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Personal Traits

Personal Traits
Sakai clan|Ayato Sakai

[As a disclaimer this is different from the abilities section. In this I will give an overview of what makes Ayato Sakai special outside of combat. So that includes things suc as cooking, or education with a few added bonuses. Enjoy.]

Flesh&Blood: While he may seem to be forged from steel, and granite the creature known as Tengu amongst the masses is actually a still a mortal at heart. Be it sword, spear, or bullet he can fall just as the next person can. He'll bleed when cut. Scream when shot, or simply wade into an eternal slumber if suffocated. However that doesn't mean it is easy, so the rest is up to you.

Meat Dependency: While humans can eat grains, and vegetables they don't exactly need meat to survive. It is different for Ayato as he has required a self created dependency upon raw meat, bones, and the flesh of humans. Without it his body will regress, and send him into shock by slowly causing him to age until he appears to be little more than an old man. This transformation is of course temporary, and will revert if he has meat once more. However it should be duely noted that his hunger is beyond that of any man, or beast in this state.

Feral Nature: By instinct alone you consider Ayato to be more beast than man. Of course he didn't always start out this way, but his more demented half has long since taken over causing him to often behave like an animal. At these times he will know no reason, and assualt those around him without any care for friend, or foe. Opposed to people he'll flee to areas that have been less populated by humans, simply hunt those that approach him until a blood bath is left in his wake.

Shapeshifting: While rare Ayato has been known to take on the form of a woman ever so briefly. While in other times he has used this ability a bit more horrifically. Usually he does so by ripping the faces off of still living victims, and absorbing them into his own. Thus he can shift faces at any given time without the need to change his entire body. It is his most well known, and well hidden ace.

Ninja&Yokai Slaying Skills: This rather self explained as it is just the accumulated knowledge from both fields he is proficient in. This covers a wide variety of topics such as knowledge of Yokai, and the methods most effective when hunting them. Or basic, and advanced jutsu formula that can be used to do a wide variety of trap set up across open battle fields or in stealth operations.

Alchemical Jutsu Formula: Perhasps the most unknown, and rare skill of Ayato is his creation of a formula that combines the seperate fields of Ninjutsu, and Alchemy into one in order to create various forms of technology unlike any seen in the Shinobi world. In his case it can come in form of weapons using raw chakra gathered from the atmosphere around them as power sources, or self operating puppets programed to replicate the moves of their foes with ease. The options are limitless, but the application is not.

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Sakai clan|Ayato Sakai

Aspect Gluttony: The practice of canablisim is taboo for those hosting Chaos seeds within within them, and those who relish in it are granted both a boon as well as a curse. With the boon they become vessels of the Void. Beings able to consume anything that exisits on the physical, and spirtual plane if they are non-organic objects, or beings. Corpses would be the sole loop hole for this if not for plants that can be consumed when they are dying. Poison, toxins, and venom have no effect when devoured, but shall gain 3x the original effect when injected directly into him. Anything magical such as Chi, Chakra, Ki, Qi, and other forms of energy that could be gathered under a similar umprella can be consumed at the cost of aging depending on the amount of energy that was absorbed. This requires physical contact of any kind to be effective as well.

Ire Release: Ire is an elemental substance that would resemble molten lava at its core, but is actually ink. A potent ink that blends shadow, and rotten flesh into one. It is easily manipulated, and responds to comands by telepathy alone. Ayato calls upon it easily through the use of his  Mangekyō Sharingan , but when called upon he himself is in danger of being consumed. For this is the power of a calamity that he has summoned. An all consuming force that is hungry for power that reaches beyond the stars. It can be molded into any form, and unlike other substances it is one with those that control it. Taking blood for itself. Replacing all flesh. The Ire can be harder than steel, or softer than a snow. It all is dictated by will alone. A single touch can melt bones, and sear flesh. Beasts, and man that consume it are corrupted by its influence. Forced into its thrall, and placed into a state beyond life&death. They become 'bound'. Beings similar to the familiar of a vampire, but stripped of free will. Thrown into a collective of minds whilist keeping a body that is no longer their own. 

Susano'o:  While Ayato Uchiha can indeed access this ability he barely calls upon it enough for there to be any information regarding it. Meaning you'll just have been surprised when it does appear.

Calamity Core: This is the core of being, and existence within Ayato. It is melded by faith, and further changed by how others view his myth. Because of this the traditional Japanese stories that depict the Tengu can easily be mutated into something more. That means that while Ayato can normally be seen as an ordinary Yokai to one person he may also be viewed as an utter monstrosity to others. As for his core it takes the place of his heart, and appears to be a small book pumping gossip, rumors, and legends formed by him throughout his entire being. This both empowers, and binds him to the view of society as a whole though. So while his form may appear human on the outside his true for his that of a monsterous beast that knows no true humanity.

Chakra|Chi Senses: One of the less dynamic abilities of Ayato it allows him to smell, see, and sense chakra around him. Its limits are truly unknown, but Ayato has shown to have a lack of skill when using it at any given time. So just assume it caps at around 10, or 15 feet around him. Of course this is limited to the sensing ability as he is a fairly skilled tracker, and has been shown to trace the lingering scent of chakra from miles away alongside seeing it in order to hunt down his foes. When faced with others forms of mystical energy the ability behaves in a similar if it leaves any traces behind.

Chakra Manifestation: As par of the course for a shinobi trained within the world of Naruto Ayato can of course use chakra in various ways. However the most profound methods in his arsenal have been the teachings of Ninjutsu the art of channeling chakra into elements. Taijutsu the art of wielding ones physical body , and enhancing it with chakra. Fuuinjutsu the art of weaving seals onto paper using ink, and finally Eijutsu[Medical]&Kugutsu[Puppetry] the arts of healing alongside puppetry.

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Tengu Tales 1[Bio]

Naruto Verse Bio
Sakai clan|Ayato Sakai

Ayato Uchiha, or Tengu Sakai wasn't always the elusive killer the world made him out to be. Fore long ago he belonged to the most prominent clan within the village known as Konohagakure, the Uchiha. However currently they like all other clans in the world were focused solely on war on all fronts. In esscence most adults were absent from the village leaving only a few to nuture the young within the academy. Now Ayato wasn't one for learning, nor did he care to be taught. In fact he often dozed off in class instead of listening to the teacher's lectures. Although they couldn't do much of anything at the tender age of 6, and so they simply made him clean graffiti off the Hokage statutes as punishment. Something he both enjoyed as it got him out of class, but also left to read books.

With the war persisting Books of myth, and legend were all that that Ayato found comforting. Especially given the fact that his home was often empty due to the adults within his clan mostly being gone. The story of winged monks who were seen as deities, and demons by those whom heard of them. However after reading that they were also considered harbringers of war by some religious sects he began to both admire, and despise them. From then on he wandered into the forest behind his home, and fed the owls that nested nearby in hopes of appeasing any tengu that may have been lurking in the mountains near by. By the age of 10 years old the war had ended, but as a result most of the Uchiha clan perished protecting the their clan head the Hokage. Yet she barely surived, and given how she was constantly on the verge of death the village decided to vote upon a new leader. But Ayato didn't care. Instead he decided to focus only on his mother, and did so everyday until she died three years later.

Devastated by his lost Ayato retreated into his home remaining isolated from the world as he distracted himself with training. Yet he only returned in order to attend the graduation ceremony as his mother wished him to. As a genin he was required to go on missioms, but not interact with his squad, who were both heirs to the clans they belonged to. The first Seto Aburame, and the second Yumi Nara. Compared to Ayato they were a pair of happy go lucky kids, who must've lost anyone in the war. Due to this simple fact alone he avoided them, and at least tried to avoid spoiling their peace. An act of kindness Seto took as a provocation, and began to hate Ayato for it. Or at least that was the surface reason. In truth he'd been more concerned with the fact that Yumi a girl he'd known his whole life was paying attention to the spoiled brat of the dead hokage.

The first official mission of Squad:Re was supposed to be a simple scouting mission of a mine on the very outskirts of the village. Upon reaching it they weren't immediately ambushed, or attacked by anything. In fact all they found was a peaceful mine. The villagers who were said to have disappeared were still their working as they should, but something was amiss either way. An air of uneasiness was spread amongst the area, and as they made a plan each of them entered the mine single file. The deeper they traveled the thicker the chakra in the air became, and the more corrupt&toxic it seemed. Upon reaching the center they'd find a group of cultists worshipping a beast of some kind. The others panicked at the sight of it, but Ayato identifed it as a Nue. Yet another beast he was quite fond of in terms of the myths he read through. Seemingly they were an omen, and bringers of misfortune.

Their sensei wished to retreat, but Seto had already charged forward in hopes of impressing Yumi. Even as a ninja a mere genin couldn't hope to take on an entire cult, and a nue itself. Terrified for his own life their sensei fled, and Ayato rushed in cutting down two of cultists that surrounded Seto. After doing so he grabbed Yumi, and fled with both of them. The trio kept running until they'd reached the village gates. The cultists chased them down, and surrounded them by that time as well. Only a few feet away from saftey, and still caught up in sudden death. In this instance the Sharingan awaken within him, and using the abilities of his first tomoe he cut open a path for them to escape once more. Once inside the Anbu chased off the cultists, and their sensei who fled was thrown in prison. The village investigated these cultists again, but they'd moved shop by then. Every trace of then had disappeared, but Iwagakure recently took up a new deity who was proposed by their Kage. The village faded from existence shortly after, and in its place Demonbarē was found.

[The Parade Of Demons]

It would be nearly 8 years after the fall of Iwagakure village at the hands of an unknown cult. Any survivors of the attack could be spotted across the land were not much help as they were often in a trance like state upon approach. Almost as if they were going through the motions of life, but not actually living. Because of this they couldn't give out any information, and many simply assumed it was a Genjutsu that made them that way. Of course they tried to reverse it, but to no avail. In fact many died once they were snapped out the trace, but before doing so they all spoke of the Kage turning into a monkey like beast before the fell. The Nue. It lined up with the story Ayato had told his own Kage years ago, but went ignored because of the doubt in everyones minds. As such he was shunned for these years, and lived out his days alone. In this spare time he trained, and only made contact with the former members of Squad:Re. Although this was mainly Yumi who simply dragged Seto along with her.

Despite troublesome times they all remained rather close after the incident, and rose to the rank of chunin together around the age of 16. Seto now aimed for the Jonin rank while, Yumi shifted her eyes onto the medcial squads. Whereas Ayato just shoved his head into books only to look up for his necessities. It was as if he was obsessed with the idea of slaying mythical beings in which many people didn't even believe in. Sure there were talking animals that served as summons, but these were common occurrences. No one had actually come to see a beast of legend before. Nor made contact with them. So many saw him as a mad man chasing a futile lead. That is until it happened. "They invaded". A parade of 100 Demons led by the former kage of Iwagakure. The village was not up to the task of defeating these Demons, and fell within 3 days. Those that survived were either taken in by the demons as slaves, or devoured whole upon being discovered. However a few managed to escape because of the Sakai.

Yes, and unknown clan descended after the battle if only to save a few orphans. No one else was rescued, or even considered. Ayato was one such person, but unlike everyone else he had killed them. Ayato had managed to kill several Yokai that cornered him, but it came at the cost of Yumi who came to warn him of the invasion. As for Seto he defected over to the side of the Yokai, and was granted a place amongst them. Enraged by both events the boy killed a flock of Yatagarasu, and a Tengu who led them. A man calling him the Founder of the Sakai clan arrived moments later, and saw what the boy had done. He then performed one of many jutsu rituals to unlock the memories of Ayato from when he was a child, and thus granting him back the 15 years he spent training with the Founder as a child. It was later explained that the founder of the Sakai was a member of the Ōtsutsuki clan that would be considered cestial beings in the eyes of those on their planet. He granted the world chakra through a special tree brewed from his own life force, and thus the world of today was born. However with his power also can odd mutations that took the form of Yokai. Chakra demons that chased after living beings in order to absorb the chakra they possessed for themeselves.

Afterwards Ayato officially joined the Sakai clan, and with them he set out to free humanity from the Yokai menace that was destorying the world.

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