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20 years old
Pueblo, Colorado
United States

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June 20 2019

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GeneralPlaying guitar, food, food.... More food... Talking jokes and making my friends and people laugh and smile, Skate boarding, playing video games, jogging, drawing alot cause drawing is awesome... yknow.... Regular angsty teen stuff cause I'm just a rebel like that.... Yada yada yada angry teen stuff.... Oh... And dogs, cats, animals.. because yknow... They're animals, do you really need Any further explanation...
MusicSystem of a down, sonic sydicate, 30 seconds to Mars, the fray, cry of the afflicted, breaking benjamin, baby metal because freaking adorable hardcore Japanese pop idols are the bees knees, death cab for cutie, the Beatles, classical and jazz stuff, a couple of other things but I'm getting bored typing this, so.... Moving on... Scroll at your peril...
MoviesMeh no particular favorite... I just watch movies...
Television(Look up at movies for this explanation... Just switch movies with TV....)
BooksMmmm.... I don't read as much as I should... It's evident in the Wat I'm writing right now, my grammar and usage looks like it came from a rotten jar of pickled mayo...
Heroes Bruh... Hero's I love em, and I can't pick just one.... So let's just go with ALL OF THEM!!!

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Here for:Networking, Relationships,
Friends, Discover New Music,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
Education:High school
Characters: Anton Arellano
Verses: Pretty much anything i get invited into
Playbys: Meh
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Status: Single
Member Since:December 12, 2016

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About me:
Unoriginal naming of my characters is really the only thing necessary to know, and the fact that I can't ignore people so if you talk to me you'll most definitely get a response back, finally if you stop the role play for any reason, at least tell me why so I don't wonder where I went wrong, you live and learn right? And don't worry about hurting my feelings, I'm not that easy to break from a little critisicm.
Who I'd like to meet:
I like to meet all types of people, weird people nice people, mean people, I don't really care as long as we have a good RP together, or a good talk, if we do you're alright by me, iz okay, Da comrade?

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☩sα∂ιsтιc sαмυяαι☩

Nov 29th 2018 06:48

✢ Glad you're pleased. That's why I'm here. As for starting, would you be a dear and start it? I like to see what type of elements you put into your writing and see how I can add onto it and even spice it up. ✢
☩sα∂ιsтιc sαмυяαι☩

Nov 29th 2018 06:30

✢ Great! We can do that. As for that, sure, you can add it in. Just to let you think about the mystery of what her answer will be, I won't let you know. You'll just have to wait and see until we roleplay. ✢
☩sα∂ιsтιc sαмυяαι☩

Nov 29th 2018 06:08

✢ That pretty much sounds like a good idea. There is one thing I'd like to add. What if it was 1-2 days before the outbreak? That way our characters can interact, even if it's just briefly. (Bumping into each other in the hallway, for instance.) Or if you don't want it to be 1-2 days, it can just be in the morning before the outbreak.

As for the other thing, sure. It depends, is your character weak or strong? If he's weak, then I wouldn't mind having Saeko save him and it can go from there. [Keep your ideas because I might throw some your way too. It can be a surprise for both of us. ;) ] ✢
☩sα∂ιsтιc sαмυяαι☩

Nov 29th 2018 05:46

✢ Well, currently I'm fresh out of ideas, but since you've mentioned that you've gotten them, let's hear it. What are they? If anything comes to mind, I'll be sure to tell you what we can add to your ideas. ✢
☩sα∂ιsтιc sαмυяαι☩

Nov 29th 2018 05:36

✢ Thanks for the add. After reading your profile, I couldn't help it. Would you care to start a discussion about roleplay? I've already gotten a basic idea, but it doesn't have to be a post-apocalyptic one. It can be anything, really.✢

Oct 27th 2018 12:35

Hello care to discuss a roleplay together

Sep 14th 2018 01:05

Go ahead

Sep 14th 2018 00:34

That is fine. What did you have in mind?

Sep 13th 2018 23:22

OOC Hello. I am Yuna. It is a pleasure to meet you. I would love to discuss a roleplay. My character is a bit of a shy person but we can do all types of roleplay even mature themes such as mafia, horror gore and etc. if you want to discuss something or wing it let me know. I hope to hear from you soon.

Mar 21st 2018 12:35

(Oho, thank you for your compliment =w=b I did my best to make it as detailed as I can and yes my chara is 'quite' badass anyway it's time for me to sleep, I'll reply to your comment tomorrow. Byee! )
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