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114 years old
The Fire Hell, Pennsylvania
United States

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June 20 2019

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Orientation: Straight
Hometown:The Fire Hell
Body type:More to love!
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Leader of the Fire Hell
Characters: Berial
Verses: Devil May Cry, DMC, Mature, Furry
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Video Game,
Member Since:September 06, 2013

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Jun 15th 2019 01:26

Thank you so much for accepting!
I am princess Razia, I look forward to discussing something with you~
Here is my discord if that is easier!

Blαzιиg Fιѕт

Mar 12th 2019 12:44

Howdy Howdy! I been away for so long, sorry about that, How are you Berial? :D

Mar 20th 2016 12:47

-hugs you and burns 2 death-
Vergi↯ Son of Sparda

Feb 17th 2016 23:22

"We meet again." 《The white hair one walked towards the tall demon while tons of blue spiral swords came crashing down Berial's head》
Vergi↯ Son of Sparda

Feb 17th 2016 14:13

《Throws Berial a rock》

Feb 4th 2016 23:39

.A small speck of glinting silver approached the beast hovering about before creating a bright flash and taking form.

"Don't you just look like a ray of sunshine and brimstone?"
.a saracstic voice spoke out before the demon.
"Ah, well we wont hit on appearances...though you do remind me of my great aunt Agnus"
.chuckled the steel hued male whom took seat before Berial.
"Hmmm, but where are my manners, I am Sparrow, a wandering theif whom adventures for certain rare artifacts. And it's a pleasure to make your....., well I would say acquaintence, but maybe associate would be more accurate"

Dec 12th 2015 12:13

Aye, an honor to meet one of the Great Demons! I am called Aelius, the Knight of the Sun~

Mighty handsome fella ye are, hope to go on an adventure with ye soon~
Vergi↯ Son of Sparda

Sep 30th 2015 22:05

ooc: sup buddy?
Vergi↯ Son of Sparda

Jun 22nd 2015 00:50

OOC: Is been awfully slow for me as well. But then again there is someone that's bound to stick to RP's.
Vergi↯ Son of Sparda

Jun 22nd 2015 00:16

OOC: How long are we streaking here for? Another 5 years.
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