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"This is my life... my story... my book. I will no longer let anyone else write it; nor will I apologize for the edits I make."

26 years old

United States

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August 13 2019

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Characters: Eden
Verses: AOT, Fairy Tail, MHA, the Seven Deadly Sins, etc
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
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I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday. Lord help me

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Eden was born quite the normal girl and her life was fairly average in the beginning. Things changed when her mother passed away. Her father had become a drunken and violent alcoholic, making her life miserable. The scarred man left her all alone, having to fend for herself and survive to the best of her ability.

Her first saving grace came in the form of a bar owner who took her in and raised her from that point on, becoming family to her. She became a worker at the bar and was able to make ends meet and live a better life.

Her life truly changed upon her meeting a certain "hero" named Kaname who rescued her and became her teacher. The man taught her how to fight and the two eventually fell in love. She and Kaname soon discovered her father was a mafia boss and had plans to rule the world. He was given weapons from another world which would aid him in his conquest, but he was ultimately defeated by his own daughter Eden and Kaname. The two would then go on to face the true enemy, an Ouroboros enforcer from Kaname's world who wanted to take her world over as well. After that person's defeat, Eden set out to stop anyone trying to become an evil mafia boss by becoming a Crossbell Police Officer and partner to Kaname. The two now fight side by side against evil.
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Jul 8th 2019 23:46

Yaaay! ♥

Jul 8th 2019 23:15

-sends a gift- ♥
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Jun 12th 2019 23:07

"I am so happy we're friends!" ♥
//Here is a thank you gift for the kindness you have shown me in the short time of knowing one another. I love you tons! ♥

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Rimuru Tempest (Human Form)

Jun 10th 2019 18:23

Glad you're doing well Eden and you should! It's quite a humorous series and waiting for 2nd season to come out next year. So you got plenty of time to catch up :)
Rimuru Tempest (Human Form)

Jun 10th 2019 18:13

Lovely to meet you Eden and I hope you are doing well? :)
It's quite alright if you haven't heard of the series! 
Rimuru Tempest (Human Form)

Jun 10th 2019 17:55

Behind a Slime

Hello! Thanks for accepting my add request. As you can see, my character is a Slime and from a series called "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime". Pretty much a sexless gender Slime but can take a form of a human and used to be a human male but died in his world, reincarnated into a slime! Also to be clear, I am also a guy behind this character that play behind a Slime. I do get mistaken as a girl just because the character so give you all a heads up. I love to discuss and I am open to anything you throw at me. I hope to hear from you all soon!!! 

- Rimuru Tempest, The Slime
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