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26 years old
Orlando, Florida
United States

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March 10 2019

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Emalanri is actually a fairly, sweet natured woman. She has been through a multitude of battles that have rather humbled her. While she can usually beat anyone that gets in her way, she's one that refuses to fight if the challenger has no good reason for it. The only time she would actually fight a person, is if they threaten or harm someone she loves. However, to do such a thing as to make someone like Emalanri angry, would be a dire decision to make on the other's part.

Skype: Emapoo21
Give me love, like hers. Cause lately I've been waking up alone. Pain splattered tear drops on my shirt. Told you I'd let them go.
Novelty seeking Impulsive, exploratory, fickle, excitable, usually happy, loving, and calm.
Psychoticism Paranoid schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder due to being mixed with different, sentient beings.
Obsessionality can come off as shy, nervous, but once she sees you as hers you belong to her, even if you don't want it.
Likes cupcakes, nature, peace, tranquility, her daughters. likes here;
Dislikes people who cause problems, people who threaten those she loves. humans. and a few other things.
Scyfer Grey

Scyfer is too precious for anyone else to understand! Imaginary's writing is beautiful, she is one of the most wonderful people I have had the pleasure of meeting and befriending on this site. yes we do ship our characters so touch Scyfer and I will tear out your still beating hearts and show it to you as you die ^~^ ♥


this girl, she's too sweet for words, I will love her forever and a day, if only she understood just how beautiful and how much her friendship means to me. I will devour your soul and condemn you to an eternal hell where you will spend the rest of your days reliving a terrible death each hour on the hour In a carnival of horrors if you mess with this girl!

Seras Victoria

I don't even have to do anything to you if you touch her, she's my most favorite savage peanut tree! and she'll hurt you on her own, but if she can't? Who ya gonna call? ♥ x'D when she reads this she will judge me horribly but I love her to the moon and back and if I could pull down the stars and give them to her I swear to everything I would.

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Emalanri Sinclaire

Emalanri is originally an Aes sidhe elf. Her people are said to be the Gods and Goddesses of the elven race. They live on a seperate dimension, and walk alongside humans, completely invisible to them. Or so she thought, until one night, after she turned ten years old, she was kidnapped by scientists. Her brother was the one that sold her to them for their experiments. For when she was born, she was prophesied to be the one to succeed the throne, though her brother thought he, himself was the rightful heir. In his envy and hatred, he sold her to them, and for fifty plus years, they experimented on her. Combining her DNA with different magical beings to turn her into a goddess of Wrath. However, their experiments were cut short by her escape, having only succeeded in making her a chimera. Combining her with Golden Dragon, Death Reaper, Manticore, Angel and Stone man.

Give a little time to me or burn this out we'll play hide and seek, to turn this around, all I want is the taste that your lips allow my, my. My, my, give me love

She also shares her body with the Goddess of Chaos, Loki. while she doesn't allow Loki out, or use the powers given to her by Loki for fighting purposes, sometimes, Loki tends to take control should she feel a situation is out of the Elf's hands. Though she is all of five feet tall, and no more than 115 pounds. Her strength, Stamina and Dexterity far exceeds that of even superman. The Stone Man in her, gives her the capability of quite literally, moving a mountain the size of Mount Everest. However, due to the species of elf she is, no matter who she is near, the earth and nature will always do what she asks. Only a druid would be a bit of a challenge for her against nature. She doesn't fight, however. If anyone threatens, or tries to harm those she loves, they will find themselves put in the ground faster than their thought process. "Do what you please to me. But touch the people I love, and I will put you DOWN!" ~Emalanri

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Full Name: Emalanri Sinclaire
Nicknames: Ema, Elfie
Aliases: P-9
Date Of Birth: September 17th
Place Of Birth: The Silver Forest
Current Residence: Earth
Ethnicity: Aes Sidhe
Hair Color: White blonde
Eye Color: emerald green
Height: 5'0
Weight: 115lbs
Birthmarks/Scars: none/many
Mother: Aiko Haseya
Father: Apollo Lunarch
Sister(S): none
Brother(S): none
Other Family: aunts
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Relationship Status: single
Current Relationship(S): f*** you
Past Relationship(S): we dont talk about it
High School what is that?
College books?
Major well, i like to cook
Degree as in farenheit or celcius?
Occupation: oh! i cook!
Job Description: baker
Employer: myself
Skills: cooking, cleaning. things.
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Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Any, Action, Adventure, Crossover, Open, Romance,
Member Since:July 06, 2015

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Emalanri 's Friends Comments
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☄ Citlali.

Dec 29th 2016 21:46

YES. xchichimeca

Feb 25th 2016 17:14

Hey honey!
Sayu (Elf Druid)

Feb 16th 2016 10:51

Forcing herself to stand up straight, she pondered to herself for a moment, the wide smile still fixed on her expression. Closing her eyes briefly, her hand soon rose to give a half initiated wave to the girl, sheepishly giggling. "I'm glad to meet you Miss Emalanri, I hope we'll be good friends!"

//If you'd like to RP, I'd adore a message ^-^ ♥
Sayu (Elf Druid)

Feb 15th 2016 16:35

Lifting her dress lightly as she curtsied, the elf spoke softly. "Greetings, my name is Sayu Kiyomi." She spoke with a soft giggle as she rose back up.
Leaning forward, she looked closely at the other's frame, enough so that it was obvious. "And who might you be?" She curiously wondered aloud, her smile widening as she made eye contact, awaiting a response anxiously.

Jan 22nd 2016 05:41


^My other "not so serious" page.
Lindsey Stirling

Jan 17th 2016 03:55

Between the Songs and the Sways

Hi there, Ema!

It's a pleasure to meet you and thank you for requesting me.
Call me Lindsey.

I'll check out your profile later and see what we can come up for our future story, okay? C:

I know you're trying to go for an IC greeting, which is cool! I have nothing against that. C; Just do know that I'll be responding back OOC at all times. I'm only IC when I'm role-playing for real. That way, there's no confusion, at least on my side of things. ^_^;

Wow! You're also a friend of Ryu, Kimiko and Suzuna? :D
Aren't those 3 connected much with others? xD

Well, I hope to make a beautiful story with you someday. :D
Bye for now!

Jan 3rd 2016 15:40

O-Oh! I'm okay with just about anything miss♥ Just let me know what you like, or if you'd prefer to jump into something...just that said, if it's fighting then I'm k-kind of a wimp, so maybe not that ^-^;
ℳσσnlιght ℒαdy

Dec 19th 2015 23:37

Hello there and thank you for taking
an interest in befriend me~.

I'm Suzuna Kuraki.

It's really nice to meet you.

I hope we can discuss a plot to
make a wonderful story out of
when it's timely for the both
of us.

I heard sweetest things about
you from miss Kimiko and sir
Ryu. So, I'll try my very best
to be on my best behavior
when we chat and stuff~.
(^ u ^

I look forward to hearing
from you soon and may you
have a wonderful week.



Nov 29th 2015 12:56

|| Regards from the Author ||

I know you are. Regardless. Formailits are in order.
[Clears throat.]

Fairest of tidings, fellow Tale-Weaver, and the warmest
of gratitude for giving consent to this aging Soul to
make your acquaintance.

I am Ryu. Ryu Hayabusa.
A mere conjurer of written fate for the Cast of souls
that I embody by means of peculiar pens.

I still have the entry you bestowed upon me some
five or six months ago. In time, we can give the
respective Canvas for it further Brushstrokes

And so, for now...
May we paint together a Canvas or two of fruitful
stories, whether our characters cross paths as
friends or foes, in the coming days.


Nov 9th 2015 23:02

any horror movies you seen you liked recently ?
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