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Just a normal every day person who enjoys spoiling people. Nothing wrong with that.

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About me:
I could write about my character here, but I explain pretty much everything in my greeting and people are more likely to read that then this, yeah? If you really want to know a few things, he has a split personality which essentially makes two different characters that can be chosen from. Don't say I never did anything for ya.
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Jun 16th 2019 19:13

Happy Father’s Day to the man that roleplays the dad in our RP! Hope you’re doing well, hun! Mwah! ^^

Jun 14th 2019 10:17

Gladly let her continue? Gladly? Haha sure didn’t seem like it! ^^

Jun 13th 2019 20:15

“It just feels like you’re using your hands, and you already know how I feel about that.”

There is nothing written in the scene to convince me he was enjoying it in the slightest. I legit thought you hated the scene in the roleplay, and Oswald’s last outburst really did it, so I ended it to put you out of your misery. Haha :p

Jun 13th 2019 17:20

He doesn’t say that. He just gets physically uncomfortable and hates every minute of it, and tells her just how much he hates it. Lol ^^

Jun 13th 2019 14:50

“You asked me to let you experiment, so do it. Do what you wanted to do and then be done. Stop trying to make me do other things that I do not want to do. You are not going to convince me to do them." Sooo... how did he tell her not to stop? Lol ^^

Jun 12th 2019 18:53

Biiiig yikes for Oswald. It’s gonna take some serious apologizing to mend things with Lexi lol ^^

Jun 12th 2019 16:46

Since Oswald’s eyes are closed, I chose to omit my usual narration to give impact to Lexi’s actions. ^^

Jun 12th 2019 00:58

Aahhhhhhh! Titf*** is finally happening!!! And it’s not a dream this time!!!! XD

Jun 11th 2019 23:13

I love your narration! I was seriously wondering if I was like absolutely torturing you or something lol. But then your line “like a spoiled child” or something like that and “he was getting his way, he just refused to accept it” made me smile. So I’m not torturing you. Just Oswald. Haha ^^

Jun 11th 2019 21:55

I know you said you won’t talk until you feel better, but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk to you!

I miss talking to you. 

I replied to our alternative story roleplay. Even on my phone, I’m up to do both of you are!

Also, Lexi is determined to help Oswald. And I, as a writer, am determined to make things happen lol. It’s been so ping since we started, and it feels like a natural time to start things between these two. At least I think so. Oswald’s restraint and discomfort definitely keeps things interesting. I never know if he’s just gonna pull back and stop! ^^

Can’t wait for your reply!
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