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Senshi Sparx (Prime) Shoot for the Moon, Even if you miss you will still land among the stars.

Senshi Hatake Sparx Prime

The Daughter Of Kakashi Hatake and Deni Sparx. Senshi was born with blueish gold Eyes with White hair like her father as she got older thow she formed blue highlights in her hair. Senshi Comes from a large family which many she is still trying to get to know. She Has a Long line of brothers and sister before her and more coming after her birth She extremely close to her Brothers Kyo and Kenji. From her Fathers side of the family she adapted the powers and learn the ways of the Ninja, But like her father her heart is so big and carring its hard to bring her down she trys to see all the postive. But that big heart is like a rare crsytal it can crack and break if hit the wrong way. From her mother Side of the family, the more darker side of the demons there is Vampire witch that runs threw her blood, However She was the only Known Child in this family of Demons to carry Angel Blood. Never before has she awaken my demon b/c there is a chance that she cant control it and it can distory much more then anyone would like to think. Senshi was always known as the Happy child always happy and smiled and hyper. Her life was rough like a on going rollercoaster but what doesnt kill us makes us stronger right?, When she was little she spent a lot of time with her father growning fast to be a daddys girl, However when she turn the age of Five something went terrible wrong causing her father to have to leave. It crush Little senshi heart to know that her daddy was leaving as she stood in the road crying out for him to come back as he continue to have to leave It was the first time Senshi Felt Heart break to think she would never see her father again. From that moment she watched her mother Fall apart to lose someone she truly loved, Senshi from that point felt like an outcase because she was so much like her father so kind hearted and pure her mother loved that about her but senshi she didnt she wish to hide away, When that day came her grandfather Sebastian Sparx came and picked her up, Tellin her mother he would help raise her and care for her as if she was his daughter and her mother agreed thinking this would be the best for her, Deni gave birth to kakashi last child the boys name was Kenji. Deni and Kenji went to live with some family friends but always came back to spend as much time with Senshi as possible Senshi grew very close to her grandfather loving him more like a father then anything eles she was very protective of him as he was of her.

When Senshi turn the age of 8 or 9 she met a young man named Emmit who was the Son of her God father Prime. Emmit was kind and sweet to her At the time he was still dating his now Wife Marlin who was also kind to Senshi. Emmit would come over and spend time with senshi and train her in fighting and just help her forget the pain he was close frinds with senshi mother as well so it help bring Deni and senshi together closer as mother and daughter. Emmit Also introduced Senshi to her now Best friend in the world Pepsi Kagan Prime another daughter of Prime. They became like two peas in a pod always hanging out together Senshi had started to become back to her normal happy self. Senshi had all she needed her best friend her family and as time past Senshi and Kenji became like more then brother and sister they were best friend. When Senshi was about 15 years old she met a boy named Kakashi it was funny he had the same name as her father but wasnt him, the two just kinda ran into each other and fell in love they were only together for about a year when problems with kakashi began to happy and the family didnt approve of him and his treatment on Senshi so he left her in a hurtful way, the second heartbreak for Senshi and she swore to everyone she would never fall in love. It broke a lot of ppl to see her hurt like that, including her brother kenji and her best friend Pepsi who whom there self had started falling for each other thanks to senshi pushing them together all the time. Kenji deicded he wouldnt let his sister fall down like this and swear never to love. So Kenji decided to talk to his friend Prince Hoshiro Emmit Prime, The son of Senshi mentor. He Told Hoshiro to please meet his sister kinda tricking him into it knowing he would be the perfect match for his sister, and when he went to Senshi about meeting him she refused she didnt want any part of meeting a guy she knew her brother was up to something but after much fighting Senshi agreed to meet him.

Upon meeting Hoshiro it was love at first sight. And thow senshi try to deny it when they met she knew she couldnt be away from him. They hitting off really fast and from that point remained together as a couple. It would seem nothing could hurt senshi cause she was always feeling safe with hoshiro he knew what to say or do to make her smile and happily the family approved of Hoshiro. One day threw all this as she got a bit older a person from her past showed. It was her father, And thow Kenji didnt approve of this not caring for his father for leaving the way he did Senshi was Excited. She welcome her father back with open arms telling everyone that every desvres a second chance. She let Hoshrio meet her father and things seem all to perfect nothing could bother her. One cold morning Senshi woke up to see flowers by her bedside and a note left as she open it and read it, tears fell from her eyes and down her cheeks. This was the last she would have ever heared from her father, Kenji was right her father did leave again and it nearly distoried her inside and out Hoshiro wouldnt allow her to fall apart like this having her stay with him. With him was the only way to make Senshi stop crying that and seeing her grandfather who swore to her that he would never leave her and that it was ok to cry. For the most part the only time senshi was happy was with Her Prince. But time heals all wounds for the most part and after a year had past on her birthday her Love Hoshiro Came to her showing her the gift he had bought her but no gift was as special as having him there beside her. But Hoshiro had one more gift to give her as he got down on one knee and Ask for her to marry him, And with a big smile and a kiss she accpeted him and said yes. On Dec 2nd 2009 in the after noon a cool breeze blew threw the town and the church bells rang as Mr. and Mrs. Hoshiro Prime ran out the church celebrating there marriage with their families. And thow she wish her father could have been there she carried him in her heart but now she looked forward to the life she could spend forever with, with hoshiro. There was nothing she wouldnt do for him and she promised him on there wedding day, that Every day I will love you, Every day I will do everything I can to make you happy, because you are my forever and I love you always from that moment on hoshiro and Senshi moved into there new home and began there life together. But what will come next for Senshi, not even she knows but she ready for anything. After so many years Hoshiro coming and going doing his job as a Prince, Senshi heart started to sink, wondering if her knight in shinning armor her only prince would return to her. His short visits were shorter and shorter and the time between them got longer and longer, her pure heart began to become cold. But Senshi being as stubborn as she was , wasnt ready to let her love go, no she would never let him go he was hers forever as she belong to fill some of the void in her life the locks of hoshiro hair she had she took to her uncle Taito and with that and her own dna, created a miracle, Life.... well Two lives that grew inside Senshi she was pregnant with Hoshiro children a boy and a Girl named Hiroshi and Riley. She felt love again and knew that she could weather anything and wait for hoshiro forever with this surprise at him waiting.

I regret nothing in my life Even if the past was pain I still look back & Smile Because It made me who I am Today ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆
Angel Of Light In a place Of Darkness Pure in Heart
This is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna play it different kind of fun

This friendship started in the sandbox, shortly after Senshi moved in with her grandfather, she met a girl that would turn into her best friend, this girl was special and different like her, this girl name was Pepsi Kagan Prime, They got along from day one and were stuck like glue to one another for the rest of their lives, so close that Senshi Married Pepsi Nephew Hoshiro and Pepsi Married Senshi Brother kenji talk about sticking together lol

Pepsi Best Friends For Life

Like her story says when senshi was young she moved into her grandfathers home and was raised by him while her mother healed, and thought she very very close with her mother, he truly loved her grandfather, he seem to be the only one that knew her inside and out other then pepsi, he helped her understand why she was the angel in the family of demon, he trained her and showed her never to release that demon inside her. and even to this day he still watches over her. and thought he is her grandfather she loves him and see him more as her father then her real father.

Sebastian Sparx, Grandfather
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you
The Love Of A Mother
Mother & Daughter
Deni Sparx
Picture coming soon

Though some would not be so close with there mother if left to be raised with family senshi was different, she loved her mother from day one, and even thought her mother had to go away for some time senshi understood, sometimes a broken heart needed healing and sometimes that took time and space away from family, because senshi too suffered from heart break at her father abandoning her, but once her mother started coming around and spending time with her she made any excuse to be with her mother, most found it funny how evil and dark deni was at yet her daughter was so sweet and kind, but that wasnt to say there werent times where people didnt see deni in senshi when she was angry, or being protective of who came around her family.

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Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.
Personality Traits
ADHD Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, that would be a medical way of looking at Senshi crazy hyper off the wall behavior.
Angelic What she does is something she does out of love for another, she is very sweet and caring and even outspoken sometimes. unless you have pissed her off.
Like mother like daughter like stated she is sweet caring and loving, but there are the few moments in her life when something touches on the darker side of senshi and she well in easy terms acts out like her mother and will draw the first blood this is a side most dont see and she tries to keep it that way
Other Information
Occupation Culinary Teacher At Demone Academy
Likes cookies, family
Dislikes horror,blood, fighting
Quirks everything
Habits baking, playing cupid
The Angel is in the details
Legal & Physical Full Name: Senshi Sparx H. Prime
Nicknames: Princess, Brat face, Wannabe, Pothead, Angel Face
Aliases: Sen
Date Of Birth: 9/20
Place Of Birth: Family Home
Current Residence: Home
Ethnicity: Demonic Angel
Hair Color: White,,Blue highlights
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 5ft 6 1/2
Weight: 125lbs
Birthmarks/Scars: Input Info Family & Relationships Mother: Deni Sparx
Father: Grandpa Aka Sebastian Sparx
Sister(S): Luci-fi
Brother(S): Kenji, Kyo, Senji
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Relationship Status: Married
Current Relationship(S):taken by Hoshiro
I'll be your Shoulder Angel
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Her Prince

Senshi and Hoshiro story is much like any other romance story. He was the prince charming and she was the broken heart princess that needed someone to save her from falling into darkness. But just because it is just another love story doesnt mean we wont tell it. but to understand it you would have to go back to the time before her Prince saved her

You see when senshi was still very young she had fallen in love with a boy that was named Kakashi. He was tall and charming like most boys try to be and to anyone he came off as a good guy. However inside his heart dark there was nothing pure about it, he only had room for hate and what little room for love in there was love to cause others pain. Kakashi plan was to take down one of the most powerful families ....Senshi family. Senshi at the ime was so innocent and pure heared she was blind to see what who was in front of her was really more of a monster then anyone she had met. it was what most of her family loved about her but worried about her, and of course it what she thought of Kakashi, that he truly loved her. As their relationship grew more and more senshi thought she was in lovemand happen and even thought that maybe just maybe she found the one she was ment to be with and would never hurt her, but therer was so many things that senshi just felt she wasnt ready for. Kakashi pushed more and more for him to get to meet her family and to take things to another "level" in the bedroom to mark her as his, however in that department Senshi never felt ready with him, she always saw imperfections in her self that kakashi always reminded her of, he never had a problem with telling her what was wrong with her. Well one day without senshi knowing Kakashi went behind her back and confronted Her mother Deni and her Grandfather Sebastian, at first he only made it seem like he wanted to get their approval but once he was close enough he made his move of attack. Of course that battle ended quickly because he was no match for her grandfather let alone her mother. and all while this was going on a long time friend of senshi named rain came to senshi and confessed that she was pregnant and Kakashi was the father and showed her that he already promised his heart and marriage to her. In this moment of Senshi life she watched it fall apart everything she thought she knew was dying. She swore to her self that she would never fall in love again that was a game she wasnt willing to gamble her heart with.

Time had past for senshi and though she swore off love that didnt mean that she wouldnt feel the annoying pain of loneliness, and the empty feeling of wanting love.Her mother and grandfather wanted her happen and to have someone that could take care of her and love her for who and what she was. However senshi turn any male that wanted more away, never looking back but never moving forward.she spent most of her days with her younger brother Kenji, he always found the way to make her smile to make her laugh,He always kept her foing but he was so tired of seeing her down in the dumps when ever it came to love, and not having a full heart, he took it upon himself to call on his best friend Hoshiro (prince Charming) to help him in the mission of cheering his sister up. He asked him to meet her and be a friend that it was what she really needed and Hoshiro agreed to it and said he would try. At the same time he did that he went to his sister and said that he wanted her to get out more and hang out with him and some of his friends. he told her that they were all getting together and meeting up at his buddy hoshiro house, to meet him there, Senshi reluctantly agreed and at the time and place senshi made her way to hoshiro home not knowing that this was a moment she would never forget. She reached out and rang the door bell and waited, To her surprise when the door open stood hoshiro but what the surprise was how easily she felt like she was melting, He was tall and very handsome and it was like falling in love with a character in a book, or someone you would dream up. falling in love without knowing reason why tossed her for a loop and she pushed it out of her mind hard and quick calling him just another pretty face in a crowd. Out of the clouds Senshi reached her hand out and introduced her self as Senshi Kenji's not much older sister.Now on Hoshiro end it was pretty much the same affect only he wasnt denying it to himself and it was only in a guy version (lol) All he cared was how he was gonna make her his. He gently took her hand pulled her inside his home and introduced himself asking once more who she was because he was to busy looking at her features, she laughed and reintroduced her self and the next thing she found happen was she was pinned to a wall and being kissed by this prince. It came to shock for her as you can imagine. she wanted to protest she didnt want to love and she didnt want to be kissed, last thing she wanted want her heart to be toyed with and broken again, but his kiss was powerful and passionate, and she was starting to melt in ways she never dreamed it wasnt long after that, that made it official and became a couple.

On Sept 20th 2009 Senshi had already moved in with hoshiro but he always was traveling between realms after all he was a prince and as such he had things he had to do, it never really fazed sesnhi because she would travel with him from time to time and he always promised to come back and always did, and she would always be home waiting for him, But this day was special, it was her birthday, and she hoped that she would get to see him because she hadnt seen him in months. Hoshiro dare not miss this day and surprised her at there home bearing gifts and spoiled her on her birthday, but the only gift she cared about was that he was there with her to celebrate with her. However the Prince had more then just simple gifts and him there for her, it was the most important gift and hoped she loved it. Hoshiro dropped down to one knee and pulled out a ring and asked her to be his forever, this was a powerful moment for senshi, seeing how her life was coming together and she no longer feared the darkness with her. Because with hoshiro there was always light, he was always there to protect her. I think it is clear that she said yes and that Dec on the 9th in the early morning celebrating with there friends and family Hoshiro and Senshi brought there lives together and brought there hearts together in marriage, she promised him, her life was bonded to him forever and he would never lose her, as he did the same, it was the perfect day to start a perfect life, But Perfection cant last forever like she thought.

AS time past in there marriage and happiness Hoshiro continuously having to leave and do his job as prince, and study under his mother Marlin so that one day him and senshi could rule the kingdom. Senshi traveled from both realms and this time she stay in her own realm to spend time with her family and make sure there home was ready for when hoshiro would return, she smiled and remembered there last conversation they talked about starting a family of their own. she was so excited and nothing could stop her from her happily ever after. But days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months and almost a year had gone by and hoshiro wasnt coming home, and this caused a ache inside senshi heart. she was ready and planning to travel back to his realm her second home, and before she could finish packing she received a letter from her mother in law Marlin asking her to come back to the castle, Hoshiro was in a terrible accident, senshi felt her heart drop and she rushed to be beside her husband, When she finally got there, she got the news in a shocking way, rushing into the bedroom where he was resting she found him sitting there, when she spoke to him, he looked at her like she was crazy and told her that he didnt know who she was. Hoshiro had lost his memory he didnt remember anyone or anything all the memorize of there time together, from the first time they met to how he asked her to marry him, now all gone nothing more then just stories in the back of her mind, it was the first time in a long time that all those fears she had buried in the darkness crept back into her heart. would this mean she lose him, if he did remember her or not would he still want her in his life? her heart told her not to think of those things, that what was important was he was alive and that she was there to take care of him, she reminded her self of that, to the point she remembered her promise to him that he would never lose her, she looked at him as she tried to explain who she was, and if she looked close enough he still held the look he gave her when he first met her desire.. she knew this was a new chapter in their life and they would find there way out together.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Toshiro Sparx Jr

Toshiro Jr was the son of Senshi older brother Toshiro, and her late friend Kiya, those two relationship was a mess from the start and in the mix they had a child and Kiya named him after his father, and thought he never really like his father he still respected him. However Like her real father her brother disappeared and walked away from his child and was never heard from. Kiya was merely a witch she was alone to raise Jr and senshi came to help when she could, but one day when senshi went over to check on her nephew she found the 8 year old on the floor crying next to his mother. his mother wasn't alive and there was no way of telling what happen to her. Senshi remember that feeling of being alone when her mother was ill and her grandfather came for her. she picked up her nephew off the floor and took him home with her and raised him from that moment on. since her husband wasn't around much she didn't tell many people. she grew to love her nephew like her own.

so Love me like you do, Touch me like you do, Hold me like you do.

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After thinkin about it I have decided to take a small break from here. the ppl I want here arent and i can understand life goes on. But w/that bein said Im barely gettin by w/the nightmare I have gone through

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Hell Hounds

May 25th 2017 18:25


Background: I'm looking for something with a graveyard for her but I don't see any one I like...give me time i'll send it here too unless you got one.

Oct 15th 2015 19:54

I know the pain, just today I was trying to help Coco get something in our basement and I banged my head against this little pole she had downstairs. That sh*t still hurts.

Oct 15th 2015 19:46

Why I would imagine that would be cool. you could step on people.

Oct 15th 2015 18:52

Geez your tall, well that's good to know my height means something.

Oct 15th 2015 18:16

6'3, i'm a pretty tall person if I do say so myself.

Oct 15th 2015 13:02

SHUT UP!!!!!! NOOOOO f*** my father for his whiteness!

Oct 15th 2015 10:01

I do have blond hair n green eyes that's why I said I don't look like a Spanish guy at all.

Oct 15th 2015 00:28

true I have no idea what you people look like. I don't think I showed you pics of myself and I will never. I don't look like ur typical spanish guy.

Oct 15th 2015 00:12

that sucks but make sure his ass makes it to the after party. I remember stars wedding Senpi and us jumped some guy (including Sebastian) it was pretty fun. Damn were f***ing ghetto as sh*t!

Oct 15th 2015 00:02

Damn it, for Sebastian wedding thing we had fun like that. Someone needs to get married over here so we can have fun like that
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