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October 2nd, 2018

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Age: 22
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August 09, 2018



08/09/2018 07:21 PM 


Let's go.

1. ASK.FOR.SMUT! yes, this angel is obsessed with sex, but I like to be asked for it. Also, be ready to do a story to it.

2. Rusty and if you tell me how to role play her, instant unfriending. I will add you back, but if I do it again, ya blocked.

3. DO.NOT.GOD.MOD! Unless you are an actual god listed in the wikiapedia(anime counts) or deadpool, DO NOT DO IT! Instant blockage!

4. I may not be best at grammar, but at least it's readable. If you cant punctuate, then don't bother talking to me.

5. Don't say what panty is wearing. That's my job.

6. I'll deal with whatever kink you've got. No matter how weird it is.

7. I prefer messages over comments. I might accidentally delete your comment. Not on purpose ;3;

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