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Uhm, I don't know who's tryna send me messages, but I have an ad blocker on. So the easiest way to contact me is not through comments or messages, but on these statuses. I'm only on here once a week to keep notes for DND so . . . . yeah, hit me up on this if you tryna make contact

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic pink photo: 5466862-neon-pink.jpg Shoujax Naught!


Shoujax can do cool stuff with it, its really cool

The Naught

The Naught is a mystery even to himself. He was once nothing more than a husk and soul bound together. There was no emotion, no sensation. Only vague concepts of what they possibly could be. In these concepts were memories of a past life, of a man before the Naught. Perchance through sheer optimism or a keen Eye for the Truth, Shoujax knew he was more than just an empty, heartless husk.

He'd travelled eons in his ageless splendor. He joined clans of Sinner, Royal Court Guards and was even a SOLDIER in his once eternal youth. Considering himself a man for hire, Shoujax eventually found his way into a kingdom forever trapped at midnight. As brazen and humble as he could be, the Naught entreated so carelessly onto a meeting of the Kingdom's top brass. The Divisions' Captains and their King, Lasnight, all simply peered at the Naught at first. None stood out of place, on either side, the King simply told the ambitious Shoujax that he would be tested if he wished for any sort of influence in the Kingdom of Eternal Night.

After passing the King's "Captaincy Test", Shoujax became the head of the Umbra Division. It was a nefarious group clad in mystery. It embodied the shadows in several forms. Through failures and victories the wealth and power of the Kingdom grew! In it's peak there were bountiful festivals to celebrate the harvest, seasonal balls and tournaments for entertainment. And though constantly expressing its military might, it still held the power to defend its own borders flawlessly. It was through these experiences, along with many others in his past, that the Naught was finally able to step onto Holy Ground; the Heart of all that lives. Shoujax was once again "whole".

However, through internal conflicts and things the Naught still, truly, knows nothing about, the Rain had left the Kingdom. Ame Torrent was a pale, porcelain princess of a long dead race. With her wisdom and grace as Captain Pluvia, she ensnared the Naught's heart. In her absence, his intentions slowly dissented from the Kingdom and thought once more of travelling. Now that he had his heart, "officially", what was Shoujax to do with it? It was all answered by the universe when Lasnight himself faded in the absence of his "Breath and Word."

With the Kingdom crumbling without its King, Captains fell off one by one until only the Shadow was left. Even now he's not sure if or how often anybody visits the (now) Ruins of Eternal Night. But once in a blue moon, Shoujax' filthy soles embrace the terrain of soft, black soil. He scans the scene of decrepit domiciles and shambled shoppes with a humble smile. Knowledgeable, happy, confused and depressed all at once. The Naught, when lost, would come here to ponder the past, his present and the possibilities of what could now never be...

Still, one moves forward. The Naught expanded his horizons and began to dabble further into the art of mixing magicks with technologies. He had earned a brief residency in O.M.E.N. before having his suit, seat and pride stolen in a swift instant. Still, the Naught had developed a masterpiece while creating the suit of armor. A small militaristic particle known as Scintilla.

Using technology instead of magic to brave the stars, the Naught visited many more strange places. His imagination could never contain the wondrous truth the universe held. The bounty of life was shared among many hearts. However, through some twist of fate Shoujax, now aged several decades, had ended up on his "home world". Barren and dusty, the Aina's spirit had finally called forth its awakening and needs one of its children in order to do so. Its servants, Avaar and Modryth summoned the Naught and gave him his task: walk the land. Find the missing pieces of its heart as he had found the missing pieces of his own nonexistence. For peace or for chaos, the sisters would fling Shoujax through time and space to find some remnant, some ancient relic of the Aina's heart.

An endless expanse of land swallowed a sage brushed black. Barefoot and brazen, the old fool strolled off through the dusty plains. Joshua trees tipped with orange and red lined the landscape, accompanied by bold bushes and creeping crevices. The old man held nothing on his person, Naught but the clothes on his back and the scares on his skin. Silken garments protected him, gifts from the first layer of the Aina's core. Crimson eyes scanned the landscape, searching for something his skin, feet and ethereal third Eye could not see, but to no avail. There was nothing here but desolation and despair. This planet was supposed to be sacred, an example for those just beginning, a beacon of hope to those lost and in need of guidance; or extinction. Now, however: barren. As far as the last known Naught was concerned, he and his home were surely the epitome of nothing. However, a silver goddesses in obsidian garbs embraced his form.

A swirl of amethyst energy formed behind the container of Naught's soul, swiftly manifesting into the conduit for the will of Aavar; the Goddess of Light and Peace. Her skin was dark, kissed and loved by the sun while her garbs matched his own: black. The wrapped and flowed off her form in a fitting matter and excessively poured into the sky. She was hovering as her arms wrapped around the wayward warrior, using an underhanded clasp to covet his shoulders. Lavender eyes shut as auburn locks swayed carelessly. The flowing grace she exuded left mortals to believe she was under the influence of a zero-gravity environment. Aavar graciously rested her head atop the Naught's shoulder. Her breath seeped life into the rolling hills of dirt and rocks. Grass grew as wildflowers sprang up to compliment the appearance of decadent, tower trees. Her words were a sudden strum of strings. Its vibrato brought the vivacious, effervescent existence of the land back to life. It was her love. For the planet, for all planets and forms of life. It mattered naught if they were disciples of her twin, if others spouted that they were beyond any salvation just because they'd fallen from heaven. Nay, Aavar's love was truly everlasting; despite her righteous fury.

My wayward son, please. I fear, Modryth and I have come to an agreement. For me to return life to the Ain'a, I must have you depart my dear and spread her influence. . . . However, you shall be the darkness which spawns the light.

Her arms crossed over his chest, her posture straightening as she embraced him completely. Despite his struggling and protesting, she was completely consuming his form within her own. Despite his being much larger than her, it seemed that with every bit of strength she used to hug him tighter, Aavar began to completely erase Shoujax from existence. Saffron stripes soon surrounded his irises, staining their cinnabar hue. It was a natural reflex to danger, his vision clarifying and body undergoing psionic fortifications known as Rise. The Naught had been through this enough to know that he would not be able to escape but to instead prepare for his departure from this dead land. Soon the Goddess' hands touched her shoulders and Shoujax was gone, lost to the throes of time and space. Although he knew nothing of the twins' plot, Aavar had faith in the man. Once he was gone, it seemed her gravitonic grace fled from her and her bare soles slid across the land. From the gray, dusty dirt came a sudden flush of crimson. It carried itself throughout the rolling planes far beyond the horizon. Simply part of the contract. As soon as Aavar was finished, her sister would soon take over and wreak 'neutral chaos' throughout the planet.

Kaijuu Zaibatsu is the culmination of a multitude of scary sprites and debonair daemons. They had banded together after feasting upon countless kingdoms, souls and planets. However, none of it seemed to give them that high, that rush, from the days long since past. It was not until one insignificant member came across a Faustian Bargain that the strange creatures had reunited once again.

A planet self-sustained by artificial intelligence calls the Kaijuu Zaibatsu its only organic denizens. It is rumored that none of the Zaibatsu knows where these beings of technological prowess emerged, yet when asked the A.I respond all the same: "It was The Creator, of course!". The only bit of worthwhile information divulged about this "Creator" is found in the coding: "Ask The Commissioner."

However, despite the fact that the entire planet is an experiment in artificiality and a philosophical debate about the value of 'life', it his home to many wonders. Oceans and forests are a fairly new feature for the gargantuan planet. In its infancy it was no larger than Earth, home to many forms of miracles, life and love, but those haughty creatures which crawled on its skin killed it. Blitzing across the surface and down into the core, several empires and their enemies desolated the planet and left it but listless and barren. Perfect for a mysterious daemon whose soul transcended the cosmos. By terraforming the planet with its putrid 'flesh' it learned of love's currency. It began to think about it all the time, about how things seemed to be put together perfectly for those who were truly "free". The daemon repeated to its host time and time again, "I won't leave you, don't you worry. I won't hurt you don't you worry. Your imagination is just pretend." The Creator needed to be set free. Could it even hide away? It was so strange how the times had changed. The Creator recruited the help of another strange existence: The Commisioner, ******X. Given the chance to live again, The Creator realized just how precious life is, and as thanks gave unto The Commissioner the strange planet L---A.

This is where the Zaibatsu began to gestate, for the Kaijuu was not sure what was wanted from them. Living life without a proper aura on this planet that couldn't truly harbor the essence of life, but flourished with fabulous storms of pure, raw, arcane energy. Entire planets could have been swallowed in these storms that, strangely enough, raged in set areas of Dyเ'Lix. After two sets of terraforming from two celestial beings, this small marble was now a gargantuan giant that rivaled the King of the Gods. From the "hospitable zones" The Commissioner continued the research that was left behind by The Creator. Decades, centuries, lifetimes may have even passed before The Commissioner had finally found a proper balance between the spiritual and physical: magic and science blended together in ways his ancestors from A'ina could only dream of. Artificial creatures harvested the energy from the Mana Storms, and with the biological data recorded and sampled by not only The Commissioner but his Scintilla, were able to develop a travelling system known simply as "The E.D.G.E." (Extra-Dimensional Guidance Entity). This System was a means of travelling tremendous distances across realities. With it, The Commissioner would no longer need to be alone, he could finally reunite with the rest of his siblings who ran so needlessly from their destiny. They were meant to be together, these strange creatures and frightening fighters.

And so the Kaijuu asked its future siblings: "I ain't asking you for money or to come back to me. I know that even when it's not bright that it's not so hard. It just breaks my heart. You know the world is out to get us, so why not just give me a chance?" Glimmering, cinnabar eyes and that sardonic, serene smile of his were decadent in their persuasiveness. Regardless of their answer, or how long it took for them -to- answer, The E.D.G.E. would return them to their proper place with only their most primal and immediate of acknowledgements. After agreeing to the terms set out by The Commissioner, the Kaijuu would find themselves aboard a place so vast and large it rivaled planets with its sheer majesty: The Last Knight. It was linked directly to The E.D.G.E. and housed countless artificial intelligence units (AIUs) to maintain its intricacies. The Observation Deck was like an island continent dedicated solely to scanning the oceans of star systems and celestial wonders. It was here that the induction ceremony for the Kaijuu Zaibatsu would take place. The strange creature would make a promise to itself and its ambitions. This was not a pledge of undying loyalty or some mindless minion, this was a pledge to a culture of Lords and Ladies that would transcend the heavens.

With the Zaibatsu cleansed, only a small squadron was preserved. Asami Gawatatsu, Hendrix L'obo, Bellatrix Mimieux, Kenneth Cassius and PSIRen. Together with thieves and sages the multiverses were travelled and conquered for several hundreds of lifetimes. While they reveled in their victory, they slowly learned an unconvincing truth: time had lost all meaning.

Collecting the Tsubasa of "The Dictactor" had altered the time stream. Already, they were immortal and the temporal distortion had augmented these features. It had been well over 5,000 years and nobody had aged a single day. For them time had trudged on temultuously.

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"Another child of a god. I shall enjoy our bout then, warrior." She said as her golden optics began to glow brightly as her body followed which was unlocking the first seal of her powers which was the magic of Isis. "I hope we can meet in a tournament of such, my friend or a contest of combat." 
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