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25 years old
San Francisco, California
United States

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April 24 2019

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MusicPlunderphonics, vaporwave
MoviesI've pretty much become disenchanted with Hollywood to a hilarious extent where I critic most of every movie I go to.
Heroes Heroes don't get good character development for the most part. It's always the villains that have good character development. Why? Because we can relate to them more as flawed individuals who have hurt, been hurt, suffered, lost, been betrayed, abandoned.

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Education:College graduate
Characters: Sera, Sylva, Kampe, Alraune
Verses: Final Fantasy VII, Black Butler, Ai no Kusabi, Castlevania
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
Status: Single
Member Since:August 09, 2015

Some of you need a succ hug! Although right now, its a kitty hug

Come hug dis p**sy!

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About me:
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Genesis Rhapsodos, Sephiroth, almost any vampire character

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ɴoᴛ a ̶H̶̶E̶̶R̶̶O̶

Dec 27th 2018 12:23

//. Hey, thanks for adding me. I wanted to get this out before it gets away from me. And sorry for my lack of...well anything actually. I work long hours and nights, so profile work and all that is coming slowly. 

Also I'm sorry if this seems impersonal. I had a lot to send since I'm new here. I get personal messages are better, but I wanted to send something since I don't have a ton of time right now. In any case I hope it doesn't discourage you from wanting to discuss/rp. 

I play Cloud from all points in his life. So I mean I don't have a preference to a time line. If you're open and interested in discussing a rp, maybe we can decide which would be the best starting point? 

That's it for my intro. Sorry again. And I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
One Ħɘɬɬ of a Butler™

May 7th 2016 14:26

Any preferred length?
As long as it isn't novella, I'm fine.
One Ħɘɬɬ of a Butler™

May 6th 2016 21:47

Did you have any ideas for a setting or plot perhaps?
One Ħɘɬɬ of a Butler™

May 6th 2016 19:58

If you wish?
It's up to you. Lol.
I can start, buuuut not until later tonight if thays cool.
One Ħɘɬɬ of a Butler™

May 6th 2016 13:28

The same applies.
I can take Sebastian out of most situations and put him in new ones.
He's extremely flexible.
One Ħɘɬɬ of a Butler™

May 6th 2016 05:24

All of those are completely fine.
When it comes to roleplaying, I'm extremely open to ideas from any angle because of how flexible Sebastian is.
One Ħɘɬɬ of a Butler™

May 6th 2016 05:01

SOLDIER of Loveless;;

Nov 29th 2015 22:31

Behind the SOLDIER of Loveless


No we are not one in the same. perhaps he came around after me? I first played the game when I was living in Japan and fell in love with the character. ever since I have been Roleplaying as the famed Crimson Knight. If Skype is easier you can add me at Wolf_of_asgard.

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