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White's Magical Abilities

Armor of Ice: By dropping the temperature to below freezing, Snow White is able to form armor similar to Nightmare Moon's, from solid ice. Even going so far as to forming Wings as well.
Sheer Cold: By dabbling into her inner most magical energies, Snow White is able to drop the temperature well below zero.
Inner Nightmare: If Snow White ever gives into darker thoughts and emotions, her inner Nightmare emerges. Nightmare Glacier triples White's power, speed and endurance.
Serene State of Mind: By going into a meditative state, White banishes all fear, stress, and worry from her mind and giving way to absolute focus. In such a state no one can escape her senses undetected.
Unbridled Hatred: If White ever succumbs to Anger or Hatred, her power sky rockets to near godly levels but this comes with a down side. When in such a state, she attacks wildly and without focus, making her easy to counter.

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Here for:Networking, Friends,
Orientation: Lesbian
Body type:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Snow White
Verses: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony Equestria Girls
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
Member Since:September 09, 2013

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About me:
Name: Snow White(White)
Age: Unknown(You never ask a lady her age. For Shame!)
Species: Spectra Unicorn
Weapon of choice: A Rapier

Once upon a time, there lived a kingdom ran by a cruel Queen. One night, she made a wish to bear a child with skin as white as the snow, lips as red of blood. A few months later, she was given that child. She was named Snow White because of her snow white skin. One night, the queen walked into her room and to her mirror, speaking to it. 'Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?' Normally, the mirror would answer 'You are, my queen.' But, this time, the mirror answered 'Snow White.' This infuriated the queen. By this time, the young princess was about fifteen years of age. Her father abused her and not in the physical sense. Sense her beauty was that of a goddess! Finally, the queen hired a hunter to kill Snow White and bring back her liver for her to devour. Thinking it would give the queen Snow White's divine beauty.

The hunter found Snow White in the woods and attempted to kill her but upon laying his eyes upon this divine goddess, he dropped his weapon and admitted to the princess what he was going to do and who hired him. The princess ran off into the woods and the hunter killed a wild boar, cutting out it's liver and presenting it to the queen as Snow White's. The queen, not seeing the difference, devoured it. The queen was satisfied with what the hunter had done. A few nights later, she walked into her room and asked her mirror once again. 'Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?' the queen having complete confidence that the mirror was going to say she was, held a small smirk on her lips. But, the mirror answered. 'Snow White' again.

The queen went to the hunter she hired and interrogated him as to what he done. He was forced to admit he didn't kill the princess and presented the liver of a boar instead. The hunter was killed after that.

Meanwhile, deep in the forest, the princess found a woodcutter's cabin. The cabin was inhabited by seven little creatures known as 'Dwarfs'. The Dwarfs were mesmerized by her divine beauty and the princess' knowing she was so beautiful, used her looks to gain power over the dwarfs. She made them to everything for her. Cook, clean, pamper her. She was, after all, a princess. Royalty was use to pampering and such. The queen by now had been sending assassins in to finish the job the hunter couldn't.

One by one, the assassins were defeated. None ever returned alive to the queen. But with each assassin, the numbers of the dwarfs decreased, leaving only a handful. The dwarfs have said the princess had a heart as black as the deepest void but still, they obeyed her.

Finally, the queen was fed up with her would be assassins not returning alive and without Snow White meeting her end. So, she disguised herself as an apple seller. She had watered her apple tree with poison, so her apples were laced with deadly poison. The queen found the cabin her daughter was staying out and offered the poisoned apple to her. The disguise didn't work, for the princess knew it was her mother. But, she took the apple anyway. Upon biting into the apple, she fell into a dead like state. The queen rejoiced, returning home.

The dwarfs came in and seen the princess laying on the floor seemingly dead but they didn't want to bury such beauty in the dirty old ground. So, they put her in a glass coffin and placed her at the entrance of the woods. A prince, who had gotten word of this came to pay his respects to the princess. When he went to give her a small goodbye kiss, the stand the coffin was upon snapped, causing the coffin to fall. When the coffin slammed into the ground, something happened. The apple the princess took a bite of popped out of her mouth, reviving the princess.

The prince offered his hand in marriage to the princess, which the princess gladly accepted. The prince and Snow White sent an invasion to their wedding to Snow White's mother but neglected to mention who the bride to be was. Upon her arrival, the queen laid eyes upon the face she thought was dead and out of her life forever. Snow White. The prince and Snow White forged red hot shores made out of iron and made the queen wear them. They made the queen dance all that day in those shoes until she finally died. With her revenge taken upon her own mother, Snow White and her prince could live happily.

But with every story, comes a creator. Penny Feather had crafted this story, using her magic and using the magic of the Rainbow Factory, she was able to bring Snow White to life from her story. She was given a weapon to use as she sought fit but she must use it to protect her creator, Penny Feather. Her weapon of choice was a a sort of Rapier. The sword is enchanted with magical abilities. But, she was also gifted with magic as well. She could control the temperature around her. Causing it to drop to near unbearable levels. Of course, she would be unaffected by the coldness. Even though Snow White is Penny's protector, she also has free will. Meaning she can do whatever she see's fit as long as she's there to protect her beloved creator.


White is the sort of 'babe' of the four spectra ponies. She's beautiful and she knows it, using her beauty when she needs to. White would be known as a temptress for such a thing. She's always in a sort of 'playful' mood. Never allowing anger to rule her. That would be from the fact she's never felt anger before. She wields a sort of Rapier, that she named Myrtenaster. The sword is enchanted with magical abilities. The sword turns a certain color when she uses it's power. Like all spectra ponies, White was given free will to do as she pleases but one thing is certain among that. She would come to her master's aid in the blink of an eye. White also controls the temperature around her, causing it to drop to unbearable levels, even going so far as to freezing anypony with sheer cold if need be. The thing about her ability though, is the fact if she experiences extreme sadness or worry, her power takes over and it begins to freeze her surroundings.
Who I'd like to meet:

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☽Tragedy Halfblood Ghoul☽~E&L Hide~

Oct 10th 2016 04:47

"Hello dear how are you doing today me I am alright just a lot on my mind"

Oct 6th 2016 00:58

Out of TimeDoc Whooves
Forgive me for the second comment.
I wanted to apologize for not replying to the status stream.
I got a bit distracted, and by the time I returned, I felt it was too - late to reply to it.
As I believe three, or four hours had passed by then.

I certainly wasn't ignoring you.
And am sending this to clarify, that it wasn't my intention to brush you off.
And I am sorry if it seems like I did.


Oct 3rd 2016 19:32

Out of TimeDoc Whooves
Ah, hello there! I am Doctor Whooves, but you may call meThe Doctorif you so wish.

I would just like to stop by, and say thank you for the request! It was a most welcomed surprise, I assure you! I hope that we can both explore the magic of friendship together.

Or as I like to call it, theSCIENCE OF FRIENDSHIP!

Get it? Hah!
Ahem, apologies. Nevertheless, I hope to hear from you soon! Until then, I bid you good day!

P I N K A M E N A--☠

Jun 6th 2014 11:35

I would like to inform you that because my Luna page is going nowhere, rather that I'm stuck with it and have nowhere to go with it, I've decided to allow someone else to take it from me. You will remember her well; she's the Luna you knew from previous Fragments. I just figured I should let you know, given your character was close to hers. So from today on, that account is under her ownership.
Schala 'La Chiaro'

Apr 21st 2014 21:25

That seems appropriate!

So should I seat myself atop a proper sundae then?

Schala 'La Chiaro'

Apr 21st 2014 21:19

I just got done baking!

I thought it accentuated your natural beauty quite nicely

Schala 'La Chiaro'

Apr 21st 2014 21:13

*sneaks up behind her*

*balances a cupcake on her head*

*sneaks away*

P I N K A M E N A--☠

Oct 29th 2013 05:07

Well considering I'm working on a starter for someone else that takes place outside Ponyville, I can easily send that one to you too, if you'd like to get this show on the road.
P I N K A M E N A--☠

Oct 29th 2013 05:03

Complete now with facial expressions! As Pinkamena would say that, I can easily see her with this face, since it pretty much looks like an "Oh shit" face:
Now considering Pinkamena has never actually been where White lives before, we might run into a problem of how she'd walk in on this.
P I N K A M E N A--☠

Oct 29th 2013 04:58

That's an easy one:

"Oh fuck. I know JUST what this is. I'm gonna so need help with this one." *flees*

You can't bullshit someone who's been down the same path; you'll have to make certain she can't get away while you set everything up, because Pinkamena will know just what's going on. She's been through the exact same breakdown state and will recognize the signs.
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