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Occupation:Bar Tender/Destroyer of Worlds
Characters: Kimiko Kitzu
Verses: Naruto, Attack on Titan, Fallout, Final Fantasy, Gurren Lagann, Many more
Playbys: Apocalyptic, Gore, Fantasy, Adventure
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Thriller/Suspense,
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About me:

When Pain Consumes You; Death Protects You

A Little Something You Should Know

I don't do romance, erotica or slice of life. I am here to escape all the everyday stuff. Give me gore, give me death and give me destruction. Ghosts, ghouls and other supernatural beings. It's what I love. ? I will, however, bend to this "rule" if it works well in the story. At the end of the day, what is a rp without a good story?

I am from the Uk; it normally doesn't mean much to most folks, but funnily enough, it does make a diffence as I use some words completely differently to some words that's used in the US. I am also from a part where we have an accent and it can effect the way that I write. If you do not understand what I've put, just throw me a ooc and I will answer any questions. I don't mind!

To the multi-chara profiles. I respect that you love making different characters etc, been there and done that etc. But shamefully, I dont have time to read details about every single character you've created. I've only got one, so please read it and you chose out of your characters. I see it in two ways; If you have time to sit and create all those lovely characters, you can take five minutes to read my profile. If you've only put minor details for your characters, its how I see how you'll rp with me and that way is half arsed. Im sorry, but if you dont like this, just delete me.

To get kindness you gotta give kindness, right? Same with replies, give me a detailed one with enough to reply to, Im a happy lassy. Give me a half assed one, you will get half assed or nothing back.

I can't do groups group rps. My rps that's in messages, are rps that are based in different dimensions and get added into Kimikos story if they are fun to rp with. Ad I just don't have time. I am pretty lazy and like taking my time to reply I hate feeling like I have a time limit.

I am a serious rper, I like my stories to have heart in them etc. But it doesnt make me a serious person, I just like the finer things in life such as rps which I am always excited to open and read. Noone likes reading a dull and boring book now, do they?

I don't reply to little messages such as "Hi, wanna rp?" because what can come from it? "Sure, I look forward to it"... No, It's dead from there on out. Of course I want to rp! It's why I am here! Also, I don't do small talk, so naturally, I am real bad at conversations, even starting them. I just want to rp please, I can talk about discussing rps and share ideas for a good starter for a rp, Im all up for that! But please share ideas, don't just ask what is it that I want; I've said it already.

I may appear stuck up, vain and quite obnoxious... That's because I am. :D okay, not 100%, I am just a forward person that's rarely offended. I take next to nothing to heart. So please, if you don't like this, you can just block and delete me now. I like to keep the drama llama off my rp page.

Recently, I have been poor in health and the meds the doctor has put me on make me rather spacey. Sometimes I cannot form sentences too well and I make less sense than I already do (and I think it sounds okay. But when I read it back, it's like a drunk text or something) So I can vanish from time to time, even if I appear online, I can just be staring at the screen and think "f*** it, I'll reply tomorrow" and suddenly a month has flown by (it's happened - I even forgot my dads bday since I've been on these meds.. oops!) So if you think Im ignoring you, please just send me a message/comment.

Finally, these aren't "rules". They're more preferences and some warnings because it just saves time and effort for people thinking Im a nice person only to find out that I am a forward and cold bitch that only looks out for herself. I even had one person say she couldn't read my page before she added me because it's on hidden; its NEVER on hidden. I want anyone and everyone to see the work I've put in this page and if they're like me; read a profile before adding them because they find them interesting and have an idea for a rp!
But to those who have taken time to read this pile of crap; Thanks! <3
Story/Rp Info

Kimikos History and Blood Line (Click here to read if interested.)
Kimikos Fallout Verse - Prologue and Chapter 1 (Click here to read if interested)

Apocalyptic, thriller, physiological, adventure and other cool and exciting stories are welcome. Multi Para to novella only though please. Or at least rp with detail in them. (As explained in the box above)
I happily cross-over with comics (dc or marvel) games (Fallout, BioShock, Final Fantasy etc) and anime/manga (naruto, One Piece etc).

Kimiko was created through years of roleplay as her Mother, Miyu Kizu. But I am more than happy to change certain stuff to work with ideas for a rp.
I like to keep my roleplays open and make each one different from the other. The story of Kimiko is not set in stone, but how I imagine her and set her on what I have written in the blog.
I can and do change her abilities, mainly the Naruto based skills but never her blood abilities. I do keep that in as I can always change her father. But it would be changing Kimiko completely if I was to change her blood abilities so that's the only no-no in my book.
I can also set Kimiko into any crossover verse, its more fun that way. I also welcome any ideas that you may have as I love a good story!

If I truly love our roleplay and it goes far, I may even add it in a new chapter in a blog, but I will ask if you don't mind first, but of course, that's if it goes that far!

Name: Kimiko Kizu
Race: Mutant Human
Nickname: Kiki
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long raven black hair / Shocking blue eyes / Prefers brown leather jacket, white button blouses and black jeans. She wears a red beryl necklace.
Height: 5ft2.5"
Markings: "T" shaped scar on the back of neck.
Likes: Cherrys/ Cherry flavoured things / C ooking and Baking / Motorbikes / Nature / Animals / Killing / Sweet flavoured things / Fire / Explosions
Dislikes: People
Family: Miyu Kizu (Mother - deceased) / Manami Kizu (Aunt - Unknown) / Father is Unknown / Luna (Her black cat that has a white dot on her chest)
Personality: Forward, extremely sarcastic and cold hearted. It is rare she would let anyone into her crazy little world.
Observant and sly, with a murderous soul and desire to watch the people in the world burn, she gets away with murder because of her talents and abilities.
Despite being reserved, she has humour. It might be sick and obscure humour, but humour none the less, it just takes the right person to get that side out of her.

Poison/Healing Blood: Kimiko, depending on her mood, can either heal or poison/kill someone with her blood. Negative emotions can cause her blood to be tainted, but positive emotions can cause her blood to heal. This also means that she cannot be poisoned or intoxicated with any kind of substance. However, if there was too much in a short time of high toxic substance, it can make her appear a little drunk and she will have the hangover type feeling a few hours later, however, it has to be a serious amount for her body to not be able to handle it.

Sharingan: Kimiko rarely uses this as she was only able to activate it once and because there was no-one to tell her what the hell was going on, she hasnt mastered it yet.

Summoning Jutsu: Tsuchigumo is a spider which Kimiko can summon; the creature is used more for defence than attack with its chakra filled string that can be used to protect against bullets. Little minion spiders which can be disposed of when needed, or for as long as her chakra may last. The spider does contain highly poisonous venom which will spit out at the enemy.

Chakra Control: She is able to concentrate the chakra in her body to walk on water, climb walls and even heighten her movement speed.

Transformation/Clone Jutsu: Shes not perfect at it, the length of time she can hold it depends on what shes doing and how much concentration she can hold. But she can transform into animals and people. And she can make the classic clone of herself.

Uncontrollable Rage: When Kimiko life is in danger, she tends to black out. In this unconscious state, her body transforms; her skin turns grey, the white in her eyes turn black making the blue more extreme. Black smog surrounds and protects her body. The black smog is highly toxic and though appear like smoke, it holds tiny fast spinning blades that cut through anything and everything. Whatever can survive the smog has to fight the transformed Kimiko; she becomes an evil, sadistic and vile woman whos just batsh*t crazy. With adrenaline causing her to feel lack of pain or emotion, the transformed woman is hard to be knocked down.
She tends to stay like that until danger is out the way to which the smog would clear and Kimiko appearance would return to normal. However, she would now be completely defenseless as the whole ordeal causes her to faint where she stops and she could be out for quite a long time.
Some Folks
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Who I'd like to meet:

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『Buongiorno, Guten Tag!』


Little Lady

screwed tester.

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惡魔: S O K A I M E

Sep 3rd 2018 22:56

Curse you for making me go on ani via mobile! I never use that sh*t xD Anywhore it's nothing crazy but I got a job! Remember I said I moved somewhere new? Got a job first week here and am currently going for a second one :) Things have been going REALLY well in terms of overall positivity.. Now, all I need is some ass. Too much info? Sorry. Ehehm! Moving on!

~0~ Sup.

惡魔: S O K A I M E

Sep 3rd 2018 00:06

Snap crackle and pop I missed ya! Got some news to exchange as well so whenever your ready I'm here :c Also be sure to refresh my memory or whatever the f*** I sent you since quite frankly I forgot.. Also can't wait to have you back ♥


Jun 7th 2018 15:23

惡魔: S O K A I M E

May 23rd 2018 12:50

Pfft I can only ponder over when that hiatus from your name will disappear ~0~

Also oh? You don't live with your mom anymore? Last we talked I could've sworn you did :o  15 tablets a day? Well slap my and call me Sally I'm surprised your not always high off everything you take! :o but uni eh? Whats your major going to be? Word of advice that sh*t is more stressful than work, well, obviously lol I think school single handedly melted my mind.. Oh and put me in debt, can't forget the debt xDD

Wowzers if I caught anyone standing over my bed I'm almost positive I'd either a)piss mi'self or b) hurt'em. Leaning toward the latter on that one though lol OH I get it you and your bf live with your mom? I see I see~ Too lazy to delete whatever I wrote up there so f*** it.  F*** the notes put some camera up or sumthing that sh*t would be cool and freaky as hell to catch on video o.o Knowing me I'd play them at family events and sh*t, " Theres me standing still for four hours. ", too soon? My cure for bad things tends to stray toward making it seem less severe by making them into jokes > Wouldn't have survived otherwise! 

Like I said don't worry about rambling, I enjoy it lol Always fun to pry into someones life & get a new perspective on things~ Also ain't life a bitch? I don't even bother making plans anymore since I realized most of the time they fail.. As much as I hate goin with the flow it kind've works.. Kind've. I dunno still got allot of life left to decide sh*t, I'm only twenty but go damn does adulating hit harder than I thought ;-; I MISS HIGHSCHOOL GOD DAMMIT TAKE ME BACK!  But yeah in regards to myself I've been sh*t LMAO just not letting things get to me anymore but almost got kicked out the house ( Hurray ) but dodged that bullet somehow, next time I'll just mind my business on certain matters!

Other than that we're moving somewhere much farther than I'm accustomed too where I'll ( hopefully ) be hooked up with an EMT job if not some car based job. I don't like to depend too much on peoples word so I'm already on the hunt for other things out there. Needless to say I'm not happy in the slightest about the move but f*** it! Thinking positive is so hard for me ;-; I'm a realist so I tend to think of the worse possible outcome ~0~ Also been really mowing over signing up for the military since well lets be honest if all goes to sh*t I might as well, I'm healthy af and young. They'd love me xD


May 11th 2018 00:38

o.o You gave your doctor a challenge? Holy smokes! I wanna do that to my doctors! I'm glad you don't mind the idea. Regardless, I can send you a starter although I have been feeling brain-dead for awhile. But sure enough I can prepare something and send it your way and of course, you can get to it whenever. No pressure. O.O? Stuff? So I can't feed your character sugar cookies!? Nuuuu!!! -falls in defeat.- 
惡魔: S O K A I M E

May 10th 2018 12:33

Well hot damn I apologize for the late ass reply, I've been really hesitant to do anything on here and in spite of seemingly being online 24/7 I'm not. Damn mobile never logs out I swear! Still I fear your fully gone now!. Sike I saw yo ass online just a mere few minutes ago which is probably what prompted this hasty response in hopes I'll catch you double taking on the site. Seems unlikely. Oh well, I tried. Anyway hope your health is good and all that jazz, by now we sing the same tune in terms of formalities~ Let's get that out the way mm? 

I recall your last comment revolving around your mental health? How's that? Ha it's odd but I always feel like I'm prying whenever I show concern for another, I know that's how I'd feel if someone bombard me with questions. Actually I see your past comment and eh, why'd you stop smoking weed? Also shouldn't your condition get like medical weed? :o 

Also hoozah! Good for you in terms of the university acceptance,  whats your major going to be?

Apr 8th 2018 23:55

ierce fire dwells within her heart.like a lion that no one can tame. god abandoned her from the start. so the new god she became."

Haha. My babies! Heheh. Oooh! I just had to scroll down once and now I remember what I had said! Thank you kindly for sending me my comment. But really? December?! O_O; I thought it was super duper recent! Ahh! Wow. Hehe. But yeah, you don't mind the idea I've shared? I mean we can totally go for your idea of having him be within the clan that she's looking for. Can have the two have a pretty interesting encounter. ^^ 
Shigure Kitami

Apr 7th 2018 05:42

Hahahaha really! Your dumb you know that! Well that will help you if you actually are able to work out. Yes I am still working out to the gym, no weeks off xD gotta have my summer body that's why.”

Apr 6th 2018 01:18

ierce fire dwells within her heart.like a lion that no one can tame. god abandoned her from the start. so the new god she became."

I'm glad to hear that you're going to make a comeback, but take as much time as you need. It will, of course, take awhile especially if you've been out of the writing game for a long time. But yes please take all the time that you need. I do encourage it. And sadly, I have put a lot of story into him, BUT I can have him a member of the clan that she wants to destroy. No problem there. But I wouldn't mind if you copied and pasted my original comment since I forgot what I said! T.T; 
Shigure Kitami

Apr 5th 2018 23:34

Really? Damn more drugs!! You going to be turn into dust and bones! Well that’s good you out there fighting sh*t! Sucks you can’t find a solution to your problem. Well I been doing ok, been keeping it cool with my ex, talking and just you know hanging around. So I been doing good, just work is kicking my ass.
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