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Highbury, London
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June 15 2019

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Characters: melody
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Any, Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Romance,
Member Since:March 25, 2016

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About me:
I am a normal cat girl. Loving milk,yawn balls and collars! <3 I love to meet more people but there is a spell place on me to whoever demands my body to change ,my body will! Rules: Things stay in rp I do mostly anything ,but I will tell you if not I do have a life outside so i might be gone for some days so please don't get mad
Who I'd like to meet:

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The Element Angel

Nov 25th 2018 18:24

Thank you for accepting me!
My name is Melek I am a Elemental Angel.
I would love to get something going with you.
I do semi-para to multi-para.
I talk only in comments or on my discord.
Till then I hope to hear from you soon! 
Zack Fair

Aug 29th 2018 13:08

//Hello, thank you for approving. How are you?
♥♠ NexisUnkown♠♥

Aug 11th 2017 13:15

Hey melody lets have some fun together for old times sake?
Son of the Hero

Jul 31st 2017 23:54

I would like to thank you for adding me to your account. I will be looking forward of getting to know you through chat, or roleplay.
Roger Rex[mcrp] ( Rex S&L)

May 7th 2017 17:46

so would you like me to send a message to discuss an rp?
Roger Rex[mcrp] ( Rex S&L)

May 7th 2017 12:38

ooc: thanks for adding me, i hope we can discuss an rp and become great friends~
might restart my account

Apr 2nd 2017 20:51

he smiled and bows 'hiyea miss kitty. names Xaiver'
Nexis unknown

Nov 14th 2016 12:43

Hey luv did you get my reply?
The Spirit Blacksmith

Nov 10th 2016 13:50

~The Spirit Blacksmith~

Wanted to take this time to say: "Thank you, for your acceptance!" A million years later, I know. lol Thankfully, I now have time to get to everything; if you ever wish to talk or discuss with me about anything, you can hit me up anytime~ Oh! I can't leave without introducing myself: Meis* Triumph is my name and it's really nice to meet you. X3

*Meis is pronounced as "Mice".
Lucy Valentine

Oct 13th 2016 02:52


Just a quick stop by to say thank you for either accepting my request, or sending one to me.
I've never been so great at these greetings and such ;3;
My name is Lucinda Valentine, or Lucy if you would prefer.
I look forward to chating/rping with ya, feel free to send anything whenever you like.
I'm up for pretty much any and all kinds of roleplay,
but if you'd rather discuss something, or just jump straight in i'm all for it.
Anyways, enough prattling on from me. Best to stop myself before the other me ends up waking up xD
Don't worry she doesn't bite.... much.... just be careful not to lose a limb or two XD
Hope you're enjoying your morning/evening and I look forward to hearing more from you soon~

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