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01/14/2019 12:35 PM 

Dragon Abilities: Water

Breath: The breath of the Water Dragon is a high pressurized Jet of water capable of cutting through steel from a distance, the spray form of this jet releases a wave of water that spreads over the battlefield in order to wash away any weak opponents during a large scale battle.

Skin: This skin is resistant to slicing weapons such as swords and daggers, the Water Dragon can also shift their entire body into a puddle of water for periods of time. During this form they are unable to attack however are immune to physical attacks. The skin is covered in very smooth scales which allows the swords or daggers to simply glide along them instead of piercing through, while swimming the Water Dragon doesn't require to surface for oxygen instead his skin acts like a large gill syphoning oxygen from the water surrounding him. It allows withstands the crushing pressure of the deepest parts of the ocean.

Replenish: Water based magic can sufficiently replenish the Water dragon's reservoir quickly due to the scales, bathing or swimming also replenishes the Water Dragon's reservoir over time. Extreme heat will delay any recovery however not fully stop it, Lightning provided there's enough will drain the reservoir.

Fang: The fangs of the Water Dragon are thin, hollow and dagger like, piercing leather and scales with ease. They release a venom that sends shooting pain through the immediate area for extended amounts of time ranging from a few hours to days, causing boils and vapor pouches along the surface of the skin. These pouches are filled with a vapor, this vapor is the poison as a mist and should be treated carefully. If any should breath in this vapor or if it should come into contact with skin it will spread, it's not lethal however but very painful.

Eyes: The Water Dragon's eyes are perfect for underwater, even in the darkest depths they're capable of spotting movement from a great distance. Yet on land their vision in the dark is someone different, able to still see fairly well they are not build to see during the night when out of water.

Wings/Webbings: The wings of the Water Dragon are fragile and only capable of carrying the Dragon certain distances, even with proper training the Dragon can only stay airborne several hours at a time. Each wing being five feet in length with a total of a ten foot wingspan isn't all that impressive however it's the webbings that work the best. Between the toes and the fingers of the Dragon are a thin and very durable webbing allowing for swift swimming even through fast moving and powerful currents beneath the water's surface, while it can only fly forty miles an hour it's capable of reaching speeds of eighty miles an hour while swimming. 

Claws: The claws of the Water dragon aren't as thick as most others however they're flexible and rather hard to completely break, these claws can not be consumed by it's natural element but instead is covered in a poison/venom that only this Dragon has. No anti-venom has been made, it has a 75% kill rate. They symptoms of this poison/venom mimic that of a drunkard, stumbling, slurred speech, poor eye sight and vomiting. These claws can cut through thin fabrics and leathers however reinforced leather and iron are beyond it's power.

Tail: The tail is much thinner than any other Dragons, at the end is a large caudal fin (tail fin) about two feet wide. Along the tail are two pairs of smaller fins, during combat these fins are capable of shooting out small pin like needles. These needles are covered in a non-lethal venom that's much like the sting of a hornet, painful and bothersome giving the Dragon a bit more control over the fight. The tail is five feet long, half an inch to five inches from the tip to the base. Able to grasp a child size being and hold it off ground for extended periods of time, teenage or above sized creatures result in shorter amounts of times.

Passage: The Passage of the Water Dragon is through two means like every other.

1: By passing the bloodline of the Water Dragon through a special venom injected by the Fangs. This is often done to a willing or unwilling host, the venom is far different from the usual injected through this fangs. Instead of leaving behind boils and vapor pouches they will fill a warmth embracing their body. Water from the air will surround the new host in the form of a giant sphere, this water is breathable by the new host ensuring they don't drown and soon the water will be absorbed into the body through the skin and they will become the new Water Dragon.

2: If there is no host present the Water Dragon will leave behind a small tree/bush where the body once laid, from this tree/bush a single fruit will sprout in this case a large single Blue berry as blue as the sea. It will thrive no matter the circumstances in order to pass on the Bloodline of the Water Dragon until it is consumed by a new Host.

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[ This blog post is private ]

01/14/2019 02:55 PM 

Dragon Abilities: Earth

Breath: The breath of the Earth Dragon is much like that of a rockslide, small pebbles fly from their mouth however during travel their size grows from a pebble to a boulder. These varying sizes of stones can cause massive damage to surrounding areas as it can't be narrowed down as the Water or Fire Dragons, the weights of these boulders are at the very least half a ton of stone causing massive injuries to soldiers on the opposing battlefield however it can also damage the companying members as well if not careful.

Skin: The skin of the Earth Dragon is thicker than steel and immune to projectile weaponry such as cannon fire, arrows, bolts and resistant to slashing weapons such as swords and daggers and gashing weapons such as battle and war axes. Heavy blunt weaponry such as large Warhammers and similar weapons have been shown to be more effective that those listed before. Their skin can also withstand rockslides as boulders break nearly upon impact, larger stones can easily be broken by this Dragon.

Replenish: Burying themselves in soil or earth is enough to quickly replenish their reservoir, taking damage from blunt weapons though damaging to the skin also replenishes it to some extent. Water has an effect on the recovery time causing it to become lengthy and Fire replenishes the reservoir at a less than medium degree, Nature based attacks such as spells can cause the replenishing to stop for a extended period of time so long as it's present.

Fang: The fangs of the Earth Dragon are the thickest of any Dragon, they unlike most other's do not inject a venom however can pierce through steel plated armor with ease. They are not hollow like some of the other Dragons meaning they don't break as easily, the jaw power of the Earth Dragon is also the strongest. Easily breaking cannon balls with a single bite and eating the material it's made of.

Eyes: The eyes of the Earth Dragon are capable of seeing nearly perfect in the darkest of places no matter the area, it's sight is various shades of grey/gray and capable of finding most signs of movement so long as it would be noticeable in the light.

Wings: The wings of the Earth Dragon are hardy and thick, each reaching a length of six feet with a total of a twelve foot wingspan. Not designed for prolonged flight they are able to carry the Dragon two to four hours at a time, their thick sturdiness make for excellent shields during combat however seeing as arrows cannot pierce them and most swords break when hit against them. These wings can withstand great amount of flames and large amounts of water so long as they're not pressurized.

Claws: These large imposing claws can break through steel and bone as well as plated armor, designed to claw through the earth and boulders these claws are powerful. Black in color they're noticeable to those around them to be some of the meanest claws around. Piercing sharp at the very tip and dull around it's perfect for getting into the ground and breaking it apart, bones and most armors don't stand a chance.

Tail: Along with the thickest skin, fangs and claws comes the thickest tail. The Earth Dragons tail is seven feet long six inches to two feet from the tip to the base, capable of sending some of the heaviest paladins and knights flying with little effort. A swift swing of this monster can turn walls to rubble, cable of lifting a full grown draft horse off the ground and keep it there for hours. This tail is as great a weapon as it is a shield, like this Dragon's skin it's resistant to most physical damage aside from great amounts of blunt force. Slamming this thing into the ground creates a small earthquake within a mile's radius, it's not something you want to get hit by.

Passage: The Passage of the Earth Dragon is through two means like every other.

1: Seeing as the Earth Dragon does not possess a type of venom it instead spews a thick mud like substance over a willing or non-willing host, this mud will thicken once covering the host and continue to swallow them. The mud will provide them with oxygen as a means to survive and within time the mud will become their skin, the powers from the Earth Dragon will then flow through the new skin and into the new Host. 

2: If there is no host present the Earth Dragon will leave behind a small tree/bush where the body once rested from this tree/bush a single fruit will sprout in this case a Coconut as brown and strong as the Earth. It will thrive no matter the circumstances in order to pass on the Bloodline of the Earth Dragon until it is consumed by a new Host.

01/13/2019 11:49 PM 

Dragon Abilities: Fire.

Breath: Spreading wild flames from a distance scorching the very land it moves upon, fire hotter than the Sun. Burning easily through flesh and turning bone to ash, heavy armor becomes more like an oven for those in the ways of these flames cooking the victim inside. Those lucky enough to survive these flames are said to become resistant to any other flames.

Skin: The skin is more resistant towards blunt weaponry such as Hammers, Maces and Flails, the skin is rough to the touch and absorbs fire in order to restore the member's reservoir of magic. Fire no matter the heat is unable to damage the Fire Dragon, lava and magma in extent are unable to harm them.

Replenish: Fire replenishes a large amount of magic back into the reservoir of this member, however bathing in magma or lava will also quickly and greatly replenish it. Water however does not allow for any replenishing and in great amounts can drain the reservoir instead. All other elements replenish anywhere from a small to a medium amount of magic.

Fang: The fangs of the Fire Dragon are as thin than most others, slightly longer however not noticeable to the naked eye. The venom injected through this fangs send a painful burning sensation through one's body, beginning from the entry point it slowly spreads taking three hours to begin the full effect of the burning sensation. Though not lethal it's dreadfully painful and leaves one exhausted from their screams of agony, it takes three to four days in order for this venom to fully run it's course. It will eventually run through the entire body leaving the skin red, hot to the touch and if touched by another it will send waves of pain to the victim.

Eyes: The eyes of the Fire Dragon are the third longest lasting sight to be used in the dark, unlike other's however it's capable of sensing body heat even through thick walls. The visual sight of the Fire Dragon (aside from the thermal) is black, white and grey.

Wings: The set of wings for the Fire Dragon are engulfed in flames, each wing being six feet in length for a total length of a twelve feet wingspan. Light yet durable these wings can carry a novice Fire Dragon for up to two hours of flight, capable of taking direct blows for a hand full of hits however they can buckle under more damaging blows. The speed of the Fire Dragon's wings reach up to sixty five miles an hour.

Claws: Razor sharp darkened red claws are formed from the fingernails of the Fire Dragon, thickened for combat they can easily tear through leather armor and capable of damaging Iron armor. The Fire Dragon's claws reach out just under an inch in length, slashing through flesh like a fire sword through butter. These claws can also be engulfed in flames for extra damage to the opponent, the flames are not as strong as those from their breath however fire is fire and still does efficient damage to humans and beasts.

Tail: The tail of the Fire Dragon is four feet in length, three inches to a foot thick from tip to the base. Covered in rough scales it can send a knight in full heavy armor flying with enough force, the tail can also be used to grab onto a surface when falling if their wings are damaged or if they haven't begone training with their wings. The tail has enough strength to lift a teenage human from the ground for extended periods of time while an adult may shorten the time due to the weight proportions. This tail is effective against blocking attacks during combat and even striking a surprise attack if the opponent is unaware.

Passage: The passage of the Fire Dragon is through two means like every other. 

1: By passing the bloodline of the Fire Dragon through a special venom injected by the Fangs. This is often done to a willing or unwilling host, the venom is far different from the usual injected through these fangs. Instead of a painful and agonizing burning sensation they will feel a chill constantly running through their body, soon the flames of the Fire Dragon will set them ablaze however they will not be harmed. The flames will then slowly be consumed by the body of the new Fire member.

2: If a host is not present the Fire Dragon will leave behind a small tree/bush where their body once laid, from this tree/bush will sprout a single fruit in this case an apple as red as fire. It will thrive no matter the circumstances in order to pass on the Bloodline of the Fire Dragon until it is consumed by the new Host.

01/13/2019 11:12 PM 

Dragon's Blood: Dagota Bloodline: Abilities.

It is said that the Hinron bloodline descends from that of actual dragons that took on the form of humans and have never reverted back thus losing the ability to do so, Hinron's are said to be the new embodiments of Dragons with both their raw physical power and magical and elemental capabilities.


Dragon's Breath: Like most would assume the members of the Hinron family are capable of breathing elemental attacks, each member of the family breaths a different element. There are no two that are the same within the same generation and elemental breath attacks are passed down to the children. 

Dragon's Skin: Like scales of a dragon the skin of a Hinron is immune to damage from their respective elemental breath, they are also resistant to melee damage but not immune. A well placed attack with enough force could do some damage despite the skin's resistance. 

Example: A fire breathing member could walk among flames without injury, a lightning breath could take lightning based spells or a direct thunder bolt without so much as a scratch.

Dragon's Replenish: Through the skin of a Hinron their magic reservoir can be replenished when hit by magic, however this is a decent amount but not all that great. If hit by the element of your breath attack the reservoir is replenished by a greater amount.

Dragon's Fang: Each Hinron has a pair of thick fangs that are retractable, the fangs are capable of delivering a venom into their opponents if the opportunity arises. The jaw strength of a Hinron is said to be greater than most beast alive today.

Dragon's Eye: This ability allows the Hinron member to temporarily see in the darkest of places, depending on how often this is used or how well trained the member is the longer this ability is able to last.

Dragon's Wings: Each member of Hinron can grow wings for a duration of time, each set of wings are different in color, shape and flight speed. The duration of time can be increased with training, it's even said if mastered a Hinron can fly indefinitely.

Dragon's Claw: Thick claws will extent out from the fingernails of the member, each capable of shredding human flesh and breaking through human bones. Each claw can be consumed by the respected element of that member in order to deal extra damage or effects depending on the element.

Dragon's Tail: Each member of the Royal family are capable of growing tails during combat, these thick yet flexible limbs are capable of delivering bone crushing blows as well as block incoming attacks within a moments notice. The tails unlike the wings do not require stressful training in order to keep it as a part of them without reverting back into the body, the tail is more natural therefore requires very little effort to both bring it out or withdraw it back in. The tails match with the wing set of each member.

Dragon's Passage: Though these abilities and the blood of the dragon are the Hinron's alone they are capable of passing these abilities on, Dragon's Passage allows a Hinron to pass down one or all of this abilities to another without the bloodline. This is used as a last resort in order to preserve their powers whenever on the verge of death, if no one is around the accept the offer or forced to take it a plant will grow where the body had laid. A small apple sized fruit will grow from the plant and remain there thriving from the surrounding elements alone in order to survive in order for this Dragon's powers and capabilities to be passed down by one lucky enough to eat it, regardless of their own blood they will be welcomed into Dagota as a member of the Royal family Hinron and be treated as such by the siblings of the fallen.

01/11/2019 06:25 PM 


Let me start off by saying Hello there and thank you for taking the time to read through this, I hope your day is going well. If not you have my sympathy and apologies, I have a few things to go over with you if you wouldn't mind taking some time to read them.

1. Please note that I am not constantly on nor do I plan on being here twenty four seven, I do have a Job that keeps me rather busy as well as a Family. My wife and two children, they are always priority number one. This is merely a get away and I will be on when I'm able, if you delete me while I'm away so be it I'm not going to be hurt because someone couldn't be patient.

2. I like to keep my stories between two to three paragraphs, I find these easier to keep up with. I may end up sending more depending on my mood and how interested in the story I am, why such a short amount? I don't wish to take to terribly long sending out replies, I am capable of reaching greater lengths however I become sidetracked easily therefore the two to three paragraphs aren't that difficult to send for me and still meant most demands for reply lengths.

3. Literacy is much apricated, I am no Grammar Nazi however I would like to understand what you're trying to do or say during the story. If I am unable to grasp what you're attempting then my reply may be a little delayed but most likely I'll send a message asking what you were trying at.

4. My character is my own and as such no other will command him, character or otherwise. His placement, movements, actions and speech are under my control and mine alone. That being said I will not have another person "controlling" my character in any way, shape or form. All attempts will be ignored in the fullest.

5. My character is a blank sheet at the moment for a certain reason, it's to build him along with those I meet here that will effect his story. He will have a little background/history however not to much, this will allow for my character's development and growth with other characters.

6. Rudeness and childish behavior will not be tolerated on my page, name calling, trash talking and what have you will end up only with those doing so being terminated from my list. I come here to enjoy my time alone not to worry over some crap someone else is spreading or saying.

I may add some rules further down the road if they are required however this should be pretty to the point as of now, I hope we can have some fun and enjoy the company of one another. Until then be safe and have a great day/night!

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