Last Login:
January 17th, 2019

Gender: Female

Age: 114
Country: Japan

Signup Date:
January 08, 2019



01/09/2019 10:13 PM 


- No one liners.

- BE PATIENT regarding messages and comments. Of course this means I'll be PATIENT BACK. I won't impose a time limit on you, so don't impose one on me either. Fair, right?

- Don't expect lood stuff to happen.

- Be nice and I'll be nice to you.

- Be an ass to me and get blocked.

- Be an ass to my friends and get blocked.

- Don't copypaste at me. If I find out, you'll get blocked.

- I'm fine with random starters as long as they fit the rules.

- I'm mostly active on Streams.

- Don't take it personally if I don't accept your friend request. I might just don't know what to make of it, or even the fact I don't know your character well, or the bio doesn't say enough about it. It doesn't HAVE to mean I dislike you or your character.

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