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03/23/2019 10:37 PM 

Torn Family - Chapter 2 - The Otherside

Finally Kosma had found some time outside her work space. She was in need of a breather from it by now. After she got the nanotech porotypes up and running, she had been approached by none other than her father, Markus. It seemed he was finally aiming towards expanding how much of the world was civilized to make room for more citizens of the civilized world.

The thing about the massive planet of Almira is that of all the many continents and the large amount of land and sea it had, only a rather small portion of one of those continents was civilized. The majority of Almira was vast and untamed nature, and greatly unexplored at that.

That was roughly a month ago by now. Of course, she already had designed tools for that and been help churning them out. At the very least, some of the clearing was underway already. Even Kosma knew, living in the tallest building in the world as it was, they could not simply build up forever. It seemed that her father finally had realized that as well.

Kosma now had taken her outing to the park at the edge of the city. She took in a breath of the fresh air. She enjoyed her work but she always seemed to forget just how nice it was to be outside for a change. The relaxing calm and serenity.

At least at first. It didn't take long for Kosma to hear commotion from where one of the nearby clearing sites were. And it didn't sound like normal construction commotion. The lizard took out her little palm boosters from her pockets and raced off toward all the noise.

Kosma would find it under attack. But she wasn't prepared for what she saw. It seemed like an ordinary citizen, but his body swirled with a bizarre energy. She could feel how odd and dark it felt, but the energy felt familiar as well.

"Orda...What are you...?" Kosma stared at the person, but was responded to with an attack. His outstretched hand blasted her with that energy and bringing her to her knees. Her fingers clenched at the ground. Something about the energy seemed to try and invade her.

Quickly devising a plan, she used the little booster in her palm to blow herself out of the blast and clambering behind some of the large machinery. She could hear him coming back for her though.

"You cannot escape, Kosma." He said as he came around behind the machine. But she wasn't there. He very quickly after receiver a rolling dive bomb from Kosma from where she had crawled up the machine to tackle him, before smacking him into one of the still standing trees.

Kosma would watch as he groaned and got to his feet. "Grh...This...is only the beginning...You will soon see the Otherside…" He would say before retreating off quickly into the unknowns of nature.

Kosma was impressed at how easily she'd gotten the upper hand on him, but she certainly was confused. Of course he would likely know her name, given her position, but still found it odd how he quickly he pointed it out. "...And that Orda Energy. It felt...off...Otherside...?"

Kosma simply shrugged. It didn't matter for now. She helped usher the workers back on-site to resume their work. She looked to the distance and gave a little sigh, seeing Kaluha Tower reaching up into the sky. Her free time seemed much over and she began her walk to go and continue to work on her projects once more.

03/09/2019 11:30 PM 

Mysteries of Chaos - Chapter 7 - The Void of Chaos

"What game are you playing? You've been keeping her here, haven't you? Where is she?" Clair shouted back to the floating figure in white. Their response was simply drifting off further ahead into the Void. She grit her teeth and went after her.

She had heard stories of the Special Zone from her parents before, about how the place was always changing due to the energy of the Emeralds, but this was something different altogether. Stanton was right about the overwhelming presence of energy around her as she went forward. It all seemed to twist and swirl about her like a violent torrent. It felt so constricting and it strained her head.

And yet, Clair did not stop going. She continued to chase the flickering image of that figure through the space. She felt like she was running on air and yet not moving at all, like she wasn't getting any distance. It was so hard to focus.

"Stop!" Clair shouted and came to a stop and panted a bit, trying to keep her head level in such a maddening place. The figure actually did though, simply floating again some distance away. "Who...who even are you?"

The intense blue eyes of the cloaked figure looked at her for a moment, what felt like forever. Then, the only other thing that could be seen under the hood was a bright maddened smile as the energy around Clair began swirling again and moving towards the figure. Energy pockets began to form as something under the hood distorted as those eyes began to burn a green energy from them. It was then Clair realized that she had caught a glimpse of the cloak before. And then she finally saw the face underneath for a passing moment. "Mom!?"

The energy pockets blasted at Clair and she had to duck out of the way of them. It was hard to tell at first glance as the face almost seemed melted, like it was just barely there along with the clear loss of mind expressed on the face. But it was unmistakable. Gritting her teeth again, she drew from her quills. She knew what she had to do.

The battle itself raged on for what felt like an eternity for Clarity, wearing herself down and unable to get the upper hand over the incredible amounts of energy she was being combatted with by her mother. Another round of blasting sent Clair hurdling into whatever ground existed there.

She clenched her fist. Could she really not save her? Was she already gone? And was it even possible to stop her now? Her eyes drifted shut as she heard the sound of her mother's attacks being charged again.

But just a moment later, she tried to move back to her feet. "N-No..I came all this way for you..I'm not losing you this way...n-not ever, Mom..."

Purity's attacks went in on Clair but they seemed to stop before reaching her. The young hedgehog was being shielded by the glow of the Chaos Emeralds. It was then Clair felt, knew, the synergy of the Emeralds and her. She could feel energy starting to shift towards her. These Emeralds, they understood each other by some means. But what they understood was clear.

The young hedgehog's body reacted to the Emeralds as they began pulling power from Purity into Clair. She took up a brilliant golden glow and her now crimson hues started intently back at her mother.

The fighting picked up again, now with Clair able to start shrugging off most attacks that came at her. Clair's own Chaos attacks even seemed to be doing something finally. Her determination and bond to the Chaos Emeralds was starting to sway the fight, leaving her mother slowly losing steam and power.

It finally reached a point where Purity couldn't even send back a return attack to Clair, being pelted and hammered with attack after attack. Even all this, and still Clair could tell that Purity was still out of it. She still hadn't said a word, made a sound, reacted to her in anyway. She knew there was only one option that she would take. Clair would wrap up this battle.

"Chaos Control!" She shouted out, bringing everything to a halt. Purity was stuck in time where she was as Clair drew upon even more of the energy, causing her golden glow to flicker with white as she charged into a spin. She'd suddenly rocket forward into Purity, resulting in an intense bright light to engulf the space around them.

                             .                                     .                                    .

Clair slumped her face onto her pillow after she had gotten herself ready for another night. She let out a little sigh against the cool fabric when she suddenly heard a loud noise coming from downstairs. It was the sound of music being played.

Groggily, Clarity got up and went to head downstairs to see if the music could be turned down. She had school in the morning after all. She made her way down the steps and poked her head the living room where the music was playing.

The furniture had been pushed aside to make space ii the center of the room. In the middle of that space stood her father, with her mother wrapping in his arms as they gently danced together. Her mother was in the middle of sticking her glasses atop Sonic's head and giggling softly with him before they shared a kiss.

The smile on her mother's face was something she hadn't seen in ages before then. And it was something Clair was happy to see again over this last month. But specifically that smile she wore then, the one that showed of the security and safely of their home, her father's arms, and her family's presence made her softly wipe at her eye. The young hedgehog quietly went back upstairs to bed to not disturb the two of them. She laid her head back down and shut her eyes with the biggest smile she ever wore and drifted off to sleep.

03/08/2019 11:56 PM 

Mysteries of Chaos - Chapter 6 - Meeting the Maker

Clair and Mercury stood by with drinks in hand, offered to them while the man sat bent over the machine in his garage. He wiped at his greyed brow again as he situated wires to a part here, screwed in something there, and adjusted the energy drive into a linking device attached to it all.

Finally he turned back to them. "I suppose it tell you why I knew of you and what you were trying to do, Clair. As well as why I sent you up there."

"Yeah, what's so special about that glowing thing exactly?" Mercury question him after he set his finished drink aside.

"That will be easy to get to, Mercury was it?" The man said and cleared his throat with a drink of water. "I am overdue for a proper introduction. My name is Stanton. You may know me better as Dr. Stanton Purity."

"So you were the one who made my mom?" Clair gasped a bit. "But, she told me she thought that you had....you know...with most of the other scientists there."

"I was signed into nondisclosure and sent on my way really after what happened to old Gerald. I worked at the very heels of the late and great Professor Robotnik. I assume you two know all about Project Shadow by now."

The two young hedgehogs nodded. Stanton took a seat against the workbench as he continued. "Well, Gerald researched many things to work on that project. From the Gizoids to the Knuckles Clan on Angel Island. While he was looking into all those, a lot of his research involved the seven Chaos Emeralds. I, too, became interested in them as we researched and developed the first part of Project Shadow. I began to look into it myself."

Clair glanced over to the energy drive placed in Stanton's large machine. It was odd to think that she that she was essentially meeting her grandfather. He was certainly the age for one after all this time, which showed as he sipped at his water again. "Then what about that thing I got from...that capsule?"

"Surely you know that was the very one your mother was made in. We had plenty of those Chaos Drives that Gerald helped develop as power sources. I researched further. I wanted to understand the power of even the Master Emerald. But I knew I couldn't do it myself. So I got to work echoing what Gerald was then up to. I needed something that would have a close attachment to the Emeralds, which lead to the creation of the very solution I developed in secret with those other drives. The Bio Energy X was crafted to be born with an affinity to Chaos Energy. No machine would be able to do it as properly as something alive, that could learn and grow from it."

Stanton went over to hold the drive in his hand. "That's what is in here. But the one thing a machine had over that is that it had the means to be able to interpret what information it got. As a result, I also had to develop a way to do that same with a living being. Genetic binary. That way, whatever the being learned would become part of their very DNA. And that DNA can be read out into any language. Quite the breakthrough if I do say so myself." The old scientist chuckled to himself.

"Wait, if that stuff in that tube is the old version of that energy stuff, then how does it have any information on it?" Mercury questioned, making Stanton chuckle a little.

"Oh, that's not what it is for, but you have a point. That is why I'm extra glad Clair here showed up. Much of what I imagine your mother has learn has been passed onto you. If you don't mind, just a little prick of the finger should help us."

Clarity nodded and offered her finger and he came over, doing just the little poke at her finger he promises. He took the little crimson drop over to a desktop computer and began running it through as he carried on with his explanation. "The drive of Bio Energy X should help to establish a connection to her and the sample provided by Clair should give me the data to get the machine up and running to head straight to the place she is in."

Stanton clacked his hands on the keyboard and the two hedgehogs came closer to look at the screen. "If I had to guess..." Stanton said. "It is likely with just how much I'm seeing her body became connected to Chaos Energy, she may be scattered out across some little pocket of nothing where all the Chaos Energy there ever was comes from...Let us refer to that as the Void of Chaos."

"Scattered? Does that mean we can't really find her again?" Clair frowned a little at the term he used.

"Hmm...its hard to say really. It could mean anything. She may not have any physical form if she is still present and alive in the space. I can only imagine what it could do to the mind in such a place, but maybe she is still in there somewhere. It's just a matter of finding her."

Stanton hit a few more buttons on the keyboard and turned back to his machine. "I've been waiting to test the means of Chaos Energy and its affects on special and temporal fabrics. With what we have now, we may be able to use this to access the Void and hunt her down there."

Stanton takes the final Chaos Emerald the two needed and hands it to Clair, patting her hand. "You hold onto those. It is likely you may need them if you go in there. I can't imagine it is safe at all. Even if you say it's only been a few months she's been in there, it's hard to tell if she lasted from all the energy to any capacity."

She looked at the gem in her hand and clutched it tightly. "I have to go. I promised I wouldn't give up on her. I am going to bring my mother back home. She'd do the same for me or anyone. It's time I proved that I can handle what she can too." Clair wore a determined expression as she stood before the machine.

"...Then let us begin..." Stanton said as he hit another button that began opening a rift within the large space that machine allowed for it to open. The energy was already strong as the portal into the Void of Chaos drew open before the three of them.

Mercury went to Clarity's side. "I want to go with you, Clair..." He said.

She softly shook her head. "I'm sorry Merc, but this is something I have to do now. Alone. I need to be sure I'm ready to handle anything like what my mother has gone through." She said before looking to him. "I don't want you to get stuck in there if I do too. I couldn't ever want to see you get hurt or anything. You're my best friend, Mercury."

Suddenly, yet very gently, Clair had leaned a bit closer to Mercury to softly peck him on the cheek. He was caught a bit off guard by this, but through his blush, he handed over the rest of the Chaos Emeralds to her. "Then you'd better come back. And come back with your mom, okay?"

Clarity sweetly smiled and nodded back to him. "Yeah, I will. I promise." The two of them joined their pinkie fingers together before Clair turned back to the rift before her. She took a deep breath as she readied herself.

"Good luck." Stanton waved as Mercury went back over to where he stood to watched her go it along.

She didn't know if she was ready, but she figured she wouldn't be any less ready now then she would be later. She was going to bring her back. The young blue hedgehog stepped forward and disappeared beyond the swirling rift.

On the other side, among the swirling confusion, she had her sense of deja vu. It was like her dream that night again, but it was definitely real this time. Then Clair saw it again, that cloaked figure from before drifting close by her. "Letter..."

03/08/2019 06:52 PM 

Mysteries of Chaos - Chapter 5 - Ghosts of the Past

Clair had secured the locations of the remaining Chaos Emeralds, but now she was in a place she never would have thought she'd be lead. She glanced out the nearby windows as she walked down the long corridor. The bright colors of the planet below seemed to light the space in a way. "So this is the place..."

The Space Colony Ark. Long abandoned and seemingly covered in dust from how absent the place has been. She herself had never been up hear, but she had sometimes heard her mother talk about the place as she seemed to show up there occasionally. To think this is where a few of the people she knew were created was a peculiar thought to her.

As much as she wanted to explore the massive colony, she was there for a reason. She was to locate a specific room there and find something inside the room. That is what the old man had told her to do so she could find her mother again. She set out to find the room.

The young hedgehog would eventually come to one specific window along the corridor where she noticed a bit of a smudge in the dirt collected on the window. It was a handprint and she knew who's it was. Clair placed her own hand in the hand shape on the window with a small sigh. "I really hope you're still out there somewhere..."

Turning around revealed the room she was looking for. It looked like many of the other doors in the long corridor she had walked, but it was marked by the side of it with the name she had been told to find. The label read simply "S. Purity".

Clair stepped into the automatic door into a small room. The room had a desktop computer tucked in the back corner with a simply dresser and bed set before it to her right. Most of the left side and back wall was what she could easily make out as personal lab table. The back left corner was here she headed, where an object with a sheet draped over it. She reached with her hand and slowly removed the sheet.

The large capsule stood before her, unoccupied by anything. What had left it was the reason she was there in the first place after all. Remembering the man's instructions, she knelt before and pulled away a small front panel to reveal the small energy drive hidden inside. Holding it in her hand, she would have thought it to be water if it wasn't for the bright blue glow it gave off.

Clair reached to her pocket and removed a small device given to her. Tapping one of the buttons brought up a communication link, to which there was the sound of the old man coming to his mic on the other end. "Ah, did you find it in there?"

"Yeah." Clair said, giving the drive a small shake in her hand. "I got it right here."

"Excellent, dear girl. Now, hit that other button on that little trinket and get back over. I think that was just your friend at the door. Then we can get everything ready." The man said to her.

"Got it." Clair nodded, giving another look over the drive in her hand before she pressed the button. "You're coming home..." She said as the device carried her out of the room on the colony, leaving it again to sit in it's orbital isolation.

03/07/2019 10:50 PM 

Mysteries of Chaos - Chapter 4 - Below the Surface

There was something relaxing in the gentle dripping sounds about Mercury, despite the fact he was walking around in the sewers below Station Square. But at least down there, there was no noise of the traffic and normal commutes. He could relax in a bit of serenity.

Mercury was after his third Emerald, which had ended up down there of all the places it could go. He smiled a little, thinking back on what Clair had said before they split up to hunt them separately to find them faster. She expressed her belief in him to help her. And the hopeful smile she had worn.

Clarity was an interesting friend to him. Having been raised more or less in two different world at once as she seemed to be there with him as often as he seemed to remember. He thought it must have been weird on her to live this way, but he had heard her mother once mention she wanted her to not grow up bothered by that. She did seem to handle it well.

It seemed to him that she looked up to her mother maybe more than he did his own somehow. He could see the closeness they had. Mercury, of course, had nothing bad to say on his own mother. She was out a lot for her work, but she was always there for when he needed it. He admired her dedication to being a caring person, even with someone like Clair's mother.

It all had him thinking. "Would I do the same if something like this happened?" He let his voice echo softly in the sewer tunnels. He knew the answer to his own question, as he undoubtedly would. She had some big shoes for him to fill, and if it meant hunting her down, he'd gladly do it. He wished to take on the same job as her after all.

Mercury smiled with a small determined chuckle. "Don't you worry Clair. We'll find her. No matter what." His merry pace was paused by the sudden glow of the Emeralds he held. They reacted to something, meaning that he was close to the Emerald.

There, laying between some old drums and wooden pallets left down in the sewer tunnels, was the glow of his next Emerald. He moved some of his obstructions away and clutched it in his hand. "At least being in the sewer was a good thing for once." He clutched the glowing gem and its power served as a beacon he would follow. "I won't let down my mom. And I won't let you down, Clair." His smile remained and he went to backtrack his way from the underground to hopefully meet up with Clair at the next Emerald. He couldn't be sure of who he wanted to impress more.

03/03/2019 12:58 PM 

Mysteries of Chaos - Chatper 3 - Finishing Touches

The old shutter door to the garage was pulled open as he stepped inside it again. It has been his routine to immediately pull his lab coat and protective wear over himself and it was no different this day. At least in that regard.

Today was the day he believed to have his project completed. He always considered himself lucky to have kept his mind mostly intact with his age. It was a long time ago every since he started his first big project. He often lost track of the exact number since so many years had gone by. It was an old project that was on a completely different level than what he was focused on in his more recent years, but he longed to bring them together in his time.

In those days he had worked on formulas and vials and energy drives. Now, he sat in his garage for almost the entirety of everyday wiping at the sweat on his brow and the grease on his hands as he cranked away at his mechanical contraption.

He had figured that was why he was such a renowned scientist then, and held such a lofty position under the greatest scientist of the time. He had been young then, but his mind packed with knowledge in a variety of fields. He surely was admired even in the great scientist's eyes before everything had changed.

It was many years afterwards that he had gotten word of his project not having been lost and a few after that before he learned that it was serving the purpose he had hoped. As much as he had packed into his mind from his early days of study, he was fascinated something that nobody seemed to understand either. And he was closer than ever to possibly getting some answers.

He had wiped his forehead again when he heard a voice behind him. "Stanton, your lunch is going to get cold in here while you work up a storm in there." It was the voice of his wife, the woman he had met after his discharge and nondisclosures had all been signed. Of course, he wasn't going to hide what he was from her. She knew also what he was trying to accomplish.

"It may be time for a break. I won't need to rush it so much now. It's finally about ready. And then we just wait and see if she shows up." He groaned as he sat up and stretched his back before heading back out of the side garage and shutting the shutter garage door down behind him as he headed back into the house.

03/03/2019 12:30 PM 

Torn Family Story Collection

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(Chapter count is not final and this blog will receive updates until the final product is completed.)

03/03/2019 12:18 PM 

Mysteries of Chaos Story Collection

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03/03/2019 11:27 PM 

Torn Family - Chapter 1 - The Next Revolution

"At last..." Her voice filled the moment of silence she had made, taking a step back from the tiny object on her desk. She set down her work glasses and straightened out her lab coat, taking a breath of relief.

"Hey, that maintenance robot broke down again in packaging department!" She could hear the sound of her friend's brisk steps in her heels before they paused behind her. "What's got your spirits up, Kosma?"

"Phistica, I've finally done it." Kosma replied, directing her arachnid friend to see the small item she had been work on and had residing on the desk. "I'm still no closer to understanding those things, but I have finally gotten something to be able to channel their energy."

Phistica stepped closer, leaning down to examine the small machine. "That little thing? What in the world is that doing to do?"

"I know it doesn't look like much yet, friend. But it will be yet another great achievement under the Kaluha name. Not only is this little nanotech device channel the Orda Energy, but they'd work in much the same way as any other nanobot. Granted I only have this one now, but since it finally works I can simply craft more and they can do just about anything. And of course they will be much stronger and more efficient with hundred and thousands more."

"Sounds like just what that old bot downstairs needs!" Phistica laughed to her little joke and Kosma joined in on it. "Don't you ever give yourself a break? I know we all have our parts to fulfill around here, and it could be that my business is much different from yours, but you always seem to be working on something newer and more improved."

The lizard girl took up her mug of coffee, ironically labeled with "Get on my 'scale'" writing and sipped. "Don't be ridiculous. What is a few days sleep for the every evolving future? Though I suppose it's about time I did at least go for a power nap. It has been a few days since I found myself asleep while working." She laughed again.

"Oh, give yourself some shuteye for once. Take it for one who knows a thing or two on beauty. You work and look better with at least a little rest." Phistica brushed a strand of her long silver and purple hair over her shoulder as she turned to leave. "After checking up on he bot, right?"

Kosma jokingly rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. I'll head down in a few minutes." She said as she finished off the last remaining sips of her coffee, hearing the elevator door shut. "Whew, how much of this stuff have I gone through already?" She gave a soft sigh and went to set up her equipment to start pumping out more nanites, before letting her tail sway behind her in an accomplished happiness as she went to take the elevator down.

03/01/2019 11:06 PM 

Mysteries of Chaos - Chapter 2 - Young Ragtags

Mercury sat out on the front step of the home he shared with his mother. She was busy and it was another day where she had headed off to her job at G.U.N. which meant he would spend a good majority of the day on his own. He didn't mind entire as he was old enough now to take care of himself and saw having the house to himself as a small freedom of his more grown youth.

Of course, he found himself with little to do in the morning and simply sat outside, bouncing a ball back up into his hand from the paved path up to the house from the sidewalk. Aside from the occasional car of passerby, the only real sound was that of the ball hitting the ground in a rhythmic pattern.

And yet the young silvery hedgehog's ear gave a twitch as though he heard something. He at least felt something. Mercury sat up and headed back through the house to peer into backyard. In the backyard, he saw a strange looking glint. "Huh?" He pushed open the back door and stepped back out.

By the time Mercury has stepped out, the glint revealed itself to be a large Ring, something he himself hadn't seen before. And just when he got his head around that much, he saw someone come out of it. He found a familiar light blue hedgehog in red clothing standing in his backyard.

"Clair? What are you doing here?" Mercury looked to her, confused and about ready to pile on questions for her.

Clair looked back to find herself at Mercury's. She hadn't expected to end up here. She did find it fitting of course, seeing as how her mother would bring her by this place whenever she was younger. She didn't have the clearest understanding of not growing up in this world, but she had practically grown up with Mercury much like she grew up with the kids she knew where she was born. "Merc, it's been a while. But there's not a lot of time to talk here. Have you seen my mom?"

"Your mom?" Mercury shook his head. "No, she hasn't even come by in a couple months I don't think. Now that you say it, I think my mom was talking about how she hasn't been around lately either. Is she ok?"

"Yeah....No...Well, I...don't really know. She...hasn't been around for about four months now. I'm out looking for her and...somehow that thing brought me here." Clarity plucked a quill from her head and propped herself on it. "I think that may mean something for whatever happened to her. Think you can come along and help me out?"

"I, uh...yeah! Let me just leave a note, I guess. Mom's busy helping deal with all the crazy stuff going on here. Seems like that doctor guy is always busy or something. I'm not sure." He said as he stepped back into the house again, leading Clair in as well to let her look over the interior of one of the homes she had fond memories of. "Get a drink or something while you're here." He said as he scribbled down a message to leave for his own mother before the young ragtags headed out together on a more real journey than the ones they'd imagine as kids. It was at least clear to Clair that this could be a bit bigger than she thought.

"I'll explain everything I know. But for now, I think it'd be best to look for those Emeralds. I don't know if it will help for sure, but I have a feeling its where we should start. Let's go Mercury."


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