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Rper for f*** knows how many years now. -You should know that you will never become part of their word- . . . "But I like it so much . . ."

29 years old
Iwamizawa, Hokkaido

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May 24 2019

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Open, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
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I have not left this place or forgotten anyone I promise! I am slowly getting better and will be around hopefully more this weekend. Thank you everyone for your patience!

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Alexander Hell

May 7th 2019 06:23

Dork hehe but I've been alright, besides the cold weather.
What about you?
Alexander Hell

May 3rd 2019 15:25

Of course I promise, silly. Wouldn't say otherwise if i didn't mean it.
Alexander Hell

May 1st 2019 19:56

Haha I'm always gonna be right here
Alexander Hell

May 1st 2019 02:12

Haha I ain't gone anywhere!
Ryeliel Tepes

Apr 30th 2019 08:11

He glares at her tail and makes gropping movements with his fingers, with malicious intent
Ryeliel Tepes

Apr 30th 2019 07:53

He narrows his eyes and pulls her by her tail to the desk
"I am not doing your paperwork!"
Alexander Hell

Apr 29th 2019 18:50

Indeed we do!
So what's this beautiful little fox been up to all this time hm?
Ryeliel Tepes

Apr 29th 2019 06:56

He takes a deep breath and a pen out "Alright, where do you want me to sign?"
Ryeliel Tepes

Apr 29th 2019 06:11

He crosses his arms and raises his eyebrow "Of course you were"
Alexander Hell

Apr 17th 2019 12:01

Aw really? Well you better be sticking around! We got lots to catch up on lol
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