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June 2nd, 2020

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May 09, 2020



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Ji's Kit and Crew

Ji is trained in psion. Psion is a force willed by the mind, but is often conducted with subtle gestures, from darting eyes to deep breaths. Ji's one affinity, out of the possible twelve, is subversion or manipulation. (i) Ji can disguise himself in others appearance; (ii) Ji tethers the mind of one subject in darkness, to infect with visions and noises, or communicate from a distance; (iii) Ji sheds an ethereal decoy in his image, a controllable clone which imitates Ji; (iv) Ji emits translucent pockets of ensiform energy that pricks through bodies with delayed effects.

(i) Ezra
(ii) Siku
(iii) Ju
(iv) Novu

Ji spent most of his energy in disguise on Earth. He resumed his studies, in the form of a young Asiatic male, as Ezra Warburg. Ji pursued an intel analysis major. In the African plains, a war between East Asia and the Americas broke out vying for its resources. The conflict helped Ji cycle between military strategy and wartime analysis before he took over the federal republic. Congress was a nest of intrigue for Ji, as he had to oust former usurpers, some of whom were at the helm of foreign policy.

Ji was tasked to investigate terrorism in the post-war period. A foreign national, on the brink of suicide, was taken captive. The torture chambers did not break the man's spirit, nor did interrogation tackle his ego. Ji tethers his mind onto his, then emits malefic voices, but was of little to no avail; instead, they loaned memories, whereupon he learned his purpose, as well as the location of his cabal. Ji responds in kind: slipping details of his plan for Earth. He laughs; Ji promptly kills the man named Siku.

Ji took it upon himself to locate Siku's band of terrorists. Ji triangulates Siku's memories, but fails to plot down the areas. He gives up on his decade long pursuit. A recent high profile scandal leaks a man's private island gone missing. A court dismisses the criminal charges in light of his murder in jail. His island resurfaces. His corpse does too. Ji follows the network of spies and climbs the ranks using Ezra. He is flown to an island that floats; a naval island, called Ju, which encloses itself in a dome, sinks, and, relocates. Ju, a private resort, has a twin submersible island, Novu, opposite to its service; a prison camp operating torture programs in secret.

(1) Kenshi
(2) Raewulf
(3) Kikyon
(4) Goh
(5) Sariok

Ji stages a prison break for potential recruits: Kenshi, Raewulf, Kikyon, Goh, Sariok, etc. They launch an insurgence on the warden and officers. (1) Kenshi is an exile of Ishmael Kingdom, for conspiracy to commit regicide; his ghostlike stealth and ivory cloak lends him the name White assassin. (2) Raewulf was a post-war target for arson; his literature and publishing company were consumed in fire, and, his anti-war campaigns earned him prison time, as well as the name denialist, after years of being a historian. (3) Kikyon was a captain of elite soldiers, Unit 2080, responsible for false flag operations, who has since then sold his services to foreign high bidders. (4) Goh is the Most Wanted Man in the West for gold stock plunders of over 3,000 tonnes; his collaborators vary in size, from simple merchants to Eastern regimes, and left many nations to rely upon command economy barter. (5) Sariok is a conscript soldier, drafted to fight in the East-West conflict, after a spate of assassinations, expropriations, and deportations befell his nation; he and his brother, Siku, deserted the war, after sustaining wounds.

A decade before the Terran-Washington clash, or the East-West conflict, Ji was an agent whose team conducts investigative work. Ji dealt with high profile cases; from stem to stern, politicians trade children like cattle, financiers and wealthy expatriates bankroll uprisings, and its academic elite slow drip propaganda tactics to maintain a perpetual, intellectual coma. The werewithal to pay for subversion and military coupes came from a multinational effort, whom Ji identified its beneficiaries as the international elite class, of no more than a quarter million, spread across the globe. In the coming 250th election, Ji was recruited as a propaganda advocate in a presidential campaign. The candidate, Rashad, married into nobility, or the Rosenwick family, a banking dynasty whose influence crept into several hegemons, and, whose fortune came from spoils of war and crippling debt. The Rosenwick heir, Kingston, promised Rashad access to high society, as well as the prestige of presidency, should he wage war with Terran.

Terran is one of the few nations whose economy relies on gas and oil exports and refuses foreign reserve currency. Samson and Terran share a border including a cultural heritage, but their diplomatic relationship was strained once Washington enforced its military might. A thousand miles south from Washington was Andal. Before Ji left his agency to advise campaigns, Andal bore the brunt of a covert Washington military operation, along with trained insurgents crossing its border, to ensue chaos and cut off supplies. Samson and Andal both fell victim to Washington's foreign policy; if they were to help Terran, the global press frames its leaders as dictators, whose alleged liberation and regime change would cast a positive reverberation in geopolitics. Ji became well-acquainted with Rashad in the second half of his term, then slowly familiar with the elite social circle; Congress, the executive department, and office of foreign affairs constitute a disproportionate score of members from Ishmael. When Kingston heard Ji made a quip of this fact, he was dismissed, before paying a visit to the Crown of Ishmael, Ramigora.

Ji planned to fire back as a whistleblower; he collected a host of classified media, documents, and conversations, leaking them to a Raewulf publishing company. The repertoire of threats, arrest warrants, and defamation by the government were unprecedented. Ji teased the archives of regime strategy; in one such example, the culprit for terrorist plots on Washington soil, set up as a Samson attack and pretext for its invasion, was an Ishmael from the upper echelons of military outfit; Godfrey, the Ishmael national, is a foreign policy hawk and advocate for the liberation of Samson and Terran republics. Ji released coordinates of Washington-Ishmael gathering facilities, proxy forces, operation bases, and regional air support in Babylon and Khasar, two empires in close proximity to Terran. At every turn, Ji would undermine the conflict with preemptive tactics. The Washington admin set in motion a manhunt, for whistleblowers and leakers, on the basis of national and cybersecurity threats. Censorship was passed into law; bread and circus, from Silicon Valley, reshaped public opinion. Ji slow drips information at the end of Rashad's first term, some of which impacts the orders on Terran; weapons grade uranium, missing in Washington, were found in a nuclear silo under an Ishmael ski resort, and Ishmael had shared Washington technology with East Asian superpower, Seijuro.

With news of foreign special operations at its doorstep, Babylon and Khasar were quick to defend themselves. In response, a Washington-Ishmael joint operation hires mercenaries and spies through backdoor deals. Led by Kikyon, captain of the militant group, Cherubim, they destabilized the region, guillotined natives, and demolished homes. A refugee crisis, the Babylonian and Khasarian diasporas, emerges in its wake, who then trek their way to Nordic and Anglo spheres, in which many Ishmael nationals petition for their welcome. Those who traveled to Seijuro and the Mayfall Kingdom were sent in transit camps for deportation. In a grotesque display of deceit, Washington send forces to Babylon under false pretenses; by using thinktanks, they convince the public its countermeasures to the Cherubim terrorists they hired, while occupying bases for future operations. For Rashad to secure his second term, he issues an executive order to prohibit campaign boycotts of Ishmael; to appease the Rosenwicks, he takes credit for the drone assassination of a Terran military leader, Oemnas. In the Ishmael Kingdom, a sectarian conflict brews over the rightful heir to its throne, between King Ramigora and his cousin, Damocles.

Washington passes a bill to provide foreign aid to Ishmael, for its economic and qualitative, military edge. Ji makes a trip to Ishmael as Ezra to document the ongoing struggle. An arson attack on an Ishmael palace, set by Kikyon emissaries, incites an extensive persecution of the people with Damocles. In the deserts of Ishmael, within a month of civil unrest, two of the largest prison camps, Nebu and Cainan, were full of agitators and rebels, few were migrants from Africa. An armistice between Ramigora and Damocles was signed; Ramigora kept the Ishmael mainland and Damocles formed the Dion peninsula. In less than a fortnight of peacetime, they denounce, sabotage, and slander each other: Damocles, purportedly, associates with Grunberg, a human trafficker, last spotted in a ski resort, and owner of private islands on the outskirts of Dion peninsula, Ju and Novu; Ramigora usurped the throne in regency as he murdered the House of Zachariah, the parents of Damocles, and true heirs to Ishmael. Ji sent details of the conspiracies to publishers, historians, and whistleblowers as they were suppressed outside of Dion. An Ishmael native, Kenshi, caught wind of the report, and made an attempt at Ramigora's life, using the ceremonial sword with which he was coronated.



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