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"Trust whoever you want, but depend only on yourself."

31 years old
Bronx, New York
United States

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October 15 2019

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Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Ozma
Verses: Sci-fi, DBZ, fantasy ect.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comic, Crossover, Science Fiction, Video Game,
Member Since:May 21, 2013

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FtZKBTR6cI />its been years since i've seen this movie and this scene still manages to make my heart beat faster.

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About me:

Name: Ozma
Species: Kinaran (Newtype)
Age: 18 Cycles (25 in Earth years)
Height: 5�7�
Weight: 125 lbs
Skin: Dark
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Jet black
Homeworld: Kinara
Current Occupation: Mercenary for hire
Previous Occupation: Former commander in the Kinaran military
Current Residence: A remote Savannah within the planet Earth
Likes: Technology, His parents, warm climates, watermelon, Cats (keeps this to himself)and travelling.
Dislikes: Being called "Ozzy," Cold climates, mind readers, magic users, the commander of the separatist army, his creations being destroyed, and cyborgs.
Natural Abilities: Absorbs and processes natural forms of energy within his body (i.e thermal, kinetic, magnetic, radiation ect.). As A newtype he can also use the energy to perform A variety of tasks such as shielding himself from threats, powering devices and even making constructs, doing this takes a toll on him however so he must constantly keep his energy level up otherwise risk starving himself and possibly killing himself. His genetically enhanced mind allows him to think and process at the speed of a super computer and also build the technological marvels his people are famous for.
Who I'd like to meet:
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ℓα∂у ℓιвєяту

11 hours ago

Most likely but you seem you have an idea...what is it?

Zhan's Courageous Bombshell

Oct 14th 2019 13:18

*Tries to steal the giant watermelon*
ℓα∂у ℓιвєяту

Oct 13th 2019 14:00

Oh I see. That's makes sense. That is very kind of you to think of others like that. Although, I'm afriad that I probably won't be a lot of help to be honest as I like all kind of stories as wrote on my page I have been writing a long time and just really enjoy doing it. Things that I stay away from and don't like would be easier to answer. I don't like sci-fi, futuristic, or end of days kind of stories.

ℓα∂у ℓιвєяту

Oct 13th 2019 13:42

I treat each story as it own individual verse so I don't have a main plot that I just pull from. Did you have something that you were hoping to write or do you need to discuss or both?

ℓα∂у ℓιвєяту

Oct 13th 2019 10:00

You're very welcome. I would love to discuss a story. Before we do could you please read my rules like I ask on my page?


Sep 30th 2019 21:34

"A sad Kitten. This one tries to be here for everyone. It's hard to get to all of them, but Kitten always makes sure to visit Ozma." 

*Puffing her cheeks after explaining herself, the feline is quick to catch the scent of something delicious, surprised by his offer to her. Blinking as she lowers her gaze at the cookie he held up for her, Pumpkin chirps lightly before nipping at the tasty treat*

Sep 29th 2019 23:17

*Perking her little neko ears to his words while his hand meets the top of her head, she purrs softly to his gentle strokes. Her tail curls itself inward when hearing his next words* 
"Kitten missed Ozma too~☆ 
Mm, This one is alright. It's always nice to see everyone° Especially Ozma◌ 。˚✩
He is always kind to this one✧*。"

Sep 29th 2019 22:10

*As the feline is pulled from beneath the couch, her eyes widen when her extraterrestrial kin pulls her into his embrace and gave her nuzzles. Cheeks mildly pinkening, the kitten lets out a soft sigh and leans in to nuzzle her cheek to his own*

"El Tortuga~☆ 
Has he been well¿"

Sep 29th 2019 18:03

*Her bright pink eyes widen as she watched him fall onto the floor in front of her, though her hand was quick to reach for his own to let him know it was just her hiding under the couch. Gentle in the way she grasped his palm and intercepted the empty spaces between each of his fingers, her hand warmly took to his own while her features slowly peek from the shadows* 

"Its alright Ozma~☆ 
Kitten is friendly ^^;."

Sep 29th 2019 16:45

*Reaching through the darkness, her hand creeps out between his feet, pawing at his leg from under the couch*
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