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29 years old
Letchworth, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom

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May 24 2019

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Characters: darknessflames
Verses: fantasy/adventure
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural,
Member Since:February 06, 2016

Think I might do a character change lol

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About me:
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Nicknames: wolf God of the harvest, godkiller


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Crimson Chivalry

Apr 14th 2019 16:13

Great! I'd love to hear your ideas! Send a message my way if you want.
Crimson Chivalry

Apr 13th 2019 12:29

Hello! It's good to meet you, I'm Eijirou Kirishima! I would love to discuss a storyline with you whenever you are ready or we can just wing it. Whatever works for you. We can also just chat if you don't feel like roleplaying yet.
☾⋆Death Dealer⋆☽

Dec 8th 2018 10:09

The she-wolf chuckled softly and nodded in agreement.
“I suppose you’re right about that one, still one has to wonder.”
☾⋆Death Dealer⋆☽

Dec 6th 2018 17:33

A wolf god?
It’s a pleasure to meet you
I’m Sayuri Sorel. Now why is a wolf god walking among us?

Dec 6th 2018 16:41

of course we can. 

Dec 6th 2018 16:32

I am always ready to get something going. That is why I am here! ;) Would you care to discuss a roleplay? 

Dec 6th 2018 14:54

Greetings, Tomo and thank you for taking the time out to send me a comment. I do hope that we can eventually get to know one another and indeed chat or roleplay. 
Casper C.

May 30th 2018 13:35

hey there how are you doing then love

Jun 1st 2017 00:28

I took a month to get to you, which by the way I do apologize for taking so long.

Anyway, okay discussion!

Glad you liked the group, please join some stories or perhaps we could rp in there?

Apr 16th 2017 01:41

(If you've alreadyreceivedthis I do apologize)

"Is this really my reflection?"

Standing there in front of the window she pressed her index finger to the glass before watching it crack beneath her touch. She quickly turned away noticing the person only a few feet away from her.

"Hi there."

Those were the only words she could muster up to speak, still shaken up by the reaction ofher reflection. She quickly shook it off, placing her back against the cracked window to cover it.

"Pleasure to meet you, my name is Sinta Tonaka, You may call me Sin, Sinny, or any nick name you can think of."


It's a pleasure to meet you.
Please check my group outClick here

Would you care to discuss a role-play with me?
I apologize for this short greeting.
Anyway I do wish to get to know you and get a lovely story going or maybe even just talk.

I am a semi-para to novella role-player just to let you know.
So I can work with anything.
May I ask what genres you enjoy as well as settings?

Also there is some character information on my page for my side character's which soon will be updated.
Which these are mainly just supporting characters for my main character, normally I use 2-3 during a role-play.
I am not a multi character account.
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