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BARING THE BLOOD THAT IS TABOO. Half blackfoot, Half Caucasian. An era in which many families would find disgusting and disgraceful to their heirs. Yet, a woman who practically sacrificed all her entire being. The title of Alpha within her tribe, and possible banishment- even death. To her iconic bear skull headdress that many feared and respected all the same. All her power would cease to one man alone. Dallas, A brute of a scruffy man, a outlaw to be exact, to a group known as the 52 suit- A large posse of raiders that were exclusively of Norwegian decent of 52 members-- Like a deck of cards. Holding his own prestige, when it came to his lover, Koko, he was loving and gentle, protective of her, and willing to spill his own blood for. And for that, their unity, and undying love, gave life in the darkest night. In that winters morning, a young boy was born. Possessing the name of Keyan as his tribal name. Yet his father claimed and entitled him always as, Rez. Upon the newly form family and their jubilee, the boy was kept a secret to the world of his true lineage. His father could not be apart of their world, and so from afar he would watch until one day he would never return. Those days turned into weeks, months, and then years. It ached the young mother to endlessly wait for her lover, presuming the worst had befallen him; but life continued on.

Much of Rez's life was shrouded in mystery. And even then his mother, Koko was bound to keep that secured. After all being the Alpha of their tribe she would have to. The tribe opened their arms to the new boy and would live most of his life as a Blackfoot Native- Many presume that Keyan, would be the Protege of Koko once she will retire of her duties. Even upon Rez's Vision Quest, he was given the spirit animal of the Cougar as his guide, the leader and the master of the proper use of power. Perhaps destiny was in his calling.

The youngster excelled with skills that would easily make him a ruler, a chief. With such promise, even the quietest bushes will hiss. Course he wasn't the only one longing for the crown. A childhood threat by the name of Askook, both shared a fate of being powerful leaders. And this battle for the headdress would last long well into their adolescent years. Course around this time, the rise of America's aggression to the Western frontier deemed their threat as what all Native Americans claimed as 'white devils' scorching the land. The moment of truth was screaming out to both Rez and Askook. And both the young men would serve closely besides Koko leading the Blackfoot tribe into several war fronts, losing and gaining progress in claiming territory over the US Calvary. Here is were Rez's life comes to a halting end.

The Battle of Wounded knee, a ambush conducted by the aid of Askook and the U.S. 7th Calvary regiment. Betrayal for his own desires, playing greed above his own people. Regardless of a rival or Blackfoot tribesmen. Treason was committed- to his own people no less, and as much as Rez brewed hatred and wrath towards Askook. He fought, endlessly as the days lingered of arrows and bullets ablaze. Rez's wounds were great. Stabbed by a bayonet into the centerpiece of his neck- in addition to bullet wounds. Eventually he would lay to an eternal rest, only to be found dead- mounted along a grey horse, slowly strolling along the plains of Canada, holding his neck wound and stomach. His blood staining the backside of his steed.

Langley's Odyssey.

And so with his mortal life now coming to a conclusion, another tale was slowly forming. Far beyond existence of man, was Celestial plane of life. Much similar to the realm of what Christians called, 'Heaven'. Yet- was the home of spirits... Deities from all forms and morals alike. It is here, Rez would meet the lone entity that his people praised, devoted their lives to, Apistotoke. A divine being that bore no human body or physical characteristics. It spoke not of words, but a guiding wind a wave of cosmic soul that was there, yet nowhere all at once. One simply 'knew' its presence and be damned to refuse it.

They would be his teacher, and even in the confusion of his presence here- To witness and be dost in the wisdom of a grand being was a lifetime opportunity he simply couldn't refuse. Living in the spiritual cosmos for centuries, Rez began to contemplate the over zealous reactions and welcoming gestures of his arrival that seemed peculiar which made it all the more suspicious when closely observing on goers; walking tenderfoot to the Creator God.

Yet, Rez didn't understand why this involved him. If anything, he believed his time was done. He fulfilled his mortal duty to his people, and lived by the oath of his totem spirit. And thus, a eternal rest he would gladly accept than a lie of farce gratitude. But Apistotoke knew something grand, dark, and a war of Blackfoot gods were slowly coming into alignment. To what, even the Creator could not predict a unraveled future. If anyone could stop; even overrule the wave of apocalyptic darkness that would find itself raging its battle on Earth, and for humans to suffer along in that internal war. Rez would be able to sustain, and protect all.

THIS was Apistotoke's request, and the millions and eons of years it never spoke a word, would finally call. "I have brought you here for a reason. You, the life of you called to me. The light you carry is the one that will reign to the sky and the world that you once called 'home'. This is a trail, a Odyssey if you will to a rigorous journey, that I KNOW you will preform splendidly and proudly. Once your eternal peace comes I shall grant it. ONLY, if you accept this quest." The creators words held a heavy worry, and concern for mankind. And to now be a spiritual savior to the world? Indeed it was a lot to think about, but Rez, bound to his oath, accepted this quest.

He was summoned to this obligation, he lived and breathed his totem spirit till his final breath. A sole candidate to this grand duty. With Apistotoke's power, he granted a gift. Rez would be reborn back to Earth. Not as a human no, but an Incarnate. A evolved Supernatural superhuman to live among his people and the land. And to serve the world as the reincarnation of the Cougar Totem Spirit. The Leader and regulator of the totem pole, the Emissary & messenger to the mortal world and the spirit world.

And so, among his burial- deep within the mountain caverns of Northern Canada. Wrapped and borrow within miles of rock, dirt, and snow. He breathes once more, clawing to the surface. But now of his new powers, so many questions began to pile. Of why, how, and when this 'calling' will rise and the desire to have his soul come to a blissful rest.

Feather Serpent

Soon to be inserted...

Semi/Para/Multi ParaOPEN! Supernatural/Adventure/Historical(Mythology)

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Dec 19th 2019 21:04

OOC: Hello there! Nice to meet you. I'm gonna make this super short and sweet.
 I've made a return to this world of rp, and would love to get some writing started!
 I usually linger in the realm of horror, historical, and fantasy. 
(But! I'm pretty open and my character is flexible.)

 Please let me know if you're interested.
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