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Jeline NalaMarie

Invisible threads are the strongest ties.

Family Ties
MOTHER: Jasmine Jeline.
SISTER(S): Kacey. Samantha. Ava. Falere.
BROTHER(S): Tojo. L.J.
Other Family: I'll get to this.

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Theres a slight curve.
CURRENT RELATIONSHIP(S): My dirty little secret.<3
PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): Kovu. Malaak. Kamina. Brennan. Carter. Dimitri/Whisper.


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About me:
.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
Who I'd like to meet:

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.
I never gave NalaMarie Heartache an actual "story", but, I won't leave you guys left dumb-founded about her life. Instead of making up the same bullsh*t "she was abandoned/separated from her parents when she was a cub, blahblahblahh." I'll just tell you guys her experience.. c:
This character was made in late 2006. She was started out at a cub. She met 2 cubs. Kovu & Maroon. They both liked her. But, Kovu had her eye. They got together when they were teens, & stayed together for a good 6 years afterwards. (Until Kovu left rp completely.)
She didn't get "adopted" until she was in her teens, by Kiyashi. Kiyashi was a wolf. A demon wolf at that. But she took in Nala with arms wide open. Kiyashi already had a daughter, Genta. Genta was pure human. Nala & Genta became the best of friends. & they're still friends to this very day. Kiyashi was pulled from them both a few years down the road. They loved her, but they had each other to lean back on during this time.
A year or two after Kiyashis disappearance, Nala was soon adopted by another, Jasmine.♥ Whom she still calls mom today. Nala has other siblings, of course not blood. It doesn't bother her, blood or no blood, they're still her family, & she wouldn't trade any of them for the world.

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Jun 6th 2019 15:48

hell a pleasure to meet you my name is valric hope to become friends with you

Jun 2nd 2019 13:47

So, considering I’ve decided to return I’m sending out mass comments to everyone to figure out who’s active and who’s not.

I’ll start by saying, if we’ve had troubles in the past, I apologize and I’ll also say that Rah has lost all her memory. She’s going based on things people have told her.

Due to this, she can be much more socialable, as long as the other person doesn’t intend on bringing harm to her adopted family.

Anywho! If your active and would like to get a roleplay going, feel free to reply. I’m even up for some chit chat!

If I get no response after a week, I’ll start deleting people. I’ll just assume they’re not active or they only talk to their own group(which I can’t judge).

Hope to hear back from you soon (:


May 31st 2019 14:37

Theres a few of us still around that I found. Akota is actually Noah's son so hes my nephew and I believe your great grandson?

May 28th 2019 19:13

-Flails around and pouts, as she boops his nose.-
“Not fair, Miss Dare!”
-Rolls onto his side and starts nibbling his paw.-

May 28th 2019 09:48

Old face trying this one more time.
How the heck are ya? 
Would you care to discuss a storyline, get a roleplay going, or just chat?
||™Illyria the Cursed||

May 27th 2019 10:12

--Salutations and thank you kindly for adding me. I greatly appreciate it. 
So, instead of a long ass greeting, I'm just going to get straight to the point. Illyria is the name. I'm down for nicknames, so feel free to give me one if you'd like. 
If you're ever down to get a story going, hit me up! If not, chit chatting is fine as well. 
I hope to hear back from you soon! 

May 27th 2019 09:27

Hello... my name is Aurora, but you can call me Rory for short" The small sandy white cub giggled a she lowered her small frame.

ooc: Pleasure to meet you new friend.
Thanks very much for the add!
I would like to welcome you to Rory's roleplaying page; I hope you enjoy your stay.
If you would like to roleplay and want to discuss then by all means, I am always up for a discussion. Of course, if you would like to wing it, that is always plus for me, just give me a buzz and I will send you over a starter.
And if you would like to chit chat in character or out then I am game for that too, but I would like to do that in comments, easier for me. 
I hope we get a roleplay going soon;- speak soon :)

Sincerely - Writer behind Rory
тwιх velocιтy♥

May 25th 2019 08:41

Ahhh omg! 
What kind of puppies?! 
©The Two;

May 24th 2019 21:42

*steps away; o3o
Just no kill me x’DD

May 23rd 2019 18:24

How cute! 8D
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