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Be sure to check out my profile. Serious Roleplayer. Dark themes, vast adventures, and sexy girls/boys. Literacy Please. "Not all stories have a good ending"

24 years old
Arizona City, Arizona
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June 14 2019

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Heroes Richard DeCliche is apart of the Clockwork Society. The Clockwork Society is a secret society that saves the day in alternate universes where the hero is killed. Well, not all stories have a good ending.

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Orientation: Straight
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Education:High school
Characters: Richard, Rachel, Arthur, Pixlé
Length: Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Horror, Spar/Fighting,
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About me:

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D.Gray-man - Black Butler - Blue Exorcist
Crossover - Exorcist - Demon

Multi-para. OOC=Messages. IC Exchanges=Still Messages.

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-=Welcome to=- "Not All Stories have a good ending"


"Close your eyes and dream" ________________________________________________________________________________

Once Upon A Time. The End.... That's how typical fairy tales begin and end. They all have a wonderful happily ever after. But what happens when they don't? What happens when things go terribly wrong? When the end isn't just the end of the story?

Welcome to Dreamscape..... don't forget to smile!
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Unit 34

Johnny Ghostface

Barbera wyre

Metronome Inc.

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Itsy Bitsy






The City of Smoke and Steam




Before anything existed there was a place called Reverse where everything was black or white. You were either evil or good for the rest of your life, there was no changing who you were. In addition, the forces of chaos and order were equal in the universe. Yet, there was a boy destined to be born who would be able to shift the universe to either side for he is capable of free will.

Yet, this free will could shift the balance of Reverse and cause the end of everything. So, the god of creation opted to kill this boy, although, he couldn't do it personally... he was forbidden to cause any destruction. To get around this rule, he request's his wife, Destruction, to birth a monster of unimaginable power. This monster became known as the reaper. Unfortunately, Destruction dearly loved the boy and his potential, thus giving the reaper the option to either love the boy or destroy him.

When sent down to the surface, the reaper finds the boy and loves him at first sight. The two then set out to give everyone free will as they do.

The boy's name was Uni and his sanity was balanced by two voices. The first being 9, the voice of chaos. 9 would give Uni thoughts of destruction, self-doubt, hatred, and pain. Yet, this voice was not angry, it was a sad voice. The other voice, 12, was feminine and represented the voice of order. She gave Uni thoughts of reason, self-worth, and optimism. Her voice was pure, and gentle. These two voices would compete for dominance over Uni's psyche within his dreams, leaving Uni tormented between them. 9 promised free will at the cost of morality while 12 promised safety and comfortably at the cost of freedom. Throughout his adventures, Uni must face himself and decide what is truly good and evil.

Creation was terrified of Uni's power and feared of how unpredictable it was, why give someone the ability to control their lives if they also have the power to destroy everything? To him, it was clearly easier to have control over everything, to keep Reverse protected from itself. Destruction had a different opinion, finding that Uni had the ability to cause change, something she found to be her finest quality. She sought to protect this boy and the potential he had to cause variety in their reverse. Creation was furious after discovering that Destruction had birthed another creature of freewill, the Reaper. There was nothing he could do, besides one thing. If he were to break the code and control Uni, maybe then he would finally ensure the protection of their world.

Setting out to find a way of giving free will to Reverse, Uni and the Reaper soon discovered that it was possible to change Reverse forever. Thus, their journey began, and along the way the would come to meet a variety of strange characters. For what could be more fantastical than having a game of chess with a monster? Or having a feast with elves? Or even meeting a strange man who claimed he discovered a new form of science known as "magic"? Yes, Uni and the Reaper would set off to discover lands beyond imagination. Yet, all of these adventures were not without tragedy, Uni would find himself facing death. It was only a matter of time before Uni's own power would kill him, and time was running out fast. It was time that Uni and the Reaper journey to a place of non-existence, where not even the gods of Creation and Destruction were in power. This place, known as Toyland, was under the rule of Luci Fuhrer... the devil. Toyland was a place of games, of chance, Luci promised a way of saving Uni's life at the exchange of the Reaper's will. The Reaper agreed to serve Luci, for her love for Uni was greater than infinity. Shackled in chains, the Reaper watched as Uni set off to fulfill their goal. At last, his destination was within reach. He entered a blank existence, in front of him were a boy and a girl. 9 and 12, holding hands in unity. It was time for Uni's ultimate sacrifice, to give Reverse his free will was to obliterate Reverse entirely. And so, within an instant, Uni along with all that existed and all that ever was to exist was shattered infinitely. The timeline of reverse, broken into infinite branches of possibility. This infinite tree of existence was the beginning of fiction, the beginning of an omnipresence of every possible outcome where everything was out of balance. This new creation, this new destruction, was given a name... Dreamscape.

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Jul 23rd 2018 21:38

{ʜᴇʏ, sᴜɢᴀʀ}
→Thanks for adding lil ol' me, doll. I appreciate having the opportunity to get to know you. I'm a busy woman but the thought of seeing what you have to offer gets me all excited. Nothing like exploring a new friendship to find out what you may or may not be into. Hit me up whenever you're interested in getting something going— I'm down for just about anything.

Dec 22nd 2015 21:31

Hey there cutie ;D

My name is Akira Nightray, but Aki will do fine x3

Hell, give me a nickname if you want♥

I don't like long intro's so here I go~

Thank you for either adding me or accepting my request.

I love to chat, and I pc4pc so don't be shy, I won't bite unless you ask me to. ♥

If you're adding me it would just be super sweet if you whore me out ♥

I have rules, so be sure to check them out.

You can find them on my div.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

♥ ♥ ♥

Jan 21st 2015 22:32

Her scythe laid across her shoulders as she somewhat glared at the person standing in front of her "Thanks for accepting my request. I'm Miku Zatsune. My twin Hatsune's alter ego, you'd be lucky if I showed any mercy let alone kindness to you." She said of course just being stubborn like always.
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