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Rules and Such.
1. This is not a roleplaying page! If you wish to roleplay or chat then add the owner.

2.I don't provide edits. This is simply because, I don't have photoshop and no editors to edit for people on here. And someday soon, I will be hiring, but not right now.

3. Please be respectful and not be disrespectful towards me the owner or the other staff members.

More to come coming soon! ;)

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Gone With The Wind Inc

Apr 24th 2020 15:42

   Good to hear.I am doing good 
Gone With The Wind Inc

Apr 23rd 2020 19:55

hi there thanks for  accpeting the request . how are you doing

Jul 26th 2017 22:26

"Welcome one and all to the Toy Maker's Shop. Please, please, step right in. I won't bite." The oily-haired man slid a hand over his chest and bowed deeply. "I am Alistair; Alistair the Toy Maker.. and this b e a u t y is my shop. At this shop, I make dolls. Every one of these dolls is up for a sort of 'adoption.' That means you, the customer, pay no money out-of-pocket. Now, isn't that... neat?"

"Feel free to look around - Ah, but do mind, Eleanor is not up for adoption. She belongs to me." Alistair gestures, with an exaggerated sway of an arm, over to the teen-sized doll on the far of the shop; and, with a grin that seemed to tug far too much to one side, the Toy Maker added in a low and almost-creepy tone of voice: "Do inform me if you... need.. something."


Oct 20th 2016 11:34

Unlimited Blade Works

Jul 16th 2016 15:14

Well, what would you be down for?"
Unlimited Blade Works

Jul 11th 2016 17:35

Well, how abouts meow!?
Unlimited Blade Works

Jul 3rd 2016 23:11

"Well, how abouts meow?!"
Unlimited Blade Works

Jun 19th 2016 17:16

Suddunly plops in!....Seriously what the flux just happened. One had to wonder as a red head just sorta dropped from the sky. Making a dent in the ground as he just sorta laid there, was he dead? Or involved in some sort of explosion? Before one could poke him, he suddenly got up!? "Hello Dear, thanks for the add, let's set up a RP soon. We can discuss or wing it, it's up to you." As he wiped the singe and dust off him, It seemed clear that he was just going to ignore whatever the hell just happened.
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