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Seeking Essential Male Role in Mafia Verse!!!!

-Must be online a reasonable amount of time (or alert when on hiatus)
-The name for the role is already picked out, but looks and everything else is up to the writer. (Russo Family history can be explained if needed.)
-Will start out roleplaying as a child and grow up to be the next heir to the Russo Family name.
-Discord friendly
- Contact:

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About me:

Name: Liam Russo-McBride
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Occupation: (Unlicensed) Mechanic
Nationality: 50% Italian & 50% Irish
Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Playing The Field
Past Relationships: Too damn many

Personality: He has a very snarky attitude, finding the humor in most things (sometimes at inappropriate times), gets easily bored with the mafia lingo and respectability politics when it comes down to it.

Disabilities: Undiagnosed mild case of schizophrenia (recently discovered that he can see/communicate with ghosts), hyper-sexual, alcoholism

Likes: Working in the garage with his father, opening the trunks of cars, stealing parts from other vehicles and machines to make his own greater, poking fun at his older sister, watching his younger brother draw

Dislikes: Vegetables, blowing sh*t up in the garage

Liam has grown up within the Russo Family all his life and being the first son of the infamous Don Russo made sure he was well taken care of. Despite having plenty at his beck and call, as well as living a very mafia life style--he tends to separate himself from such things. He isn't so much book smart (often having times when he says utterly stupid things, that he later regrets) and is currently failing his classes despite all the private tutors allotted to him. Liam avoids anything that he assumes being "too much hard work" and is often seen as being lazy. He cares about his siblings and teases then at every chance he can--even when it's not the most appropriate of situations.

He can be seen hanging out in the garage, working on cars, building machines, and anything else. Recently, he's gotten into stealing scrap metal in the city, but he has kept that a secret from his family and leaves the Estate three or four times a week at night.

My Family [links]
Father-Michael McBride
Mother-Nice Russo
Big Sister- Bianca
Little Brother - Felice
Who I'd like to meet:

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May 22nd 2019 16:53

Thanks accepting. I’m Archie,nice to meet you. I hope we can become good friends and possibly roleplay soon. If we do I MIGHT share my coffee with you. I also have line little.obsession
💥Kara💥 💯

May 1st 2019 14:55

Hello darlin. Pleased to meet ya. I'm Karayan Blackwood. I'm mainly on line or discord so feel free to contact me there. They're both on my page and I hope to hear from you soon

Apr 22nd 2019 15:17

Might break ya legs anyway if I get bored. HAHAHAHA!
Eh. When’s a good time to bring her in? 

An’ whaddya charge?
For the car, not for yer own personal services. 

Apr 20th 2019 10:51

"The garage? Personal hobby or professional? That is.. if it's safe to assume you're a mechanic?" Her head would tilt some as she stared at him, hoping she understood his rough tongue correctly. 

I adore IC greetings, it's like a little snippet of the character the writer is portraying! 
I'm up for winging it honestly- I personally feel it brings more.. Reality to things. After all, in life, you never know what's around the corner! 

Apr 19th 2019 03:19

"Why should she wait for a man, that had never truly loved her?."

Hello! Firstly I must thank you for adding me.~ 
I do hope you're well, on this beautiful day?
Now to get to the good stuff!

I would love to role-play with you, if you're available~
Though I must warn, that it has been almost two years since I actually role-played with anyone. 
But worry not, it doesn't take me long to get back into the swing of things! 
The muse is high, and I'm ready to roll!

As a side note, after reading through your profile, I am thoroughly interested
in both the Russo and De Re families- It seems as though both families have 
an intense story going on! I'd adore to be able to get to know both families~

Apr 16th 2019 10:30

Hello there! I don't mind IC comments but right now I just have time to be all OOC here.
Have you taken the chance to look over my profile? I'll be looking forward to the potential of a roleplay going with you. 

Apr 15th 2019 16:47

WELL, what do we got here, eh?
Yer easy on the eyes, ain'tcha? 

Y'look like ya got ties to the wrong kinda people though.
Ironic, comin' from me. HAHAHAHA!

Shawn O'Hennessey.
-And if ya bored, I got a 50's Cadillac Eldorado that could do with some love.

If ya break her, I'll smash ya face in.

Apr 15th 2019 13:10

I’m in a hurry, sadly, so;

I’ll leave a proper ‘hello’ soon, okay? 

Apr 11th 2019 02:31

Finished it~ I hope you like it!

тαsнισυs❞ [Under Construction]

Apr 10th 2019 21:21

Out of character// 

Okay, just making sure ❤
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