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Heru; Navin Avalon Lost within your own kingdom, not knowing you are King

Hi, my name is Navin, at least currently it is.
I don�t remember being born. I don�t remember where it was I came from aside from what I consider my genesis. I�d say it was somewhere within 7000 B.C. though, given that I spoke what people call Akkadian� Since its 2017 A.D, that makes me roughly 8000 to 9000 years old� Keeping track of time is tiresome, so guesstimates is all you�ll really get out of me on some things�

Basically, the first thing I remember is lots of pain, and lots of screaming. It was agonizing when I first woke up. The field was barren, wiped out from what I can only assume was a massive burst of some force that came from me� At the time however, I didn�t think much of how, aside from the clouds that consumed most of the sky, were left wide upon in a circular shape above me. The ground, held the same shape to it before it suddenly cut to grass. While, I knew this was weird, I wasn�t sure how I knew. My brain felt fresh with ideas, but very little knowledge to back it up. That�s all I know about my �birth.� When it came to what I did after, I ran through the forest, butt ass naked. That�s right, I woke up naked. No clothes, and no idea who, or what, or why I was, I followed something inside me that felt natural. I formed my own clothing from hides and furs, of already deceased creatures, and became one with the circle of life. I hunted those creatures lower than me, and defended myself against the predators that roamed the flora. In time, those that aged quickly, or rather the entire human race, but more specifically those within the area, grew to call me Enkidu.

Now, if you�ve read the Tales of Gilgamesh, or have any idea of what those are/were; they�re horribly exaggerated. Yes, I made love to a woman named Shamhat, but no, not incessantly for a whole week. Just nearly every day, and a few times a day. I did go to face Gilgamesh, the cruel king turned hero; which he did in fact become. He did mourn for my death the way the poems claimed, but he too died out, to my knowledge, much like everyone else from that time era.

After I was supposedly dead, I woke up at the bottom of a river in a wooden box. Apparently burying me, which was the custom, was too customary. I was sent off with a device that I�d seen Shamash carry on him quite a bit. He referred to it as the Eye of Horus. I later found out that he told the king of Babylon, who used it against me to fight two battles for him, that it would force me to do his bidding, or kill me otherwise. Such a wonderful guy, I tell ya. What I don�t understand, is he had to have survived thousands of years� Many men came and went in life and death between those two events�

Right; well, those events happened in the order I just stated them. I was captured, because I refused to fight any longer, after my death. I figured that was my penance for all the destruction I aided in with Gilgamesh. During those battles for Hammurabi (The Babylonian King of the time), I learned I had powers that I never thought conceivable. I could move things, push the air, and see things in flashes that no one else could see; it was like I was staring at the stars on Earth.

I finally did get free, a man who thought he was saving a God and therefore redeeming himself in the eyes of those above, undid my chains. I, alone, moved to steal back this powerful device that ailed me, and fled for, what is now known as, the Aegean Sea to the South. When I made it, I began to swim, but eventually ran out of stamina and passed out among the waves� How I held onto the device, or managed to land on the shores of an island I�d only ever heard about, was beyond me�

This is the most important part of my story, at least to me. This is where everything changed in a way that would affect me for thousands of years. Keep in mind, I�m keener in time now, since the events from Hammurabi and up were all recorded, and tracked historically. Some of them of course, are approximate dates.

I washed up on that island, and I couldn�t open my eyes. The salt water had been harsh on them, along with the rest of my body, but I recall hearing her voice ring through like it was beckoning from the heavens themselves. Her name was Atsu, and I apparently found myself on an island that was one of the collective of Atlantean civilizations. Atsu was next in line to lead, making her a technical Princess.

I spent many years there with her, or at least that�s how it seemed. Until they�d performed some kind of magic, that I now understand more-so to be a science. Opening a gate and unleashing a hell in which no man, nor myself, had ever witnessed upon Earth. It had apparently died in the clash, along with Atsu, and technically myself. I enacted something I had no clue on how, but I witnessed that gaudy woman die, and that was my last memory I have of her. After that, I felt something well up within me, and boom! The island erupted with the volcanic force of 6 or 7, they presume, on the Volcanic Explosivity Index.

After that, I washed up near the shores of Egypt. I don�t know exactly when, but I arrived as a corpse. My body non-responsive, and torn to bits. The man who found me took care of me, and then so did his son, and his son�s son. The final male of this lineage, named Dexiphanes, claimed I was his son at a much older age, incapable of bearing any children of his own. He wished for me to carry out a legacy, and to live on in their name. So I did. He aided me greatly in my most troubling times, more so than any of his kin before.

Soon, after his passing I ventured to Alexandria. I requested permission from the King to build something unlike he had ever seen before. A house, for which flames could be cast out upon the sea to give sign of our location to boats passing in the night. To make it easier for them to make their way to land� In truth, I wished Atsu were still out there, and that she would follow a light that only I could generate� A light, to guide her back into my arms�

Another honest statement, is that I had been hallucinating her since her death� Well, I�d see her out of the corner of my eye, and in my dreams� She instructed me to wait for her, that this wasn�t real, nor the end� That�s why I wished to build the Lighthouse of Alexandria, as the man known as Sostratus�

Of course, she never came� I waited hundreds of years, and finally I couldn�t wait any longer� That�s when she came to me, when I first got a taste of her masque reality within my world� It was a touch, a feel, and a face I could finally see as I looked head on. That day, my eyes were no longer emerald alone, but a mix of green and blue, like the earth we spun on.

Shortly, after that, I ventured onward� I traveled the world, taking many names, and becoming many people. It�s amazing how many stories stem from this point on�

Of all those I met through the millennia, you stand out in my history as the foundation of my purpose

Oh, I've skipped countless stories, and many names to bring you to this next part.
See, this is the next time I come face-to-face with the entity that took Atsu from me. This is the moment I first coped with the loss, and began to grow into something new. As much as it pains me to state this; Atsu couldn�t exist anymore. For this next part of my existence upon this plain, I am to become Navin. However, my name at the time was Lucius. I had just joined the Avalon Kingdom as a member of their armory, and vouched to join the family, per Atsu�s request. She held many arguments before I gave in� I didn�t think it was possible to be around those who resembled gods once more� Well, perceived as such by the mundane in my world. Also, and better known, as humans�

So, I join this family and finally have a name to claim as something forever standing in my existence, or at least, something I actually owned in a name; Avalon. They have a trial there to join the family, and that requires a show of combat. I was poised to fight the one person who would show me a brighter world, a better course of action in my decisions, and would care about me just as Atsu did. My sister. The Princess of Avalon; Raven.

After our bout, she needed to ask me a question of my realm. While you may believe our worlds, are the same, there are differences� If my existence wasn�t obvious enough in that. Though, you�ll begin to notice similarities. When I approached her to offer advice, she inquired about a place that I knew all too well. I had lived there for 6 years� With Atsu. Guess who convinced me to join her� That�s right� Atsu� So, fast forward, we go through a pretty cool looking portal, and boop, we�re on Santorinni.

Santorinni is an island in the Aegean Sea, Southeast of Athens, Greece. If I haven�t already stated that before. In the events that took place, I lost Atsu there. A volcano that was once dormant, was awoken by yours truly. Well, the scheme is a bit grander than that. I watched her lifeless body dropped before my very eyes, and I lost my sh*t� Needless to say, what drained her body, I thought was dead.

Beasts from what I call the Shadow Verse, flow through into that world to reclaim something that their master had taken from them. However, these beasts are filled too much with pride to attack all at once, so they move in singular units. This one, had yet to die and was apparently waiting for my return� Little did I know, that I�d ever return to that place� It had been 4 thousand or so years� This thing� Waited 4 thousand years for me� Apparently I was that important. I have yet to discern as to why�

Well, Raven was called by what she thought was premonition of Avalon to find this place. My appearance, and possibly our contact in Avalon striking this power she held into effect. What she was witnessing, however, was not the future of Avalon, but the past of Atlantis� My past of Atlantis. I really hate to admit this, but it appeared I had a purpose after all. Whatever divine beings watch over the cosmos obviously have a plan for me. I think� I was put here to prepare, and get ready to fight these beasts.

With that said, when we returned, we were faced with a few moments that suddenly shook my existence. The appearance of Atsu�s true spirit, which slowly pulled me from the dementia I had formed to create her. This beast a living collection from the life force it had consumed, she was able to reach out. Whether it was our bond, or something beyond that, I am uncertain.

Raven and I fought the beast, but ultimately she was the one who defeated this creature. I was just a rag doll, trying to buy more time. When the beast was finally struck, I awoke standing� Oddly enough, to the appearance of a woman I had long thought, only residing in my mind. Raven had allowed Atsu to return� And I was able to say goodbye to the woman I had love for over thousands of years. From then on, my life got tricky� She was my conscience, my guide, my reasoning, and the most sensible parts of me. I now had to do that all on my own. She remained for some time, within my mind as an individual I could turn to. But she no longer assisted me with my abilities, and as the days drew on, she disappeared more and more.

However, on that day, I had lost one of the most powerful women I had ever known in my entire life. I also got to learn that another of equal magnitude stood before me. I love Raven in a way that is not pestered by romance, or the need for affection and touch. Raven is my sister, by blood or not� She�s the rock I know I can lean on, and will never give way. I only hope, that I will prove to be the same for her.. When I�m ready�

From one existence to the other, the merging of hearts
Either you will go through this door or you will not go through. The door itself makes no promises. It is only a door.

Raven Avalon was the second individual he had met within the Avalon Kingdom. They fought for his rite of passage, and grew closer on a journey fate had guided. She was the first to help him through his loss, to aid him in battling the darkness he faced, and watched him succeed. There are few who care for Navin the way that she does, and fewer still who know him as she does. She is his rock, his family, his imouto.

Raven Avalon


For Each Trial, I found myself birthed anew

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With this Scar, I've found myself conviction

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Lost Chapters
The King's Life

You may have heard the story of Horus, and his many variations of tales. Some accurate, some not so much. Though, in my world. These events held true in some form or another. Horus is the son to Osiris and Isis, the half-brother Anubis, and was heir to the throne. Without giving away the details of the second piece of this story, we begin with a god who was supposedly brought back to life, Osiris. Now, in the events that take place, Horus was conceived before Osiris� untimely demise at the hands of his brother, Set. Or, Horus� uncle. Taking the throne and now, and willingly allowing Isis to flee with her son. His mercy would soon backfire upon him. Anubis was of similar age to Horus at this time, believing Set was his father, due to whom Set was married; his mother. However, the truth was that Osiris and Nephthys had engaged in an affair to bring about the birth of Anubis. One of the many reasons, Set and Osiris fell from one another�s good graces.

Horus was raised amongst the mundane; humans. Taught of his lineage by his mother once he soon learned differences between him and the others. His markings being the most prominent of features, with dark rings naturally formed in a design around his eyes, and varying other physical features, such as his white hair, and iris. In time, he grew to develop abilities he couldn�t understand, as he was not taught like the other Gods. However, they weren�t really gods at all, just a species of extraterrestrials who left Mars, as their planet was dying and ventured to this one.

These new differences struck a chord within his chest, a calling to become something far greater than that which ruled over Egypt at the time. Once he learned he was the rightful heir to the throne, he ventured back with his mother, to the kingdom that was erected for those that were deemed as Gods by the mundane. He challenged Set to the throne, and after a series of games, he was defeated over and over again. He finally came to grips with his power, praying to his father for guidance, and it was granted. Something in him gifted knowledge over-night, and so he returned to face Set; this time, in combat.

And over Set�s dead body, did he reclaim his rightful place among the Gods. However, it did not bare without its repercussions. Anubis grew to hate the man that Horus had become, for killing who he believed was his father, as well as taking his right to the throne. Other gods denied their favor of this event, but remained loyal, as this was their way. Horus now reigned as a peaceful king to his subjects, and kept those of other powers away from his bountiful realm.

What the King Forgot the details
Legal & Physical True Name: Heru (Horus)
Date Of Birth: Unknown Year
Place Of Birth: Egypt
Ethnicity: Alien
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: White
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 204lbs Family & Relationships Mother: Isis
Father: Osiris
Brother: Anubis (Half/Brother)
Children: Hapy
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Married
Relationship at Time: Hathor Abilities Coming Soon
List will be incredibly vague.
�New Names, New Stories, One Entity�
The King's Death

Horus went on to become a great king, as vaguely expressed before. He married the Goddess Hathor, and gave birth to a child; Hapy. He appointed each new generation with titles, as this species altered in powers, so too, would they alter in jobs. Time would go on, and the kingdom would grow and become something greater than most could ever perceive. However, with the growth of success, also came the growth of envy. Anubis cherished that thrown, still believing that it was rightfully his. It did not help, that he was placed in charge of the underworld. Now, as you might assume, the underworld was not as one might seem. It was a gate that held within it, a beast so vile that it took many gods to combat and contain it. This entity was known as Apophis, a serpent of shadows and decadence that would rule each verse if it could. This creature was the same that drained the life of Mars and set its course for destruction.

This snake managed to release its voice from the oblivion, and reach Anubis finely tuned ears. With Anubis holding power over all that was shadow and death, it was not hard to make such a connection. He was convinced the world would be his, and that he was destined to take the life of Horus, and rule this verse in entirety. If he was capable of his goals, he would aid Apophis in escaping that realm and allow him to pass through.

Anubis heeded these words and confronted Horus with confidence, eventually killing the god and taking his throne. Though, his promise went without merit, as he kept Apophis within his shadows, realizing the trust he could not have for such an entity.

Before Anubis was set on killing Horus, the god of war was warned by a serpent of justice, Wadjet. She told him of the events to come, and the prophecy for which he was to fulfill. With that, he left behind a device of an iconic name; The Eye of Horus. This stored a power far advanced than most, with many capabilities. The most important, was awakening the spirit of a god after its life had recycled into the void and forged back into existence. It also enabled those who wielded it to drain the life force of others, and to instant immortality befitting of the individual granted. Basically, it would turn any living entity chosen, into the species they were.

He entrusted this device to Beset, who later was forced to hand it over to Anubis upon his reign. With little favor from the other gods, he was left without power, and without backing. Meant to roam the world, no longer a king, but a being of eternal loneliness. Though, a great spirit came to him from the heavens and called upon him to revive the last true king. His reward would be an end to the suffering he had caused himself, and redemption to place him within the heavens once again.

Anubis followed this call, and was guided to where he would find the unknowing farmer boy, who would be woke once more to become the entity fate had enabled him to be; The Forgotten King.

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𝖕𝖔𝖎𝖘𝖔𝖓 𝖙𝖔𝖚𝖈𝖍

Apr 20th 2019 03:16

//Gonna make this REAL short.

-Roleplay? Ye. 
- Edits? Love em. Love to do them.
- Chat? Sure. 
-Replies? I'm slow as sh*t. 
-Faster replies? Discord. Ask for it. 

Here's your greeting. Hi. Hello. 
Wanna get some sh*t started or not? 
Let's get to it! 

Mar 26th 2018 02:21

My name is Evelyn Wildes, and I am what you would call a 'New Age Pagan' or, simply: Wiccan. Though it seems I have entered a world of vastly interesting creatures and magics, I will admit I am merely a human being. Though I've already heard of 'aliens,' 'Angels,' 'Demons' as well as concepts of 'time travel,' and 'space travel' it aptly familiar around these parts I am very unfortunate to know about, well, any of it. 
I am curious to learn! Most I will do is cast a spell, do a little fun. Hunt demons in my homeland: Romania. I can't say that I am as exciting as these creatures that I'm slowly coming to know, but I bet we can still have a good time. 
If you're ever in need a love potion, a truth serum, healing or the like - just look up your friendly neighborhood Witch! I'll be sure to appear if you summon me. It might just be a knock on your door, however, instead of a magical puff of smoke. 

Thank you kindly for your time! 

Nov 30th 2017 15:06

Thank you for accepting my add! I'm Zelter and it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm returning after a five-year hiatus so hang tight with me since I'm still re-learning this whole process. My story is up and I'm currently accepting story-lines and standard role-plays. If you wish to discuss with me I have a LINE and a Discord.

My LINE is xZelterSkelterx

And my Discord is xZelterSkelterx#4211
clσαk & dαggєr

Aug 22nd 2017 10:03

Sounds like a plan, then shall we get started?
clσαk & dαggєr

Aug 17th 2017 11:43

Awesome! Oh I see, that's fine - actually it would be great to have that out of the way, but if he does ever remember or if it is ever revealed it would be interesting to see what Thalia does.

Anyway, I can send a starter if you're okay with winging it. Sometimes that is always a fun surprise. I'll work on the starter and send it along shortly.

Aug 8th 2017 09:56

I have a vague event that led to the fall of Atlantis and it does involve the woman, Xia, who doesn't have her own memories. But I haven't put anything in concrete motion with it, but that doesn't mean there can't be a series of events that can change based on perspective.

I did see your character faced a beast, which can go with the overall aspect since I have it to where the people were betrayed by one of their own, but don't exactly know how as of yet. As for ages when they all fell, they're basically the same as when they were put into a slumber, so when they woke up they believed Atlantis still somehow stood and had no idea of the change of the world - but are working to fix that.

Well thank you, I'm excited to be working with you on this as well. ^.^ I don't have anything I can think of just yet, but I know we can get off to a start with one of the group likely remembering him. Xia won't, mostly likely - but as you stated, she could feel he is familiar and not realize why.

The others, just depends - some might not even recognize him off the bat as not being that close to the princess or so.

clσαk & dαggєr

Aug 6th 2017 14:19

There is, certainly, and infinite amount of potential in crossing verses, so I can only say I hope you do leave that open - not particularly because I see a use for it along our own story at the time, but because of the fun you can see yourself having with it.

Haha, no worries, I do a lot of rambling myself. I have been giving it a great deal of thought, actually. I think I want to throw Thalia into the mix. She is young and impetuous, a flirty thing who doesn't take a lot of things seriously. Plus, she likes to steal and doesn't care from who. She's not a respectful one and is very derogatory towards gods, so I can see this as adding a bit of clashing between the two as I don't see him tolerating her very well in the beginning.

And she tries to get in people's pants, just part of her character and doesn't have to lead to anything really. It's part of her disrespectful nature.

Kira is a simple soul and while he seems to have a lot of complexities about him, I can see them getting along but it might end up boring the both of us since Kira has a very easy-going nature.

Arista is my popular girl amongst the group, but I fear the same outcome as Kira's - that they would get along, but might stagnate.


Aug 3rd 2017 10:10

I noticed that, I use it for my own references - I think they recently cemented that it was likely the island that held Atlanteans.

It's very similar, though some differences in regard to a few aspects, but nothing overly major that can't be explained with perception.

So, I guess that leaves a deciding factor. If you'd be up for discovering a new person who never awoken or go with one of the people I have up already. I do have to males that are M.I.A. but there are others I haven't really even set up on my page with the intent for 'discovering' along the lines.
clσαk & dαggєr

Aug 3rd 2017 10:05

Current favorite? Ah, I technically don't have one. Arista has been popular, however, so I would not mind giving one of the other's some limelight.

I only have general descriptions of the characters up, such as their traits. However, they're story wasn't quite able to fit in this layout. But I can give you a long or short version, if that interests you. Or we can go in blind on that, I am rather lenient in that regard.

As for your story, I have. Very creative, so your one character was once Horus? It's quite a tale.
clσαk & dαggєr

Aug 2nd 2017 08:36

-Behind the Writer-

Hello, how are you?

Thank you for sending a friend request. I look forward creating a grand adventure between our characters.

I do have three characters, but I can roleplay all three or I can pick one that would best suit the adventure that awaits us.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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