The strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation; friendship is not always about giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when.


Last Login:
April 7th, 2020

Gender: Female
Status: In a relationship
Age: 114
Country: United States

Signup Date:
February 12, 2020


02/12/2020 09:24 PM 



I. Despise Drama outside of the role-playing community. Please, I can't stress this enough by asking you nicely to not take role-play personal. It's disturbing and ignorant. Dealing judgmental, cyberbully, harassment, etc of childish action will be removed. This is a role-playing community for: 

  • Keep Role-play and Real separated. Please, I can't stress this enough. Drama role-play is acceptable, just not real drama, it stays out!
  • Don't judge me when I'm role-playing by the character. If you do, it's concern dumb right Ignorance and will be removed.
  • I don't physically have the psychic mind ability to know how strict your topic. Please communicate to me to let me know, if not then I will leave you be.

II. Becoming friends? Good luck. Very respectfully, carefully and taking things easy. I can be vigilant when it comes to asking my information all of the sudden such as Phone number, FB, without not knowing each other. To gain a friendship, you have to earn it. Very open toward my friends since I've known them back in 2008-present years. Not replacing them, however, I do mind making new friends, just no issue, and don't try to get me to involve with your drama between others. I'm barely online and don't know what going on. Top it off, I mind my own business. I'm mainly focused on getting to replies, edits, doing stuff, and it's none of my concerns about what going on. I couldn't care less if I have someone on my list that you hate. Currently here to get along. I'm not here to pick side unless there issue going on that I need to be aware, however, must have evidence. I've study how people play their dices, therefore, don't test my acknowledge. 

III. About my Personality: Please do not take me personally! Sorry if I'm not open up to you fast enough. Here my outside personality:

  • Nice, respectful, loyalty, honesty, care, like to work things out, understand and laid back.
  • Will not tolerate bullsh*t, judgment, hate drama and will do my best to avoid it, cyberbullies, miscommunication, etc. 
  • I'm here for role-play entertainment, fun, built good memorize, and being respectful, not dealing with 6th graders.

IV. My RP skills are exalted at best and wish not to show it off as I'm trying to be respectful. It can be slothful when my days come from being unmotivated. To inform you, if you strident speak to me, I don't care and will ignore you. I'd role-play 9/2008-present years. I'm a role-player known as RP Community Code Conduct. Here a list:

  • I do Paragraph, Multiply through Novella in Organization. A paragraph- semi is in Comments & Message. Multiply-Novella in Message only. 
  • Crossover is welcome in Organization and Message. 
  • Do role-play on my statues wall more, just please don't start Real drama, Role-play drama is acceptable.
  • No One Liner in Comment, Message, and Groups.
  • Discussion belongs to Organization, Comment, and Message. If the discussion you displease about, please inform me, I don't mind to re-discuss. If not, I don't have time for nonsense. 
  • Greeting & Chat welcome for Message, Discord, and Comment.
  •  I accept people that act like an adult and don't hit on my character, start sh*t, or sexual role-play. If received these situations, you will be determined to be removed.

V. No Controlling my character. About Edits & Layout, yes, I do edit and layout for a close relative. 

VI. Here for Thrilling Time: I'm here for entertainment stories and being nice. Here is some list that I'm here for in role-play community:

  • Interest is Adventure, Action, Thrilling/Suspense, Science Fiction, Slice of Life, RP Drama, Horror, Creepypasta, Fantasy, Video Game, Spar/Fighting.
  • Not Interest is Romance, Smut, and RL Drama. See these issues will be removed.

VII. (Strict)I do have a LIFE! Being online 24/7 isn't going to happen all the time. Please understand that I have responsibilities outside of role-playing. Occasionally try to be online to reach for your replies ASAP. Apologize for absent delays. Please do not RUSH ME. I do respect everyone's absent delays, please do the same for me. 

VIII. My Where about: The retirement can occur if verse dies down, dealing with circumstances outside, etc. Usually, will return when the verse picks up or life settles down. Going on a hiatus for the emergency, moving, or dealing with the situation from outside. It's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Notify you in small brief info when I will return. 


IX. Thrilling Entertainment! For entertainment battle, single, or double battle? If so, those performances are welcome through statues comments, messages, and organizations. No Comment. Otherwise, will not tolerant god mods, an auto hits here. 

X. About the Relationship: Currently taken in role-play and real life. I'm very loyal, please do not do anything stupid, otherwise, be removed. I'm laid back and here for friends and fun. 

XI. About Grammar: Insist you using grammar & literate recommend. This goes for spelling in your best abilities. Understand when it comes down to making mistakes, or an error typo, just do your best. I don't except perfectionist. I'll do my best as well. RP Community is all about having fun. Using unnecessary grammar will be ignored. 

XII. (Strict) Careful on Joining Organization: I'm careful of whom I'm joining, exceptionally when it comes to those that don't tell you or expect you to know. For now, I will be asking. Which is none of my concern, but to avoid bullies and drama. I will only join the discord group if it is based on the group I've joined only. I started to be more careful.


XIII. Can't be tamed, the serpent is a free wild immortal and will choose who is worthy to befriend and partner with.

XV I've known my Role-play Guidelines Code Conduct, use to be in a group way back on Myspace. The RPer has taught me the valuable meaning of RP. I know my limits of what I'm allowed and can't do. Don't treat me like I don't understand. 

Note: An appreciation for taking the opportunity time read through these guidelines and cannot wait to begin our performance. 

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