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Blue - The color intermediate between green and violet; melancholy; profane; dejection; a song; spirituality; the color of the sky; azure; almost black; the name of a ninja. Primarily comic verse, but versatile to all. Nice meeting you!

25 years old

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February 13 2014

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name: Blue
alias: Akemi Shiori

Day job: VP of Operations for Hapi Electronics, Tokyo
Undercover: Kunoichi (ninja)

Origin: Magical origins - a casted spell originating in the 15th century.

Shadow gates - for teleportation and invisibility
Superhuman speed, stealth and hearing
Dream walking
Resistance to poisons

Use of simple magic to cast illusions, healings, and basic control of the elements
Ninjitsu, a wide array of weaponry and martial arts
Poisons, toxins and gasses.
Espionage, disguise, assassination, seduction and deception
Knowledgeable in business and marketing, ancient Japanese weaponry and artifacts.

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Status: Single

Love is a cancerous emotion reserved for weak minded and faint of spirit. It incapacitates the bravest warrior, providing a chink in bulletproof armor to the places that are most vulnerable to injury. Love transforms the noblest samurai into an idiot and a trembling coward. For kunoichi, love is an indispensable tool, deadlier than a gun, and sharper than a katana. Its necrotic nature tears open the heart and into the soul, bleeding out its victims until such infectious wounds fester and rot the spirit, eating away at the mind and flesh. It is a living death willingly accepted in a society where weakness is favored over power and strength. Love is the sweetest poison, willingly taken by the foolish, fallen victim to the wiles of the kunoichi.

Do kunoichi ever love? To hear such words uttered from her lips is a deception - one that heralds the destruction of mind, heart and spirit to the receiver. Kunoichi do not have hearts. Therefore, they are not capable of love.


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Characters: Blue, Lady Blue, Akemi
Verses: Comic, anime, etc....
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Any, Comic, Crossover, Fantasy, Historical, Science Fiction,
Member Since:April 06, 2013

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About me:
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Who I'd like to meet:

I'm a spunky ball of restless energy that gets into all kinds of trouble and mischief.
If you’re wondering if I'm THAT girl, the one from Myspace, you would be correct! ^.^

I role-play in almost any verse, but am primarily comic because that's where a majority of my friends are. However, I'm always open to different story lines and trying new ideas. To me, verse is not as important as the story that's being constructed. You'll find that I range from lighthearted RP to some serious, down to earth nitty gritty, write from the dark spaces in my mind depending on the mood and situation. Roleplay for me is both an escape as well as space where I can push Blue's limits and write in different ways. This is a fun space for me, and when I'm not roleplaying, I write both stories and academically IRL.

Sometimes I get easily distracted, forgetful, excitable oh and... and... sometimes I leave my online blinky thingy on even though I'm out and about. Please forgive me in advance. IRL forces me to be incredibly busy, so at times, I may not be as psychotically hyper, or as productive in RP like I normally am. My schedule IRL varies, so there's some days when I'll take over the world, and others where I just enjoy the ride.

It's very nice to meet you! You are more than welcome to friend me. I believe in having a large and diverse network of friends to chat with, write with, and support in each other's efforts.

Modern Blue Historic Blue Hapi Electronics Hapi Persocoms Bluey's Mantras Blue's clues on love and stuff

Date of birth: 15th Century, Feudal Japan
Eye color Violet
Hair color Blue (often dyed black or brown)
Nationality: Japanese. Resides in Tokyo, but also has residences in Avalon and Gotham

Q. Are you a good ninja or a bad ninja?
A. Neither good nor bad, I am the knife that cuts, irrespective of the person holding the blade. It is not my responsibility to question the morality of who gets cut, or the political implications of my actions. These choices are not for me to decide.

Q. What else do you do besides being an awesome ninja?
A. I am the VP of Operations for Hapi Electronics - a large company in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to overseeing operations, I am also Hapi's spokesmodel. I travel all over the world, promoting business, but also consulting on ancient Japanese weaponry and artifacts.

Q. As a ninja, do you freak out and kill everything?
A. Only when there are pirates. Normally, I do not kill unless there is money or a purpose involved. To kill nonchalantly is like working for free - it doesn't earn very much respect. An assassin is a refined artist - each kill a masterpiece that takes time, patience and skill. This is the fundamental difference between an assassin and a murderer. Killing is an art.

Q. You have blue hair. Why do some of your photos have black or brown hair?
A. Infiltration is a subtle art form where you must blend into your surroundings. Blue hair doesn't let me do that very easily. Nor do I run around in my kimono or in skin-tight leather all the time. Most of my work is done in "normal" clothing actually. I don't exactly want to be flagged as a weirdo. >.>

Q. Are you a superhero?
A. Good heavens no! Unless I have some ulterior motive, you will see me as Akemi Shiori - fun loving girl, NOT a ninja. Most heroes don't know that I am a ninja (in RP). I prefer to keep it that way.

Q. Kunoichi. Does that mean you're a nympho?
A. If I could, I wish I could reach out and smack you upside the head. There's a difference between seduction and a whore. Seduction uses a feather, whores use the whole chicken. Seduction is a tool to get what I want (which usually isn't a good thing for the receiver). It doesn't mean however, that kunoichi sleep with everyone under the sun. In fact, like killing, it's very rare, and is only done when necessary. Once throat-slitting becomes a part of the foreplay, the guy ends up with major performance issues - like being able to live and breath.

Q. Hai YAH! I'm a ninja! Fight with me?
A. No. On both accounts (well, unless we have a great storyline going!). I'm like a siamese cat. I'll lay on your couch, stretch and preen myself, get terribly spoiled, ask for belly rubs and be the most adorable creature you've ever seen. …how often have you watched a cat take down a bird? It's not pretty, and it's usually done when no one's looking!

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|| Vulgar Display of Justice™

Oct 5th 2013 22:46

Hello there.
Thanks for accepting me into your awesome list of friends.

Aug 15th 2013 15:20

thanks for adding.
[Hiatus til Oct]

Jul 31st 2013 19:48

"Trust me, if you were to have taken my belongings you wouldn't have functioning fingers."
He gave a solemn sigh as he placed his hands on his hips.

(lol awesome)
[Hiatus til Oct]

Jul 31st 2013 14:49

"Hmm, a fellow shinobi I see. May your journey bring you fortune worthy of your deeds on this plane."
Hi there, nice to meet cha...again (psst its Death-Wish/Cowboy Deadpool)

Jul 31st 2013 11:07

For a good while there I had actually given up.
All my inspiration was lost but I kept trying.
The day before I was approached to conduct this character I had actually decided that I wasn't going to try anymore. It had been about 3 years since I've actually written. Solidly and enjoyed it.
I'm not sure why I decided to get into this character; however I am writing. Legit, writing for the first time in years and enjoying it. I am also apart of groups that house kingdoms and I get the chance to fight with them -- it's interesting and again; I enjoy it.
The last time I was able to feel this way was back on myspace as Soubi, with you, Areor and Eclipse, Tachi, and Mr. Vampire.
You're the only one left from those days, I fear. And it's nice that you do stay with Lady Blue, or I'd never be able to find you. I know I keep changing around. However I am confident that I am going to be sticking around here as Nyx for awhile. It's doubtful that my friends will let me do otherwise.

I'm sorry you don't get to roleplay. Too much going on irl? Or just lost inspiration? I know for certain it is difficult to find writers. Most just wish to do the 'chatting' and 'editing' and nothing else.

Jul 29th 2013 22:21

Thank you kindly for accepting my add.
Would you by chance be willing to discuss a storyline?

If I may; I thought about keeping my identity a secret however I may confess;
It is I, Agatsuma Soubi.
Times change, and people do too. However I have finally found inspiration to write again and would love to share this new found muse with you if you'd so please?

Apr 7th 2013 18:31

Hugs her back just as tightly, "Hello Akemi-chan..,"

Apr 7th 2013 14:02

тнє ∂єνιL

Apr 7th 2013 12:00

Greetings, thank you for accepting my request, i hope we can roleplay sometime soon and hope to hear back from you sooner, if you would like we could start discussing a roleplay right away. I do have rules so if you could please look them over that would be greatly appreciated. I know rules are so stupid to have but after roleplaying for a long time i have decided they are a necessity. Thank you for your time. I also have a 2 month old baby i am taking care of so i am not always online, if that is a problem let me know and we can discuss it or you can just delete me.


Vorx Dargo

Apr 6th 2013 22:23

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