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Characters: Nemu
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Genre: Horror, Mystery, Open, Psychological, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
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About me:
Character name: Nemu-chan [No last name given]
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Human with unusual traits and or abilities.
Genre/Verse: Open

Role Player Affiliations: Regina Hatzis or Nee-San
Bio: Nemu chan was an ordinary girl at Ryoko High School, a co-ed school that focused on academics as well as their Sport's team the "Titan's!" She was approached to join many of the academic extra curricular activities, but had no desire to take part in any of them. Among school she had a small group of friends, most notable being her childhood friend Tsukio Yoshino.

Nemu was an attractive girl though she never had an interested in intimate relationships and is still very naive when it comes to the opposite sex. Throughout middle school and highschool, freshman year, she has a crush that she had her eyes on for quite some time. Although, she is naturally a shy girl and lacks self esteem to make the approach.

The town she lived in for all her life had unknowingly been designated as a quarantined area by the Federal Government. What was believed to be a virus had infiltrated the small town, genetic researchers and scientist alike attempt to track down the source and reason; however, they recognize the symptoms as people undergoing extreme psychotic breaks. Although, knowing of the unusual symptoms and sudden rise in crime in the area the immediate area was not shut down. It was a quarantine in name only and people that traveled through the city were registered in a military database, unknowingly, to examine if anything unusual of their behavior.

Tsukio Yoshino had consequently found herself attracted to the same boy as Nemu; although, at the reassurance at her friend, she was original hesitant to approach. Nemu was naive in thinking that her friend would date her crush, they wouldn't connect, and all would be right in the world. After all she genuinely believed that she, Nemu, and the boy were meant to be and soul mates. However, after a few months of dating the realization set in that no such thing would occur.

Attempting to distance herself from the situation she held onto her delusions of the nature of their relationship. Then one day Nemu encountered the truth of the nature of their relationship, one intimate, having accidentally seen it for herself. It broke her heart, a betrayal to some extent but more so she loathed herself more for letting it happen. This was the event that triggered the madness that would contribute to the events that shaped her world and story.

Later that night Tsukio Yoshino returned home to a rather unorthodox greeting. Her father, brother, were tied to the ground and a crazed woman stood in the dark holding a cleaver. Because the power had been cut off she hadn't noticed who it had been at first. It wasn't until her father's death, then brother, at the hands of the cleaver holding woman she realized the assailant was none other than her childhood friend Nemu. Tsukio was stabbed several times with a needle, left for dead, in her home; however, the screams from a neighbor stumbled on the scene where the young survivor was transferred to Towkaka Medical general. Here she remained in a comatose state for over a week while her wounds healed.

Nemu returned that home, cleaned up like usual, and ate dinner before heading into better. She woke, none the wiser, of what had happened or of her part in it. In truth she was actually completely oblivious as if another person had committed the crime that she later found out about from the whispers at school. A caring friend, Nemu, would routinely visit her friend in the hospital while knitting them a blanket. Not knowing of her part in what had transpired or how everything changed one night.

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Aw you are so sweet~ ♥
and that was so funny!

Do you see me that way? :3
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