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Trial by Fire
Lord Vamps
Heavens into Ash
Ambition & Chaos
...Lost Drifting Between Worlds
Like Ash Slipping Through his Fingers

Vamps first kingdom was completely burned down to ash, and basically wiped out from existence. The name of it everything to last letter had been cast aside along with him. He would never forget the day this happened, the betrayal he experienced was etched into his very being. If one was to say he never felt a true emotion until then, then that was the very moment Vamps felt most alive according to human standards anyways. After all it was them who betrayed him in the end, his most trusted officers and loved ones turned their swords on him in favor of their Gods and destroyed everything. He had to watch as his most trusted comrade M was torn to pieces and was sent plummeting into a world below them. While he in turn was stabbed countless times. Vamps for the first time was broken, he didn't even defend himself but nonetheless he refused to die or at the very least the humans weren't strong enough to kill them even with all their powers. Eventually the Gods locked the broken Vamps away with as seal and hoped he never saw the light of day again.

NAME: Vamps
NICKNAMES: V, Boss, Commander, Vampsy, Leader, Murder, Killer, Bastard and so on..
ALIASES: Demon Lord (Mistaken identity)
PLACE OF BIRTH: The Void, Space
CURRENT RESIDENCE: None, known to be a drifter

EYE COLOR: Left Red, Right Blue
HEIGHT: Varies
WEIGHT: Varies

Traits: Master Swordsman, Explosives Expert, Cheerful, Schemer, Harsh
Addictions: Money/Valuable Items (Doesn't matter what form)
Likes: Blood, Fire, Swords, Bombs, machines, androids, A.Is, guns
Dislikes: Fragile People

OCCUPATION: Ruler, Commander, Boss, Drifter, Adventurer, Creator
JOB DESCRIPTION: Vamps is the ruler of Indepedent Fleet and the kingdom's goal is to spread its rule across the multiverse.
EMPLOYER: Himself, his people, anyone who contacts him with a request and can pay the fee.
SKILLSET: Explosives expert, master swordsman, can communicate with machines and A.Is, random tiered skills based on world

Daughters: Symphonia Luka Vamps, Euphemia Miku Vamps, & Cornelia Yuuka Vamps
Other Family: M, Demelza
Friends: Rain, L, Beryl, Ignil, Aggy, lots more..

Main Objectives: To hunt down the Gods and their heavens and burn them to ash
Secondary Obj: To recruit heroes & heroines to his cause, and to spread the influence of his Kingdom
Minor Obj: To finish paperwork, to work on his kingdom, to drift about
Actual Goals: To have fun and drift between worlds without a care in the world. Loves to adventure as much as possible

The Return

M his maid and most loyal servant had been put back together by some humans who had tickered with her and eventually turned her back on. Confused she went on a journey to find out what happened to her Master. She'd hunt down those who betrayed Vamps and proceeded to slaughter them and their families with a vegenance like no other. Tearing them a part in ways only a machine could do and leaving such gore like deaths people would puke just at the slightest of thoughts. She spared no one, like a true assassin she killed only who she needed to and disappeared as if she was just a ghost.

Meanwhile Vamps himself was broken of his seal because the Gods got careless. The humans which they once saught to protect were now tossed aside as he once was. The other more powerful races were slaughtering them with ease from all edges of the univese and the world in which he was sealed away. Humans have borrowed so deep underground that they had uncovered him. If by fate or mere luck no one would ever know but at that very moment a human child had released Vamps once again into the wild.

V was busy recovering, still groggy from having been still for so long he was weak for once in his overwhelmingly long life. Sensing danger to the child who rescued him he easily sprung into action like his old self. Vamps always one to protect a comrade attacked without remorse and shattered his enemies with his bare hands. Striking through them with a smooth ease, so easily he could stab right through their heart and take it out with it still beating. Almost like an anime it was crazy and the ones who he protected also feared him at the same time. "It was for the best..." was all he could think at the time.


A few hundred thousand years later, Vamps had a well established kingdom across multiple universes now. Not trusting anyone for even a small length of time he successfully put down rebellions before they could even start and demolished heavens and hells as if they were nothing. His network was expanding but his units weren't growing their were places they couldn't go due to limitions for now. His power was still weak and was growing back day by day. Until then he had no choice but to somehow bring heroes and heroines to his side before the Gods got hold of them.

Nearing present day Vamps found one such recruit in an unexpected place and she went by the name of L. From their her natural charmisa drew many to her and helped pave the way to destroy another heaven known as Olympus. Thanks to her efforts and others, they successfully turned it into complete ash. The old heaven looked like a new form of hell and no god or angel were in sight. The place was becoming as dead as space. Although Vamps enjoyed the view, he loved watching the sight of both fire and ash spreading about again and again.

With her job done, Vamps destroyed the contract with L and her comrades. What they did from their was no longer his concern as he needed to move forward to other worlds. However Vamps owed L a few gifts and she called one of them in one day in order to research 'ghost' to his surprise. Of course had no choice but to accept as he was a man of his word, plus it never hurt to have an excuse to skip out on paper work...

Ashes to Ashes

It didn't take long for Vamps to take revenge on those who did him wrong and on the Gods that twisted his friends to their every whim. M had reunited with Vamps along a few familiar girls who he thought he left long in the past. He was honestly surprised to find his daughters were still alive. He had honestly they they died when he broke and stabbed them. Suppressing the Gods from one world to another, became even more difficult once his daughters came and each seemed to have their own way of attacking him. His first daughter Symphonia had her own military and kingdom as well and poured all her resources into attacking any base of his she could find. No matter where or how many loses she took. She made contracts with anyone and anything. Her forces, his forces, the Gods and other fractions can usually be seen attacking each other constantly.

Symphonia like her father hated the Gods, she couldn't believe they would try and kill him without her. If anyone was to kill him it would be her and her alone. Anyone else would be killed by her first and foremost. Nonetheless as the war waged on, many worlds were left scarred completely and hoping to avoid this Vamps did his best to force these battles to happen behind the scenes. Which is why he started drifting away, he left his kingdom behind or tried to anyways. They wouldn't leave him be and always had his back. Following him wherever he went however they could. Vamps refused to drag them into his war as he didn't want any more of his comrades to die.

Vamps gave into his kingdom eventually and with that he told them he would drift world to world still so battles didn't take place to often. He would do his best to support the kingdom in his own but he wouldn't be their often so they would have to handle their own. Symphonia almost as if following her father's footsteps called off a lot of her troops not all but many to make the scales of war smaller. Often it would be her vs him.

Three of a Kind

Symphonia a prideful and jealous daughter, she killed her twin sister with her bare hands by choking her out when they were young. Her reasoning for doing such a thing was simple, she getting to much attention from her father and she hated that. Her mother in turn tried to kill her but before she could do serious harm to Symphonia, Vamps had stepped in and obliterated her mother before her very eyes. From their she could never look at her father the same way again, she grew to hate him and swore vegeance. Just like her mother died in front of her with only her feet remaing she to wished to destroy her father the same way.

Euphemia, a daughter further down the line part of the 3rd Generation of Vamps families drowned her twin sister and mother without fail. Vamps was beginning to notice a pattern with his daughter's and this time he decided to try and get rid of Euphemia completely. She survived and Vamps in turned left her alone after that. She cried all through out the night and day for seven days straight it was said. She cried so much that it is said wherever she goes it rains to cover up her tears. If you see an unusual storm or rainy day, be careful she might just be around.

10th Generation child, Cornelia was a little different than her sisters before her. She tricked her sisters from the other generations into attacking Euphemia. 19 sisters and daughters would die that night. All because Cornelia told them their father would acknowledge them if they managed to defeat her. Euphemia discovered Cornelia eventually and destroyed her, easily but in the end she let Cornelia live. Why..? C still wishes to know and a bit traumatized she drinks often to try and forget that day. It wasn't supposed to happen like this was all she could think..


Vamps growing tired of fighting his daughter and Gods all the time took a break from all the action. Now he simply roams from world to world meeting new people wherever and whenever he can. Enjoying himself he figured he get a taste of what it likes to have peace for once even if it was short lived. Often he found himself getting into trouble, if he liked it or not. People usually wanted to fight him for just about any reason sadly.

FAQ Character

Is Vamps a vampire? A: No.

Well, if he isn't a vampire; what's his relation to them? His name is Vamps after all.. A: He is their creator.

What is Vamps goal, does he even have one anymore? A: To find people he can put his trust in and to help is daughter's turn over a new leaf if possible.

What does Vamps hate most in the world? A: Betrayal

FAQ General

Writing Length?: Paragraph to Multi-Paragraph

Preferred Partner Length?: Paragraph and above

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