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About me:
Avaria doesn't remember much of her parents. They were murdered in cold blood while the castle was being robbed. The caretaker that was supposed to take care of her, passed her off onto a farmer and his family. The farmer took care of her like she was his own child. He also tried to keep treating her like a princess, even though she has the brains to insist he doesn't need to. He even held onto her dowry, just in case. Even through the tough times, he didn't use her dowry then either. Then when the farmer passed... That's when the abuse began. The farmer's bride didn't like Avaria. She didn't like how her husband had treated the orphaned Avaria. So, she used Avaria's dowry to do what she liked with it. Then she turned a sour attitude towards her. And of course, kids follow the example. They started to get on her. They acted just as rude as their mother. Avaria's pretty much the Scottish version of Cinderella. Only she's got four other siblings. As another part, her foster mother has tried to sell her to men so Avaria could be married off. Well... No one from Scotland, Ireland, OR England had been wanting to marry her. So, by vote of several people, and agreed to by her cruel foster mother, she has been deemed "The Unwedable."
Who I'd like to meet:
Now, around her foster family, she's rather timid and doesn't speak until she's spoken to. But when you get her out on one of the horses or she's sent off to get something from within the town or village, that's when she seems more organic. More of what she used to be before moving. She acts more like a Scot: Brutish, mouth full of curses, plaid as much as she can tolerate it, and hands on with any weapon. Deep down, she's such a caring Scot. She'll take anything and nurse it back to better than it was before. That's how she gets little animal friends. Or, at least she tries. Especially since she has been deemed to be unwedable, she tries to find time to do other things. Which hasn't done anything to stop the pain of thought that she'll never marry and have a family of her own sweat and blood.

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Jan 31st 2019 13:19

Great do  you have something in mind

Jan 31st 2019 05:36

Nice to meet you .well when ever you are up for a rp please be free to let me know
The Eagle Prince

Jun 18th 2018 23:39

Oh if you have Discord, you can add me on there so we can always chit chat. Or we can text each other over the phone if you are comfortable with that! Don't always have to be worried on getting replies to each other all the time, but can still talk about anything and everything :P
The Eagle Prince

Jun 18th 2018 20:24


It sounds like you should be the boss if you are training the new boss lmao. No need to say sorry, I understand :DDD
The Eagle Prince

Mar 23rd 2018 14:07

I resent the reply I sent, I am not sure if you got it or not D:

It seems like anirp was having some issues in the past couple of weeks with their servers.
The Eagle Prince

Mar 16th 2018 22:00

I was wondering if you got my reply. Seems like messages have been going insane lately for anirp
The Eagle Prince

Mar 10th 2018 04:35

What Marienburg looks like!
The Eagle Prince

Mar 6th 2018 23:17

Also, I am going to try and reply Thursday or Friday. I have two tests on Thursday that I have to prepare for, and I feel like I am going to fail horribly on one of them T_T
The Eagle Prince

Mar 6th 2018 23:06

That is the Dragonball Z game right?

I am glad you kicked its ass! I have been battling headaches for the past couple of weeks. Probably stress from college T_T
The Eagle Prince

Feb 23rd 2018 20:08

How is that game? I hear good and bad things about it. That isn't good, you need to rest in bed and have all the chicken noodle soup in the world!
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