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About me:
This, is the world of Leveros Imagine a world, where magic, reality and technology all exist? It is a world like our very own, but instead of being created solely by man, they were created together with the help of the 'Divine Beasts', which also created the creatures of the realm. There are 7 Divine Beats that created the world along with creating the demi divine beasts that lived either in peace or with hostility with their human 'Bretheren.' In the beginning of the creation of the world, the Seven Divine Beasts had come together to create the world. They began their process, with a sparring match between them. Their powers along with their strength collide and crashed with each other, the after effects of some taking a small form of the world. The Wolf Beast of Gaia, Torcadall, used his power against the Divine Beast of the Mountain, Chezzorek, to create the ground they walk on, along with the mountains protruding from them. The Lords of the Swamp Lands, The Turtle Divine Beast Masmet and the Swamp Divine Beast Ananvos, clashed with the Lords of the water, The Ocean Beast Hoethys and the Kraken Divine beast Naiadspon to create the oceans and swamp lands, causing water to flood into the fresh ground. The Draconic Divine Beast, Ghamros, with his three head crated the fire and the lava within the mountains while trying to strike down the others ina fit of rage. After the sparring session had finished, they had looked upon their new world they had created. It was then, that the beasts used their combined power, to create the finishing touch for their creation: Life. They had created both Human life, along with the various creatures within the world, ranging from simple creations to those of great imagination. And with this, they had made the Demi Divine beasts, lesser beasts who were not as powerful as their creators, but have their own abilities and skills. As human life was created, they were to know of the divine beasts that have created the world. They praised them as gods, which some of them forming small religious sects under the beasts name. Some would praise all of them while some only praised one. The beasts, however, have never tried to betray one another, for they had created the world together. As time passed, the human race would advance with the passing time. Through the years, they have made various small towns and cities, with some becoming more advanced than others, with the help of the other divine beasts that were created. Many civilizations flourished from the help of the Divine beasts in many ways. Some have advanced culturally with no sign of technological enhancement, while some have advanced to technology of the near future, with small traces of their previous culture. And with the advancement of some, they had discovered and developed a magical source of energy, believed to be the energy left behind from the Beasts. They had used this energy they had found to power various buildings, settlements and used it for it's magical properties, some of them becoming sorcerers, mages or Technomages -those who use technology infused with their magic to get tasks completed. It was with the discovery of the magic cities, that the magi used the energy to create a portal into other parts of their world, making traveling far distances a slow journey. The portal system worked better than the world's first 'Train System' -a large train that was pulled along with the power of magnetic force installed along the world- and was widely used for mass transportation. The train system was used for more of seeing the world as some had managed to make tracks along the ocean, keeping them afloat with the magical energy. Along with the portal used as the traveling system, the portal could also be used for multi world traveling. One of the scientists made the discovery by seeing a creature known as a 'Tubrin'- a strange creature resembling an amalgamation of a fish and a feline,- coming through the portal, causing a havoc in one of the towns until it was studied by the mages and scientists. Not many are sure what will come next from these portals, so some were abandoned in fear. Some say, that when magical forces start to rise into the air, the portal would slowly open within both sides of the world, sucking up anything that comes into it. Locations of Leveros 1. The Capital Tower City, High Doringare- A large City that has taken a form beside one of the cliffs deep within the East of the world. The Canyons provide both a heavy defense and stealth within the world, the light from the sun reflecting off the many glass reflections along the city, making it camouflage within the canyon walls. It is known throughout the land for being the main center of the Council- A group of seven people who each are an emissary of one of the seven divine beasts- along with having one of the portals within the world that crosses other worlds, connecting to a towering portal that crosses into the other world. 2. Ymirnia: A small city that was set within a mountain range. It was at first a small village, before they would start to advance like the rest of the world. They advanced using the technology magic the world is known for, but also advanced in a spiritual way. Within this technological city, resides one of the many religions that would praise the technology they have while also praising the Divine Beast of the mountain, Chezzorek, for providing them with protection and for his strength in help of building the foundation of the city. It is the home base of many Technomages, it's famous church and for it's guardian, Bei Fu. 3. Rhaedrau: Rhaedrau is a large city with several of it's buildings built by a large waterfall within a cove. The waterfall leads out into the ocean, while upstream of the waterfall revealed a beautiful cave filled with different kinds of minerals. The town is well known for the caves and minerals mentioned within them, leaving some of the townsfolk to mine the minerals and crystals within the caves, selling them to other cities for profit and trading them for goods. It is said that deep within the cave, is a creature that will be made of crystal that is the town's guardian. 4. Meren Kaupunki: The city known for floating through the ocean, going through the large masses in order to reach to various destinations. The reason for this, however, is not because of the ocean currents. It is because the city rests on top of a kraken. The karaken in the water,has made his upper half both habitable and able to change into various forms when the time is needed. The kraken has not disturbed the people living among it's head, as the people did the same in return. Every 100 years, if people are in the city they will give their prized possession to the kraken as an offering. Be it materialistic like diamonds and clothing, to spiritual like a prayer book or blessing, the kraken will accept in order to leave the people alone. 5. Cidade Dentro Do Can๓n: The name is the Gaelician translation for The City Within The Canyon. The name of this town began when several nomads from different lands in Leveros came together within this canyon, setting aside their differences in views and helped each other to create the city in the canyon. The city took several hundred years to make, building the city within the walls of the canyon down to the bottom, where they search for creatures needing food and water. The only source of food and wate is down along the floor of the canyon, a waterfall of water coming from the river of a neighboring ppart of the town that leads to a small jungle that is filled with various fruits. Many animals try to find the fruit, resulting in the canyon city to hunt for the creatures and trade the fur and bones for others. A large bridge made from the stone of the canyon is used to connect the two neighboring towns, allowing for easier trade access. 6. Stad van Colossus: This is the name of another one of the traveling cities. This city, is on top of a lage creature the size of several mountains, that was deemed as Colossus. The creature is a mixture of the elements, some say created by the gods themselves. The creature has a thick hide along it'a body that allows it to take numerous amount of damage. But, for those who wish the city harm at all, they need to try to take down the creature, which no one has done. For whenever people try to attack the creature, it would change it's body to allow attacks to pass through it, or allow the attacks to hit it's thick hide. But, be warned: when attacked, the creature won't let them escape from something they could never finish. The city along the creature's back, is one of great power, however. While they managed to build the city along the beasts back, it is only accessible to those able to find the beast roaming across the land, for it is one of the few places that has a portal connecting to it, but will only be active when it ever comes by a city with another portal. But, for those who manage to get into the city, will see the pristine beauty of the city, along with the force that makes it devastating. Many people within the city have created numerous works of art and various weapons along the traveling beasts back. Some used the traveling beast as an advantage to fire off explosives onto cities that they claim to be threats. 7. The Floating Village- As the name says, it is known as the Floating Village. It's actual name is in a language that many translators couldn't read, with the skilled ones only deciphering bits of the name. Within the floating village, many people have made their lives along the floating rocks that slowly climb up the side of the waterfall, leading to a small forest beside the water. Many of the people have been able to leap from the various rocks, or use bridges they have made to connect them to the other side. Some of them have practticed Water Magic while others became Hunters in the forest above. The Floating Village is also known for a temple of warriors that reside near the waterfall named the Keepers of the Falls. The Keepers themselves are a mixture of many races, who have been in the temple for many years, knowing various knowledge even other lands don't know. Many Keepers go out from the temple to explore the lands to gain plenty of knowledge, in exchange for a small piece of their own. Races of Leveros 1. Humans: One of the many common races seen throughout Leveros. They are responsible for helping build the cities and the portal systems, along with developing the Technomagi. Not only did they create the towns, many of them have made the various classes that the world is known for. Rogues, Knights, Inventors, Scholars, Clerics, Miners, Bards and Entertainers of all Kind have been created by Mankind. Their influences have spread around to other races, with some even managing these classes due to the Humans encouraging them. There are many notable human kingdoms and cities, but two of the most known humans are Galilea Ozymandias, The human Scholar who traveled around the lands to deliver various teachings to those that allow knowledge. The other notable figure, is the head of the Council of High Doringare by the name of Thaddeus Rembrandt. He was a noble night to the first King of High Doringare, who was a noble man. It wasn't until the king came down with a fateful disease, which caused him to lose his humanity to an insatiable bloodlust. It was with a heavy heart that Thaddeus had to use his blade against his king, saving his people. It was after that day, Thaddeus became the king. Under his rule, he disbanded the monarchy, bringing in others to form the High Council. 2. Taurian: The Taurian are a race of beings that are made between a mixture of man and beast. The upper torso of the Taurian is humanoid while the lower body has the four legs of the creature they were made of. (i.e. Centaur, Tigertaur, Draketaur.) Many of them are known for being warriors and cavalry soldiers when in large armies. Some are also known to become Generals for foreign armies, due to their strategic nature in battle. Many of these warriors can be seen within different cities, with some becoming not only warriors, but scientists and engineers. One of the notable figures is Vulcanius, a deadly warrior on the field, he is a well known legend of coming when a battle between two opposing sides begins. He would always attack those he deemed weak for one side, before turning onto the other, so neither side would win their conflict unless finding a way to stop this beast. Some say, he does this to prevent war, acting as a 'peacekeeper' of sorts. Another notable Centaur, is named Macros. This Centaur was one made entirely out of different scientific parts and wiring. He was created as a practice dummy for the other warriors to use, giving him different programming to deal out different types of attacks, with it's main weapon being a lance made to adapt into different weapons. While training, one of the Taurs hit the target in the head, causing it to sort out some while giving it a sort of personality and feeling. After gaining those, he became irritable, almost taking out several warriors with it's adaptable weapon, before being subdued by them. Instead of destroying him, however, one of the Taurian generals allowed the machine to work in their forces while also allowing him access to make more copies of himself, in case his original body were to shutdown. 3. Beast kin: This race is of those who were a mixture of animal and human being through mystical purposes. When the world was only beginning, humans had created the Beast Kin as a way to help with labor. After many years, the Beast Kin would leave their human masters, living out within the lands and developing their own cities. Many of these creatures are known for being a mixture of mercenaries, soldiers, magi and thieves. Many of the towns in Leveros know about these creatures, with mixed criticism. There are a wide variety of Beast Kin, with One of the Notable Beast Kin being Ironhide, a Rhinoceros Beast Kin known for being both a head mercenary and an in disposable tactician known for planning various attacks and ambushes. Another notable Beast Kin is Sir Balthazar Fresnik, a Mouse Kin who leads a army of Mice Kin within various tunnels in the land. Many Dwarves in the tunnels have witnessed the Mouse Kin army running through on several occasions, developing an annoyance of them with some trying to set traps for those Mouse Kin looking through the towns for information or resources to steal for their cause. 4. Almas Non Mortas: The Almas Non Mortas. The Undead. The Hallowed. Those are a few names given to the race of those who have lived after death. These beings reside in the town of Dreadnought's Burial, named after a fatal air ship named the Dreadnought crashed into the land, exploding on impact onto a small town, the air ship releasing a strange gas that had affects on the bodies within the town. The gas slowly brought the people back from their demise, with those retaining their knowledge while others would become mindless. Those that retained their knowledge knew to build the town, taking advantage of the gas slowly seeping out from the broken ship. While building the town they buried the broken airship underneath it, to keep the gas slowly flowing into the town. Some of the Almas Non Mortas have developed breathing apparatuses for some of those that wish to leave from the town. If they were to lose their supply of the gas, they would go into a mindless, soul craving frenzy. It is said that one of those crazed undead would destroy an entire town if given the chance. The only way to rid of the Almas Non Mortas is to fire a shot into the creature's skull, or to cause the tank to explode, burning them beyond repair. One notable Almas Non Morta is a being by the name of Gallahad, a warlock and scientist who would be one of the first Undead to create the apparatuses for the rest of his kind, along with developing a magic imbued with the gas, allowing Necromancy to those able to control the gas. 5. Fas Sugais: This peculiar race, is a race of Living Fungi. This race had been around since the creation of the land, with many different tribes of this race living across the land. This race stands around the size of a small child, with some of them growing about the size of a adult male. This race starts it's life cycle as a simple fungi. The fungi will start to grow along any surface it is on, creating the size of a baby while giving a slight resemblance to the human baby. The 'baby' would soon slowly grow into the size of the small child, before breaking off from it's location to feel it's roots breathing into the air, before forming down into the feet for them to walk along the lands. Most of them stay within forests, marshlands or those with decaying nature around. Many of them within these places have made small communities within the areas, with some training to protect their home with the power of Nature. They allow parts of their body to grow and harden to become weapons the Fas Sugais would use. It is rare for these creatures to use any modern technology, instead relying onto nature to solve their problems. One Notable Fas Sugais is a tribal warrior by the name of Nแd๚r. He was the first of his kind to travel out from his homeland, becoming a warrior for hire, always searching for a worthy opponent. He always used a barbed spear like growth he made with a rope along the end of it, creating a harpoon from it. 6. Dwarves: The Dwarven Race was one of the few human like races within the land. Along with the Elves, Orcs, and Humans, they have helped structure most of the cities within the land. Whereas the Elves helped develop cities and towns within the forests of Leveros, The Humans making those civilizations thrive and the Orcs causing chaos within those lands for protection, the Dwarves have made many of the cities within the mountains and canyons that some of the cities reside in. The Dwarves are also responsible for having one of the largest underground civilizations in the land. The civilization underground spans wide beneath the land, with many homes, markets and other various buildings made from the stone of the land. Many of the cities revolving around certain technology could not be made without credit to the Dwarves, for without their structuring of certain lands, the high technology cities would fall due to the sheer weight of the technology. Many Dwarves exist within the land, with most of them residing in their underground civilization. Some have managed to leave the city behind in order to live among the surface, with many Dwarves becoming blacksmiths or warriors. Two notable Dwarves within this world are the Mercenary, Balthazar "Honey Badger" Gem-Foot, who is known for taking on any opponent, no matter their size. And the Dwarven Blacksmith and Scientist, Titan Golden-Hammer. Nobody has seen the appearance of this legendary Smith, but only know of their many creations. Any Golden hilted weapon with three enchantments along it is the work of Titan. Any weapon with three enchantments would find the enchantments seamlessly work together with each strike (I.E. A swing from a warhammer would cause added impact damage, earth damage and added strength.) 7. Elves: The Elven Race area somewhat peaceful race, living in the forest with both the Fas Sugais and the Treant. The Elves are those close to Nature, with some of their towns residing within the forests, thus strengthening their bond with the creatures of the forest and with the other races of nature. There are those that would rather stay within the forest than leave toward civilization, but they have learned many ways to cope with the lack of advanced technology, with a profound knowledge of the lands and of the magic used within the world. With the magic they have grown with, they could control the aspect of nature and manipulate nature around them to their benefit. Some have become masters of the Druidic arts if they wished to leave the forest, while others would practice making and enhancing various potions through Alchemy, knowing what plants to use for various potions. Rich in the mystical arts, some of the elven towns have used the mystical arts to help with various ceremonies. From celebrating new life, to the rightful passing of an old figure of importance, many elves would use different rituals, for hopes of their spirit being granted luck and protection in both life and Death. Two notable figures come from this race. One of them is Syrinya, a well known Druid and Animancer who has traveled the lands, using her magic to spread nature to some of the towns, while also being hired to find rare herbs and animals nobody else can find. The other, is a Master Alchemist, Nature and Druidic Magic user, Olyrus. He is known as a guardian for the forest, knowing when and where there is trouble within the forest. He would use his magic in order to have his warriors go to the location of the problem, along with using Nature to block off the possible dangers from spreading. 8. Orc: The Orcs are known for the lands for their vile, brutish, savage and cruel nature. These creatures could be found anywhere in the land, as either small villages that hold only Orcs and only allow orcs, or they find roaming bands of orcs within the lands. These, are as dangerous as any creature, for they have the strength of 60 men with each single one, and they have mastered the art of 'Guerilla' combat, sometimes changing it to 'Gorilla' due to the damage that they cause with their sneak attacks. They are also known for the perfect mercenaries, for they do not require any payment: Except for the thrill of the fight and the hopes of dying to a strong worthy opponent. When the job is finished, the one who offered the job will then tell them of any news of a strong fighter to let them move on, lest they suffer a fate of brutal death for their 'lies'. There are Three Notable Orcs, two of them roam the lands while one rules over one of the settlements. One of them is aptly named Bone Cruncher, his true name Grunawr Ugla, who is known for being Blood Red along his skin, destroying everything in his path and eating the bones of his victims or enemies. Another one of the Roaming orcs, is named the Crimson Tempest, his true name Klegzera Drignaugh. He is known for roaming the land with a blood red axe made of technology from the city of Ymirnia, along with armor of the same tech, allowing him to take more damage than the standard Orc, allowing him to become a one man army of sorts. The third notable Orc, is the Leader of a settlement by the name of Grougnk, wo goes by the aptly titled 'Lord of The Flies'. He is named this due to learning of the magic in the land, tapping into the darker forces of it, inscribing a symbol along his stomach that allowed him to control poison, diseases and pests that range from flies, rats and fleas. Anybody infected by one of his pests would start to feel the rotting poison infecting their body unless they discarded the infected part. He is a dangerous foe to have cross, and those who come across his village are never heard from again.
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Yes it would be a pleasure! Which of my characters look interesting to you? If you want we can discuss this further in messages?
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