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Feb 15th 2018 11:29

You're welcome ^,^ and thank you for approving it. I have nothing to hide, my friend. And I would appreciate it if you kept it visible. I'd send you a pic or vid, but I don't know how to make them show up @,@ And also, thank you for letting me use this site as I lost my Myspace..s so long ago. God bless, and keep the faith, no matter what. Ne? ^,^

Feb 15th 2018 09:43

Thank you for posting that video by Elevation Worship. It's one of my favorites. And by the way, yes, I am viewing your page a lot. It's taking me forever, and a day, to look at your "friends" list. Ever since I came here I have been hoping to find even a few old friends, but it doesn't work so well like this, as most change characters or have tons of them. Or they don't want to be my friend anymore. Still, I hope and pray someone will remember the friendship we once had, and all the bizarre things that happened that led to this will be explained and even made right, if the Lord wills.
Anyway, God bless and have a nice day ^,^
Coɴcreтe Aɴɢel

Nov 17th 2017 20:22
Dιαмoɴd Drαɢoɴ

Nov 2nd 2017 14:51

Life Is (hella) Strange.  

New to RP but very active Rachel here, feel free to add!  :)

Oct 13th 2017 03:36

Tommy Jarvis is on the scene!

Sep 18th 2017 14:53

Looking for some more Friday the 13th RPers. Or any supernatural/horror RPers in general, really.

Jul 12th 2017 19:36

Guys, please take a minute to read over this and take action against it. If they succeed in this, this site will also suffer. Aniroleplay will suffer, Steam will suffer, fanfiction will suffer.. So tell everyone you can.FCC trying to talk away our freedom of speech!

FCC basically wants to put a dollar sign on the internet, making it to where sites have to pay for faster speeds and filter things in general. This will make prices go up for MMO's and LoL (League of Legends).  Free sites will go in the trash and clients like steam will also suffer should they not pay for this 'fast lane' stuff. So please fight against it.

Azreal King

Feb 25th 2017 15:46 lovely song. MercyMe.

Jan 31st 2017 20:08

Embrace T r a n q u i l i t y.
Kamehameha かめはめ波

Aug 11th 2016 16:19

hey everyone add me as long bring me some food
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