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27 years old
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

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July 31 2014

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Overseer Raijin Constantine

Jul 27th 2014 22:16

Add me anyone reading. :)
Eris[Autobot Intel Officer]

Jul 3rd 2014 03:07

Transformers: Prime
[ Beast Hunters + ]
Open Characters On Aniroleplay:

Characters Most Wanted:
And of course:
Message the poster of this bulletin for information.
If they don't have it?
Snow ·Wolf Pup·

Jun 22nd 2014 12:31

Anyone looking for a puppy add me also looking for pack members ^^
World W.A.R Hulk

Jun 19th 2014 23:17

OOC: New to this site. I don't really see much Hulks around here so if you want to add one, add me!
вoѕтon вaттer

Jun 17th 2014 23:11

Looking for fellow Team Fortress 2 roleplayers. Cmon there need to be more than 5 of us out there!
Tenkei ¬.¬

Jun 17th 2014 02:59

The difference of this sites roleplayers to others is absolutely incredible. I already feel right at home. F***ing thank you

Jun 3rd 2014 05:34

Something to laugh at and be scared of at the same time.


May 21st 2014 15:39

Need more Atelier/Gust Roleplayers. Got Sterk, Escha and myself as Logix. As well as a possible Linca who seems to come on only once a month or more. 

May 14th 2014 14:19

There should be more Chobits verse roleplayers.
I feel alone :/
ᴄɪᴅs ɢɪʀʟ -

May 9th 2014 20:34

Rikku needs awesome storylines. ♥

Anyway, let's go on neat adventures together!
Everyone has a story to tell but me!
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