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Characters: OC Leon Adler
Verses: Fantasy, Warhammer Fantasy, LOTR, Medieval
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Romance,
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Mar 16th 2019 15:52

//Yes I feel that way all the time! Especially after I hit send and reread it to double check.. That's fine no rush or anything! I was just gonna say since sometimes I have trouble on explaining monster features and abilities their references would be perfect on explaining for me lol. Either way I try my best!
My Blade, The Wind

Mar 9th 2019 10:12

It’s an absolute honor to make your acquaintance! I write as Rhylan Deepwind, and would love if our characters could develop a bond of sorts! Warning though, Rhylan can be a colossal ass. He’s a hot shot, young, prideful drow hunter who’s been known for being insufferable until people get to know him on a deeper level. Under all that over confidence, snark, and superiority is someone who’s more afraid than anything for reasons he would rather die than let out into the open. So in other words, he’s redemption arc material. Lol

I know that struggle :) It’s cool though that you DM! I’ve done it a few times, but not enough to be totally confident in what I’m doing haha. We could roleplay in any high fantasy verse so long as we just insert Drow lore for Rhylan. I’m happy to mesh realms for a plot!

(Also, thank you for greeting me even though I added you. That was a sweet surprise!)


Mar 5th 2019 12:21

//I have replied! Sooner than I expected! I always feel like my replies aren't good enough, like I don't add enough to it. :( Oh how lucky! I wish I had free time during the week. Juggling school and work is tough sometimes. And this year I'll be transferring and finishing my last two years as a foreign exchange so that's going to be fun. T.T Yes! Maybe something more could happen too. Since Adeline is wanted he could find out of her notoriety but maybe he gets conflicted on travelling with her because he doesn't know the details and maybe gets paranoid that Adeline is manipulating him? And a side note: Have you ever played The Witcher 3? They have an expansion pack called Blood & Wine. I based Adeline heavily off of the high vampires of that expansion. I don't imagine as Adeline being that stereotypical dracula vampire and people often get confused on my take as a vampire so I'd thought I'd let you know!

Mar 4th 2019 02:48

//Oh you're fine! Im patient typically :p. Your reply was great! I will try to get to it sometime this week. I was thinking the bandits could attack just before they reach the Grand Trade. Add some tension between Adeline and Leon and they break away from each other because of it. They'll have space since they'll be in the city!
🌸Ⓓragon Ⓖoddess™

Feb 26th 2019 19:09

No need to be sorry I am the type of person who doesn't like to rush people who are a bit busy or may be down under the weather I understand ^^

I am gonna be redoing my profile so that everyone can get to the right link i am terribly sorry about that. But At the moment I am in the middle of writing some up so when I have them Up i will send you the link if need be ok? That is good because I can not stand god-modding or one liners well some times if they can put more detail in.

I like to do Action and Adventure. Lol it is alright it is what keeps the roleplays interesting you know?


Feb 26th 2019 12:38

//Oh that's good news! Lately I've been having trouble trying to get a response back. People just seem like they don't want to talk but they sure are active T.T I will happily give you a starter! It might just take a while if you don't mind.

Feb 23rd 2019 16:30

//Oh, you're fine! I tend to go on random spurts of hiatus so if anything I should be the one to apologize! I'd say it'd be best if they were already travelling together, maybe it's still in the beginning stages of their adventure? Say about a couple weeks? Oh sure! If I do have any more things to add I will gladly send you a comment!
🌸Ⓓragon Ⓖoddess™

Feb 22nd 2019 01:06

Hello Leon Adler it is nice to meet you as well.
Good because I think we will to!
Of course when ever your ready we can discuss a roleplay between the two.
your most welcome.

🌸Ⓓragon Ⓖoddess™

Feb 22nd 2019 00:55

Greetings, I am Alyona it is nice to meet you.
I do hope we can be good friends and get something going if not more.
But thank you again for accepting my request hope to hear from you soon :)

Feb 10th 2019 02:25

//Oh my that certainly is a VERY long post ^^. I feel like I wouldn't be able to reply that much even if I tried. We can change somethings on our discussion if you'd like as well. I'm still open to ideas whenever you get a chance to take a glance again. :)
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