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Just your friendly neighbourhood practitioner of the occult~ [Messages preferred]

26 years old
New South Wales

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March 16 2019

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Orientation: Bi
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:Post grad
Occupation:Scientist, doctor or surgeon.
Characters: Too many. Constantly growing as required. Seph is the main.
Verses: Original Verse
Playbys: Hiyama Kiyoteru (Seph)
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:December 06, 2016

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About me:
As a teen, Seph had an interest in the supernatural, a way to unwind and enjoy something curious. He would enjoy time spent just wondering about curiosities or wander the night for anything occult to look into. Stories of ghosts and the unknown fascinated his eager mind, as well as those small hints he found, or believed he found. As he grew older, this interest didn't wane, rather cementing itself in his mind thanks to the small hints he got of something more. With enough pursuit of the elusive recesses of reality, he eventually found it. What started as movement at the edges of his vision coalesced into a hand-sized black mass with long, spidery limbs. From there, things began to change. On the outside, Seph remained as mild-mannered and friendly as ever. But whenever that spider came around, something darker inside him took form. His sense of morality faded, then twisted towards the goal of discovering more about these new sights and beings that had become visible to him, even to the point of harming both himself and others. Now, as the brink of reality draws closer and self-experimentation strips him of humanity, will something pull him away from madness or will he become a monster barely recognisable as a human being.
Who I'd like to meet:
Anyone, really. I'm not picky and neither is Seph. Watch him, though, he likes to drag people into his research and games as pawns or test subjects. There are other characters for different tastes, however, or we could make up a new character altogether.

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Multi Character

Jul 20th 2018 01:16

Thank you for accepting my add. Please read my rules on my page. All my characters are in my blogs, let me know who you would like to roleplay with. Can't wait to start roleplaying with you!
Karkat Vantas

Jun 10th 2018 22:14

OOC: Ah yes, time for me to copy and paste the generic greeting of pleasantries and witty remarks. Please feel free to add the jokes as you read this, because I’m no good at such things when out of character.

Hey, I'm probably the one who added ya, so it's only fair that I send a greeting, right? 

So, greetings and salutations. 

Are you interested in an RP today?


Jun 10th 2018 00:44


Why hello there, it is indeed a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
As you can see many call me by the name of Calamity, but I do mind going by Chalice or whatever you wish on calling me.
But placing that aside, I would like to thank you for allowing me to be apart of your friends.
If you wish I would love to perhaps begin an discussion for a storyline with you, but that is if you would like to of course.
But until then I truly do look forward on your reply, until then I hope you have a wonderful evening.
Worst Nightmare's(Multi-Rp)

Jun 7th 2018 02:34

I'd like to say forgive me if i have never sent you a greetings.
seems i have been caught up in a lot of things lol.
But i am Lucian Capone and main character of this account of mine.
but i have many of characters for you to chose from,and if non suit your taste i can always create one for you it isn't a problem.
But i hope to hear from you soon and please by all means.
don't be a stranger.

Corrupted Echoes

Jun 4th 2018 08:01

Hello. Thank you for accepting my requst. Shall we discuss a story when you have a moment to spare?
King Ben

May 30th 2018 10:10

Out Of Character Hello, Thank you for accepting my friend request. I do hope to become good friends. We should roleplay or chat sometime as well. Have a nice day and I'll wait to hear back from you. ~@2worlds_rp
TheCheeseCakePlanet |Editing Site|

May 27th 2018 10:51

Hikaru's perks up hearing about his parents and his royalty. "whats my life have to do with --"  He cuts off his words when he heard the man talking about introducing him to more enjoyable things. "Are you saying my life is not good? You know what your going to find out how good they are!" The boy grabs onto the male and pulls him into messages~
TheCheeseCakePlanet |Editing Site|

May 26th 2018 12:54

Welcome to The Rare Diamonds!

Mitsu: "Friends are like Diamonds. Bright, Beautiful, Valueable, and alsway in style. "-He smiles-

((Not my quote. Made by Nicole Richie))

Devil: "Thats why, We hope you can be part of The Diamond family!"

Hikaru: "Yeah, what they said" He leaned against the wall watching them. "But we got some rules that must be followed."
Mitsu: "These rules are in place, So, you dont crush our little hearts! Also, That we aren't numbers on your profile. We don't set these rules to be rude. We want to work with everyone to create amazing roleplay for you and us."

Devil: "Rule number 1: We hope you would be respectful enough to respond to our greeting and roleplay. If you dont respond after one month then you are deleted. Unless we know something is wrong."

Hikaru: "Such as if your interent is cut out."

Mitsu: "Number 2: This has to do with the editing process. If you request an edit. Please be patient with me."

Devil: "Those are our rules. If you willing to follow those we shouldn't have any problems!"

All of them: "I hope we can be friends and roleplay!"
Roguish Charm (mcrp)

Feb 20th 2018 00:33

I am sorry this has taken a little bit. I have been way too busy then hurt, then... well anyways! Lol I will have to make a character for you if you are seeking romance. I don't mind one bit. I love making characters. Sometimes I think I enjoy making their backstories more than rping them though that's only if I can't find... well, anyways! You mentioned a Kaworu(?) for me to rp with which is fine, but is there something you would like them to rp with?
Roguish Charm (mcrp)

Jan 24th 2018 23:05

Ah well, Shayne is taken now so we might have to rediscuss. I liked rping with you though!
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