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27 years old
Knoxville, Tennessee
United States

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May 19 2020

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There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run, the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.


Berserk character.
Novella and Multi only.
Mature themes. 21+
Crossovers and AUs encouraged.
Dark Fantasy. Medieval. Horror. Romance.
Skype: willys_girl.
Discord: Sacrifice#1305
Whether it's good or bad it's so unfortunate to wake up during a dream.

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Characters: Casca, Caska
Verses: Berserk, Open, Crossovers, Medieval, Dark Fantasy, AUs
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Supernatural,
Member Since:October 12, 2016

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About me:
.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
Who I'd like to meet:

I didn't choose to be born a woman!

Casca was born in an obscure village residing within the kingdom of Midland. Due to hardships, her father sold her to a traveling noble in hopes of providing her with a better life. The noble's intentions were anything but honorable, and Griffith first appeared that day, saving her from being raped. This was also the first time she took up a sword and ended a life. From then on, she joined The Band of the Hawk as she was so enraptured by Griffith's mere presence. Working her way up through the ranks, she became the second in command of the mercenary band.

Legal Information
NAME: Casca
ALIASES: Lady Commander, Lady Hawk

Physical Details
ETHNICITY: Unknown; dark features; possible Kushan origins
HEIGHT: 5'5"
SCARS: Numerous; Sacrificial Brand (Post-Eclipse)

Family Ties
MOTHER: Unknown; presumed alive
FATHER: Unknown; presumed alive
SISTER(S): Unknown; presumed alive
Other Family: The Band of the Hawk


Traits: Closed off, commanding, serious
Disorders: NA
Addictions: Griffith, victory
Likes: Griffith, horses, plans going accordingly, victory
Dislikes: Being a woman, disorder, Guts' inability to follow orders
Quirks: Easily flustered

JOB DESCRIPTION: Second-in-command
EMPLOYER: The Band of the Hawk
STRENGTHS: Intelligence, swordplay, spears, agility, horseback riding, crossbow, leadership
WEAKNESSES: Easily angered, can't admit to her own weaknesses

If he's going to sacrifice everything for his dream, if his dream is to fight and cut away his own path, then I want to be his sword.

Through the years, The Band of the Hawk quickly made a name for themselves, and were often seen as 'death on the battlefield'. Casca had become known as the Hawk's lady commander. However, everything changed the day Guts joined the mercenary band. Threatened by his mere presence, the two were constantly butting heads, although this was mostly one-sided as Casca was often the instigator. It continued this way for years, until Casca and Guts had finally reached a certain understanding. Only lovers for a short while, their relative peace ended when Griffith was arrested for treason, and later sacrificed them all to become a God-like figure. As the only survivors, Guts and Casca were marked with the Sacrificial Brands and forced into a life of pure hell. (Note: I portray Casca as both before and after the Eclipse. For obvious reasons, my version of the Post-Eclipse Casca will not be canon.)

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Jin Hazaka~Lord of the Black Void*



﹣ Wɪɴᴛᴇʀғᴀɴɢ


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Tᴇɴ Hᴇʟʟs

Mar 9th 2020 13:51

Yet another day in Outerheaven, In war that never ended. 

MAC SOG an special group composed of not only YoRHa androids but human's who qualified for it's ranks. Unlike YoRHa who had an issue with the policies of taking human life. Those in MAC SOG saw very differently. Trained extensively by a private organization hidden amongst the shadows these were some of the most deadliest soldiers that walked the battlefield. Strength, Endurance, Durability, Tenacity and a high capacity for violence. 

{Military Assistance Command, Special Observations Group.}

Even C2 would not know that his time of death would be drawing near. Even for someone as capable as he was. Mistakes and disinformation would cause this downfall. 

The sharp sounds of bullets flew overhead, His very soldiers trying their best to defend their position. The damage was done and there was nothing they could honestly do about it. Leaning his back against the wall body peforated with bullet holes from his midsection, legs and arms. He was even unsure of why he still drew breath. The grimy sensation of slick crimson against his chin caused for the male to tilt his head upwards towards the ceiling. Imagining the sky was a brilliant feeling in these last moments and just for a second he could see it. 

Black: "It really is.. beautiful." 

Turning his attention towards his immedieate right there would be an single individual walking up to him. A sword in their hand pointing the blade directly at him in an attempt to goad him. 

???: "We didn't manage to catch the rest of your team.. but at least we got you.. That's alright.. you'll be joining them quite soon." 

Black simply chuckled at that knowledge, The pain of laughing was an intense one but one all the same that he wouldn't fuss over with a single stroke. Black felt a sharpness pierce his chest hitting that artificial heart with those veins just right near it. A that synthetic blood began leaving his mouth in deep rivulets the eyes would begin closing unaware that all of this was the work of a traitor. 

I knew for awhile.. that I wouldn't live for an very long time. Maybe it was fate.. Or maybe this was simply bound to happen because I willed it to. 

My life.. claimed by someone so easily. That is what rubs me the wrong way.. and yet I allowed that to happen. 

Well.. It was a nice experience.. being able to live amongst humans my debt I feel has been paid and now I can rest in peace. 

Or so he thought..

Light had faded from his hues and eventually it regained all together into a nicely bright room. Within it was the sounds of voices all around. They were hard to make out but they mostly sounded like all males. 

"Look another one.. I guess he died too.." 

A voice called, with another one chipping in. 

"I mean.. if we died is this heaven or even hell?" 

Black began ignoring all of this, Casting a glance down at his body getting out of the shaky stages of rigormortis. The commander looked to his body his uniform was mostly intact not a speck of blood, knife, gunshot or even sword wounds. Impossible.. 

All of his armaments were gone, None of his equipment would even matter in this situation. Looking around at the multiple faces in the room. Black simply continued to keep his peace he needed to gather as much information about this current ordeal. Alive or dead.. It did not matter it appeared maybe it was a new beginning filled with a much deeper dread.  


Jan 31st 2020 23:06


I know. I've been busy too.
This year started off on the worst notes for me.

I didn't celebrate any of the holidays. I never had the option with all the work.

I bought one of the special books and re-read parts of it.
I'm tempted to get the next volume to keep goin'.

Hell yeah I'm still interested.
I'll think of somethin' to start ya with.

Dec 20th 2019 20:28

I hope you're doing okay.

Nov 23rd 2019 16:12

I think people need to feel wanted and appreciated.
When you don't get those things, you don't wanna be.

Ah, I don't know what'll happen.
Anytime we're around each other the stress seems to fade out.
He was a lot happier with me there.
So I'll just be there for a while.

It will help, my job is not an easy one with everything that is thrown.
I'm constantly belittled and have to fix everything that goes wrong.

Professional Pelican Wrangler sounds very prestigious, you should put that on your resume.
Opossums? Did they act like cats or somethin?

We can start somethin' new.
Just tell me what part of Berserk do you wanna be doin'.
I've re-read the manga again and felt the drive to be a strong sad boy.

The feeling is mutual.
I don't see many people still around.
Sometimes I feel like I should spew all the evil that builds onto you tho, sorry if I'm a whiny bitch.
♥ I appreciate you.
ᴰᴶᴵᴺᴺ ᴳᴱᴺᴵᴱ

Nov 17th 2019 11:07



“Hello! Thank you kindly for accepting my invitation and allowing me to step outside my lamp for a time. My name is Jinzo, and I so look forward to having an adventure with you. I am seeking long term roleplay with someone to share destiny with….hm…this is starting to sound like a dating profile header…. I digress! I have some details about me I’ve publicized, I shall list the foremost below. Oh and just how are you today?”


Briefing___I was human once, a dream interpreter and prophet, murdered in my time of the 12th century and used as a black magic ritual sacrifice for someone else’s gain. I was cast into a new life as a genie roaming the Earth through inanimate objects hoping someone will release me so I can hunt down my killer, and form a relationship with my host (you). My length is Multi (3para+ & dialog), my genre’s are open but focus on Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Horror, Slice-of-life, Drama and not excluding Action, Romance, Historical, and Supernatural. Depending on your role. If you prefer messages > comments. Message me with your reply! Thank you!

(Before I got hacked and deleted, you and I were friends weren't we? We've been over this yeah? Lol If not sorry! It's hard to keep track sometimes...>.


Nov 16th 2019 21:09

It's strange how frequent this kinda thing seems to be with everyone.
I'm not sure if that will help me, I don't show any of those kinda signs.

I plan on moving to be with my buddy who's been contemplating suicide, I talk to him pretty much every day to make sure he's okay.
I'll be quitting my job in March, cause I have this suspicion that it will just kill me like it did the last guy.

I never stopped working, I just got phone calls and emails from my bed. I think I got a week before it all stops and two weeks for all symptoms to disappear.

Injured wildlife? So you were in with all different kinda of animals?
What was the main thing you kept seeing?

My writing is kinda one of those outlets of joy that I don't wanna see fade into obscurity because my work life consumes all.
I'm glad to hear you still want me around tho, I don't feel like a loser with too much self pity.

Nov 12th 2019 23:32

I think I spend too much time being sad.

I'm glad ya finished your internship, hopefully it wasn't too stressful.

If there's one opinion I got on life, it's ya gotta spend it around people who give a sh*t.
Too much time is wasted around people who don't care.

I got injured, and it was cause of work.
Spending too much time in stress and constant work just made my health equal to that of a 60 year old's immune system.

I'll be okay.
Recovery was only a few weeks, I should be 100 by December.

I missed ya too.
I feel I still owe you. A lot.

Nov 3rd 2019 00:17

((I'm not a picky dude and I'm willing to Rp most stories,anything besides rapes or child related stuff.Dark and gory is my thing but I a comedy side to but that comes out when Chibi Jedah spawns.I've had a few ideas go through my head one being Jedah having one of those demon eggs things,been a while since I seen the anime so I apologize.Next can be him reading those memories from her mind in exchange for the life of the one she loves the most?))

Oct 29th 2019 20:07

((I have free time at the moment.And I'm not sure how you want to use your character cause I do know she gets all potato like and for good reason of course but either way I can throw out a couple of idea's,I'm just curious to how you play her is all.))

Oct 27th 2019 21:15

A portal was sliced opened causing shattered pieces of reality to be sent flying though these pieces would stay still as if time had frozen,the cause of this was a 7'1 tall demonic being dressed in purple and had a long death scythe in one hand.The being would walk towards the woman while the pieces of this shattered reality flew by the demon until the portal was no longer there. "I apologize for the rude introduction but I do enjoy meeting new beings,especially one who's life will be destroyed by Godhand... Unless it has happened ready."

 ((I apologize for the late greeting but I had to thank you for the add .You don't need to reply to my greeting but I wanted to say if you ever want to discuss a storyline hit me up anytime?))
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