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-Raven's elven features are due to her mother's blood, which is actually some sort of alien race called the Calamity. When Raven was four, she met her Uncle Owyn, who is half elf. She decided that she was going to be an elf, too, and from that point on she claimed to be one.

-Owyn became the ideal version of what Raven thought men were supposed to be like, so she quickly grew to dislike her father and Uncle Tartys. Her standards and ideals remained the same until she met Mustafa, and he set limits that no man would ever be able to match.

-Raven never learned how to swim as a child, and even being friends with the king of the sea has not helped her to learn. She relies on wind spells to keep her afloat and to counter the pressure of the deep sea when diving.

-Meat is off-limits. At a young age, she realized that animals were living creatures that could move and talk, and decided that she would never eat one. In her mind, it would be like eating her partner, William.

-Ironically, her favorite food is marshmallows, but she will only eat it if she knows that its not made from animal products.

-Out of her three kiddos, none of them were born 'naturally.' (1 - adopted, 2 - magic, 3 - magic)

-Raven is extremely possessive of Zaira and mistreats Shiva with bitter kindness, however, he calls her bluff every time by accepting her bizarre gifts and wearing them with pride.

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People seem to confuse my silence as anger or pettiness. Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely, if ever, will reach out. That's just how I am. =/

BUT! No matter how long its been or how our last convo ended, please, know that I only wish all of you happiness. For the few people who do still chat with me, you keep me coming back. Thank you <3

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About me:



NAME: Phearw ka Mali Avalon
The Arcane Scholar, Amethyst Blaze
70+ / March 8
Avalonian - Elf
Avalon Kingdom
Zar Treskri


HAIR COLOR: Whitish Silver
166cm / 5' 5"
50.4 kg / 111 lbs
- Long pointed ears [looks elven]
- White markings along torso and thighs.




Fear of Advent
Demise Avalon
Owyn Dwyer, Ceras Glace
William, Navin Avalon
N / A
Ravbi Senju Avalon
Azara & Sorcha Ketsugo
Summer Hatake
Zaira Fyadrem, Mustafa Kotzau, Shiva Devgan, Tartys Avalon, Nigeta Hatsu, Hideo Avalon, Kiari Avalon


DESCRIPTION: Raven is the primary controller and protector of the planet Zar Treskri. She is currently trying to restore the planet by cleaning up old areas, organizing abandoned cities, searching for lost relics, and offering assistance to those who need a new home (animals and people.)

JOB TITLE: Scribe / Linguist
DESCRIPTION: Translates ancient text to modern language, studies forgotten or nearly extinct languages, makes records of important events, etc.
JOB TITLE: Adventurer
DESCRIPTION: Accepts and completes minor quests from anyone needing help, ventures off into the known, and seeks hidden / lost artifacts.



- Raven is the child of two leaders from two different worlds which makes her an easy target to the enemies of her parents kingdoms. In secrecy, Raven is raised in the peaceful lands of Avalon where the barrier of the city can offer better protection. Her only companion is her life long partner, a ferret named William.

[ENCOUNTERS: Fear, Demise, William.]


- Avalon is called to war. To ensure his daughter will be safe, the king leaves Raven in the care of her mother's family.

-Months later, Raven returns home to Avalon.

[ENCOUNTERS: Zaira, Owyn, Akito, Myth, Fealty, Tartys.]


- Raven falls ill with a fever because of her mixed blood. Most of her magic is sealed away to prevent her from dying.

-Fear disappears into space to protect Raven from becoming a target of the galactic forces.



- The next six years of her life is spent studying magic, learning old languages, and writing her own stories.

-She makes her first appearance as the child of the king and the people accept her as the princess of the kingdom.

-She goes on an adventure with Hideo through the literary world of fictional paradise in search for the tree of knowledge.

-She meets Ceras who helps her to retrieve the heart that lays in the Lake of Dreams. Raven's magical powers are somewhat restored and completely altered.

-An ancient evil plunges Avalon into war. Raven kills for the first time and unlocks all of her hidden magic which drives her insane. She goes on a rampage trying to protect Avalon before collapsing.

-Raven runs away from home and finds herself in Gaia where she meets Mustafa.

[ENCOUNTERS: Ceras, Hideo, Mustafa.]


- She has learned basic combat skills, how to handle throwing knives, and how to control her magic.

-She starts works for Shin-Ra to get revenge for what they did to Mustafa's family. Raven still keeps in contact with him without him knowing what she's up to.



- Mustafa finds out that Raven has been working for Shin-Ra cuts his ties with her.

-Shin-Ra discovers that she has Jenova's blood in her and she becomes an experiment against her will.



- On the brink of death, William searches for Mustafa, who comes to her rescue and did what she had not been able to do. The two become fugitives.

-The experiments have enhanced her magical abilities and grants her the chance to return home. She takes Mustafa with her.

-After six years, Raven makes first appearance in Avalon at the annual winter ball. That night, she promises Mustafa that they will always be partners and she plans to explore all of Avalon with him.

-Resuming her duties as princess, Raven tests out Lucius's power to see if he is worthy of bearing the Avalon name. He wins hands down but the fight ends in a draw.

-Raven drags Mustafa out for an adventure. On their way home, Raven is nearly killed but Mustafa protects her. Mustafa is killed from the conflict. Raven is nearly killed too but someone intervenes.

-The unnamed hero is Shiva, who is hired by her father to become her body guard. Raven falls into a deep depression which Zaira helps to break.

-Raven fires Shiva, runs away from home again, and is not seen for several months.

[ENCOUNTERS: Lucius, Shiva.]


-Fifty years have passed for Raven but only months went by in Avalon.

-Raven's premonitions of the past and future lead her to Atlantis and with her goes Lucius. They triumph against the enemy. Raven meets Lucius's ex-fiance, Atsu. Lucius becomes Navin Avalon.

-She learns how to use a bow under the guidance of her uncle and godfather, Owyn.

-Her hunger for adventure continues and she disappears for weeks at a time. She meets Nigeta between her adventures and he becomes her new body guard.

-Demise takes Raven to meet allies so they can get a ship to do research. On loan (or to keep) Raven acquires a ship from Serenity called the Novawaltz.

-Raven has decided to become a full blooded Avalon but before the ritual can take place, all of the major leaders throughout the multi-verse are invited to the Republic of Stonock for a meeting. War breaks out on the planet, Raven assists before fleeing to ensure Avalon's safety. The war ends with Stonock's victory.

-Shortly after the war of Stonock, Raven is caught in the middle of another war from the far Eastern kingdoms. She meets Tobirama while trying to end the war. Many terrible things happen but they have a few moments of happiness like raising a baby gryphon they named Ravbi.

-Two months following the end of the war, Raven returns to Avalon, only to disappear again for another week. In the north, she meets Lako. They destroy the staff of the necromancer, Melmarke.

[ENCOUNTERS: Navin, Atsu, Nigeta, Horoku, Lako, Kronus, Serenity, Kavahki, Raijin, Tobirama, Mizu, Ravbi,]


-Raven loses the Advent half of herself by participating in the Avalon ritual. Madness follows, but Navin and Demise are able to subdue her. Navin becomes Heru.

-After a few weeks, Raven runs into two new faces in Avalon, Kasuki and Clara. She shows them around the kingdom for the day.

-Lost in another realm, Raven finds herself traveling around with Triton - King of Atlantis - in search of the Seven Atlantean treasures. [Journey not completed.]

-Some time later, she travels to Japan to enjoy a New Year's of the past, and while there she meets a distant cousin, Raisuke Kiseki. Centuries later, he teaches her how to properly use a sword and turns her into a competent martial artist.

-Raven leaves Avalon for some R&R but is captured by a group of cultist. She is used for a sacrifice but instead of dying, the cultist summon a "demon" from beyond. Here she meets Aedan and they struggle together to find answers to what happen.

-Aedan is returned to his world and Raven is unsure about how she should feel. Her feelings are pushed aside as she finishes putting together an old prophecy that calls for her death.

-Another war in Avalon takes place with Raven attempting to fight on her own before calling in for help. In the middle of the battle, she is killed by Redishma. Nigeta recovers her lost soul and brings her back to life but things are never the same.

-Raven spends less time in Avalon and seeks old friendships, but most are busy, so she ends up spending a great deal of time with Aedan. When Christmas rolls around, Raven returns home and brings Aeadn with her. Love begins to blossom but Raven fears her title as princess will get in the way of their relationship.

[ENCOUNTERS: Heru, Clara, Kasuki, Triton, Raisuke, Aedan, Redishma.]


-A month passes by, Raven realizes how much Aedan is willing to give up to be with her, but fury erupts when she mistakes Nigeta for her father at the bar. She outright lays claim to Aedan as her mate, sparking a battle that would test all involved. Raven gets to know Kiari, Nigeta's lover, while Nigeta and Aedan fight. In the end, Raven terminates her contract with Nigeta.

-Raven's love for Avalon begins to decline dramatically thereafter. A heart-to-heart talk with her father determines what route she will take, and she decides to leave Avalon with Aedan and William.

-She sends Aedan away with William while she prepares to leave. As she is leaving, she runs into her brother, Navin, and her father. One last day is spent together, before she resumes her preparations.

-Not long after, Kiari experiences difficulty in Nigeta's absence. Raven does her best to calm the situation [ON GOING.]

-Weeks later, when everything has settled down, Raven puts out a notice that she would like to talk to all of the citizens of Avalon. She renounces her title in front of the entire kingdom. Sadness and anger brews among the crowd, causing Raven to depart earlier than expected.

-Raven, Aedan, and William are lost in space for months before they land on a deserted planet. The planet reacts negatively to their presence. Adean and William are tossed back into the ship, and Raven becomes a host of the planet.



-Raven is caught in a deep slumber that traps her for half a millennia, meanwhile, only months have passed beyond the field of the planet. William's return breaks the time spell that Raven is under, and the trio is reunited. They manage to stabilize the planet's violent will, leaving Raven as the sole controller (or gaia.)

-For weeks, she is busy with trying to get things in order. She soon decides she needs guardians for the planet, so she leaves to find them.

-Ravbi - a golden brown gryphon, also Raven's first so called kid, is recruited to be the first of her champions. However, to get him, she needed to venture back in time. Old problems surface upon her return, and she is forced to shed blood while trying to find Rama and Ravbi. [On going]

-Itmensik- the fire dragon, was found buried beneath hardened lava rock while Raven was visiting an island in the south. A battle of fire ensued upon awakening the beast of legend, but Raven's mastery of the element led to her victory. Itmenisk agreed to become her fire champion.

-Boden - stone gargoyle from Ireland was recruited by Aedan and officiated by Raven to become the champion of earth.

-Icarus - serpent of the darkness and sea, was stumbled upon by accident when Raven ventured into the northern lands. She met Eutoa there, too. They both agreed to assist her in protecting the planet with Icarus becoming her water champion and Eutoa putting together a new religion. [On going]

-After recovering four guardians (given the title of Champions), she opens the planet's doors to all that wish to live there. The only people that take her up on the offer are Shiva and Zaira.

-With all the time spent a part, Raven decides that creating a child would fill the void left behind by either partner. From blood and ancient magic, Azara is created.

-A dilemma arises when Raven and Aedan are both needed in different parts of the planet, but are unable to take Azara because of unknown risks. Zaira and Shiva are asked to babysit. Realizations surface of Azara's unnatural fearlessness and destruction, causing Raven to isolate her child from her godparents. No longer able to ask Zaira and Shiva to watch after Azara, she is placed in the care of Itmenisk.

-A welcome party is thrown on Zar Treskri with invites sent to planets, allies, and friends across the universe. [On going story...]

- While on patrol, Azara falls off of Itmenisk, who is unable to find her. Azara wanders into an old ruins where she uses her magic to activate a spell written on one of the walls. She creates a clone of herself, who becomes her twin sister, Sorcha.

-Overwhelmed with her children, Raven asks Boden to watch Sorcha. Too much trouble occurs when the twins are left to their own vices.

[ENCOUNTERS: Itmenisk, Boden, Icarus, Eutoa, Azara, Sorcha.]


William Avalon- On the same day that Raven was born, William was also brought into existence from the interference of the Avalon elders. Raven and William are two independent entities that share a single soul. That soul is split in two which allows them to coexist. Despite what anyone says, Raven sees the ferret as her a dear friend and partner, rather than as a pet. Anyone who calls him such gets a vicious look and severe lecture. He deserves more than being called a pet after all the times that they shared together and all of the adventures that still await them.

Zaira Kalith Fyadrem Devgan- At the age of four, Raven met her cousin for the first time, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Where one went, the other followed, and this continued on into adulthood. For many reasons, Raven is over protective of Zaira, and with that comes jealously. Raven is torn between keeping her safe and trying to make her happy, but she can't give Zaira both. When it comes to her cousin, Raven is irrational and unpredictable, because although she might not know it, Zaira is Raven's everything -- her strength, her weakness, and her reason to live.

Mustafa Kotzau [deceased]- It's no secret that Raven loved Mustafa more than life. At the age of twelve, when she was lost in Gaia, he took her in and raised her as his own. No matter what mess she got herself into, he was always right there to pick her back up. When she was finally able to return home, she brought him back with her, and she quickly fell in love with someone she shouldn't have. Even so, she was happy enough with what they had. It was enough that he was alive and by her side, but fate stole him away just when their days of peace could be begin.

Aedan McSkye Ketsugo- Being in love was nothing new for Raven but receiving love back was an alien concept. Her lacking self confidence made romance an unobtainable fantasy, then Aedan came along and with him he brought a series of misfortune. Despite this, Raven looked past the bad luck, and found herself quickly falling for him. Before either of them knew it, she was madly in love, and with him she saw the future she thought she would never have. They now have a beautiful little family, who makes life all the more interesting, exciting, and worthwhile.

Azara Sarem Itovro Ketsugo- After everything that Raven put Aedan through, she decided she was ready to start a family, but not in the conventional way. Their daughter, Azara, was created from their mixed blood, earth, and magic. Raven adores her but Azara is everything that Raven never thought she would be. Obnoxious, carnivorous, adventurous, fearless, etc. As much as she loves her daughter, Raven struggles daily to understand her. She has no idea what the future has in store for her little mini, but she knows that she is destined for something great.

Sorcha Ketsugo- Shortly after Azara was "born," Sorcha was also created, except this time by accident. Azara managed to clone herself while lost in an old ruins, and life for Raven and Aedan has become more chaotic, however, Raven wouldn't change it for the world. She calls Sorcha her second daughter and Azara's twin, and just like that twin, Raven struggles with understanding her. She also believes that there is reason that she was given another child, whether by fate's will or not. She hopes that her daughter's future will be bright, but uncertainly still looms.

Demise Avalon- As far as Raven could remember, her father was the only one aside from Zaira and William that was always there for her. His fear, however, pressured her to become a reclusive child who feared the world. The kingdom didn't learn of their princess until she was twelve, but by then her fall into bloodshed had already begun. It was a fate that was unavoidable. Raven still loves her father though. He gave her the best life that he could and raised her as best as he knew how on his own. Their relationship might be a bumpy one, but Raven knows she can always count on him when she needs him most.

Navin (Heru) Avalon- After losing Mustafa, Raven never wanted to get close to anyone ever again, then she went on a quest with Navin. She tried to prevent a premonition from coming true, but instead, her life became intertwined with Navin's own. They both learned that day that lonely souls could meet beyond the need for a romantic embrace, so upon the shores of Atlantis, Raven opened up her heart once again to take Navin as her older brother. Sadly, time and duties keep the siblings a part from one another, but no matter where they are, they will always be bound together in both faith and blood.

Nigeta Hatsu Avalon- Things between Nigeta and Raven were difficult at first because Nigeta looked so much like her father from a distance. It didn't take long for Nigeta to win the favor of the princess as he offered her kindness and sweets whenever she wanted. At one point, Nigeta was the closest person to her, and he became her bodyguard for a short time. But as always, happiness was short lived for Raven, and her contract with Nigeta was terminated after he challenged her lover to a duel. Their friendship remains unstable, but Raven still loves and cherishes their memories.

Owyn Marcus Dwyer- As a little girl, Raven always considered her Uncle Owyn to be her knight in shining armor. He sent her presents from across the world, never forgot her birthday, sent her cards, and supported her despite her reclusive nature. Owyn was the one person that always thought of her. In her eyes, he became untouchable, and is partly responsible for the reason she grew to dislike men. It seemed like no man in the universe could match him, and in many ways, no one ever did. To this day, he remains her fairy tale hero come to life, and she will always see him as such.

Shiva Devgan- It's possible that no one could dislike a person more than Raven does Shiva, but it wasn't always this way. She used to hate him, and hating him was all she could do. Things changed when she learned about his relationship with her cousin, Zaira. Slowly, her hatred manifested into a mixture of like and dislike. She still strongly dislikes him, but she also loves him as a sister would a brother. Raven does her best to get under his skin too with her petty jokes, pranks, and gifts, but he brushes it off. It makes her angry, but also happy that he can accept her as she is.

Ceras (Vokun) Glace- By fate or by luck, Raven met Ceras in the middle of a forgotten swamp far from Avalon's territory. Ceras also helped young Raven to restore her powers and bring balance to the magic that flowed through her veins. Raven quickly became attached to Ceras for her knowledge of the ancient world and would often pester the dragon to tell her stories. In a way, Ceras became the mother that Raven missed out on, but the dragon's need for freedom kept Raven from getting too attached. Even so, Raven still considers Ceras someone precious and close to her heart.

Fear of Advent- There were very few moments that Raven was able to spend with her mother. She remembered learning to read and listening to stories of space, but most of her memories remain lost. She does vividly remember watching her mother leave for the last time though. Only six, Raven saw her mother walk out with the promise that it was safer for things to be this way. She knew her mother was right, but Raven missed her every day. She has no idea where her mother is now, but she hopes that she is safe and that maybe they will meet again, so Fear can meet her grandchildren.

Summer Hatake- After Fear left and Raven lost her powers, she was put under the care of her father's friend, Summer. Summer did her best to teach Raven about fire, how to protect herself, and some survival skills, but she was incredibly distant. She made it known to Raven that she was only a mentor, not a replacement for the mother that left. Raven swallowed the difficult reality and continued to live her life of solitude. However, there were small moments when Summer was kind, and in those moments Raven saw a life long friend, who remains her protector until this day.

Tobirama Senju[deceased]- Amid a war torn nation, Raven finds herself traveling in the company of a lone Witcher, Tobirama, and his companion, Mizu. She learns to have faith in the grumpy Rama as their travels takes them into bloodier lands and death defying battles that strains their fragile trust. They manage to overcome it all though, and with them their orphaned gryphon Ravbi. Sadly, upon Raven's return many years later, Tobirama is struck down during an intense battle. His loss had a heavy toll on her heart, but through her his memory remains.

Ravbi Senju Avalon- Tobi and Raven found the tiny gryphon under his mother's dead body. Without question, the witcher and princess took the orphan with them on their travels. Ravbi's attachment to Raven made it difficult for her to leave when the time came, but she had no idea how she was supposed to raise him. She left him in the care of Rama until a time came when she could give him the life he deserved. Although Rama isn't around anymore, Raven still sees him in their child, and it puts her heart at ease.

Hideo Avalon- The first friend that Raven made outside of family was Hideo, who was not yet an Avalon. He was the one that awoken her adventurous spirit and pushed her to see more of Avalon when they returned from exploring another world. As she got older, she started to spend more time outdoors, and less time locked away in her room. Without Hideo, Raven might not have found the courage she needed to become strong, or to lead the life that she does now. She owes him a world of thanks, but its doubtful she will ever tell him so because she's too embarrassed.

Lako of Aloria- Friendships were a rarity for Raven in her early adult years, and befriending another elf was not something she'd ever thought possible; yet, she made friends with Lako. He was different from the typical male she found on the street, and could hold his own when it came time to fight. As much as she loved the lands of Nerlun, she knew she needed to return home to her own lands. She has no idea what has become of Lako, but one day, she hopes to return to Nerlun for another adventure. Only time will tell if these friends will meet again.

Serenity Constantine- The space priate princess and former Avalon princess met only once but a deep friendship was created from the single encounter. Also, the gift that Serenity gave to Raven altered her life dramatically. The Novawaltz, a first class ship designed for users like Raven, allowed Raven the chance to start her life anew in a world buried between the stars. She is grateful to Serenity for the opportunity that she was given, and is still trying to figure out a way to repay her. She probably never will, but if Serenity ever needs help, Raven will be the first answer.

Raisuke Kiseki- The behemoth known as Raisuke, is Raven's distant cousin from centuries pass. She befriended him one day in the streets of feudal Japan and then again in the lands of Avalon. He isn't the easiest person to get along with though, and prefers fighting over having a normal conversation. Raven took advantage of this, and foolishly or not, decided to train under him for a brief period of time. Her lessons in combat and sword would have continued, but she was called away to war and she never saw him again.


Flicka - The Dancing Veil- [Bond - Celaena] In the forest of the Silver, Celaena met the fay known as Flicka, and her friend, Lucinelle. Celaena greatly enjoyed the company of Flicka and Lucinelle, as well as teaching them about the worlds beyond their own, however, there is a time and place for everything. The peaceful conversation ended with a threat from Celaena's world, and now, Celaena is doing her best with Flicka to put an end to the invasive evil. Together, Celaena is confident that they can win.

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