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Characters: Madam EyrnAii, Aiiseniya Celaine, Aii, Vanyali EyrnAii, Madam Vanyali EyrnAii, EyrnAii
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction,
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About me:

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Born from the planet Eyrian, located in the Alpha Realm of the Arunde Quadrant, she is one of the very first Humans ever created. Before Earth was discovered and colonized by the elves of Svit Kona, a neighboring planet to Eyrian, Humans were born in the Alpha Realm, the first realm cultivated and molded by The Creator.

The Myriads of Realms and Quadrants are run by The Universal Council; consisting of 14 members. Aiiseniyas Father became a member of this council when a veteran member was mysteriously killed. The killer is unknown and the reason behind the murder is also unknown. The Councils duty is to regulate and balance the powers of the Universes direct portals, which can lead anyone anywhere, even into the depths of Heaven and Hell.

Aiiseniya Celaine was given the title Vanyali Eyrn at a very young age. When she was 9 [Earth Years], she came in contact with a Universal Dragon named Dymas. The Universal Dragons were created by the Elves on Svit Kona before they left for the Omega Realm [Earth]. It is these Dragons that populated the lesser dragons all over the Universes, laying their eggs on each planet that they passed in search for the Elves that left them. Without the Universal Dragons, dragons would not exist. Their greatness, however, became diminished once they laid their eggs. They lost their ability to speak, became smaller and their powers would dilute and dissipate to their offspring. Dymas was the only one who remained in the Alpha Realm, retaining his strength and abilities, hoping above all else that his Masters would one day return. Dymas saved Aiiseniyas life from a being that was hired to kill her. The person who wanted her dead is unknown. When Dymas saved her, he formed an immediate bond [Unbeknown to him] thus binding them together for all time, throughout all levels of reality and plains of existence. From that day forward, she was given the title Vanyali Eyrn which translates to Wizardess of Dragons. Madam has a more complex meaning in her native world, simply translating to a peculiar level of Ascension. The title was applied when she turned 19 [Earth Years] per the fulfillment of certain criteria for unlocking a sealed Prophecy, the only plausible reason why someone would want to kill her many years before.

Madam EyrnAii : The Backstory

Aiiseniya is the youngest of 3 children. Her brothers, Alaric and Taii, secretly came to an agreement with the Elves, leaving with them without giving anyone a moments notice. For 17ey [Eyrian Years], no one knew what happened to the pair. One day, Aiiseniyas Father intercepted a distress call. The footage revealed that they traversed to Earth. While desperately trying to speak to their family [also revealing bits and pieces of mind-blowing information], a catastrophic event occurred and killed them both. Their last words were as followed: Atlantis is falling. We have failed. Due to these events, Aiiseniya and Dymas [in his humanoid form] presented themselves in front of the Council. She petitioned them for direct passage to the Omega Realm so that she may discover what really happened to her two brothers and continue on with whatever mission that seemed so important to pull them away from their family. Dymas simply desired to be by her side so that he may keep her safe. Specifics are not known since each presented their case separately. Passage was granted to them both. They were able to travel through one of the portals, both arriving on Earths Moon. Per Aiis keen observation and intelligence, she soon discovered that time passed quickly on planet Earth. To Aiiseniyas dismay, she realized that her brothers died well over 17,000 years ago [Earth Years]. She discovered how wasteful the Earth Humans were. She also discovered that they scare easily and contradicted themselves with such ignorant conviction. It seemed that the only ones she could relate to were those that were non-human. She met Ancient Demons with great and terrible powers, Witches and Sorcerers [what mystics seemed to call themselves], metamorphous sub-humans [mutants], Nightshades [Vampires and Werewolves] and even spirits from the Spirit World.

Personal Stats[[includes pronunciations]]:

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Name: Aiiseniya [eye-sin-e-yah] Celaine [sea-lane]. Name [[Universal Database]]: Madam Vanyali [van-yall-e] EyrnAii [a-rin-eye]. Age: 22401 [Earth Years]/22ey [Eyrian Years]. Race: Mythic Human. Abilities: Stealth and flight. Powers: Telekinesis and Telepathy. Weapons: Curved Katanas [Two]

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Name: Dymas [die-mus]. Name [[Universal Database]]: Dymastrius [die-mast-re-us] Dymondpierce [diamond-pierce]. Age: 420531 [Earth Years]/420ey [Eyrian years]. Race: Legendary Dragon. Abilities: Shape-Shifting [humanoid] and Power Transfusion. Powers: Strength, Diamond Fire and Fury swipes. Weapons: None

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