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Her Special Place {Kouseki Botsuraku};


This is a place Riku normally goes to at night, although if she desperately needs to think over something, or just wants to relax, she will come in the morning. Most of the time she usually spends there at night has to do with training though. her method of training though usually has to do with using a stick to pretend its Kazemaru and will act out the motions of fighting with it on top of the water barefoot. Although if she pretends to throw it at someone she will also act out other fighting motions, as well as pretending she herself is the weapon to determine the movements of it and how she would want it to move. In such a result, it resembles more of a dance than actual training. At times she will even bring some music with her to help, which makes it even more like a dance. Because of this she refused to train like this near others and will only come here and only at night. So, if you so happen to catch her here, say nothing and just watch or you may find yourself with that stick up your ass.


People Known;

Sasori[Click for link]

Sasori, the scorpion of the red sand. Sasori is a master of poison and puppets, which a mental and emotional problem where he closes himself off to try and not feel thanks to having separation issues. First having his parents leave, and believing they went on another mission before coming home, later only to realize they were dead, along with being abandoned by his former partner Orochimaru. Because of these things, he has gained a, 'don't make me wait' attitude and can't stand people taking longer than he thinks they should.

Deidara[Click for link]

This man means more to her than anything. For two and a half years she spent secretly in love with him and still is, willing to do whatever it takes to keep him happy without showing how she really feels in fear of being hurt. Deidara is a hot tempered, arrogant, prideful man who has an over obsession with his 'art'. The art of explosions. Deidara is the type of man who gets flack for being blonde and having long hair, which resorts in Hidan giving him the nickname, Deidara-chan. Although other than his hair, there's really nothing feminine about this childish teen. Deidara around the time of being partnered with Sasori, was childish, smart mouthed and a joker who was always smiling. After being paired with Tobi, he realized what a brat he was back then, and became bitter and irritable.

Hidan[Click for link]

Hidan, the short tempered silver-haired voodoo priest. He has the temper of a bull, and the mouth of a toilet. This man will spew so much profanity, that its unbelievable. Of course, everything he does, he does to appease a god that is from his religion.

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi, also known as 'Weasel' is Riku's older cousin. This man may not seem it, but hes a pacifist. He hates death as much as Riku and will make a point to severely injure or screw with his opponents mind rather than kill. If he can get away with simply knocking you out, you bet he'll do just that. Riku had been working on a cure to help with some kind of illness he contracted that was screwing up his insides. Although before his death, he had already planed on dying. Itachi is a calculating man and had planed his death for years. Riku truly wanted to tell her younger cousin the truth, but kept it secret for his sake. So, the most she could do was keep him alive until that day, with drugs.


The greedy one. Kakuzu is a man with an obsession with one thing. Money. If he can get it, one way or another, he will. Kakuzu had a rep for killing his partners out of anger thanks to his short temper. Although because of that, he was paired up with Hidan, who he could beat on till he passed out and he wouldn't die. Kakuzu may not look it, but hes an old man, and Riku makes a point of calling him that every once and awhile.

Kisame Hoshigaki

A man with a plan. And his plan? To fight! This freaky fish-guy just loves to fight and slice people to bits with his beloved Samehada. Although after his weapon was snagged up by Killer Bee, shes not sure what he is planning now. Kisame is a joker of the group, next to 'Tobi' whose attacks were even meant more as a form of 'play'. Kisame pretty much gets along with anyone and everyone but is a bit self-conscious when his skin color gets brought up.


A woman of mystery. Konan never much spoke to Riku since she never felt too comfortable around Konan. Riku knows only that she is Pein's best friend and that she uses paper art to fight, while being called 'Lady Angel' by the residents of Ame.

Her Master[Click for link]

This man is the whole reason she is still alive. When she was thirteen, he pulled her out of a fast moving river and saved her life. She was uncontious but he managed to get the water from her lungs before she died. Around that time he was traveling with Zetsu. Tobi also is the person who trained Riku in most of the more advanced Sharingan abilities, and gave her Kazemaru, her Fuuma Shuriken. Riku holds high respect for this man and acts under him more than the group itself. This man she refers to as, Danna, Obito-sama, or Tobi no Danna to those who don't know who Tobi truely is. In her eyes, Obito is very much like a father figure to her. At least thats what she believes. Though secretly, Riku has repressed, very strong feelings for him due to him. But due to him being in love with Rin and feeling she can't compete, she refuses them as being existent.


Pein, also known as Nagato. He is the leader of Akatsuki, which he rules along side his best friend, Konan. Nagato believes that by forcing people to stop fighting by means of a threat, then all war will end. Not much is understood about this one to her, but he seems to make a point of looking after her much like the other members. At one point she started to work on a cure for the problems that those Six Paths were doing to his poor body but had yet to find an answer. She can only hope this time around, he won't use them again.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke, is the younger of Riku's two cousins. And she may refer to him as her 'younger cousin' at times, but it only has meaning that he is the younger one out of the two. Sasuke is quick to get angry and has high a high rage level once he gets there. Most of the time thought he remains indifferent when in a fight, only showing small signs of irritation every so often. He once was a cheerful, playful child way back before the destruction of their clan. Because of this, she is slowly trying to get him to return to that old self. Sasuke is somewhat arrogant when speaking, but his calm, collected mannerisms make it hard to tell till he talks to you. He is the type of man who if you hurt anyone he cares for, you best kill your own self before he gets to you, or he will make you suffer.


This man is dangerous for many reasons. One being, you never really know what hes going to do, because he has two sides to him. Riku trained under Tobi around the time he was traveling around with this walking plant, so shes pretty cool with him. Although at the same time she reminds herself to be cautious, thanks to his apatite for human flesh. Although he can be quite amusing when he starts arguing with himself.


This is a guide for all of you who have no idea what Riku is talking about with her little nick names she gives to people.

Dei-san = Deidara
Hi-san = Hidan
Ichi = Itachi
Kaku-san = Kakuzu
Kisa-sama = Kisame Hoshigaki
Ko-chan = Konan
Masa-senpai/Senpai = Masaru Uchiha
Naru-chan = Naruko Uzumaki
Obito no Danna/Tobi no Danna/Danna/Master/Obito-sama = Obito/Tobi
Pei-Sama/Pein-Sama = Pein
Sasi-san/Sasori-san = Akasuna no Sasori
Shishi-san/Shishu = Shisui Uchiha
Sasu-kun/Duck-butt head = Sasuke Uchiha
Snake-face = Orochimaru
Zet-san = Zetsu



She will rarely speak what she doesn't mean. If she does, it is simply to hide whatever feelings she has at the time so she doesn't get hurt if she believes she will.

Kind and careing;

Her heart is often referred to as 'weak' or 'soft'. Too much set on the mind frame that she will not kill unless within self defense, or ordered to. She hates killing and at times will become enraged, getting into the 'kill mode', but will mostly get herself right back out and stop herself before she pulls off what she was going to do. She cares more about the feelings of her friends and loved ones than her own self and will do whatever she can to make them feel alright, even if the resulting action hurts her in the long run.


She believes in protecting those you care for, no matter what the cost. Because of this, even if her life is in danger, or she winds up getting hurt, she would take it readily and willingly rather than see those she cares for hurt. This has been her mind frame since the death of her clan and her mother, Uchiha Kunami. Although the more she cares, the more willing she is to do things that would cost her in some way. For the one she loves, she would even give her own life without a second thought.


Her heart is like glass and even though she won't admit, or show it, depending on what is said, her heart can shatter quite easily. She would give anything for those who she cares for, but that doesn't always mean they care for her. Because of that, she locks her heart up in a metaphorical, iron box and refuses to open it no matter what. Because of her own fears, she won't admit something if it means she believes she will be hurt in the proses. Being emotionally damaged in the past by a man named Ichimaru, who she adored at the time. Letting her heart be given to him, and then finding him with some woman. Although only a young teen at the time, it damaged her now so she won't take emotional risks anymore.

Playful and Childish;

When she gets bored at times, depending on how well she knows a person, she will become playful or childish. Some may even call her a pest, or a brat at those times. She will get too playful and start causing trouble in manners of spraying whipped cream down peoples pants, or dropping water balloons on top of their heads. Sometimes she will tackle, or pounce them randomly.


She will take care of whatever task is before her. Cooking, cleaning, missions. She does them all at 110%.


She may work hard, but her hard work and need to keep busy are from an inner self-conscious of feeling useless. She believes that if she isn't doing something to benefit her friends, or the organization, she is of no use. Because of this, she keeps herself always busy, not able to let herself slow down or mess up. She tries to perfect everything she does, fearing every time of failure, which is hidden behind a bright smile and cheerful, playful attitude.

Closed off;

She is very emotionally closed. Although she often gets lonely, or sad, or even depressed, she won't speak up on how she feels. This often being very bad because it makes her even more upset. This often occurs around holidays, especially romantic ones, such as valentines, new years, ect. Although it can also occur if she sees a couple walking down the street, or a man and a woman sitting together, enjoying themselves. She also refuses to cry, believing it to be a sign of weakness. This also comes into her self-conscious, insecurity side. She feels that if her friends, and especially the man she adores sees her cry it will make them see her as weak and look down on her.


Not wanting to waste time and handle things to perfection also makes her rather reliable. Because of this, it would be said she gets along well with Sasori, never making him wait for any reason.

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Sexual Interest;

Love Interest;


Relationship Status;

Uchiha and Fujita


Favorite Foods;
Anything sweet, mildly spicy,
slightly salty, and sour things.
Especially loves Onigiri(Riceballs)

Disliked Foods;
Anything Bitter

Fujita Itamo (father, age 36 -dead-)
Uchiha Kunami (mother, age 34 -dead-)
Uchiha Ichimaru (older brother, age 16 -dead-)
Uchiha Suzuki (younger sister, age 2 -dead-)
Uchiha Fugaku (uncle, age 40 -dead-)
Uchiha Mikoto (aunt, age 35 -dead-)
Uchiha Itachi (eldest cousin, age 21)
Uchiha Sasuke (younger cousin, age 16)

Fire and Wind

Medical Kunoichi
And looking after the Akatsuki members

So ask...

Uchiha Riku うちはリク

Riku Uchiha (うちはリク, Uchiha Riku) is the student of Obito Uchiha. She was rescued by him at age 13 and plays the role of the Akatsuki subordinate.


Riku Uchiha, or code name Riku Fujita thanks to being half Uchiha and able to go under her father's name when traveling around for safety reasons, is a shy, quiet girl most of the time. She tends to only open up around people she trusts. That being her family, and those she eventually makes friends with. That is.... until her mother got ill.

Riku grew up in a segregated area of Konohagakure No Sato, the village of the Hidden Leaf. Back then she was picked on and bullied by the other kids about her odd skin and the fact she was so different. She underwent such foul names as to be referred to as a 'Bruised peach in a basket of high classed apples'. This caused her to have to get rescued by her cousins quite often when they would spot her. At times when they would see her crying Sasuke would go to punish the brats who hurt her, making them apologize. Although because of this she wanted to get stronger, deciding that becoming a ninja was the best way.

But although Riku was stubborn and strong willed about her decision to become a ninja, her mother firmly disapprove. And insisted that she only work to heal and not kill like her. Becoming enraged she lashed out by pleading with her two older cousins to help her learn Ninjutsu, while she studied Taijutsu on her own. She would learn small things over time, mainly from Itachi when he had the time. It seemed she excelled in Taijutsu, and things like tree climbing along with water walking, with a few embarrassing mishaps.

By the time she was seven, her skills in healing had improved greatly and she would cover up her training she did with her cousins by saying she was going to play with them, then later come home with a basket of medical herbs. Her mother would be so pleased she would ignore the fact of anything else she returned with. Such as, cuts, bruises, scrapes or anything else that showed signs of her training efforts.

Her mother was given a mission soon after. Or more, she received a letter from a village where no ninja lived. Their young prince had fallen ill and had need of desperate medical attention. Being friends with the head leader to that village, she had no choice but to ask to go. The Hokage was so touched by her words that he granted her seven days to go, handle the situation and come back, but no longer.

Her mother, deciding it to be a good learning experience, decided to bring her seven year old daughter with her for assistance. She told her daughter and explained they would be leaving within a few days. Feeling confused at why she had to go, and angry because she had to leave behind her secret training, she went to her two cousins and explained the situation. In a way, they were really her only friends then, so she was a bit upset about leaving them behind. Still, she used what days she had to pretend to prepare for the trip, and train in the forest.

On the day of the departure, she felt a bit sad after saying her goodbyes to her cousins and her older brother, father and two year old sister. Somehow, it felt like the last time she'd see them. Still, it was probably because this was her first real trip so far from home for such a extended amount of time.

It was about two days and they had nearly made it there, when some thieves came after them. Full of fear, noticing that they had been rouge ninja, and without options thanks to limited skill, they chased the two of them until they came to a severe drop. She tried to hide behind her mom who was trying to protect her, but in fear, she stepped back too far and the edge behind her started to crumble. As she started to fall, her mother grasped hold of her in a desperate attempt to protect her small child. Both plummeted to the bottom with her. Her mother and her struck their heads on the way down, leaving them unconscious. Her mother suffered a minor concussion, and the two were out of it for about two days. By then, the ANBU had been sent out by the Hokage's advisers to check up on them. They found them knocked out and the bottom and assumed they were both dead. Poking them with their swords to see if they would finch, but got no reaction from ether. Still, they were going to remove their heads, just in case.

As one went to swing their sword, the rouges came back, surrounding the area, and outnumbering the three ANBU. They decided to send one away to deliver the message and leave the bodies where they were, to inform the village of their death. The two who had sent them away were killed, and the third was captured and tortured for a little over a week. When the ANBU finally got free and escaped, they returned directly to Konoha. The clan and the Hokage, as well as his advisers where informed of the two Uchiha's deaths. Although villagers from the Village By The River were out looking for the two of them when they never showed up. Finding them in that state, they brought them back and nursed them back to health with what limited medical supplies they had.

Within a few days, the two awoke, her mother the first and began slowly recovering before going to work on the boy who wasn't too much older than Riku. Riku soon too awoke, feeling the pain that reminded her of a headache, but it wasn't too long before she was up and moving. The elder of the village brought her to her mother, who was speaking to a ninja whose village was demolished a few years ago. He was the only ninja there and began looking after Riku when her mother didn't need her assistance. His name was Ichimaru and he was about sixteen years old.

It was no more then two days when the child started to get better and her mother explained she and Riku would have to return home. Riku and her mother weren't walking but a few hours when they overheard two people walking along the road. They heard them mention about their clan and how it was wiped out by a rouge Uchiha named Itachi who went insane. Her mother pulled her and herself behind a tree and hid as she listened further. Deciding it wasn't safe to go back, the two made their way back to the village they had come from, deciding to live their lives under Riku's father's last name. Fujita.

Although when Riku turned ten she found that her mother had contracted some disease she wasn't aware of. With only the limited knowledge taught to her by her mother, she could only watch as her mother died slowly. She had to snap out of her childish shyness fast and learn to become mentally stronger if she wanted to make it. Although the villagers and Ichimaru who had decided to stay and live there, still looked after her, she was forced to handle things at home herself. Looking after her mother constantly and making sure she would be comfortable. Although at times Ichimaru would help her out. At one point, she ran out of medical herbs she needed to make the medicine used to treat her mother.

It was night when she noticed that the jar was empty, or at least it was close to it. But she was desperate, and unknowing of the storm that was coming in fast, went out to look through the forest for some to replace them. She looked for hours when she started to notice that it was starting to rain. After collecting what she could, she ran till she found a cave, that rested atop a hill. Rushing in, she took shelter within to get out of the rain which quickly progressed into a full blown storm. She was fine until an odd feeling started to pester at her. A ticklish, itching feeling. It was then that the lightning flashed and her eyes grew wide in fear as the lightning eliminated her and showed possibly around twenty spiders covering her body. Or at least thats how many it seemed. Thunder boomed, and another flash as lightning sparked in front of her. Again, she saw them, some biting her, others crawling into her cloths.

In a fit of panic, she cried out and rushed out of the cave, only to trip, sliding on the wet grass and tumbling down the hill. Her arm was twisted behind her and she cracked her head against a rock, although luckily didn't pass out. With haste, and a stumbling panic, she made her way to her feet and brushed and patted all over herself, although the spiders had already ether jumped off, been crushed or fell off when she was tumbling but in her mind she couldn't think of anything but to get them all off. Without another thought, she rushed home through the booming thunder and illuminating flashes of snapping light. When she got back, she dropped the herbs, and then started stripping down to her bare flesh and rushed into the shower, collapsing into the tub as hot, water flooded over her. Her eyes trembled in utter, traumatic horror. Not once did she ever speak of that day to anyone, not even her mother and it was a few days before she spoke much at all.

After about two years later, Ichimura told Riku how proud he was of her and how amazing she was to be so strong and deal with the trials of taking care of her sick mother without a word, or so much a point of breaking from how hard it was. Then right after, he told her that one day, he would make her his wife. She was a bit taken aback by this, but still smiled and nodded happily in response. Although two years later, her mother died, leaving her with an ache in her heart and a need for comfort. Ichimaru was the first thing on her mind.

Without a second thought she ran into the forest where they normally would meet and went to tell him with tears in her eyes. When she found him though, he wasn't alone, but atop of one of the older girls from the village. Seeing him like that, her already aching heart broke and she felt her knees shake, nearly causing her to collapse. But he turned around and saw her there, causing a panicked expression to come to his face.

Without a word, she turned and ran, heading for the river as fast as she could. She could hear him cumming, racing after her, calling out but she wouldn't stop. How could she after seeing that? What excuse could he possibly have for such a thing? When she made it to the river, she immediately darted across the wet, moss filled log that was often used as a bridge. But she was going too fast, and in such a frantic mess that she forgot to be careful.

Within moments she was off the log and in the river bellow it. The current pulling her under while a panicked Ichimaru stood on the log, with a fearful expression. That was the last thing she saw as she was pulled down into the cold and fell unconscious after a few minutes, unable to get a grip on anything and unable to fight the current. When she woke up, there was a man standing over her wearing a mask over his fast. An orange, striped mask. He told her to refer to him as, Madara Uchiha for the time being, with Zetsu near by him. This man was Tobi.

When he eventually began to trust her more and became close with her, he eventually told her his real name, Obito.

After three weeks of being taken care of by the masked man, Obito began the training to help her get strong and learn how to fight. Finding herself as the man's student now, she began training constantly under him with her new weapon which he was teaching her how to use, along with a number of other weapons to help increase her taijutsu skills, along with hand to hand combat.

She spent three months under him until eventually, the day came that he had to return, back to what he told her was called, Akatsuki. He explained that his traveling was over and that he had been summoned back. Not wanting to be left alone, she plead with the masked man to allow her to come with him, to stay by his side until the end. She wanted him to use her as his tool, giving him full control over her. Due to her showing her loyalties to him, Obito decided to explain more about himself, though only explained the jest of what he wanted to do and why.

After she joined Akatsuki, working as a medic, as well as ordered to cook, clean and look after the base while everyone was gone. She took pride in her job, but often found herself lonely and sad. For this reason being that because it was her job, she was not 'thanked' for doing it and so felt depressed and unappreciated.
Especially on holidays.

Riku also wound up growing deep feelings for her master, but due to his constant talking and obsession with his love of Rin, Riku ended up giving up on the idea he would ever look at her as anything. Due to this, she repressed her feelings and focused on anything she could to not thinking about it. Because of this, she wound up eventually allowing herself to fall in love with Deidara, the blond bomber. But because of her not wanting to be hated by him, she keeps it to herself and yet continue to pine secretly for him. Its likely she didn't do the same with him as she had done with Obito due to the sheer fact he never mentioned adoring any other women. Because of this she had hoped he would simply one day understand her feelings and fall for her himself.

Ri also feared being rejected, scolded, yelled at, or insulted by Deidara for her feelings as well and felt it better to care for him without being hurt. Although, theres just one other problem, even if she did confess. He hates Uchiha, so her fear of losing what friendship she had with him, knowing that fact also kept her to a point of fearing her own affection.

Part II

Kazekage Rescue Arc

Soon after the death of Sasori, Riku took it upon herself to clear her head in order to get over her friend's death and went to Konoha to get supplies for the Akatsuki. Some medical herbs, and other such things she could only get in Fire Country. But while she was there, resting at the memorial, she found out she was being watched. Riku grabbed by the ANBU Black Ops when they noticed a piece of the Akatsuki robe that hung out of her pocket from the plushie she made of Deidara when she went to stand up. She was locked in a cell with nothing but the picture of her family and the plushie she made, she managed to swipe without notice.

She underwent brutal torcher while there, being burned, cut, kicked, and evern went through whippings, among other things, being beat with a bamboo rod over and over while holding in any cries of pain to show no weakness. She held back booth sight and sound of any dis-enjoyment.

There for months, she stayed in the cell, as they tried to get information of the Akatsuki from her, with the occasional meal brought in on a tray. Day after day she was whipped and kicked, spit on and starved. The only gasp of sanity she had left finally slipped away when she learned of Deidara, Hidan and Kakuzu's deaths by one of the ANBU. But to top it off, he also told her that her cousin Sasuke was also assumed dead. Unable to deal with this pain like the physical beatings she endured, she broke down. The man placed a tray of food within the cell, then left while she collapsed to her knees and echoing cries of misery came from her cell. She was a puddle of mess on the ground when the guards came back. Her eyes were sore and her face was red from crying. She simply lay on the ground, shaking in horrible, emotional agony. Still clinging to the picture and the doll.

Seeing that the food had not been touched, one of them came in and forced the meal down her throat until it was gone. Of course, thats what she wanted. While her blank eyes shifted to watch one guard go to stand watch by the door, she then began to fight the other. All of which was a diversion.

While he was busy fighting with her to eat, she moved her hand up and grabbed the spare key he had on him and slipped it under her back. When the man finally backed off, and relocked the door, the two left with the empty tray. That night, when there weren't many guards, she gathered up what energy she had and slid her hand through the bars, unlocking the cage. She then tucked her things she had on her into her vest pockets and went around sneakily, and quietly from room to room till she found her things that they took.

After getting her stuff put back on and her things in the right spots, she slid about until she found the morgue. When she got in there, she looked around until she found the corpse they brought in of her team mate, Kakuzu and then gathered as many threads from his lifeless body as she could, after apologizing to him.

When she thought she had enough, she put them all into her pouch and slipped out of there to find the way out. After she slipped around the village, trying to stay out of sights while being careful not to be spotted by the ANBU who went out looking for her now that they knew she was missing. Overhearing some boy telling his team about what he did with the body, she narrowed her eyes and took off for the woods. It took her awhile but she finally found the spot where the dirt was overturned from the explosion and began digging up the mess. it took hours, but she managed to retrieve all the limbs by morning, putting them in a sack before returning to Ame.

Bringing the limbs to her own secret spot, at the falls she hung out at, she carried them up into the cave behind the falls and sewed him back together carefully. She was there for hours, but finally managed to get everything put back in the right spots and still had a few extra pieces of string left. Now that that was settled, she wrote up a note for him and laid it on his chest saying;

"You're welcome. I'll be at the base, so come home when you are able to move again. I'll bring you some ribs whenever I get the chance, please stay there till you are sure you can move well. Your weapon is resting on the wall, I washed it and shinned it for you." ~Riku

Itachi Pursuit Arc

When she got back, she retreated into her room and didn't come out for days. Although on the day Itachi came by to visit, and had informed her that Sasuke was indeed still alive it only eased some of the pain. Food was often left by the door for her outside the room of her apartment, but she would rarely eat.

She hadn't cried since the prison and was struggling with her mind to force away the pain, but thoughts of the blonde kept over ruling her and her sanity. Sweating, panting, and gripping her head she often found herself doing as a splitting pain ran through it while a horrible burning feeling ran throughout her entire body, with feelings of threatening to rip her apart.

The loss of Deidara nearly threw her over the edge and it was a long time before she actually managed to push them back to a certain point that she was able to force a smile. During that time, unknown to her at that time, she awakened the Mangekyou through her suffering.

Not long after Deidara's death and things started to seem to get better, Riku heard from Tobi that Itachi had lost his fight against Sasuke and was dead. Riku fell to her knees and shook with wide eyes as she tried to force it all away. Tobi explained also that Sasuke was seriously hurt, but that he would be alright after getting patched up. Still, her heart fell and she remembered the last conversation she had with him. It was some time after she recovered from Deidara's death. She begged him to allow her to find Sasuke and explain the truth to him, but he shook his head.

She then begged him to allow her to use the medicine she came up with to cure him fully over a short period of time, and he smiled and told her to simply keep him alive long enough to fight Sasuke and not waste the medicine on him since he wasn't going to last much longer. She cursed at herself and mentally told herself how stupid she was for allowing it. She could've saved him if she had done what she felt was truly right.

When Obito moved Sasuke into the cave, he came at got her after and had her tend to Sasuke's injuries to treat them and bandage him up before he woke up. After that point, she told him she would need some time to herself, and left for her secret hangout spot in the forest outside of Takigakure's village. But before she left, he stopped her for a while to explain more in depth about what was really going on, from as much he what he himself knew of. Everything was fully explained, as he truly realized after everything, her loyalties were unyielding. Everything was broken down and explained out in detail so she was able to grasp all of what was going on, and what was going to happen from then on out. While Obito was dealing with his plans after that point, she was busy mourning both Deidara and Itachi and trying to take time to pull herself back together and process everything her mater had explained to her. Yet still, she wanted to aid him somehow, even if he didn't agree with what he planned to do.

But because of her master's overprotective concerns for her safety, Riku wound up sheltered even more than she used to be after the death of Itachi and Deidara. Why, she could only guess, was possibly because two of the people who used to hang out with her the most, no longer were alive to look after her while Obito was busy. Although because of this, Riku became even more depressed, though by looking at her alone, one wouldn't be able to see it. All the frustration and the stress she felt from being sheltered was turned into energy for training as a desperate cry of hope that her master would see her potential and place her in the front lines to help out with his plans.

This attempt seemed to fail at every turn she took and he simply moved on with his plans without her, leaving her to herself while she trained as hard as she could at her hangout spot in Takigakure. Occasionally whenever she could manage the hike from her body being so worn, she would travel to the place where Sasuke and Deidara had their fight and Deidara died. When she couldn't walk, she would fly on her summoning, Kodosu.
A giant crow.

Riku's new Sharingan. Her Mangekyou Sharingan she obtained from withdrawing all the pain in her life. Refuseing to accept and release any of it, after the death of Deidara and Itachi her body couldn't take anymore. And like a dam with a crack in it, it all started to break out in the form of this. Although it was mianly triggered by thoughts of Deidara, no matter good or bad. Her pain that she tried to push away, couldn't be stoped and helped to create this. It is unknown as of yet what its special ability is as of yet because it has not been put to real use.

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