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Irshad the Shark Bio

Name: Irshad Siegward.

Alliance: Unknown.

Powers/Abilities: Great speed namely in water, Super strength, Hydrokinesis.

Likes: Kosma the Lizard, Phistica the Spider, his parents, exercise, his job, kabobs.

Dislikes: Disorder, failure, those who intentional enrage him.

Friends: Kosma the Lizard, Phistica the Spider

Family: Emeric Siegward (father), Hina Siegward (mother). 

Enemies: Purity the Hedgehog.

Team Power: Power.

Age: 26.

Sex: Male.

Orientation: Unknown.

Body Color: Dark grey with blue stripes across his back.

Eye Color: Blue.

Hair Style: Black wavy hair that hangs free to his shoulders.

Attire: While on duty, Irshad wears a large suit the Phistica made form him to wear but while not working, he is often seen in a white t-shirt with matching denim jeans and sleeveless jacket.

Residence: Ground Level of Markus Kaluha's skyscraper estate.

Personality: It is hard to gauge sometimes whether Irshad is more of a unintelligent meathead or someone actually fairly wise. He seems rash but always calculating while he is performing a task. He appears more quiet and tough unless it is someone he knows and trusts well, showing off his softer side and tender heart. With those he trusts, he will do almost anything for them without much questioning as he is loyal and takes any task he does with a great deal of seriousness. He also takes his fitness seriously as he exercises regularly and eats moderately well.

Strengths: Irshad is very strong and aspires to be stronger as he practices every day. His bulky build and strong jaws make him a force to be reckoned with. While not as stealthy as his teammates, Irshad is not entirely careless as he will deliberate on what he is doing while doing it. His loyalty is just as strong as he is and is as hard of a worker as they come. He is also able to manipulate water in a variety of manners.

Weaknesses: He may be calculative, but he isn't as intelligent as either Kosma or Phistica. And his calculations come as he goes,, so sometimes he isn't entirely prepared if he can't come up with solutions when there is a sudden twist. He is not stealthy like his friends which makes it harder for him to sneak up on opponents. He also doesn't use much of his strength early if he underestimates who he's up against. Some could also consider his loyalty blind to an extent as he's only do so much.

Backstory: Both of Irshad's parents, Emeric and Hina, raised him in their middle class home for years. His parents had worked hard to keep their house and possessions as the ruler before Markus Kaluha had a rough few last  years before Markus was picked as the new ruler. After Markus became ruler, Emeric and Hina both wanted more for him since they had struggled the last few years prior and miraculously scored jobs with Markus. Irshad's mother became a secretary for Mr. Kaluha and his father became a security guard before becoming the head of security in the building. Irshad became quite inspired b his father's job and trained land himself a security job as well, which of course is what lead him to meeting both Kosma and Phistica.

01/21/2019 11:08 PM 

Phistica the Spider Bio

Name: Phistica Vogue.

Alliance: Unknown.

Powers/Abilities: High agility, Extreme stealth, Silk weaving.

Likes: Kosma the Lizard, Irshad the Shark, Fashion, Making clothes.

Dislikes: Purity the Hedgehog, Disorder, .

Friends: Kosma the Lizard, Irshad the Shark.

Family: Unknown.

Enemies: Purity the Hedgehog.

Team Power: Technical.

Age: 25.

Sex: Female.

Orientation: Bi.

Body Color: Black with violet bands around her limbs.

Eye Color: Black with violet irises and crimson pupils.

Hair Style: Straight hair and free hanging.

Attire: While she more elegant designs and will often wear fancier clothes, she is often seen in a suit of her own making.

Residences: Fashion level (Floor 1952) of Mr. Kaluha's skyscraper home.

Personality: Phistica could be best described as full of herself. There isn't many that she feels are on her level because of how far she came from her childhood years. Like Kosma, Phistica is a group leader of those under her and will take charge when surrounded by those she feels are not at her level, which as most say she does a good job being in change that they listen. But aside from that, most of the time she is rather nice and can be cocky. She adores the designs of clothes, especially those she makes herself.

Strengths: Phistica is similar to Kosma in that they good with stealth. While Kosma can climb around on most surfaces anyway, Phistica has a much easier time doing that and getting around because of her slightly smaller size. She is an expert at crafting from her spider silk, using it to make the clothes she wears and a wide variety of attacks as well as more long distance movement. Her extra limbs from being a spider also make her a very capable close range combatant.

Weaknesses: Seeing those around her with something that she can't stand seeing anyone wear is highly distracting for Phistica. She's also not very great at long distance attacks that do much damage to a foe, as her ranged webbing attacks will mostly just try to incapacitate an enemy. Anything ruining her clothes drives her to a fit of anger which will lead her to lash out for a short period of time before tiring out.

Backstory: Phistica started life rough as an orphan while the previous world ruler was in power as rough situations lead her parents to give her away at a young age. By the time Kosma was born, her father had become the next ruler ad began to fix how their world was ran. Unfortunately, his structural changes did not come fast enough for the orphanage program and Phistica has reached the age of 18 and was let out since she had never been adopted. To make up for this, Phistica set out to make a name for herself in fashion as she had been making her own clothes for years at the orphanage, even making some for the other kids in there. She quickly became a success and became the industry leader, landing her a place in Markus Kaluha's skyscraper estate. As most higher level employees live in building so they can work essentially at home, this lead her to meeting Kosma and the two quickly became close friends.

01/09/2019 12:29 PM 

Kosma the Lizard Bio

Name: Kosma Kaluha the Lizard.

Alliance: Unknown.

Powers/Abilities: Super speed and strength, Ordakinesis.

Likes: Her father, Phistica the Spider, Irshad the Shark, Order, Orda Diamonds.

Dislikes: Purity the Hedgehog, Disorder, Chaos Energy/Emeralds, Master Emerald.

Friends: Phistica the Spider, Irshad the Shark.

Family: Markus Kaluha (father), Rosaline Kaluha (mother, presumed deceased).

Enemies: Purity the Hedgehog.

Team Power: Speed.

Age: 22.

Sex: Female.

Orientation: Bi.

Scale Color: Black with yellow tips.

Eye Color: Yellow.

Hair Style: Drawn up in a long ponytail to keep it out of the way.

Attire: Mostly a set of black leather jacket and pants, a black t-shirt underneath the jacket, and a pair of high heel boots, also in black.

Residences: Second to top floor of her father's skyscraper home.

Personality: Kosma grew up mostly under her father's guidance with a semi-formal business attitude. With her father's influence, she likes things kept in order and understandable to her as things that are not tend to be outcasted. As her father was chosen to be the guardian of the Orda Diamonds, she is the next in line to protect them and takes great responsibility in that duty. She is also very curious about them as she uses most of her time researching them. Kosma is also very smart and helps her father often with their home's engineering feats.

Strengths: Kosma is fast, agile, and strong. She excels at slipping around situations and going in from another angle, being a lizard. She is a great tactician and even is capable of building machines and robots. Thanks to her father, she is a strong leader and is quick to take charge when the role of a leader needs to be filled.

Weaknesses: Despite the kindness she adopts from her father, Kosma tends to immediately dislike anything that does not seem natural to her or easily understood to her, with the Orda Diamonds being the only exception. In that regard, she's rather close minded and dismissive. And with the important role she plans on taking, she extremely hates when her authority is challenged.

Backstory: In another universe, the ruling gems are known as the Orda Diamonds. A long held tradition was created where whoever was chosen by the gems to guard them would be the world ruler. And that is how eventually Kosma's father, Markus, became the world ruler. He did so with a kind hand and a strong sense of business, ruling over all the world's industries as well. Kosma's mother, when she was little, had tried to steal the Oda Diamonds late one night, but was carted off by guards and never seen again. Her actions had brought some shame to her and her father so she had helped to continue the family's prouder legacy and to a success. That incident lead her to hate her mother and much more in her father's footsteps and ideals.

12/28/2018 12:06 PM 

Order and Chaos Story Collection

Prologue: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000093430

Chapter 1: Coming Eventually.

12/28/2018 01:12 PM 

Order and Chaos Prologue

   A calm night was over the city, the faintly drowned out noise of vehicles and the other many sounds of the could be heard over the pitter patter of rain hitting anything below the sky. It was a gentle rain, calm and relaxing.
   Kosma sat reclined in the lavish chair that was within her office. Despite having the entire second-to-top level of the skyscraper home to herself, she found herself lately spending more and more time in her work spaces there. And it wasn't even much of her father's work.
   Kosma could be seen as a lucky girl. Her father was essentially king of the entire world, but rather than a real king, he was more of a businessman. Kosma's father effectively held a monopoly over nearly everything there was, from household appliances to anything you could find in a research lab and even clothing. Her father was by no means a bad man, but was beloved by all which is part of the reason he was in the place he was.
   Kosma's father, had the entire top floor to himself and on that floor are the artifacts that chose him, the Odra Diamonds. In turn for being chosen, as the set tradition of the world, he would keep watch over them. And with his powerful business and near infinite wealth, nobody would even get close to seeing them except a chosen few namely being Kosma and her friends.
   The wealthy lizard daughter toyed with one in her hand then. She wanted to understand them. In such a business-like world, they seemed foreign with what little was known about them. She dove through research article after classified document after theory blog on what they could even do. Their strange power and unclear properties contrasted heavily with orderly business she lived with and Kosma could hardly understand it.
   A momentary blindness came over her as the Diamond suddenly reacted in her hand to something, something else powerful. A flicker in the very fabric of reality brought forth a large ring-like object, floating as it shown in a brilliant alternating red and green. Kosma was unsure but clutching the Orda Diamond in her hand, she felt guided towards it as she stepped through.
   On the other side, she looked around the white and seemingly endless space. This place, whatever it was, seemed filled with the same thing she went through but these were all gold colored. And the energy that flowed through here, it felt odd. It too was something powerful and scattered like the random flow of water currents. It didn't take her long to see that she wasn't alone.
   The blue girl moving towards her seemed to have the same energy of the place, and whatever this energy was, it's random nature irritated her. "And who might you be? Where I am?" Kosma said towards the other in a rather demanding tone. Being lost and everything here, she wanted answers.
   The other girl seemed to get the same sort of feeling from her, which she would suppose would be the case. "I'm am Purity. And I get the feeling that this isn't a place you belong." The blue girl replied.
   "That's not what I feel. I am Kosma Kaluha." Kosma started to say. "And whatever this place is. It goes against all known nature. It must be stopped." She decided. Her father wished to keep order over everything and the very energy that came through this place felt of disorder, chaos. It was against all she knows  and the only thing she could figure to do in her mind was to try and stop it all.
   A battle in the pocket space was riddled with clashing red and green energy as the two fought. Purity sought to defend this place and Kosma sought to fix it. Kosma had never been in fights before but she found herself more than a match for the hedgehog, who was forced to flee through one of the rings to recover.
   Kosma's body hurt from Purity's energy attacks. She rubbed her injuries looked about this void-like space. Those rings as she looked through them went to many other worlds, most filled with the same energy as this place. If she was going to follow in line with her father and the Diamonds' will for order, she would need help. She turned to head back out the red and green ring she entered in, but she would come back. And she would have the help she needed.

12/02/2018 11:32 PM 

Waneta Bio

Name: Waneta.

Species: Mutated Dark Chao, similar to Chaos 0.

Alliance (Evil, Good, Neutral, etc.): Neutral, evil lean.

Powers: Chaokinesis, Adaptability, Shape-shifting.

Likes: Unknown.

Dislikes: Unknown.

Friends/Family: None.

Enemies: Unknown.

Age : Unknown.

Sex: None, referred to as female.

Body Color: Oily Black with blue bubbles inside, can change.

Eye Color: Fusha, can sometimes change.

Height: Can vary.

Weight: Can vary.

Noticeable Features: Waneta's base state is oily in nature, even having rainbow colors at certain angles. However, Waneta is highly adaptable and can take on the form of just about anything due to adaptive natures of Chao. Much like regular Chao, she can adopt qualities of things it connects with by now to a much greater extend than other animals. Her body can become fleshy, liquid, or even solid materials if chosen or offered as what to shape herself as.

Currently Residing: Free roaming,.

Personality: Due to obtaining more power than the average Chao and comparing herself to Chaos itself, Waneta sees herself as a god as well. She believes that she was made better than most others and is only seemed pleased when worshipped as such. Anyone that holds an opposing view, she finds enjoyment in punishing them a certain way.

Strengths: Her shape-shifting makes her highly versatile and she also has the ability to use Chaos Energy much like Chaos.

Weaknesses: Her physical weaknesses vary depending on her form. For example, her base state would be highly weak to heat even though it would not be able to kill her.

Backstory: Dr. Eggman, after his foiled plot of taking over the world, he found himself desiring the use of real clones. He saw much potential in Chaos, which was one of the copies that he used before. The mad scientist sought to recreate an army of Chaos creatures himself by forcefully mutating captured Chao. He decided that he would combine his fascination with Chaos Control on alternate realities to fuel their mutations
     However, as to be expected, the device to bring in excess Chaos Energy overloaded from instability which caused a mass explosion that set free almost all the Chao. Yet, Eggman did not fail as some excess energy when into one of the Dark Chao he had captured. He was unaware of his success though, having been knocked unconscious from the blast and letting the creation escape into the world.

09/25/2018 08:54 PM 

Closing Time

   Purity continued to sit now that she again sat alone in the back of Club Rouge. She sighed before lifting up another box to set with the others. What she had said was true. she and Sonic hardly ever fought but only a few times. She looked to the golden glint around her ring. "And they were all my fault..."

   She recalled the night after their first argument they had in all the years they had been together. She had come up to the club for the first time in a while, the scars on her cheek and stomach were healing rather quickly though still visible. She opened the door as the bat cleaned a few glasses behind the counter, being the only one left there until Purity came in.

   "Hope you don't mind sparing another." She said as she sat down on one of the stools.

   Rouge blinked for a moment. "Purity, you look...what's going on?" She asked her as she set her rag and the glass down. Rouge looked over the hedgehog and noticed a few things were off about her then. "Are you ok?"

   Purity gave a simple, absent minded nod. She knew Rouge saw her scars but more so her empty hands. "I still have it, don't worry."

   "You fought with him finally?" Rouge had asked then with Purity nodding back at her again. "Honey, that'll happen. You've even said it yourself that it'd be healthy for you two."

   Purity sighed softly. "...It's my fault, Rouge. It just sounded like I'm weighing him down....or something. I don't know..." She rested her forehead against her palms. "I called him a little kid. And I came here. I don't want him change, but..."

   Rouge came around from behind the counter, sitting next to her as she put a hand on her shoulder. "You know you sound a lot like Amy. Listen, you may have these kinds of fights with him. But would you truly be happy if he wasn't there? I know just as much as anyone else that he cares deeply for you. They way I've seen you look at each other before..."

   Purity sighed again but a small smile grew on her face in thought. "...Yeah, I guess you're right." She looked up at Rouge. "I know what you mean I mean...Thanks."

   She smiled back, patting Purity on her back as the hedgehog stood. "Anytime. It's not something you've encountered before. Even friends are happy to give a little pep talk when they need it. A course, you could always make it with makeu-"

   Purity cut her off with a chuckle. "Very funny, Rouge. We'll see." She went towards the door to the club. "I'll come in later this week." She says to Rouge before stepping back out, leaving Rouge to go back to finish closing up for the night.

09/11/2018 08:11 PM 

"We The People"

I saw a post that I posted to Twitter and it motivated me to say something about today. It talked about how united people we're the day after. It's a powerful idea of unity that has rarely been seen since. For many, this day as of this current time is just another day. But to some, it's a day of sadness or anger. Back then, everyone supported those who lost something. Everyone had a singular voice. And that brings me to what I primarily want to say.

Regardless of how you stand on certain things in this day and age, especially the redefinition of words, one word that should not have been changed is "people". Now its just a general term but on that day it meant something. It meant that every individual, regardless of who they were or their walk of life, were together, united. And since we have let that go and taken it for granted.

I personally would reach out anyone, whether they see this or not, and give them a pat on the back or a hug to remind them that they are a person. To remind them that even though everyone may be different that they may be apart of something so much bigger than themselves. To remind them that there are others around them that are real people too. So while we may weep and morn, we could also comfort and support each other. We could set aside our faults and differences to see that there are individuals all around us. We could be "We The People" again. Even those in other parts of the world could join hands for even one moment to remember that humanity is precious and shouldn't' be so easily disregarded. We are all people.

09/10/2018 10:38 PM 

Metal Bex Bio

Name: Metal Bex.

Nicknames: Metal (Purity uses "Metal Me" often as well).

Alliance: Evil.

Powers/Abilities: EMP, Black Shield, Standard Level Chaos Abilities, Chaos Emerald Tracking.

Enemies: Purity, Sonic, etc.

Appearance: A robotic copy of Purity. A sharp and shiny looking foe.

Personality: Metal Bex seems relatively mindless for the most part and acts in a similar manner to most recent versions of Metal Sonic as a quiet and obedient machine of Dr. Eggman. She is on a freemode of sorts as she seems to randomly go out on her own to attack Purity. Unlike Metal Sonic's desire to be the one true Sonic, Metal Bex only strives to be better than Purity.

Strengths: Metal Bex can track Chaos Energy much like Purity can, and with that use a few Chaos Abilities. Her body is just as durable as Metal Sonic's and she can be just as vicious a fighter. Metal Bex also has the Black Shield ability like Metal Sonic, giving her a temporary invincible shield.

Weaknesses: She is not as powerful as Metal Sonic, which leads her venerable to a wide variety of attacks.

Backstory: Metal Bex was created by the Dr. Eggman of Purity's world after he discovered her ability to track the Chaos Emeralds. Wanting more than just a tracking device, he took a page from his own book and made a copy of his enemy. Ever since, Metal Bex as shown up on occasion to due battle with Purity.
   After the restoration of Purity's world, Eggman wanted to be able to tail her in some way through the other Zones, and after a bit more tweaking, he gave Metal Bex the ability to travel through Zones after her. This has lead to a few other conflicts between the real Purity and her metallic copy.

09/04/2018 11:35 PM 

The Favor

The fox wipes his forehead as he set down his wrench. It was another long day spent taking care of his beloved plane in his workshop. Being a gift to him from his best friend anyway, he valued it as his prized possession and valued any work he put into it to make it a better plane. He's a brilliant young mind.

He turned his head at the sound of what he thought was a small rocket landing nearby but before he could go out to see for himself, there was a knock on the door of his workshop. He stepped over from the plane to answer.

"Purity? What are you doing here? What happened to you?" He asked as he was greeted by the figure of the hedgehog in the doorway.

She rubbed her cheek. She'd almost forgotten about them by then. "It's nothing, Tails." She said and looked around briefly. "Mind if I come in for a moment?"

Tails nodded and stepped aside, letting her come in. She simply scooted herself onto a unoccupied spot on a workbench. He looked at her worriedly. "You sure everything's alright?"

"I can't tell you how may times I'm asked that, I could give you the same answer as everyone else. But that's not why I'm here." She simply replied, a response that didn't exactly relieve any worry he felt.

He sighed anyway and let it slide. "Then why are you here?" He looked at her with a slight tilt of his head. There was some concern that she knew about her friend hiding out there before.

Instead she tossed him a small plate-like object. "You like nanotech? If you do, seeing if you can put some of your genius into this will be a good project for you. And if it's not too much to ask, I wanna talk another project with you. Let you in on some of my knowledge and all hat for something."

Interested, he looked back to her. "What is it you're brainstorming exactly?"

"I wouldn't call it a storm." She said. "I'd say something more like a...typhoon, so to speak." She hopped up from the workbench. "And I'll help in anyway I can if you're interested. I'll be back in a bit. Parenting duty calls." She smiled softly as she went back out the door of the workshop, leaving Tails to scratch his head.


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