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April 04 2020

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GeneralAnime,Roleplay,Minecraft,Horror,Youtube,Disney,Gaming, Yaoi
MusicA wide Variety
MoviesComedy, Action, Anime, Horror, Based on a True Story, Adventure, Fantasy
Heroes Izuku "Deku" Midoriya (My Hero Academia) Toto Sakigami(Deadman Wonderland) Assorted Custom Characters
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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Body type:Athletic
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
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I didn't get through all of my replies today like I planned, but I got a good number of my more overdue ones knocked out. I have tomorrow off work, so I should be able to finish up the remainder

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About me:
100% in character (unless stated otherwise)
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Mar 16th 2020 02:47

- Ring, Ring, Ring - 

"Devil May Cry, How can I help?"

Names Nero, Nero Sparda
Thanks for adding | accepting my job request. 

I'm your local resident Devil Hunter. 
Got an Infestation or a Horde of demons
 to clear out.
I'm your guy for the job. 

Whenever you have the time,
I would like to plot a 
story with you. 
Random starters are also welcomed
If you already have something in mind.

Message or comment
to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Terms and Conditions 
for hiring Devil Hunter

Payment is upfront 
Cash only
No Refunds. 


Do check out my Albums
as it gives Selection of Locations 
from the DMC 5 Game and Nero 
In different forms and I'm giving you the option 
on what devil bringer or Breaker you wish 
Nero to have in the Roleplay ]
(Pink Cheeks.)

Mar 2nd 2020 13:55

Image result for ochaco uraraka smile gif
Hi there! Thank you for adding/accepting me as your friend.
I'm Ochaco Uraraka. Pleased to meet you.
Care to discuss a storyline or connection together?

Feb 18th 2020 22:54

Thanks for the add, sorry it’s not this whole formal greeting but I’m just not that into that. If you’d like to roleplay I’d love to discuss anytime. I’m heading off to sleep now so I’ll get to any answer from you tomorrow. Have a good night
𝒜𝓈𝒽 "𝐵𝒾"

Jan 31st 2020 10:20

Thank you for the add I hope to see you soon we talk about a role play or you can just send one but talk soon don't be a stranger.

Jan 19th 2020 18:04

it's cool don't worry about it! hai i'm still interested in starting a p with you!

Jan 4th 2020 20:14

Ohayo! O genki desu ka?

Arigato for accepting the friend invite!
i'm Togai Yohachi, it's nice to meet ya :D
are you up for discussing a rp and/or chatting? i'm cool with either, so it's whatever you are in the mood for!
would be awesome if we could become great friends,
gomen this greeting probably sounds boring but i never really know what to really put up here lol but at least i'm trying right?

Eto i hope to hear back from you but i am a patient person so take the time you need with you're replies!
Lord 7th ~Seme~

Oct 1st 2019 02:31

I would really like to thank you very much for the friend request you sent Deku. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. It is a pleasure and honor to meet you. I hope we can become really good friends. I also hope we can discuss a storyline or chat sometime soon. Until then have a nice evening
ochako uraraka

Apr 17th 2019 15:59

Ooc: Hiya! :) Hope we can be good friends and share a story line together or we can just make one up and wing it lol

Mar 6th 2019 03:11

"t... Thank you for accepting my add. Im told this is the best way to make friends....my name is Shiego kageyama. "//Bowing at the waist the brunette gave a small smile, formally greeting the green haired boy before him before standing to his full height //
Nathan (MC)

Jan 22nd 2019 02:38

Hey what's up man how are things?
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