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When you trust the wrong people they will always make you out to be the bad guy flat out period. I dont have time for people and their drama in my life. Karma will get you in the end not me brown waffle 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Who I'd like to meet:

Tales Of Darkness

Coming Into The Light

Where it all Began

The day was dark, gloomy, and unsettling. The day had been like any other for the gentleman who had been out of work for months. He had been preparing himself for this moment. The moment where he created life, even if it was stolen DNA from another. Within what seemed to be minutes of his maniacal laughter and fiddling with tools, the creature had awaken. Exhausted and drained, she opened her eyes to a light, bright and in her face. Looking around she couldn’t see anything but very few bit's and pieces of the room. The room was full of bottles, potions, animal parts which were among other things. As she rummaged through the cold building, it seemed like her creator had vanished, possibly run off by those who opposed his creation. She went years, till even this day of not knowing who created her.
During the years of her search and getting nowhere, Roamie found herself gathering around fellow angels like herself. The angels knew nothing about her, but welcomed her to the group. They spoke to her about her perfect timing, mentioning that the Queen of Hell was hosting a tournament to become a General in the army, possibly giving the Queen a break from having to follow around angels to keep them in line. Interested in what was going on Roamie decided to follow them. The angels lead her to the Colosseum where thousands of other angels were gathered in the seats above the arena. Standing in the center of the crowd, in her own red chair with gold drapes was the Queen herself, Aya Voronov. She stood and began speaking to everyone in the Colosseum.
"Today is your lucky day. I am looking for a General for this army of mine. Any angels who think they are good enough, strong enough, or even smart enough to handle the thousands of you that I possess, please come down and prove yourself. There's no killing involved, just outsmarting your opponents and showing your worth. If you think you are worthy of doing such a thing, please come down to the arena, and we will begin the entertainment."
Within several minutes over a hundred angels including Roamie herself, gathered into the arena in front of Aya who stood over them. "Like I said, no killing, just fighting, I want one winner. As this fight goes on, there will be different things thrown at you. I want to see what you can do, how strong you are, what you can fight in, and what your weaknesses are. This army is our life, our future. Being the General in this army means you respond to me anytime and report to me if anything is wrong. I need leadership, not wimp’s. Let's sit back and see what's going to happen. I'll be sure to enjoy this and see who is worth the title."
The tournament began as soon as Aya sat down. All the angels stood around for a second, looking at each other. Wood weapons began to appear as they teleported in, landing near every angel. If they decided to switch up weapons, they could steal one from an opponent that they knocked out or weakened. Once an angel determined they could no longer fight, they were out. After several minutes other angles began falling to their knees and becoming easily outwitted. These angels were taken out of the arena as the battle continued inside. About 15 minutes into the fight, the arena had changed, the floor underneath them had caved in, dropping everyone and everything into a giant pit full of water. This water was deep enough to drown in, but they still had to fight none the less.
Roamie knew what to do in this situation. She had an amulet that allowed her to breathe underwater, thus giving her an advantage in itself. Many of the angels that had fallen into the water with her had already lost, as fighting in water with wet wings weighed them down and made thrashing about to win even harder. However, Roamie was able to take each of them down by either knocking them out and sending them drifting off into a corner, or she was able to make them submit by way's of drowning in order to win. This caught the attention of Aya of course. It was something even the Queen of hell had never seen in her millennia of fighting.
The alarm sounded throughout the arena as she was the only angel that was still in the water and conscious. This put a smile on the Queens face as she jumped down from the seat she was in and reached down to take hold of Roamie before pulling her out of the pit. "Welcome, General." She said softly before leading her to the end of the arena. She announced her as the general, telling the other angels that they will from here on out till said otherwise report to her, as she will then report to Aya. "Let's get out into dry clothes and discuss your pay over dinner."
Years had passed and as her fellow angels continued to report good news to her, she would find herself being welcomed even more by Aya each time. So much so that they had decided to become closer. The conversation had started over dinner. Aya had discussed that she would love it if Roamie had became a sister to her, as their relationship had sprouted outside of Queen and General. Roamie agreed and with that Aya gave her the title of Countess. She would be the next heir if Aya's children decided they didn’t want to take over the title themselves.
While Roamie isn’t reporting to Aya, during their down time Roamie does other things like hunting the light of the holy light. Gaining powers of those who she stole holy light from, which weakened the holy angels that they fought with, and giving the army more powers and strength for the future plans.
After many years of Roamie reporting to Aya as her General and as her Countess, she found herself still having some sort of an emptiness inside of her. She still didn’t know where her so called creator was or how to find them. As she followed the leads, she was given through every mission she went on. After all of the dead leads, she found herself following a man around. She didn’t know it at first but after many days of her following him she found out that he wasn’t of this Earth. She couldn’t help herself being intrigued with him. Roamie ended up finding a sense she didn’t know that she had inside of her. She had this overwhelming feeling of what she could only think was love. Roamie’s whole demeanor changed when she was around him. She no longer felt the rage that she was feeling for years.
Deep inside of Roamie the rage subsided slowly. But when she was away from the man that she was following around for days she fell back into her dark ways. After many months of following this man she ended up finally talking to him. She felt a deep connection with him that she didn’t feel from Aya nor her followers in the army she helped lead. She felt complete. Roamie fell harder for him than any person in her life. She became his one and only.
More time has now passed by, Roamie was now engaged to the man, who’s name is Eris. She found this light that she was wanting. Roamie and Eris now reside together, making a small family for themselves. Yet Roamie is still known to report to Aya and taking more missions for her. She knows she has an alliance towards her and will continue that alliance. She will not allow anything to destroy any part of either part of her, now, life.

Countess Of Hell

General Of Hells Army

Basic Information

Birth Name: Roamie Ennui Sythen;
Given Name: Roamie;
Pronunciation: Row-me;
Alias: X (Chi);
Nicknames: RoRo,
Title: Hunts down angels of Holy decent;
Birthday: August 10th, 1990;
Zodiac Sign: Leo;
Birthplace: Unknown;
Current Residence: Roaming Earth;
Religion: Wiccan;
Languages: English, Korean;
Accent: American;
Voice: High Pitched;
Speech Impediments: Can't speak her "s"'s or "r"'s;

Personality Traits

Mood: Rough;
Attitude: Pushy,
Expressiveness: Selfless;
Hobbies/Interests: Hunting angelic descendants;
Sense of Humor: Easily Amused;
Pet Peeves: Ignorance,
Being Ignored,
People threatening her family;
Superstitions: Witches,
Black/White magic;
Beliefs: Wiccan Tradition;
Quirks: Can act like a child,
Slight anger;
Strengths: Honesty,
Flaws: Easily attached,
Instincts: To Protect;
Reputation: Determined;
Temperament: Emotional,
Anger issues,
Alignment: Chaotic Good;
Vice: Wickedness;
Virtue: Patience;
Etiquette: Polite,
Morals: Equality;
Crime Record: Working on her wrap sheet;
Philosophy: Optimistic;


Wardrobe: Always changing;
Equipment: Cutlaseer,
Throwing Daggers,
Bow Gun,
Cranky Bombs;
Accessories: Amulet;
Transportation: --;
Collections: --;
Most Valuable Possession: Her Amulet;
Prized Possession: Her daughter;


Health: Multiple Surgeries;
Energy: Can either be really high or really low;
Memory: Lacking;
Heightened Senses: "Spidey sense"- Knows when there are demons around;
Allergies: Dirt,
Handicaps: None;
Medication: None;
Blood Type: O+;
Preferred Hand: Right;
Coordination: Acts Clumsy;
Habits and Mannerisms: Foot tapping,
Lip biting,
Picks at her nails/cuticles;
Phobias: Acrophobia- Fear of heights,
Altophobia- Fear of heights,
Aphenphosmphobia- Fear of being touched(Only certain people are allowed to do this that I'm comfortable with),
Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders
Addictions: Caffeine;
Mental Disorders: Bi-Polar,
Manic Depressive,
Schizophrenic Tendencies;


Sex: Female;
Gender: Female;
Real Age: 28;
Age Appearance: 25;
Species: Nephilim;
Ethnicity: Demon/Angel/Neko;
Facial Type: Roundish;
Complexion: Fair;
Body Type: Curvy;
Build: Curvy;
Height: 5'1";
Weight: 180;
Cup Size: 46 DDD;
Shoe Size: 8 1/2;
Grooming: Well Kept;
Posture: Slight Slouch;
Gait: Fast Paced;
Eye Color: Pastel Purple;
Hair Color: Bright Pastel Pink;
Hairstyle: Half shaved, long;
Skin Tone: Pale Peach;
Makeup: Dark red eyeshadow,
Black eyeliner,
Black mascara,
Ruby red lips;
Head - None;
(Their) Left Arm - None;
(Their) Right Arm - Sailor Moon Scouts;
Front of Torso - Sailor Moon's Crystal;
Back of Torso - Sailor Moon's Super Sailor Moon Transformation Compact- Tramp stamp;
(Their) Left Leg - None;
(Their) Right Leg - None;
Ear - Two studs,
Face - Snake bites;
Front of Torso - None;
Back of Torso - Studs all down her spine;
Genitals - None;
Birthmarks: "X" on her arm;
Scars: None;
Other: Devil Trigger;
Extra Anatomy: Can grow devil horns,
Can grow wings;

Disastrous Love

You Caught My Eye


Orientation: Pan/Demisexual;
Relationship Type: --;
Position: Very Submissive;
Turn Ons: Hair pulling,
being dominated,
being tied up,
Being called "baby girl", "princess";
Turn Offs: Being really violent,
disturbing scenes,
bodily fluids ;


Lover: --;
Marital Status: --;
Confessed: --/--/--;
First Kiss: --/--/--;
"I Love You": --/--/--;
Dating: --/--/--;
Engaged: --/--/--;
Married: --;
Our Song: --;


First Child: Sayuri Teufel;
Conceived - 05/03/18;
Gave Birth - 01/25/19;
Second Child: --;
Conceived - --;
Gave Birth - --;


Tread Lightly


o0. THIS PROFILE CONTAINS 18+ CONTENT. View at your own risk.
o1. ROLE PLAY IS ROLE PLAY. REAL LIFE IS REALLY NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. If I post about something just let me get sh*t off my chest!
o2. I don't like responding to comments. Messages will be answered faster.
o3. I am an attention whore. I seriously don't not like talking


o4. I don't like stupid comments / messages. TRY to keep me entertained.. I WILL LOSE INTEREST EASILY!
o5. Seriously, I don't bite.. I encourage "hello's"
o6. I am pretty lazy recently.. You can either reach me at my kik or Line, you must ask for all my contact info.. Even then I'd probably get back to you either late or not at all.. Hope to god I like you LOL

FAMILY Guidelines

o7. I don't have a mother/father. They are unknown to Roamie. All family will be as "adopted" family, besides for children that Roamie has had with her ex, and for Semias which is also myself!
o8. If you wish to join my family I do require that if you want to be apart of my family that you change your last name.
o9. I do require you to at least TALK! I don't like non-talkers..
10.NO DRAMA! I don't want anymore drama in my life than what I already have..
11. You will be deleted for fighting and banned from the family permanently. As it says in rule 19: NO DRAMA
12. If you are willing to be my twin you DON'T HAVE TO HAVE MY EXACT LOOK! You do have to at least be VERY close to it.
13. I am very picky now when letting people into my family.
14. Don't expect to have ALL of my attention.
15. You MUST talk to ALL of the family. It doesn't have to be everyday, you at least have to join in family chats.
16. All family chats will be held on Line. Don't have a Line? Then I'm sorry I won't let you join the family..

Invading Them

Kind Words

Vixy Vixen

If it wasn't for your brightness in my life I would've been stuck in the darkness that I couldn't get out of. You've done so much for me and shown me a light I thought I had all of forgotten about.
You are the brightness woman in my life. A darling friend, and more importantly a loving mother.
You seriously are a strong woman and you've shown me what it is like to be strong, even when I am not strong and believe that I am weak.
Your laughter and light in my life had shown through what was my hell. I owe you so much, and even more than that. Please don't ever forget me or ever leave my side. I don't know what I'd do without you by my side. But I do believe what would happen. No laughter, No smiles, No light.. Please always stay who you are!~

Aya Voronov

OK! Now where do I begin with you?! You crazy ass female!! You have an amazing heart, a warm heart. Don't ever lose that smile that you have, even more so that fire that sparks for those you hold close/dear to you. You are an amazing friend and can make even a grown man blush. You have this side to you that I'm not sure anyone knows about. You are EXTREMELY quirky. I'll always enjoy the light that you shine. You've done so much for me, even so in real life that honestly that no one else could've done for me. When it comes to friends you always have their backs and protect them, even if you are the younger one. You always fight for what is right. You may have drama in your life but remember you always will have me to help you fight back those demon people that don't deserve the light that you have. REMEMBER! I will do my best to help you no matter what happens to us.

Yumi Hitaroshi

Now.. Where to begin with you my dear.. I've known you for years under different names. But you and me go way back, we were sisters at one point in a role play family. We were romantic before. I mean our history goes deep with us. We fight, we argue, lose touch with one another, someone get's jealous and we stop talking altogether. BUT even though all of this drama that goes on we still find ourselves talking time and time again and acting as if nothing has ever changed. We go deep with our words like knives and cut deep. Yet I will always heal, and I hope that you do too, we are two of a kind. We will always have our ways and how we talk to one another will never change. Our looks and names may change or our feelings about things will change as well but yet we still see each other as equals and that will never change. You mean a lot to me and I see you as a strong person that does so much for people. You have done so much for me to help me grow into someone that I'm slowly beginning to actually like today. I hope that you will never leave my side and will always be there for me. I know that I will always be that shoulder that you will always be able to lean on my dear. Just know that we may not live close to one another but in our spirit and hearts we are always together no matter what. No matter the distance I will always be right there for you. It might be over a phone or computer screen but I am always right there for you. I hope you remember that.


My dear.. I have so much to say about you! We live close together, we have MAJOR history together, real life friends and even you are more like a sister to me. We fight, argue, and challenge each others patience even. I am a HUGE factor to why we are always fighting because I have dumb tendencies that make anyone mad. Yet I'm not sure how you deal with me anymore. I don't deserve someone like you in my life, but yet here we are AGAIN after we just got each other back we are still going to have our issues yet we will always be so very close. You helped me more than anyone with being there for me in real life after my miscarriage. We slept on a broken down couch, feet to head, you one side me the other. You don't know what you truly mean to me. I mean sh*t as a woman you were the first girl I've even KISSED and played the pocky game with! You are truly one amazing person and I hope that you will always be there. I don't/can't lose you in my life. You might think of yourself as a outsider in life but you aren't one in mine. Please remember to keep shinning your rays of sun light onto those that deserve it and not on those who don't.. You are truly and exceptional person, I just wished you'd see it more often.

Invading The Darkness

Victim's Words

Eris Teufel

Well, well, quite a nice place you have here, Roamie. I never thought I?d find myself here of all places. If you don?t know who this is, it?s your very best friend, Eris. I thought this would be a great time to post something so I?m taking control for a bit, okay?

What could I say about her that hasn't been said already. Roamie herself is a real joy to be around. She?s kind, funny, and very in tune to the needs of others. Someone like her is a real treasure in this day and age, you?ll never find someone better than her, that I can promise. I've only known her for a short time and I feel as if I could never want to get rid of her, as I told her. She?s stuck with me whether she likes it or not, and she doesn't seem to mind that. I, myself, could wish nothing but the best for her and hope no matter what happens, she?ll find success in everything that she does. She?s a real sweetheart, a great friend, perhaps something more. What I?m trying to say Roamie, never change because the world would be a darker place for me if something happened to that cute, hopeful smile I've gotten used to. Remember I?m always here for you, never feel that you?re alone. And that being said, anyone who tries to make trouble for her, I will deal with you myself and that's no empty threat. Still, much love Roamie from your number one admirer!

Disastrous World

Thicker than Water

Blood Relations

Mother: Unknown;
Father: Unknown;
Sister(s): --;
Brother(s): Semias Sythen;

Bond Relations

Half-Sister(s): Aya Voronov,
Vixy Vixen,
Dixie Risque;
Half-Brother(s): --;
Best Friend: --;
Mother Figure: --;
Father Figure: --;
Sister Figures: --;
Brother Figures: --;
Children Figures: --;
Pets: --;

Under Co.

Under Co.

Under Co.

Under Co.

Under Co.

Under Co.

RolePlay Rules

Follow These



o1. Para to Multi-Para ONLY! I'm pushing myself to do more so please put in SOME effort.
o2. I require literacy. If I can't understand what you're saying I can't role play with you.
o3. Do not judge my role play abilities based on how I act Out Of Character.
o4. I do NOT require you to have the same length of reply as me. Just keep it interesting.
o5. I LOVE to get random starters!
o6. Do not try to control my character. She is her own character. I wouldn't do that to your's.. That's rude..
o7. Role playing with Roamie KNOW she does role play as a pet/master stuff..
o8. When in a relationship ALL OTHER "pet/master" role plays will end! Roamie is not a cheater when she gives her heart away to someone TRUE.
o9. If I added you I will send a random starter. If you add me send me one.

    More Roleplayers
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The Riot Boys



Xion, the Key of Memory


☄ Citlali.


爪丨几丨 卂ㄥㄥ 千ㄖ尺 ㄖ几乇

Chaldea Master



Phoenix jean grey /t&l/




Capt. Shining Armor

Blood Moon Sons



Timelord Pirate Captain

Corrupt King


❚ ғᴜʟɢᴜʀ

"Big" Brother

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Dec 16th 2019 13:14

Haii there~
I'm Misa
I hope to become friends one day :3
Discord: chubbyhime#2458

Dec 6th 2019 02:04

added lol you spelled your last name wrong when I tried adding it

Dec 5th 2019 07:21

I have yet to start anything as I return to this forsaken site but if you got one send away
or if you rp through discord, let me know . I've got that too

Dec 4th 2019 21:05

I'd love to

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Dec 4th 2019 11:08

Idk why I thought you said
"Haha choke me"
Damn I need to rest xD

Dec 4th 2019 10:18

Don't know your twin but still a cute demon xD

Dec 4th 2019 08:50

oof new look
issa cute
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Dec 3rd 2019 07:59

Ok good sorry again xD

Now that there’s a conversation, how are you? XD
CookieDough™ /little hiatus/

Dec 1st 2019 11:11

You know what this is my bad xDDD I accidentally sent the wrong comment to you I meant to send that to my friend that hasn’t been online in a long time lmao again sorry xD
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