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02/10/2019 07:24 PM 

Characters part 2

Name: kim rose

Age: unknown
Occupation: artist
Personality: loving and protective
Orientation: bi
Status: single
Hair: brown
Eye: yellow
Kids: riley and leah
Species: nymph, shadow and vampire
Tattoo/ piercings: no / ears pierced 
Smoke/ drink: no / yes
Name: riley rose
Age: unknown
Occupation: tattoo artist
Personality: mean and quiet
Oritention: bi
Hair: black
Eye: yellow
Parents: kim and zero
Species: nymph, vampire and shadow
Tattoo/ piercings: skull sleeve on both arms/ has d*ck, tongue and ears pierced 
Smoke/ drink: no / yes
Name: leah rose 
Age: unknown
Occupation: music store manager 
Personality: quiet and fun
Orientation: bi
Status: single
Hair: purple
Eyes: yellow
Parents: kim and zero
Species: nymph, vampire and shadow
Tattoo/ piercings: music notes on wrist / tongue, lip and belly button
Smoke/ drink : no/yes

Bio: this family has been cursed. They have three species inside them they constantly try to take control. And even though they have these beings inside of them, they try there best to not use there powers just for that reason. Apparently kim dated a vampire that had a curse on him and her trying to help brought it on her family. Riley has the most trouble and constantly is causing trouble that the other two have to clean up. 

03/19/2018 11:24 PM 


1)James Rose
age: 26/M
occupation: warehouse
Personailty: stubborn 
orientation: bi 
Status: single
Hair: blonde
Eyes: purple
Kids: Daisy
Species: human
Tattoos/piercing: black wings on back/ ears pierced 
Smoke/drink: no smoke. Yes drink

2)Name: Daisy Rose
age: 15/F
occupation: student works at library
Personality: fun
Species: human
orientation: bi
Hair: black
Eyes: purple
Status: single
Tattoos/piercing: butterfly lower back/ piercings: none
Drink or smoke: both no

Bio: after the death of the wife/mother from a disease, James spent his life taking care of daisy and making sure she focus on school to get in good college. He finds it hard to date because he is still in love with the dead wife, that's why he drinks to drown his feelings and not deal with it.

Family Hunter: All siblings. Parents died
3) Gerri Hunter
age: 16/F
occupation: cafe
species: vampire
orientation: bi
hair: silver
eyes: red
personality: curious
Tattoos: none/piercings: tongue and belly button 
drinks: no/smokes: no
4) Drew Hunter
age: 18/M
occupation: skating rink
species: vampire
orientation: bi
Hair: red
Eyes: red
status: single
personality: rude, bully
tattoos: dragon on the right side of body/piercings: d*ck, nipples and tongue
drinks: yes/smokes: yes
5) Tammy Hunter
age: 20/F
occupation: receptionist at hospital
species: vampire
orientation: bi
personality: caring, mature
tattoos: heart on ankle/piercings: ears
drinks: no/smokes: no

BIO: Parents died protecting them from hunters. Tammy is the oldest, she blames herself for not being to fight back than to protect her family. she tries her best to keep her other two siblings out of trouble. Drew doesnt listen to her, he goes off on his own sometimes and does whatever. Gerri does but she cant help but be curious about certain things. They dont stay anywhere for too long in case they were found again.

Family world- Parents are believed to be dead
6) nature world
Status: taken by Minako
age: looks 17
species: nymph
orientation: bi
occupation: she works anywhere she wants to.
Personality: bubbly, nice, curious
hair: changes a lot. brown at the moment
eyes: green
siblings: dawn and sky
kid: Kim
drinks/smoke: no
tattoos: rainbow wings on lower back/piercings: ears
7) dawn world-female
Status : single
age: looks 18
species: nymph
orientation: bi
occupation: school teacher
personality: caring and curious
hair: orange
eyes: green
siblings: nature and sky
tattoos: sun on shoulder/piercings: nose and ears
drinks: no/smokes: no
8) sky world-male
Status: single
occupation: student/works at flower shop
age: looks 19
species: nymph
orientation: bi
personality: quiet and curious
hair: white
eyes: green
siblings: nature and dawn
tattoos: none/piercings: ears
drinks: no/smokes: no

Bio: The nymph family. They have power over the elements. There parents went missing when nature was born and they havent found them since. They all very curious about the human world so they blend in to learn. 

02/11/2018 04:01 PM 

Rules rules rules

I have been a rper since 2007 so please dont think this my first time being on here. And yes I am really 29 years old, shut up i know i am old XD

1) i sadly cant edit no more so my pictures will be hidden sorry
2) no God mode-dont control my character. And when fighting dont think you cant be hit
3) no rape of characters - 
4) rl is comments. Rp is messages.
5) I am on my phone so sorry ahead for spelling mistakes. 
6) if you have Skype I am on there a lot more if you want to rp there let me know.
7) no one lines. And no novella. 
8) if you dont like any of the characters. Let me know I can make one up for you :)

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