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The white starlight,the black darkness is pushing me away(rp only no rl people allowed)

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Culinary Phoenix

Jan 6th 2020 20:34

OOC: Sister! I miss you so much! Have you been okay? How was your New Year's and Christmas?
Culinary Phoenix

Aug 9th 2019 23:08

Aiya! *A sharp gasp escapes her lips when seeing the multiple fireballs aimed at her. She braces herself; her heels swiftly begins to move side to side along of her body to move out of the way. After successfully dodging all of them, Jam turns towards her sister and immediately rushes to her side. Out of gladness and worry, she softly hugs Sakura before slowly letting go. The smile that was about to appear is replaced with a frown as she listens about the half-breed name Doku. Before she could say anything, Jam witnesses Sakura suddenly fall to the ground and immediately picks her up.*  Sis! No worry, I keep you safe. *She begins to take her to her home to rest.*

(I'm really glad, Sister. I want you to be okay.)
Culinary Phoenix

Jul 10th 2019 00:10

*Keeping her focus, Jam glares at the true form of the pink demon with wings. Part of her felt conflicted; while she wanted to battle against this being, she didn't want to accidentally harm her dear sister. Taking a deep breath, Jam shuns these thoughts from plaguing her mind, especially from how Demon Sakura is about to attack her. Her defensive stance didn't last long due to seeing Sakura protected her and immediately grew worried. Jam shakes her head fiercely; she didn't want her to die.*

"No! I'll save you!" *Channeling a portion of her Ki, Jam uses it towards Demon Sakura's stomach in attempt to stop her.*

(I'm glad you've been getting lots of rest, Sister. Have you been doing okay?)
Culinary Phoenix

Jun 13th 2019 21:44

"Sister!" *She gasped worriedly, thinking Sakura had managed to break free from the mind control. Jam's hand was about to reach towards her in comfort, but steps back when the dark aura returns. She was ready to counter the incoming fiery bird, but notices it didn't penetrate her body. Instead, it was stopped by her dear sister; causing Jam dash forward determinedly. Stretching out her right hand into a palm, Jam launches it forward towards the Dark Sakura inhabiting her sister's body. Although it wasn't too harsh, she applied a hint of pressure in attempt to force her out.*

(Oh, have you been getting good rest? How are you feeling about Summer coming?)
Culinary Phoenix

May 29th 2019 17:30

*Jam took a step back cautious when witnessing the dark aura surrounding Dark Sakura. Her eyes narrow as she listens to her, but feeling the white and purple barrier also makes Jam surprised. A soft smile immediately forms knowing it's her dear sister still within, which increases her determination to save her. A small pause occurs of how she was going to do it before nodding to herself. She gathers a portion of her Ki in preparation.* "I'll save her no matter what!"

(I'm so glad you're okay, Sis. ^^ How are you feeling today?)
Culinary Phoenix

Apr 29th 2019 14:02

*Jam looks around at the dark mist surrounding Dark Sakura, yet keeps the determination in her eyes.*  "Cause she's my dear sister! I won't let you hurt her!"  *Caution rose in her heart while attempting to knock the darkness out with her palm*

(I miss you so much, Sis! I hope you're okay.)    
Culinary Phoenix

Feb 7th 2019 11:29

*Hearing what the darkness said, utmost determination shines in her eyes. Without hesitation, she nods to the terms; wanting to save her beloved sister. Her fists clenches while glaring back at the foe, wondering what it's up to. Tension stirs within her for whatever trials this being has planned for her.*

I accept!

(Oh, what happened? Why did you feel stressed?)
Culinary Phoenix

Dec 30th 2018 18:57

*Listening to her dear sister attentively, she was about to say something until hearing an evil voice. She gasps worriedly seeing what was happening in front of her before having a serious look on her face.*  What game are you talking about? 

(I've missed you so much!^^ I hope you've been alright.)

Culinary Phoenix

Nov 26th 2018 16:01

*Gently squeezing her hand, she looks at her dear sister* "An evil voice? The same one from before?"
Culinary Phoenix

Oct 13th 2018 17:55

"And I'll forgive you too, Sister. I'm not leaving you."  *She nods her head firmly while holding her beloved sister's hand. She watches over her protectively until she woke up, greeting her with a smile.*  "No, I'm okay. How are you feeling, Sis? Are you better?"
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