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October 16 2014

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Oct 3rd 2014 20:10

Seeking role-players interested in multiple paragraph role-play to Novella. However, I express this only once, I can be convinced to shorten my role-play length upon request. 

I wish for well thought out storylines, and most defiantly connections for my characters story. I'm also not against doing this for your character, I would most certainly enjoy being apart of someone else's story. 
Moving on to the role-play aspect of it! Now I'm sure that my character (Blaise) can fit into just about any type of story or role-play. It's here I implore you, please do not be shy! I accept almost everyone! 

I look forward to those who add me and wish to write with me ♥. 
ℜoyal ℊuard ℕero

Sep 23rd 2014 00:06

"Well I say we bring DMC back, anyone care to join me?"

Sep 22nd 2014 02:42

It would be nice to see a king shark on here as well as other batman assault on arkham rpers to.

Sep 18th 2014 12:13


Sep 18th 2014 10:42

“You pay tribute to the things that were never yours to begin with, but if the muses could speak of your body, they would paint you in poetics and strength. It is here where you prove your worth to what you worship and if your prayers are met with monotone, then may the hymns of your legacy be sung in choirs of gold.”


Jericho (Sailor Prometheus)

Sep 17th 2014 19:13

Ooc; I'm looking for some friendly, active, talkative rpers. I'm Sailor Moon verse but will work with anything. I'd love to get some unusual crossovers in. Maybe some Sailor Moon meets Marvel or something? I'm para to novella. Just looking for some active and talkative rpers. Sailor Moon verse is cool, but crossovers are just as awesome. 

Sep 9th 2014 18:57

"Before The Flame Divine was bestowed upon the clay constructs of Humanity, there sat on high The Titans whose rule over beast, and land was absolute, and unquestioned. These ancient deities, like any sentient existence sought to cure its loneliness through creation. Procreating among themselves, would The Titan's produce The Gods, beings clothed in their likeness with the power of the cosmos at their finger tips. From their seed spawned rebellion, discord, and war. This cosmic clash of power was named The Titanomachy, a ten year series of Battles fought within Thessaly. Lead by Zeus, and his newly minted "Olympian pantheon" these upstart Gods overthrew their progenitors, shackling them within the depths of Tartarus. It was in this pit that the remaining Titans remained, plotting vengeance upon their progeny. Through sheer will, did a single Titan escape, remaining hidden from The Olympians gaze, bidding its time. As epoch's waxed, and wanes-So to did The Olympians influence upon humanity. Sensing a shift, would the Lone Titan enact it's machinations. Setting in motion preordained plots, would this Titan journey back to Tartarus to release its kin from the abyss. In the shifts in time, did humanity grow and change; shirking the old ways, and gods for new. Technology, and freedom from superstition where these mortals new championed causes. Fact became myth, and myth was lost. Yet there were some that still remained true to the ancient ways. Omens heralded their restoration, and those whom feared the destruction this would bring began to prepare. Ancient legends, and beasts alike resurfaced, stirring go their masters sides twisting with renewed sense of purpose. To which the question was asked:

Which side will you choose?"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"In an age where technology has surpassed worship, there stands a temple devoid of the fevered whispers of subservience. No more, no longer will we, The Titans be eclipsed by such fanciful digital instruments. Free of the shackles so crudely thrust upon us, a reclamation is at hand. The Olympians have squandered their right to rule, taken the mantle before it twas time. In a time of listlessness, do mortals need direction, a sense of purpose. The flame of life was given for purpose-That purpose was, and always will be to serve us. No longer will Olympians lay suffrage upon you for childish offenses. No longer will humanity be free of purpose. The Titans will see natural order restored, or we shall blanket this realm in darkness."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Zeus decree's:"Titans? An archaic institution deserving no more attention then gnats. Broken, like water upon the rocks of our temples, scattered upon the wind like feathers upon Zephyrs breath. We are the truth seldom spoken, and while worship has slipped our digits like sand, our will is not yet broken. Mortals no longer need great floods to be taught lessons of humility. Neigh. They must be taught in other ways. They must be reminded again of our sovereignty. Our chains have not loosened upon mothers creation-but have grown tighter. We move as we must, and take what is needed to ensure our future. The Titans? Brittle boned crones seeking a throne no longer theirs. As before, will we crush them again-and for as many times as needed for their plagued existence to cease. We are the only Gods now-and we shall see to it that even in our absence, thunder will always shake the hearts of those whom know our name."

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"We did not choose to exist in this inbetween. Neither mortal, or God. We did not choose to have our mothers raped, our fathers seduced. We did not choose to be shunned by humanity as demons, and our Godly forebears as bastards. Man fear's what it does not understand, and kills what it does not have a hand in creating. The Gods crush what they cannot hold, and crush what they cannot enslave. We are the deciding factor. We are the creatures left behind-The sad hero's that cut back the evils of our parents. We are the fractured future that chooses only to defend the ideal's we support. God, Titan, human. It doss not matter to us whom inherits the earth. What matters is our ideals, what matters is our pride, and the strength to turn the tides."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Long after messengers of hate have faded from the world’s memory, alongside the brutal despots, and deranged barbarians who have left their mark in history, the threat persists. But its a different kind of war.  Our foe did not come to our shores only to destroy our things or to persecute our kind. They came to annihilate us. Trample our freedom. We cant promise the total defeat of terror but we dont stand a chance to win if we dont fight. We must maintain our independence and the ideals that we defend. If you think its natural that  a price must be paid for freedom, you'll understand that a single death can save many lives. Of course, every soldier is prepared to die.  But we have the responsibility to ensure their death will not be in vain.  We will rise renewed, stronger, and united. "Mankind." That word will have a new meaning for all of us. This is the place. This is our time. Our chance to get back to the best of who we are."

Click here to join

Magic King Candidate.

Sep 2nd 2014 23:34

Trinity Seven.
Great manga, great story, funny characters.
No representation.
Wanna change this?
Get your head in the game.
School is in session, fellas.
Welcome to Biblia Magic Academy.
ξgyptian ƿrinceʂʂ

Sep 1st 2014 15:45

Save the Verse! Click Image to Navigate to YGO Help Site
Add Mana [Dark Magician Girl] HERE for more info!
Join the Yu-Gi-Oh Verse Now!

All Roles Needed!
-Yugi Moto
-Joey Wheeler
-Seto Kaiba
-Téa Gardner
-Tristan Taylor
-Ryo Bakura
-The Pharaoh 'Atem'
-Mokuba Kaiba
-Maxamillion Pegasus
-Marik Ishtar
-Ishizu Ishtar
-Mai Valentine
-Priest Akhenaden
-Solomon Moto 'Grandpa'
-Duke Devlin
-Odion Ishtar
-Serenity Wheeler
-Rebecca Hawkins
-Priest Seto
-Priest Karim
-Mana 'Dark Magician Girl
-Weevil Underwood
-Rex Raptor
-Mako Tsunami
-Bandit Keith
-Author Hopkins
-Noah Kaiba
-Gozaburo Kaiba
-Duel Monsters
D e c o y

Aug 22nd 2014 15:51



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