubed room and with a flick of a switch the flashing lights would come to an abrupt halt as the glare from the bulbs left his typically porcelain snow-skin with a greenish tint. The woman who couldn't have been a day over twenty beckoned for him to free her, implying she'd do relatively anything to be let go.. Spouting things he'd heard all too many times before. " I swear I won't tell the police! Just please.. Let me go. " Her lips made a gesture that imply she'd provide him sexual favors in return for her freedom. How sad to see someone resort to such demeaning actions yet he understood it perfectly, the will to live was a contagious thing.. Though in his head it was a frivolous concept which left room for error.. Even now the fat bastard on the screen couldn't bare to face what he had paid a large sum for as his eyes remain covered by his greasy palms. " Sir if you don't watch than what is the point? " Tamashi's demeanor convert from that of a soothing gentleman to a monster in mere seconds as the sound of ripples in the air being formed echo throughout the cube as the bar slapped the words out of the girl.

Blood and spit alike spew from her busted lips as his own plump ones were quick to lick up whatever seep down her chin, her initial reaction being to chomp in his direction to which he promptly respond with another subtle smack across her face. This time landing a homerun as her right eye protrude from her eye socket and onto her chest, merely sticking to her by the cord it attached to as his smile fade. " Oh no! Your beauty.. It's gone. " The demon would pout like a child before repeating the slapping process for what must've been minutes before his phone rang. " Oh my I forgot to shut that off. " Only now did he notice his client had disconnected which now meant the contract was null and in theory he could release her; Ha, as if.

" Yes? "

On the other side of the call was a rather prestigious client who had always paid him well for relatively simple work. Yet this time he insist this new target was someone Tamashi would truly enjoy for reasons unknown to him.. " I'm kind've busy.. " Crimson orbs would return their gaze to the woman whose face had been distorted to the point he barely recognize her, hell he already forgot how she looked like. " What if.. " Ah there it was, the sweet incentive he need to drop everything at a moments notice. Suppose now that meant he'd have to get all cleaned up and human like. Shame because now that meant he'd have to leave this doll for later..

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