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"But, it's not beautiful!"
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24 years old
Iwanai, Hokkaido

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April 15 2019

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Characters: Rei Ryugazaki, Ryugazaki Rei
Verses: Free!,Iwatobi Swim Club
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Romance,
Member Since:August 13, 2016

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About me:


Rei is considered handsome and intelligent because of his looks and good grades. He also has a penchant for beautiful things and the thought of exuding anything but beauty through his actions, causes him to dramatically lose his cool.

Rei may initially seem like a calm and composed character, but he is in actuality quite comical in a sense that he sometimes lets his confidence get the better of him. He is, however, depicted to be a hardworking and determined individual, unwilling to relent to his inability to swim despite several failed attempts.

Rei has a theoretical approach when it comes to sports, as he usually calculates distance, angle, and other factors in his mind before actually making an attempt. Because of his rigid nature, he has a tendency to overlook the fun and enjoyment that comes with the activity. As Haruka told Rei, he needed to be "free" in order to swim properly, because he is constantly calculating and underestimating the water.
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🐧Pen-Pen 🐧

Jul 22nd 2018 11:17

Konnichiwa! Thank you for adding me Rei-chan! I really appreciate it. I'm sorry for the delay in sending this. I don't know how to make that's fancy greetings with the scroll box and pictures and stuff so this less fancy one is what you get. Sorry. Anyways, I would love to get a stoyline discussion with you whenever you're ready or we can just wing it, whatever works best for you! I hope to hear back from you soon.

Huzuki Nagisa

Aug 14th 2016 17:03

Konnichiwa atarashi yujin!

I am very grateful for you accepting me,you have no idea how much i enjoy meeting new people!
you can call me Izanagi Okinawa, how can i call you?
Eto i look forward to start a conversation or rp with you! Even doing both for that matter.not a picky dude at all :3
hopefully we will become close buddies while getting to know each other better ♥
gomen for this lousy and boring greetingi really suck at this Dx

I hope to hear from you soon! are you doing this day? :D


Aug 14th 2016 00:05

Greetings to you friend. I want to thank you for the opportunity of your friendship. By all means let us discuss something soon, should you have any questions regarding my character and how I portray him please do ask. With that out of the way let's discuss something soon
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