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Yue Hinomora-- Yu Yu Hakusho

Kin "Yue" Hinomora, more affectionately known in the demon world as Yue of the Living Flame, has a history like many others raised in the demon world-- one of hardship and tragedy-- but to a girl born Half- Oni and Half- Fire Youkai, it was nothing but a simple childhood.

Born and raised in the demon world, she was the spawn of a female Ogre Oni and a Fire Demon Lord who, not long before or after, had the same affair with a Korime, Ice Demon, in the all female Glacial Village.

Shunned by the Oni for not being a full-blood she was raised by the Fire Demons to be Cunning, a Strong Fighter, and a quick thief. Needless to say the fire demons were not known for their "emotional" connection to their children.

When Yue wasn't thriving the same as her male counterparts, she was casted out with nothing. Alone, she thrived. Fueling her fire was her desire to show her father she could be as good as any fire demon. For years she trained and became an A-class demon years later; finally returning to her Lord Father's lands and slaying his second in command to to prove herself to him. 

Taking this as a direct threat, however, that she was coming after him he battled and mortally wounded his daughter and threw her through the netting to the human world so she could die there. She used the last of her energy to turn herself into a Wisp and become born again in the human world so she could regain her energies and strength.

Her human host died shortly after child birth; but not before naming her Kin, for Family, the only family her human mother would have had for so long, before dying. Spiritually, the girl was overwhelmed with a sudden guilt of human emotion knowing it must have been she who drained all of the energy from her human host and killed her.

Brought up in an orphanage, she had fought to find the enterance to the demon world, knowing she could not have access to her full demon form until she did. She left the home of her foster guardians, living on her own when she was sixteen.

She remained in school, Meiou High, however, and thrived, despite her slowly awakening Fire powers in the human world and the crowd she hung out with, keeping herself emotionally distant anyone who attempted to be a genuine friend, knowing she would be leaving this world one day and that when she regained her full demon form and powers, she would find humans disgusting and the urge to destroy them. The human concious she had now would not allow her to grow close to those she could hurt.

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Kaia Phantomhive-- Black Butler (Under Construction)

Older then Ciel and his twin brother by four years, Kaia, too was captured when they were. Their parents murdered, and now one of her younger brothers-- sacrificed in some occult ritual, she had been horribly tortured, raped and she was the first soul that Sebastian answered that was crying for help.

"Please.. I don't care what happens to me. Hear him.. save him."

Kaia knew she was dying. She could feel the life slip from her body and veins. Her breath weaker, her pulse faint. She had been born lovely but weak and her body could not survive this ordeal any longer. Her dying wish was that the demon that was summoned, help her surviving brother to come out of this ordeal alive.

"Why should I help such a small child?" he asked.

 He could sense that despite her weak body, her soul was a rare one. A truly powerful one he could live off of and syphon from for centuries if he could bind her to him.

"Because if you help him, you can have my soul.. I know he calls for you. Please.. take my soul instead and grant his wishes."

So Sebastian made her a deal. If she was to give her soul to him for all eternity and become his bride, he would heed the call of her brother and keep her alive and by her brothers side until his contract was up. Upon then, she would follow him back to his own world and let his demon blood change her body, while he fed for eternity from her soul.

She agreed. And so her mark was not in her eye as it was soon to be her brother's, but a brand over her heart.

Sebastian then answered Ciel's call, and without knowing that his sister gave her soul to the demon, he made a deal himself.. not only to save his life and that of his sisters.. but to inact revenge. This created a new contract outside of the one his sister had set for him. So Sebastian wouldn't only have Kaia's, but Ciels soul as well. Ciels soul would be devoured upon completion, and Kaia would remain by his side in the world of demons for centuries. 

Slowly, as time went on and the brand of her new love took its hold on her body, she would feel the course of demon energy run through her when she was in danger and needed it the most. Otherwise, Sebastian, for Lady Kaia and Lord Ciel Phantomhive... was merely, one hell of a butler.

Kaia (K-eye-Uh) Phantomhive is four years older  and a good foot higher, then Ciel and adores her brother dearly. When she was born, she was a weak girl. Pale and beautiful but could not exert herself much by playing outdoors or with other children. She was so happy when her brothers were born and loved them both. Raven hair, stark blue eyes and porcaline skin, she was envied for her beauty. Her mother dressed her in the highest fashions and she grew to appreciate clothes. This was why her brothers were to inherit their father's toy factory while she was to inherit her mother's fashion line "Phantomhive Fashions". 

After their parents died, she and her brothers were kidnapped to be tortured and sacrificed in a blood occult ritual. One brother gone, they had their way with Kaia, cutting her skin and letting her bleed, among other tortures. She knew she was to be killed and her brother was next and had to save him.

After the deals had been sealed, Kaia served at her brothers side. She dealt with her duties in the fashion world but as the male heir of the family, she was happy to sit by her brothers side and let him rule the household. After all, she cared for him deeply and wanted him to have all life could give. They had a very close relationship. She would sit on the arm of his chair or wrap her arms around him as he would give commands in meetings. Many thought they had an odd, incestuous relationship but that was hardly the case.

In fact, behind closed doors it was Kaia who called Sebastian 'my love'. After the deal was done, it wasn't only Ciel's personality that changed but Kaia's as well. They were both darker-humored, both excited at the idea of getting revenge. By then, Ciel knew that once the contract was up he would die, but took comfort in knowing his sister would forever be safe with the demon who she too made a contract with, while Kaia was at peace knowing her brother would live out his days until he was at peace, and then be put to peace himself-- despite no chance of an afterlife for him.

Kaia is elegant and lovely and her voice is a soft spoken song. But do not dare to anger her, her brother, or disgrace the Phantomhive name.. for her blue eyes would seep red and she would call upon Sebastian to do his dark deeds. 

See Albums For Reference Images.
Looking to play her with Sebastian, of course, or Claude Faustus, but others are welcome. 

Note: I do not expect any sort of "romanc-y" play with Sebastian. He is a demon and although charming, this is a darker type of roleplay. Not anything such as the romantic type of love. So don't worry.

Kaia can also be played opposite human characters after her "death". She would be available to take up a 'mantel' as a demon. Serving a master as, instead of a butler, a maid with certain demonic duties.

03/15/2019 10:40 PM 

Persephone; Goddess of Spring and the Underworld

The tale had been told many times, and in many ways. Did anyone really know the truth? 

Had she been kidnapped? Tricked into the Underworld and forced to wed the God of the Underworld himself? What if it hadn't been as tragic as everyone made it seem?

Persephone was one of the lovliest Goddesses to come from Olympus since Aphrodite. Her innocence and beauty were adored by those around her since she had been a small child, running in the fields of flowers, growing more at her very own bare feet. Her father, Zeus, had one of his many affairs with the Goddess Demeter, who bore the child happily and doted on her only offspring. So much so, she became the overly protective mother that she was. She had strict rules for Persephone.

Never was she allowed to be alone with a man; Human or otherwise.
Never was she to go unaccompanied and without her mother to the banquets and balls
Never was she to be alone with her father, Zeus, or his wretched brothers Posidon or Hades.

Persephone grew up adored and blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She made friends with the nymphs of the fields and often spent her time frolicking around with them in the beautiful sunlight. 

Persephone had many admirers, even among the Gods, but this knowledge was kept from her. To keep her innocence and youth and kind heart, Demeter demanded that all business regarding Persephone go through her.

On days where he could spare to be away, Hades would arise from the Underworld, hidden in shadow, and watch the youthful Persephone play in the fields with the nymphs, animals and the human children. His cold heart had softened at the sight of her and one day he asked Demeter for her daughter's hand in marriage. Demeter was furious. She said there wasn't the slightest chance of that happening. Heart-broken that he had been turned down by one of his brother's conquests, he decided that Persephone would be his-- no matter what. 

One day the young girl was playing and picking flowers with her friends when she found the most beautiful Narcissus flower she had ever seen. When she kneeled down to pick it up, Hades emerged from the Underworld in a chariot with black horses. Now, some say that Persephone was whisked away before she could scream.. but the real story was, Persephone was stunned to see the beautiful dark horses and to meet the man-- recognizing him from the shadows on days she would play in the sun, that she willingly accepted his offer to go down and see the beauties of the Underworld. 

When Demeter came to collect her daughter, she found the nymphs were confused and in a frenzy because they had no idea where Persephone had gone. She was no where to be found! Demeter became extremely upset. However, two people had indeed witnessed what happened. Zeus, and Helios-- god of the Sun. Zeus decided to keep quiet; for he saw how his brother's cold heart changed around the maiden and didn't want to risk a fight with his brother.. while Helios decided to stay out of it, as this did not concern him.

Demeter wandered the land looking for her daughter, heart-broken and distraught until one day her good friend Hecate told her that she should seek advice from Helios, the all-seeing Sun God. Guilt-ridden by seeing the mother's tears, Helips explained that Hades had her daughter. Demeter, furious, wanted revenge but Helios tried to convince Demeter that Persephone being Hades wife and Queen of the Underworld would not be a bad thing.

Demeter, however, would not have it. She was furious at this insult and deeply believed Hades, who after all had only dead people for company, was not the right husband for her sweet and kind-hearted daughter. To punish the Gods and to grieve, Demeter decided to take a long and indefinite break from her duties as the Goddess of the Harvest and Fertility-- with devastating consequences. The earth would begin to dry up, harvests failed,  plants lost their fruitfulness, animals were dying for lack of food and famine spread to the whole earth, resulting in untold misery. The cried of the people who were suddering reached Olympus and Zeus knew somethign had to be done. He had been keeping an eye on his brother and he seemed to truly love the young girl down in the Underworld so he tried to find a solution to work for both parties. He promised to restore Persephone to Demeter if it could be proven that the maiden was there against her will, else she could remain with Hades and her hand would be his.

Hades, learning of the plan, did not want to see his beloved leave him. Persephone was not in despair in the Underworld but in fact had been able to give mournful spirits peace and the Hellhounds such as Cerberus adored her. Not wanting to risk losing her-- knowing that Persephone would see the suffering above and choose the happiness over others before her own or his, he fed Persephone a Pomegrante fruit-- knowing full well that once someone ate the food of the Underworld, they could only last so long away from the Underworld before longing to return. Persephone, unthinking, ate six seeds. 

Upon hearing that her mother was searching for her and wanted to force her to return with her, Persephone got very upset. She had fallen in love with Hades and the dark world below just as much as she loved the world above in all of it's sunlight and stars. Why did she have to chose one or the other? Or why did she have to return home just to make her mother happy? When gathering in front of Zeus, Persephone was asked where she wanted to live. She said that she wanted to remain by Hades' side and become his wife for she loved him. Upon hearing this, Demeter was furious. She was convinced somehow Hades had tricked her and turned her only child against her.

A great fight followed and Demeter threatened that she would never again make the earth fertile and everyone on Earth would die. This caused Persephone much sadness. To put an end to the battle, Zeus took his knowledge of Persephone's tasting of the Pomegranite into consideration and decided that Persephone would spend six months with Hades and would be allowed to court and marry him, and six months with her mother on Olympus. This alternative did not please either party but brought comfort to Persephone's heart which was more then enough for Zeus. She would be able to help Earth, and pass the knowledge to others during her time on Earth of how to survive the harsh winters and then she would be able to be with her future husband in his own realm to live her own life away from the harsh and protective nature of her mother.

In the Underworld, Hades created Elysium for his new bride. A place where the kind souls Persephone had comforted could go and be happy. So she would have a touch of happiness and Spring in the dark Underworld where he ruled.

OOC: This story can be played in many ways. From the first meeting of Persephone and Hades, her youth in the fields, her time in the Underworld bonding and getting to know Hades. This could be played medieval or perhaps in a more modern-world setting.  Many options. However, I will only pair Persephone with Hades, it is not out of the question that we roleplay her interacting with other gods or goddesses. Also willing to play her as a custom character in the anime Kamigami No Asobi)

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"..Would you always remember me?"

The summer wind blew through her raven hair as eyes, dark as earth, stared out to the horizon while the sun began to peak from beneath it, changing the colors of the sky to gold and blush. Memories of laughter swept through the tall grass and she could remember being a young child here before, as the sun began to rise. She closed her eyes..

She could remember dancing and spinning as the white seeds of the dandelions lifted into the air like a reversing snow and into the sky to spread their beauty throughout the world. Not everything had been easy for her. In fact, very few things.. 

The girl with the smile that reflected true happiness and innocence, had begun the tragedies in her life by witnessing her parents and her brothers savagely murdered by thieves, leaving her all alone in the world. It was then that she had to learn to take care of herself. No mother to wash and brush her hair and tie flowers together with. No father to toss her into the air and catch her, teaching her to rely on her fathers strong arms. No brothers to wrestle with and annoy. They were all gone. In a world of demons and unspoken creatures, her first trauma.. had come from that of her own kind. The real monsters. Humans.

A fear for humans had plagued her nightmares for as long as she could remember. Except for the gasps and cries in the night as her nightmares took over, she had become a mute. She wouldn't speak to anyone.. further outcasting herself from the rest of the humans in her village as some sort of.. freak. They would beat her and scold her until she was unresponsive. She had memories of lying in the dirt, so sore that she was numb. Dissociating herself until she could move again.. and she would. She would show that fighting spirit even before she knew what that spirit was. She would pushed herself up and make her way back to her abandoned home to live another day.

She discovered the daiyoukai Sesshomaru in a forest near her village. Relentlessly and fearlessly tried to help him, even though he would not accept it. She went through the trouble of finding food in the village preserves or in the forest itself, and brought this food to him. Sesshomaru never actually ate the food or accepted the help she gave him, but she continued with her actions. She was caught rummaging through one of the village's fish preserves, and some village men beat her and warned her not to do it again. When she later brought food she foraged in the forest, Rin's visible injuries sparked Sesshoumaru 's curiosity, and he asked her about them. This brought about a beaming smile on Rin's bruised face. Sesshoumaru scoffed at her, silently wondering what had made her suddenly so happy.

When Rin returned to her home later that day, she discovered a thief going through her food. She was shocked and remained in the doorway, frightened by the man. When the man realized she was there, they could hear the sounds of the Wolf-Demon tribe attacking the village and searching for the thief. Whilst the thief ran off, Rin realized that she had to get away from the village. She ran into the forest, hoping to escape with her life. However, the wolves gave chase to her and she was soon overcome and killed by them. Her last thoughts were of Sesshoumaru .

Elsewhere, Sesshoumaru had been rejoined by his traveling companions Jaken and a two-headed dragon. He picked up the scent of blood and discovered Rin's corpse in passing. Her death did not interest him and he had planned to continue on his way, but he recalled the girl's smile from earlier, which made him pause. He unsheathed Tenseiga and it began to pulsate, allowing him to see the messengers from the other world surrounding her corpse. To satisfy his sudden curiosity, he tested his sword Tenseiga and he slew the messengers. Once he had, Sesshoumaru knelt down by her side and was satisfied when she opened her eyes. Feeling his task complete, he stood back up and continued on his way, ignoring the questions from Jaken. Without a care, Rin followed him, and became a part of his entourage from then on. She regained the ability to talk when she was revived, so she spoke very often to Jaken, the two-headed dragon whom she named A-Un and to Sesshoumaru as well. Oh how she spoke to him in ways Jaken would verbally punish her for.. but her Lord Sesshoumaru did not seem to mind. If he did, he need not say a word.. for a stern look was enough to get her to calm herself.

Being a young girl without combat skills, presented the problem of becoming a liability to Sesshoumaru when he battled. She dutifully remained in safe places far from the battlefields as instructed of her, often awaiting his return with A–Un and Jaken. She was also told she would have to fend for herself if she ever got hungry. This did not faze her, and she agreed since she already knew how to survive on her own. He had Jaken accompany her to assist whenever she went in search of food, much to his argument. Though even the small demon eventually gained a soft spot for the girl.

Her mind had wandered to the past. To the past where she had journeyed with Lord Sesshoumaru, A-Un, and Master Jaken and had the best days of her life. When she eleven, it all ended. Lady Kaede, a kind old woman from the village near the well that Lady Kagome and Master Inuyasha had settled down, had thought it best that Rin know how to survive with her own kind. That it was safer for her. Oh how terrible a day it was to be left with humans again. Not that Lady Kaede wasn't always kind to Rin but.. she wasn't Sesshoumaru.

Oh she longed for his vists. Frequent, at first.. until they grew farther apart. Perhaps he didn't know that she noticed. How could he. How could he know that she went to bed every night after looking out at the forest line or the horizon of the sky, hoping to see him come back for her. She learned much over the years. She learned medicine, how to shoot a bow and arrow, how to identify herbs and how to throw a Kusarigama from Kohaku. She didn't like fighting, not in the least, but she had hoped that if she could prove to the others, prove to Lord Sesshoumaru that she could be ready for whatever came their way and that she didn't have to hide anymore.. that he would finally come and take her away. 

Kohaku was a kind boy who grew into a kind young man. She could hear the whispers or the huddled words of Kagome and her friends when they said how cute Kohaku and Rin looked together. What a wonderful match they would make! But it was then, and as she grew older, then she noticed more and more how long it took for her Lord Sesshoumaru to come back to her. 

She closed her eyes again and let the memories fade of such a time. Even then, she never really fit in. But now..

"Rin! Are you coming or not!? We must not keep Lord Sesshoumaru waiting!"

Eyes, dark as earth, opened again and she lifted a hand to brush back the long raven hair she now held in her youthful womanly age, and turned to see Master Jaken calling for her across the field. She could see Lord Sesshoumaru waiting at the edge of the forest before catching her eye and turning to leave within the trees. "Coming Master Jaken!" a now soft, tender voice called out to him before she turned again and looked down at the village from the top of the hill. He had returned.. and for some reason, she didn't have to stay anymore. The village had not yet awoken but perhaps this was the best way to leave. No goodbyes of saddness, no desperate words to make her stay. This village, as kind as it was to her, had never truly been home. Her home was with him. 

In those last moments, she saw Kaede, always the first one awake, exit her hut and look up the hill to see Rin there. It was in that moment she knew. Rin offered her a smile, Kaede returned a sorrowful one- perhaps hoping the girl had found this village to be the place where she belong to drown out the wanderlust she felt after the demon who had saved her so long ago. With that smile held, Rin turned and once again her bare feet padded through the grass, the trail of her kimono and the length of her hair blowing in the breeze, her giggle in the wind and a smile on her face as she ran after them.. once again home.

"Um, I was wondering Lord Sesshoumaru. If I died one day, I was wondering... Would you always remember me?"--Rin, Age 9

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OOC Rules and Guidelines

While "Rules" seem a bit elitist, over the years I have come to realize that these are intensely necessary. Not only to draw a line again what I will and will not accept but also to hopefully and potentially, weed out those who I am uninterested in role playing with so no one wastes their time.

So, here we go.

1. I am not on every second of every day. I have a real life and that includes real life responsibilities. I rarely close out of sites that I use often so while it may show that I am "Online" this is not necessarily the case. When I know I have a storyline active, I do try and check for a new post to respond to a couple times a day but sometimes I am just not able to get on. I promise, however, not to disappear for weeks at a time without some form of communication.

2. As strict as it might seem, I am not here to discuss real life or to make life-long friends in the real world. I am here to escape said real world into a world of our own so I'm sorry if I don't go into the details of my life unless necessary. 

3. I am not into the jealousy and drama that often accompanies role players nowadays. I will not stop playing a character with someone simply because I have a story going on with you and the same character. My story lines do not co-mingle so there should be no issue here. I don't take on millions of stories at a time regardless, so really whatever else I am playing or whoever else I am playing with is not anyone's concern but mine and my partners. Let's keep our business to us. So please, no jealousy. In our story line my characters attention is for you, that does not mean I do not play them in other story lines or "universes".  Our stories are ours.

4. While I understand that asking for detail seems too much for many partners nowadays, if you can not give me a steady paragraph or more (we are talking 7 or more sentences with detail) then I am uninterested. I will meet or go above my players posts most often but I expect a little effort back. With that-- I understand that typos can occur. I often type too fast and proof-read too fast to capture all of my mistakes. But please make an attempt as I will.

5. I have been role playing for over eighteen years. I have role played many types, genres, characters-- some stories lasting years. I will not mess with you. If I am uninterested in the way our story is going, I will tell you. With either the intent to fix any issues we have, or simply to tell you that as fun as it might have been or we had hoped it would be, it is best if we part ways. Take it with class or don't but not doing so will not get you any further play with me in the future. We are adults-- I would hope-- so please understand that two people and two styles don't always match. I'll accept it if you tell me, please do me the same courtesy. I understand this seems a bit Elitist, but that is where we are.

6. I am not against a role play delving into romance or more "adult" situations but I am not here to "Cyber". I am here to work out stories, to build characters and relationships and worlds. So let's keep out of the mindless display of erotica, shall we? As well, on the subject of stories and building worlds and relationships-- I expect not to do all the effort in a story and I would not expect you to either. These are co-op worlds. We should work together to make a story work. If you want to take lead-- be my guest-- but it doesn't mean I won't do my best to help flesh out the world and add my bit to it. Visa verse is asked as well.

7. When messaging me, please show some effort as well. I agree with many of the role players I have met over the years that "Hi, how are you" and "Yo, want to rp?" shows no effort and pulls no interest from me to respond. While I will respond if I get bored, your message is not my top priority to answer. Show me you have read my rules or my profile or have seen a characteryou are interested in playing with in my albums. Let me know you have some idea and aren't just asking to role play with the intent to leave everything up to me. I am not going to pull a random character out of a hat and just go with it so if you message me-- please have some idea what you are looking for, even if it is not something I am interested in. At least this way it shows that I can trust you put effort into a story like you do a message.

Other then that, check back here from time to time-- sometimes things occur to me once they happen and I have to add to the rules. However, these should be basic for now.

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OOC: Additional Characters and Verses
Current mood:  creative

Don't you worry, ladies and gents. With 18+ years roleplaying experience, you don't think Liddia Spiegel is my only character, do you?

I will admit to you though that I rarely, and I do mean rarely, play anything other then my own creations. This being said, us who play our own creations do have to change a few details in the original story to make sure our characters fit but occasionally I do play a character from whatever anime I seem to be interested. Listed below are some of the characters I will add Blog post profiles about that I will play and keep checking back because as I remember them, the list will grow.

Oricle (Custom)

Yu Yu Hakusho:
Kia/ Kitsune Kia (Custom)
Yue Hatsuhiro (Custom)

Sailor Moon:
Dia Chiba/ Sailor War; Guardian of the Sailor Scouts (Custom)
Michiru Kaioh/ Sailor Neptune

Cowboy Bebop:
Liddia Spiegel (Custom)

Rurouni Kenshin:
Sai Sagara; Daughter of Souzou Sagara of the Sekihoutai (Custom)

Cardcaptor Sakura:
Mika- Yue's Twin Sister, Creation of Clow and Ruler of the Stars (Custom)

Hiiro No Kakera:
Tamaki Kasuga

Inu X Boku:
Ririchiyo Shirakiin

Dragon Ball Z:
Vularia of the planet Vegeta (Custom)


Fruits Basket:
Tohru Honda
Linny Sohma (Custom)

Outlaw Star:

Ancient Magus Bride:


Black Butler:
Kaia Phantomhive (Custom)

Claudia, follower of Knives, Coworker of Legato-- Controls the "Gentlemen" (Custom)

Vampire Knight:
Cora Kuran (Custom)

Kamisama Kiss:

Zoids Chaotic Centuries:
Lita Coors (Custom)

Gundam Seed:
Shy Le Creuset (Custom)

Wolfs Rain:
Siu-- Black Wolf (Custom)

Diabolik Lovers:
Yui Komori
(Custom Under Construction)

Say I Love You:
Mei Tachibana

Witch Hunter Robin:
Ada; Psychic and Witch Hunter (Custom)

Kamigami no Asobi:
Persephone; Goddess of Spring (Custom)

Victoria Carstairs (Custom)

Harley; Daughter to the Queen of Hearts- Villain (Custom)

Marauders Era-Verse for Harry Potter:
Victoria Dumbledore (Custom)

Harry Potter-Verse:
Liddia Dumbledore-Black (Custom)

Riley Corbett (Custom)

I also have basic characters that are from no "verse" at all but for specific settings such as:
Futuristic Space
Modern Realistic
Modern Supernatural/Vampiric
Modern Realistic Mob Storyline
Anime High School setting

and more.

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