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01/22/2019 07:09 PM 

Monique stanson: the blind vocalist

Used for:modern-day slice of life, romance, comedy, and possibly supernatural.

Height:5 feet 4 1/2inches
Backstory: Monique was your typical girl. Had a loving family. Went to school, had friends. The usual. Until she fell during a family hiking trip and landed on a rock..hard. The impact had struck the back of her head, forever bringing an end to the function of her ocular nerve. She was five at the time. It was a lot to cope with. All the things she couldn't do anymore..or would never get the chance to. The having to learn Braille, having to have help with nearly every function in her day to day life. It nearly broke her..nearly..till she found while she had lost something..she had gained something in return..she started singing...not pop..or rock songs..or country. No she sang verses found in music player by orchestras. The swell of the violin, the triumphant call of the instruments. It enraptured her...she dove headfirst into age 15..she could make people cry when she got up on stage and let loose..she made herself cry to.

01/08/2019 07:39 PM 

Melisa Cho

Used for: modern-day supernatural/ thriller roleplay

Height:6 feet 2 inches

Melisa was born to parents she never knew, left on the doorstep of a Abbey with only her first name and a made up last name written on a little card as a legacy. The nuns, of course being the good Christian women that they were, took her in and raised her as a daughter of the church and of God. she took to this well enough. Read her bible every day, prayed every night before bed. Attended services on both Wednesdays and sundays...except when she was sick in which case she simply read along from bed. day a young boy was brought into the Abbey to have an exorcism conducted on him for he'd spent an entire week under the tortuous grip of a demon. The priests tried and tried, praying over him, dropping holy water on him...nothing worked..until sweet little Melisa, only 14 at the time. Walked into the room with a look of determination in her eyes and prayed over the boy, casting the demon out. She'd found her purpose, since then she has served the role of a traveling exorcist

01/07/2019 07:46 PM 

The Archival beast.

Used for fantasy roleplays.

As the rumors hold, deep within an ancient and thickly grown forest sits a tower, the tower itself..contains little more then a few barren floors connected by a spiral staircase all the way to the top. It provides a nice view..but below the tower, down the stairs. sits a massive and nearly endless library containing ancient tomes and archaic scrolls. But...that is not the only thing within the library. There also resides. A guardian that keeps watch over its contents, ensuring that none may steal its treasures of knowledge, and to prevent those who do not deserve to possess such information from obtaining it. 

01/07/2019 07:41 PM 

The Leviathan

Used for: fantasy roleplays in a ocean setting

The beast has many names. The Leviathan, the sea dragon, the fury of the sea incarnate. Anne a few lesser known names for those who know more about the nature of this creature. The mother of the deep. The beating heart of the sea. Whatever the creature is called. There is one unassailable fact. It is massive nearly beyond comprehension. And it should not be angered

01/04/2019 03:35 PM 

Uriel Dawnbreaker

used for:fantasy, adventure/ DnD type roleplay

Race:blessed half angel
Height:6 feet, 11 1/2 inches
Uriel was born to a small family of sheep herders, and had grown up tending to the flocks diligently. But her birth, was anything other then ordinary. The day before she was born her mother visited a local shrine to pray for a successful birth, that prayer was answered. For while the woman prayed she was visited by an angel who promised into her that her child would become a hero, a champion of virtue. And that she did. she stood above most others, she prayed often, she grew stronger, worked harder, and kept faith without fail. When she reached the age of 17 she exercised a demon which had been plaguing a young boy simply by entering the room. But in that same moment she learned of her true calling. she grew ethereal wings and flew off, blessing her village before she had gone. Since then she has spent each night in a strange dream like trance, learning skills from an angelic voice which spoke to her in her dreams

12/28/2018 02:26 PM 

Serena Vasley

Used for: modern-day, romance, slice of life, action. Semi sci-fi roleplays.

Height: 5 feet one inch
Accent:an odd mix between French and Russian
Serena was born to a rich family, she could have had everything she ever wanted, money, cars, fancy clothes, a big house...but. She refused to use it in such a way. She wanted to EARN it. So when she was old enough. She went to work, she studied, and she gave to others freely. but..She did passion, music, specifically playing the piano. Which she spent a lot of time on, by herself. But she truly didn't realize just how good she was at it took one day at the age of 17 she made a seasoned judge weep with her music because it touched him so deeply. From that day on she took on the task to teach others the craft of playing the piano, sitting her own small home which she bought for herself

12/21/2018 11:39 PM 

Victoria Bellheart

Alias:the Eagle

Height:5 feet, 11 inches
Skills:marksmanship, tactical urban warfare, stealth, disguise, psychology, impersonation, close quarters execution, poisons, planning, long range weapons, automatic weapons.

Birth parents status:DECEASED
part of project:HUNT
Targets eliminated successfully:97
Non-essential kills:12
Rate of ghost level operations: [target was downed without raising alarm till after operative was gone or as the are leaving] 90℅

12/14/2018 09:17 PM 

Macy Jericho aka project scorched earth.

Used for: sci-fi, action, adventure roleplays.

Race:human, genetic anomaly.
Birth parents:[redacted]
Physical training preformed by: frontier ranger instructor,  includes combat training in small arms and hand to hand, survival training, basic field medicine, intense physical fitness regimen.

Genetic anomaly details: highly destructive psycho-kinetic manipulation. Largest target downed with this to date. [H-92 heavy battle tank] ADDENDUM: subject must wear psychoactive ability nullification cuffs when not in combat zone. 


12/13/2018 11:52 PM 

Kaylin Grimm

Used for: medi-fantasy/gothic settings and/or DnD roleplays.

Alias: The Crow
Race: Human
Height:5 feet, 4 inches
Non-magical skills: pickpocketing, disguise, lockpicking, climbing(whether it be up the side of a building or a tree), stealth attacks, basic alchemy, knife fighting, knife throwing, hand to hand. Basic medicine.

Magical skills: sound suppression. Thunderclap, ball of darkness(creates an area of pitch black darkness) darksight, illusion, eldritch blast, invisibility, and mage blade.(She can imbue a knife with pure magical energy for a single powerful strike.)

Background: Kaylin was born to a mother who died moments after her birth and a father who refused to take responsibility of raising her in a dark, cold, sprawling city called Tovoskil. The only reason she lived past her infancy was because of the kindness of a single man. Mordo Grimm, he took her in as his own daughter, and his apprentice. see, Mordo was a thief, and not just any thief, he was one of the best, some say The best. And he taught Kaylin everything he knew, every nuance of the art of pilfering. From picking pockets to picking locks, scaling up buildings, to knocking a guard out with the hilt of a knife. Misdirection, distraction, scouting, planning, sneaking, alchemy. By the time she was 15 she was a pro at it. And in return, when he got to old to do it. She's did it for him, provided for him until he finally slipped into deaths embrace.

Equipment:light leather armor over torso and upper legs worn under clothes, hardened leather bracers  over her wrists and partial forearm. smoke bombs, stink bombs, roll of bandages. Cloth face mask, 12 throwing knives, five daggers, rope and grapple hook., A set of lock-picks and a blackjack.(a type of small club used for knocking people out...or breaking a window)

Quotes:Look at these guards. Only carrying around one weapon...poor ignorant fools. Five weapons is a much safer number. "
 " I swear, they always seem to make the mistake of not  looking up...or at their own feet. "

12/09/2018 05:21 PM 

Francesca Strauss

Used for:modern day/ mms type sports roleplay/ romance

Height:5 feet 7 inches

Francesca is the definition of badass in the ring. She's been training in the sport since she was twelve years old. She's won tournaments, streetfights, and general beat down anyone that tried to bar her way from reaching the top.


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